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Princess Marian Redrain

I'm still here.

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Legendary warrior
Fealty: Redrain
Family: Redrain
Gender: female
Marital Status: widowed
Age: 37
Birthday: 1/1
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Soldier
Height: average height
Hair Color: dark auburn
Eye Color: venom green
Skintone: cream

Titles: Warchief to House Redrain, Voice of House Redrain

Description: Marian is a striking, if hard-looking woman that has seen much in her life. Lean and long of leg, 'sinewy' is a better descriptor of her build than 'lithe'. Marian is strong, and tough, and resilient enough to take anything thrown at her. Her hair borders on sinister, with long, thick locks shaded so deeply red as to look burgundy. A thin scar bisects one eyebrow, continuing down over a sharp, high cheekbone. It calls attention to those flashing eyes, venom green and almond-shaped. When she smiles, it's most often a crooked affair, curling up just at one corner of her wide mouth. Her chin is strong, her hands and arms (and the rest of her, besides) crisscrossed with the faint scars that often decorate a knife-fighter. On clothes that show her midriff, she has two tribal tattoos, dragon and bear to commemorate her two marriages. Three tiny little bear cubs sleep at the foot of the roaring bear tattoo.

Personality: Marian Redrain, formerly Marian of the Green March and Valardin, is not a complainer. She endured much during her life as a prodigal from an Abandoned tribe, raids and battles with other tribes, Valardin knights, demonic hordes and once she even managed to tumble down a steep embankment while running drunk. She yanked out the branch that had stabbed into her thigh, dragged herself back up to the path (leaving a bloody trail behind for the joy of forest predators), and said fiercely to whomever or whatever might be listening, "I'm still here." A dozen times, she should have died. A dozen times, she refused. Despite her eventful life, and her personal sorrows, she maintains a surprisingly gentle manner. She doesn't pick fights, but she's more than willing to end them - though any youthful delight she felt in the display of her superior fighting skills has faded to weariness, and regret in the years after Valen's death. Her personal code of honor was perhaps a touch more wild and ferocious than what House Valardin at times was comfortable with, but her new House, Redrain, embraces this fierce warrior. Since the marriage to her new husband, Fergus, there is light back in her eyes and a smile on her face. Many remark she is the Marian of old, before the Tragedy of Sanctum struck.

Background: Marian was a member of the Green March Abandoned, a chieftan's daughter with several raids and duels under her belt (literally! She liked to hang trophies from her belt) when peace was brokered between their tribe and the Valardin of Sanctum. Of course, that's not the whole story. In truth, Valen, son of Radley and Prince of Valardin, was part of a hunting expedition that was captured by the Green March. Marian's father was determined to murder off the party and ransom the young prince back to his family. Fate had other plans. Marian found she admired the young man's bravery in the face of his captivity. He argued passionately for the lives of his men, and stated he could make sure the Green March, so close to Sanctum lands, could coexist in peace if he were released and allowed to make the case to the High Lord. Marian's father scoffed at this, but in secret, with his advisers and his daughter, he couldn't help but consider it. Other tribes of Abandoned had been growing withdrawn and strangely quarrelsome, and an offer of peace and inclusion couldn't be dismissed outright.

Some of the knights with Prince Valen were less than thrilled with his proposed truce, and when the Chieftan brought them before him, a particularly gruff man insisted on fighting the tribe's champion for the freedom of his comrades. Amused, the chief looked towards his daughter. . .who nodded her agreement and drew her two swords, the Twin Fangs. The battle looked close, at first. The Valardin knight was much taller and stronger than Marian, and had been given his shield, but she fought like a dervish, dancing around him and flicking her short swords out to sting at any exposed flesh. It was clear that he was tiring faster than she, and the outcome seemed all but decided in Marian's favor, when the man she was fighting broke away and lunged for her father. In the resulting scuffle, Marian took a wound in the side, and was shocked to look up and find Prince Valen standing over her, protecting her from further harm as the tribe subdued the wayward Knight. When all was said and done, the knight was dead from a half dozen wounds, Marian was bleeding, and Valen had no objections to the fate of the attacker. He helped Marian to her feet, tenderly, and soothed her embarrassment by voicing aloud his own shock at the dishonorable conduct of his knight. His apology was so genuine, the Chieftan didn't even object when Marian came to him later and begged for the chance to see if the Prince really /could/ negotiate peace for their tribe. He knew, even if she didn't, that her heart had already been lost to the fair young heir.

So it was that the Green March tribe became the Greenmarch family, vassals to House Valardin. For her part, Marian married Prince Valen in that forest, and though Radley was adamantly opposed at first, his son eventually won him over, too. They were happy together for several years before the fateful massacre at Sanctum. Having lost her husband, the former Sword of Valardin, she was given the title herself. She came to Arx because her still-keen instincts told her a storm was coming, so she must be near to her High Lord. She did not fail her family, when the hordes of Brand came to Arx and tried to take the city. She protected Prince Edain's back and saw to his safety the entire time she held the mantle of Sword of Sanctum.

Duty can be a cold bed fellow. Without even knowing it, she was hollow as she moved about House Valardin, serving her High Lord. A duel with the arrogant Sword of the North woke her up when their fight sparked more than victory when she defeated him in battle. She might have won the fight but lost the battle of her heart when she got to know the reluctant champion, Prince Fergus Redrain. Like a spark that quickly fanned into fire, their attraction drew these two forces of nature together. Prince Edain and Prince Darren saw no reason to hold these two apart. So after some swift negotiations, their marriage contract was set. After a dazzling battle with Sir Roland that almost killed her, she handed over the mantle of Sword of Sanctum so she could be free to marry her second love. Now she starts this new life in House Redrain, wife to Prince Fergus. Where the story goes next? Only the Gods and Spirits know.

Relationship Summary

  • Marius - Brother by Blood. Future of Greenmarch.
  • Monique - Sister by Blood. Keeper of Mischief.
  • Edain - Brother to Valen. High Lord of Valardin. My Closest Friend & Confident.
  • Alis - Sister to Valen. Voice of Valardin. Maid of Honor.
  • Katarina - Soul Sister. Adopted into House Valardin.
  • Fiachra - Brother-in-Law and Cousin. Archer of Renown. Keeper of Alis' Heart.
  • Freja - Sister to Fergus. Voice of Redrain.
  • Anze - Brother to Fergus. Engaged to Calypso.

  • Friend:
  • Percephon - Voice of Valardin. Scholar of Renown. Seeker of Truth.
  • Ansel - Sword of the Telmarch. Master of the Gauntlet.
  • Charlaine - Mistress of the Auction. Cipher Exordinare.
  • Roland - Sword of Sanctum. My Successor.

  • Spouse:
  • Fergus - Husband. Sword of Farhaven & Keeper of My Heart.

  • Acquaintance:
  • Qaali - Valardin Archer. Protected my back in the siege.

  • Family:
  • Valerion - Cousin. Comrade in Arms & Life.
  • Eirlys - Cousin. Teacher & Sister of Swords.
  • Niamh - Cousin. Sword of Greenmarch & Sparring Partner.
  • Aurelian - Cousin. Keeper of Secrets & Reflections.
  • Beaumont - Cousin. Champion of the Gauntlet & Late Night Revelry.
  • Sophie - Cousin. Princess of Mercy & Compassion.
  • Sasha - Cousin. Knowledge Seeker & Dreamer.
  • Darren - Cousin. High Lord of Redrain.
  • Name Summary
    Aella Warchief, voice, princess, lady who likes to talk about babies. She's got a lot going for her. That's just great.
    Aerandir A seasoned warrior, this stocky woman, if the tales she has regaled me with are true to the core. I have no reason to doubt her sincerity, but I find myself wanting to do so all the same. For one so deeply woven into the higher echelons of society, she appears humble, different in comparison to the many gentry I have met, though her words of marriage explain enough.
    Aeryn We met in the Plaza and... yes, I'm sure she's fearsome in battle but isn't she just so beautiful! I bet her babies are going to be just like her. I hope the gods continue to bless her and look out for her. She's truly one of the kindest people I've met in Arx so far!
    Aethan Redrain Warlord, and clearly deserving of the title.
    Agatha I haven't gotten to see her in training yet, but if she is as gifted at that as she is at running a meeting and using words I can understand (Spirits, you have surely spoken)? I think she'll live up to the legend.
    Agnarr Beat Fergus, must be good. Not bad looking, scars give her a charm. Probably going to win against her, though.
    Agostino Very considerate of others, and astute in picking out nuance. She has clearly lived an interesting life.
    Aiden Aiden's first impression of her was a good one, of someone he wanted to learn more about and spend time with. He wouldn't have found her a feathered friend if that wasn't the case!
    Ajax A formidable seeming woman, I look forward to seeing her blade in actual action.
    Alaric Proactive and confident, she seems to be going about producing the next generation of princes and princesses with the same relentless vigor as she exercised her duties as the Sword of Sanctum. I hope Prince Fergus can keep up, for his sake.
    Alarissa Sister in law, once upon a time. An impressive warrior and someone to be admired, if not at least look up to.
    Alban Any man or woman who discounts what this Princess says, or has experienced, is a fool. Wisdom is earned through pain and loss, she has seen her fair share of it and then some. Not a woman to take lightly at all.
    Alecstazi A prickly Abandoned-turned-Lady-turned-Princess. I will never understand the trauma these mainlander men inflict upon their poor women. I wonder if she would have suffered as much as she has if she had not reached out into a man's path? I heartily assume she would be happier.
    Aleksei An impressive shot! I think her real talent lies with the sword, though. I mean, she was a Sword, after all!
    Alexio The Warchief of Redrain. Who would have thought that I would have stumbled upon her and she would have been such a good conversationist? I hope to speak with her again soon, as she seems like a good friend to have.
    Amarantha Both a warrior and interested in books? A women after my own heart.
    Amari Though Princess Marian assured me she wasn't actually a bear, I can't help but wonder. She hits so hard! Still, she was very patient and kind in her instruction of someone so inexperienced. I'm sure I'll never match her skill, but I can surely aspire to her excellent example as a warrior without peer.
    Andry I feel she's a honorable sort
    Angelo The Warchief! A very intense person, but there's a warm and honest heart under all of the tragedy. So amazing to meet her.
    Anisha The Princess Marian has a storied past, and I am sure, an equally legendary future in store. She carries herself with the assured confidence of someone who has proven her value many times over. It is comforting, in a way.
    Apollis A northern Princess who knows my sisters. She's quick to tease, like she knows me. She can make that the truth, if she wants. She's beautiful. I like her scar.
    Arcadia Still scary. Still hates me. Could be worse, I suppose.
    Arianna I doubt that very much Sword. You kicked my ass fair and square, you got moves Marian. I have full confidence that anything gets in your way is getting an all mighty smiting.
    Arman It was such a welcome surprise to sit in the company of Princess Marian once again in one of those rare moments of repose. She is the astute mind I remember with just as much purpose and drive as her reputation implies.
    Armand Ex-Sword perhaps, but she lost none of her skill for it. I'm in her debt, for she helped me be one step closer to what I once was.
    Arn The only halfway tolerable Greenmarch and that's only because she's a Redrain now.
    Artur I have called her 'The Dragon Lady' at least once, but despite her fierceness, I am so glad Marian joined our family when she married Fergus. She ended up teaching me most of what I know about fencing and a good deal more besides. She's always got my back when I go off on adventures and is the finest Warchief any of us could wish for!
    Artur My sister's best friend - by default, a sister to me as well. She has been through so much. I hope that she finally finds her settle. And that things work out for her.
    Asher Arguably as lucky as I am, but frankly... That battlecry deserves more than just two. Scare the Bringers right out of Arx, it could!
    Aslaug However carved the wood, its core remains ever strong. Yet the scars remain.
    Astraea I love Marian, she's one of my mentors and taught me the virtue of never backing down. She's tough as an iron cookie, but inside all that she is kind and caring. We of the North are so lucky to have her among our family.
    Athaur A northern Princess, at least by Mariage. She certainly fits the image though, all leather and armor and scars.
    Auda A marvel with a blade! Do all Northlanders fight like that, or is she a paragon even among them?
    Austen Clearly a woman of great standing, with a most excellent bearing. Her many scars show of a life well lived. I admire her already.
    Bahiya She sounds like a woman who has suffered many losses and reforged herself from the fires of grief into something stronger. I admire such tenacity; I am sure as warchief to her people, it serves her well.
    Barric Warchief of Redrain who is well known for her mastery of all aspects of War. Would like to spar her sometime after she recovers from her pregnancy. Otherwise she seems a no-nonsense sort, which I appreciate.
    Bastien Ah yes. Nobles at the Commoners Council. Goody.
    Bethany She bears the weight of memory well.
    Bianca A keen warrior from what I have been told, but it is Princess Marian's kindness that draws my awe. She is even tempered, in my experience, and diligent to duty and her faith. While we have known each other for years I feel we still have much to learn about one another. A lesson I look forward to continuing in the years to come.
    Bianca Stalwart and honorable and so indomitable. I have such deep admiration for Princess Marian; how far she has come, how much she has achieved, is tremendously admirable -- and how someone so fierce in spirit may be so kind in turn is something to truly aspire to.
    Bjorn Someone worth to learn from about art of war. A noble among soldiers. Capable and experienced.
    Bliss Immediately, and without reservation, stepping in and offering her strength in a situation, damn the repercussions? Oh, I rather adore her already.
    Braden A triple threat princess. Deadly with the bow, her sword, and most of all her charms.
    Braith The Princess is full of sage advice. I think I may have to pick her brain before I go throwing myself around again. A weeks rest. Perhaps that will be a good time to pepper her with questions.
    Brigida She says it how it is. No flowering of words. Just straight to point. We need more like her.
    Cadenza Wasn't sure at first how to take her but she was so helpful with her suggestions. Hopefully I'll get to talk to her in a less....tumultuous time.
    Caelis A bright, friendly sort it seems. She's likely the kind of woman who doesn't mind a bit of shyness, maybe I'll brave the social waters to meet her proper.
    Calaudrin Princess Marian is a true hero of the Compact. She works tirelessly at defending not just her own fealty, but the city of Arx. She's one of the few nobles that expressed a real care about what happens to us here. Good person.
    Calista A striking woman with features that remind me of dancing flames. She is beautiful and intelligent. Fergus is a very lucky man.
    Calypso Poisoned in my house, and her of all people. Blood won't wash the poison away, but there's going to be a lot of it.
    Cambria The former Sword of Sanctum, and a warrior of renown. She looks fabulous in a dress, though. Perhaps one day I can share more than a polite greeting with her.
    Caspian A wounded princess? Now she has me curious as to what could have happened to her. Prehaps next time I see her I shall learn more of this egmatic princess
    Caspian I always had a soft spot for Northerners. Something about walking the line between civilization and the wild appeals to me. Though she comes off as polite and well mannered, I bet there is that wild northern spirit in her.
    Christine She is nice and polite. She looks like a fighter, but she's trying to look for books. Not bad.
    Cirroch A wise woman who works hard for Redrain and The Compact.
    Clara Marian is Fergus' wife and Fergus is like a big brother to me so that sort of makes her like a big sister to me? I think? I guess only time will tell but at this point she seems like a pretty nice woman. She offered to help train me so I guess if I get on her nerves she will just smack me upside the head and call it a day. If she does... I probably deserved it.
    Coraline So nice! I can't imagine carrying twins. I hope I get to know her better.
    Costas Three Swords walk into a bar- no one dies? That joke needs work but the woman got a good sense of humor at least.
    Cristoph Marian too believes that our ramparts offer the best view in all of Arx. Really, what more is there to say? She's also quite dedicated to her duties to House Valardin. A very admirable woman.
    Cullen As fierce as I remember, as commanding of a presence with just a word and stance, expression and gesture. Gracious and humorous, even when serious. Our family has produced amazing people, this is one of them.
    Cullen When hasn't cousin Marian been there for me? She's always been a role model and her presence a support - my inspiration as a warrior of Greenmarch. I am just glad that all of us can stick together...and her kids are really quite charming!
    Daemon Warchief of the North and responsible for many lives. Lives she guarded well when the enemy desired to break down the walls of Stormwall.
    Dagon My friend of old. Certainly, we must have fun again like we did in the old days...but not too much fun, of course.
    Daniella She doesn't seem to care about fashion much, but methinks that diamondplate looks awfully polished...
    Darren Although I hate to burden my cousin so soon after her difficult birth, we have no time to waste. I know she will rise to her duty. I know I can rely on her strength, always. She is Redrain. To the last!
    Darren I trust this woman with my life. Were she not one of my Voices I think I would have gone insane a lot time ago. There is no one I would rather have at my back.
    Declan It doesn't seem entirely fair that someone can hit that hard, while moving that quickly. There's an awful lot to like about Princess Marian Redrain, but one should never, ever treat her lightly.
    Delilah How do you quantify a legend in the flesh? She has known staggering highs and plunging lows, but a conversation in passing lends a brilliant glimpse of a mind shaped by the events that in turn /she/ shaped in the history books, on the field, in the moment. One of those people I would care very much to encounter more, though her duties no doubt make it difficult.
    Denica I've heard the rumors about Princess Marian's prowess in battle, but being able to see it in person, even in such a subdued setting as a training center, it has certainly been something to behold.
    Dianara The stories of what the Princess has had to survive and how she has re-invented herself through every heartbreak are known, even to a traveling Whisper. Yet, seeing her bravery up close, in person, despite what it might cost her? It was a marvel.
    Dimitri Princess Marian Redrain strikes an imposing figure at first glance, which is not surprising considering her position in the Redrain Fealty. But the image aside, she's rather pleasant to speak with and I look forward to future conversations with her.
    Dominic There was something about a hard Valardin that always catches Dominic's eye. The prince, because of the type of ships he commanded, was force to campaign along the coasts, a coast that sometimes took him to Sanctum. Even if he does not agree with their bullshit, he can not help but accept that there is a certain kind of regal Valardin princess carried and Princess Marian exhibited as such when entering the training ground.
    Dominique Even though she's pregnant, I'm quite confident that she can beat up anyone who would dare threaten her or her own.
    Donato I think this person is in a perpetually foul mood. I should slip her some Dust and see if that helps. Perhaps she just needs to be a Corsair as well. I shall rebuild my armada, the terror of the seas!
    Donato At first, I thought there'd be a clash - but she recognized the humor and respect for what it was, and I saw a side I quite appreciated. I hope to hear her stories some time, I imagine them to be captivating.
    Donella She is a legend. She is the sum of past decisions, but more than that. She is a future glimpse at where Redrain could move. While she is not of our blood, she is of our family. She is one of us and shall remain for always. Her actions as Voice are with deep pride and a well of compassion that not everyone is allowed to see. When she does not step forth on her own, she gives insights to how one should do it correctly. A way to manage the footholds of court, of the people, and of consideration. She is good people.
    Draven A northern lady! She seems nice! I like her lots!
    Dycard Quiet and short on words, though that may be due to her injury. Hopefully we can meet again when she's feeling more lively, I vaguely recall a rum-soaked evening in the Ebb and Flow that I much enjoyed and would like to repeat.
    Echo What a stunning woman! Very helpful and kind, with a presence that radiates power. A strong spirit, one whom I will definitely learn much from.
    Ectorion A good eye and a good head to give advice. It's always pleasant to meet those who would share expertise with others so willingly.
    Edain Princess Marian may very well be what demons and monsters tell their children is lurking beneath their beds. I saw her rage the night of the Tragedy of Sanctum, and she showed fanatics and monsters both, what it meant to feel fear again. There were no shortage of people that I call heroes that night, but make no mistake, Marian was the one that has turned the tide. It has ever been my honor that she has stayed with us since then, serving as the Sword of Sanctum, taking up t he mantle in place of Valen. I am humbled by her loyalty, and I love her as much as I do my own blood.
    Eirlys A cousin I haven't gotten to know well yet, great warrior and a strong woman.
    Eithne An excellent teacher and a proven warrior on the field. I think it was only a matter of time before our paths crossed but I gotta say, I'm super lucky she took up the offer to be my instructor. In exchange, I gotta make sure her armor is amazing! Plus, she's an inspiration to women everywhere! Have you seen how incredible she looks for just having had a baby?!
    Eleanor Very thoughtful and insightful, and good with words. She figured out just how to say something I've always felt.
    Eleyna While on the surface Marian and I don't appear to have much in common, with her being a martial type and me being a 'drink wine and gossip' type, but it's amazing how a friendship can form over a similar sense of humor and shared exasperation with our respective husbands.
    Elsa While we are near together in years, I still look up to her. She has undergone and overcome so much in her life and I cannot help but applaud and admire the grace with which she continues to live her life. I do hope that we can speak again, perhaps on better topics, like children and their growth milestones.
    Emilia When I saw her come to pray at the Shrine of Gloria, despite her injuries, my heart overflowed with happiness and adoration. The Princess left a strong impression on me, and her actions validate all my beliefs, hopes and deeds.
    Emily She's a strong yet crazy Redrain who tried to kill Emily - nothing the Deepwood does not admire there and nothing brings two people closure than nearly freezing together in a pool of muddy water. Definitely friends in Em's book.
    Enoch I've heard bits and pieces about her, though I've never quite met this warrior woman. Nevertheless, I think that might change soon, if I can find time between my responsibilities to socialize.
    Esme The Princess of everything. I've heard tale of her love story. Of her talents with a sword. Nothing prepared me for the sheer force of being in the room with her. I"m sure we shall make fast friends.
    Esoka VERY good woman to have at your back in a fight. She was the last on the field in our little match against the Iron Guardsman, and nearly pulled it out.
    Estil She seems a delightful woman, charming and well settled with her friendships. Although we did not get enough time to truly meet one another, I can say from subtle cues that she seems a pleasing sort I would not mind one day meeting again.
    Eurion A warrior of perfection. I have met a legend and I'm pleased to say that the legend is true.
    Evaristo Formidable warrior and good drinking company! And a Princess to boot.
    Evonleigh She may claim not to be the type for parties, but I found her warm and friendly in a quiet but sincere way.
    Fairen An imposing yet graceful figure. Heroism of the North embodied in one person. Thankfully Cady seems to no longer make her angry.
    Faruq Warchief. Princess. Overall bad ass, and beautiful as well. If she were not a princess... I can only hope I end up with someone who is half as capable. She is very protective of her sister too, which is good. Caring for family means a great deal to me.
    Fatima The very famously scary warchief! Except she's nicer in person than the title tends to conjure in one's imagination. Also she gave a nice defense of not-entirely useless Princesses, which I consider a fine public service!
    Faye A most reliable Warchief of House Redrain.
    Fianna A Redrain princess and fellow admirer of hawks. Would love to spend more time talking with her about falconry and perhaps also meeting that Gyrfalcon of hers.
    Gaston As impressive of a war leader as I remember her being when she was Sword of Sanctum. Redrain is fortunate to have her. Someone I still respect a great deal. I need to talk to her...perhaps she can help. Perhaps. In any case, to be respected.
    Gawain A beautiful, fierce woman! Any man would be lucky to be bested in combat by her. I will surely give her a horse!
    Gisele A devout and dignified second, who gave proper honours to the vital rites of the Faith.
    Giulio I sympathize with her loss and I wish there was more one could do for her, but, I will aid as I may.
    Grazia This woman seems to be extremely competent and militarily connected. She ought to be an excellent person to know and a good point of contact with the Redrains.
    Gwenna Princess Marian Redrain, formerly Princess Marian Valardin, is a woman I heard many a fireside story about considering my Laurent/Redrain heritage. The tales of her prowess as a knight and, more recently, of what lead to her marriage to Prince Fergus - well. What young woman doesn't get a bit wide-eyed at such things? That someone of her repute is also so warm, kind and welcoming? It only makes her seem all the larger in this life and I look forward to hopefully getting to know her better!
    Haakon Northern Prodigal. Goes on about bears. Doesn't blush at a harsh word, which is a welcome fucking change.
    Hadrian She has some choice opinions on wool and the application of it.
    Harlex I see you. A war-face true and driven. Much obliged.
    Harper She's not like most princesses I've met. Seems more capable of handling herself. It'd be interesting to see her fight I think.
    Helena I said like all Greenmarches, she reminds me of the woodland nymphs with her fiery hair, but she is obviously much stronger and focused than a nymph would be. A fierce warrior with a refined and diplomatic mind -- one I respect and one I hope not to give reason to think me a foolish child.
    Holden Once Valardin, she has been away for some time. It would be good to see her again.
    Ian She didn't give into the urge to pull her blows with me, and that says a lot about her.
    Icelyn She looks fierce, but I never would have expected such sound and fury from her as I've seen. No wonder she's the Warchief of Redrain.
    Ignacio The Princess Redrain appears to be a very strong woman and can maintain that imagine in a very refined way. She seems like an interesting person that I think would be intriguing to talk to her more sometime.
    Iseulet Normally, silks make my skin crawl. Make me wanna run right out of the damn room but she's tolerable and that's the first time I've ever been able to say that about anyone bearing the title of Princess. I wouldn't even mind having a drink with her. Down to earth, as they say - definitely didn't look down her nose at me.
    Isolde Rarely are we blessed with men and woman who are both renown warriors and renown beauties. It was a pleasure to meet her at the charity--as opposed to at the end of her sword.
    Itzal A Princess known to Mae. Yet this one seems to have followed a peculiar path. Valardin, and then Redrain. I've heard some of her misfortune, yet it does not seem to have broken her. Someone to learn more about, in the coming days. Who knows, I may spin her a song too!
    Jan Good to see her again. I feel as if that past year has made us a bit of strangers. We'll have to remedy that now that we both find ourselves in Arx again.
    Jasher Woman notwithstanding, I know a dangerous warrior when I see one.
    Jeffeth Taking care of a woman who seemed to have an issue walking. It's good to care for those who need help. She has my respect, I'm just sorry we came together in the area of Sameera's wrath.
    Jenessa Princess Marian is an exceptional instructor in the art of war. She's got a sharp mind, and her thought provoking lessons have left me impressed with her knowledge. I look forward to learning from her again.
    Jordan She's a good instructor and very fond of her children and life in general. A good warrior knows how to appreciate life because they learn how precious it is to shed it for those that they cherish the most. And she taught me a few tricks without needing to demonstrate them. I hope to learn more from Princess Marian.
    Josephine That glare. Makes one wither. Her chlidren must be the best behaved.
    Juniper I have only ever rarely seen such a complicated blend of passion in one person! Oh, how I hope I'm able to help her.
    Kaede Military commander. Knows things, speaks sense. Also knows about being a Prodigal. All good signs.
    Kaia A skilled northern chief, her prowess in combat is amazing. I hear most Malvici's have learned from her; I hope to one day get the honor of her guidance as well.
    Kaldur Direct and decisive, the Redrain Warchief doesn't mince words or dance about matters. An exemplar of Redrain's elite warriors.
    Kanean The Princess is an easy one to be willing to follow. Some choose a path, others walk it. She is by far the latter.
    Karadoc She's the Redrain Voice and their Warchief, from what I've heard. She also seems very thoughtful - has a good sense of humor - and possessing an interesting set of tattoos and scars.
    Katarina I've always been told the ties of true sisterhood are lifelong bonds, so imepenetrable that not even the Abyss itself could rend them apart. With Marian, I can believe in that whole-heartedly. There is nothing I would not do for her.
    Kenna I'm afraid I met her at the worst possible time as she is feeling ill from her pregnancy. Oh, but what exciting news! All the happiness to her!!!
    Klaus I want her sword. Not her, but her sword, yes.
    Laric A woman with the look of an Oathlands knight spotted praying at the Sentinel. I'd assume she's faced with difficult choices, but you never know with them.
    Lianne Good manners, dry humor, restraint and reverence. How easily she inspired a smile. How brightly that poor man blushed.
    Liara Polite and affable, and quick to engage with everyone and indeed anything of interest that is around, whenever I see her.
    Lilia A formidable woman, quite keen under her collection of scars. So like my father, and yet so very, very different.
    Lilith Warchief to House Redrain and a fellow lover of the Queen of Endings. We had a pleasant conversation at the Harlequin's Picnic. At midnight no less!
    Lore Abandoned to Prodigal Princess of that Oathlands to Princess of the Northlands. Man, I do NOT envy her that leap, no matter how easy she makes it look!
    Lorenzo A beloved Redrain cousin, a staunch ally, and a good friend. I appreciate all she does for the Redrain family and for my dear Gwenna.
    Lou I stumbled into her in the Grayson study, talking to Reese. They were talking about the poison in the forest and she was interested in more information.
    Lucene Another person who seems to have survived an encounter with my cousin. I really ought to find out how they do it, he drives me up the wall - has a good taste in armour, and looks like she's lead a solid life. Weathered, but bears it well.
    Lucien A distinguished warrior, hard and wise. The Northlands are very lucky to have her, and the Oathlands were made better by her passing.
    Lydia The wife of Fergus, and matching him in skill both in battle and personality. While it may be against the laws of nature for Fergus to adhere to the norms of polite society, Marian seems to have no trouble turning the social graces on and off, as company warrants.
    Lys Valardin turned Redrain Princess. Every time I meet her she seems like she's got an iron bar for a spine. All rigid and terse.
    Mabelle A charming Princess, but she scares me. Still
    Maeve I think she will be pretty cool to be around once she relaxes a bit more. It was kind of fun telling her that being casual is more of an up than being formal.
    Magnus A gracious soul, she was very willing to see past my earlier follies to the intentions I have. She gave me a chance, and I'll not let her down.
    Malesh Rather polite and helpful, despite the prickly exterior. What charity the resolution of conflict brings forth in us all!
    Marcas Meeting Princess Marian in person is more inspiring than I could have imagined...I have no doubts that with her brilliance, leadership, and martial prowess, we stand an excellent chance. To fight alongside her one day would be a truly great honor, and she reassures me that the defense of the North is in capable hands.
    Marcas Still a light in the darkness. I am but a pale reflection of her.
    Margerie I don't think I've had the opportunity to speak with the Princess, or at least not at any length, but I think I just saw someone audition for godhood and it was very impressive.
    Marius Even in her current state, my sister is every bit the firebrand. It was good catching up with her, but I worry that her responsibilities and pregnancy will wear on her in these trying times.
    Martino Sister in law to my Duchess Calypso. She seems quite serious but there does live a good smile and cheer in her joining in with the games.
    Maru An interesting lady, to be sure. She seemed so serious, even though she came to relax. I wonder if she's just all business?
    Marzio The Redrain Warchief. She is quite skilled with her blade. I have enough bruises to be sure of that.
    Mason A polite Valardin princess that Mason first met at a Fire Stomp Fundraising Event just after the siege on Arx.
    Melody Typically when I meet a prodigal, my bleeding heart just wants to take care of them. Marian is not one of those prodigals - She commands respect and authority and wears her name proud. I'll follow close in her footsteps.
    Merek %bMerek has met Marian a few times, and believes her to be quite an honorable sort. She also likes his shop work it seems.
    Meriah Fierce looking, like a really pretty bear!
    Michael The most informed person I've encountered upon my return to Arx, even more than my uncle. Shes seen many things, and seems to have an air of tragedy about her like the other snow princesses.
    Miranda Focused on the now. I like her attitude.
    Mirari A stately lady who seems to be carrying a lot of heartache. There is hope blooming inside of her now, and I hope that it chases away some of her shadows.
    Mirk Her reputation precedes her, but I can always appreciate someone that can sit down for a drink and leave the titles at the door. One of the most Northern Oathlanders I've met.
    Monique My sister, the juggernaut. Love her to death. Probably mine.
    Morrighan The times I've encountered Lady Marian has been very few, but knowing her origins and what she has come to be, she is a woman I highly admire. She is tough and fierce, I hope that I can be half the woman she is, one day.
    Mydas A Valardin Princess that has no mind to hang out with Redrain and joke back with the worst of them. An interesting and pleasant combination. Disregarding the manner with which we met. Note to self, teach Asger some etiquette.
    Nico She was intimidating the minute I laid eyes on her. Green eyes, but a slightly different shade than my own. That all white armor. However, most importantly was the way she carried herself. I was relieved to hear she was my teacher, and not some impossible enemy I might have made somehow; probably one too many drinks loosening my thoughtless mouth one night, insulting the wrong noble. She ended up being extremely polite and helped me more than many of my teachers have in the last year.
    Nijah She used to be a Shav'arani, and now she's one of the most respected members of the compact! Both outsiders in our own way, maybe she can help me in the future, this is all a lot to get used to.
    Niklas A doughty warrior and a credit to the Greenwood.
    Norwood Strong of arm and strong of personality, she's a woman I would have by my side in any conflict. Knowing she will be on the battlefield only makes me more sure of our successes.
    Nuala A fully capable war leader with a far-seeing vision for the threats and obstacles facing us. She expresses herself well. She may not have been born to the North, but may as well be one of us in spirit and heart, and that's what counts.
    Olivian She's a powerful woman that's found her niche, this Warchief of Redrain. However -- what princess doesn't occasionally enjoy dressing up?! We'll see. WE WILL SEE.
    Orathy some Highness type or somethin that Mae worked fer, Lore knows 'er too. She be a bit scarred up 'n seems the type ta know 'er way 'round the field. I ain't so sure what she can do, but she be offerin to teach me 'n that be somethin nobles ain't doin fer me none. It be makin her a rare one.
    Orelia I watched her fight. Sublime. Redhaired poetry in motion.
    Orelia The longer the fight goes, the more dangerous she gets. I'll have to see if she'll tach me her secret.
    Otho Good shot with that bow of hers, and a fine-looking woman for a princess. It's good to see a high-born woman what looks as she could survive a day without a gaggle of servants and guards. A gracious one, too, letting that other lass take credit for the furst turkey of the day.
    Pharamond I pity the Prince the first time they have a fight. Such...a bad idea. She on the other hand - a warrior I would not look forward to facing off against.
    Poppy Our Warchief, but a kind heart. I enjoyed speaking with her very much, but I am glad I'm not a warrior too.
    Quenia A Princess of House Valardin. Also a competitor during the Iron Pentathlon. She seemed nice.
    Quintin I recognized her right away; she's just as fearsome as her reputation, though possibly not intentionally so.
    Ras What a strong roar. Sounds more like a bear than a princess.
    Raymesin This is a woman with whom I have a lot in common, once one discounts the rank, the wealth and the best of everything that money can buy. I wonder if her kin realise what they're harbouring?
    Reese She seems like a warrior princess of note and I feel that we have much in common with each other. She is serious about herself and her work and I like that. I look forward to getting to know her better and would to work with her. I think that there is great potential for us to be allies. I hope to work toward that.
    Renato She has seen much, I can tell by the way she carries herself, a warrior through and through. I am sure if she were not with child she would be a ferocious fighter. Perhaps one day I will be able to get instruction more than tips. I look forwards ot that day.
    Riagnon It's not for the likes of me to pass judgment on the Sword of Farhaven, but let it not be said that she is not as maternal as she is formidable. For I found her at the ready with a kind word when I most needed it.
    Rinel Incredibly brave--but I think she bears the scars of battle on her soul as well as her skin.
    Roland This princess fights like a _beast_ and Roland is a tiny bit besotted with her when she fights, and she's also the Sword of Sanctum which is basically the most honorable role Roland can imagine. She's great!
    Roran She is going through some profound change right now. But she will pull through and it will be invigorating to see what is produced when she emerges from the other side.
    Rowenova War Chief of House Redrain with incredible stories of her life experiences!
    Rysen A strong, principled Redrain Princess, worthy of respect.
    Salvatore The legendary Princess Marian. Not that I was going to say that in public. But I can't imagine a woman of her strength, skill, and sharpness of mind finds it easy to be sidelined. She'll come back with a vengeance. In the meantime, I'll pick her brain for all I can.
    Samael She fights a duel with a High Lords over stockings. That is really intriguing. Most intriguing people are ones I have to figure out. I look forward to maybe getting to know her in the future.
    Sameera Difficult person. Seems sincere, though. Perhaps it is the alcohol on her. Don't entirely dislike her.
    Saoirse Laughed when a toddler sticky-handed my skirts! LAUGHED! She must know kids.
    Sasha One of the bravest I know and quite amazing with a sword. I never fret when she is near.
    Saya A River-Cousin? Maybe, maybe not. Time will tell.
    Scipio Warchief of Redrain. I only met her in passing but she seemed to be quite nice. She has the look of a true warrior, and I will be happy to have myself remain on her good side!
    Sebastian A worthy combatant on the field. Skilled in combat. The duel with Victus was something to watch.
    Selene A warrior through and through, and while it took a while to get past her initial easy manner, I can certainly see why she might wish for lessons in diplomacy. She very much knows her own mind, all the same.
    Selene Poised and armed with incisive commentary, Princess Marian garnered my respect for presenting her views about foreign involvement in Arx. Intelligence like this is an asset to any house. Charming company in all respects.
    Serafine Gods damn crazy beast of a fighter! Most fun I've had in ages, sparring her. Taught me some humility and some forgotten lessons best not left to dust.
    Sergei Apparently the Princess duels in dress to show off stockings. I-- I think I may have died and gone to the shining lands. Seems a tough sort, sure of herself, even without the stockings, I like her style.
    Sheena She is scary. She has some thing about hurting people. That is unsettling.
    Sigurd The leader of our war effort, and one of the Redrain Princesses not touched by tragedy. Our Warchief, and someone I will pay close mind to in the future. To learn from.
    Sigurd She hasn't lost a step since I saw her last, as vivacious and beautiful as ever.
    Silas A skilled warrior, by all accounts Silas has heard of, who invited him and the rest of the Iron Guard to the Gauntlet. While he has yet to find the time to do visit, he intends to do so eventually! Also seems to have a bit of luck on her side: she won one of the prizes at the Menagerie fundraiser. Someone Silas should keep an eye on.
    Sirius A palpably dangerous figure whose surroundings exhume airs of lethality. She's most likely a wonderful mother.
    Skapti It seems she had a hand in training Dagon? If she's half as good as her student, she must be a banshee in a fray.
    Sophie Ahh, it's been far too long since we've spent time together. When all of this is over I will need to invite her for tea.
    Sorrel Monique's sister is a formidible woman and one of the fighters I look up to the most. She's incredible in the ring, and just watching her fight is a learning experience. I am delighted to count her as an ally.
    Stefano A seemingly cheerful and friendly princess. Not so great at war games, but that's no great shame! She seems dashing.
    Sunaia Redrain warrior princess. Adventurous, interesting, strong constitution - though it's clear she has some enemies.
    Sydney Pleasantly dangerous. I might have the reach, but she's got the look of one with a mountain of combat experience, arms, and armor. Not one to be trifled with, but doesn't seem pretentious about it.
    Talen Sword amongst the Valardin, married now to a Sword of the Redrain. Eleyna and Marian are pen pals from North to South, clever little missives that set Eleyna into laughter. It makes Talen suspicious.
    Talwyn I often wonder about her background, what life was like for her before joining us in Sanctum. I ought to find out more sometime - perhaps there is the inspiration I can find to finally find the experience I need as an artist to write the music of the woods.
    Thea I cant wait to learn underneath her. Strong and proud warrior woman.
    Theron Princess Marian is an impressive woman all on her own. Then you look at her weapon, Second Chance, and you know this is the real deal. I hope to spend some time with her and get to know her better, perhaps spar from time to time.
    Thesarin a fine choice for Sword and War Chief to Redrain. Well spoken of by them know her, looks to know her business. Not quite sure why a woman has two arms needs four swords, but even so.
    Thistle A beautiful Valardian Princess. Looks a lot tougher than most silks.
    Thorley A powerful force on the field - I see now why there was so much attention called to her at the tournament at the Gauntlet. She is one to measure your blade against; and perhaps realize how much further you still have to go.
    Tila Princess Marian agreed to help Tila polish her Northlands shav. She did that and more, speaking wisely of diplomacy, spirituality, and what trust to place in your fellow man or woman. A rare woman.
    Tomwell She doesn't trust me with Ianna, that's clear enough. But I can't help but feel fondly toward anyone who has Ianna's best interests at heart.
    Turo Easy on the eyes. Certainly more deadly than poison. I like her.
    Tynan Princess, Warchief, and Lord Alessandro's extended family although she married out instead of in. She seems very capable, if busy. The lot of noble responsibility.
    Tyrus She has gone through much, and yet she doesn't let it stop her, doesn't let it deafen her to the call to duty. She dove to battle a monster and save those that it threatened, with little regard to herself. It'd be suicidal if she didn't have the skills to back such heroism.
    Valdemar A stern woman, with what seems to be a keen mind for military matters. We had a productive conversation, with the possibility of more in the future.
    Valery She married Lord Fergus and made him less grumpy. She's nice. But she should be more careful with fights...
    Vasile A woman hardened by struggle. She stands where others might fall. Important lessons to learn here.
    Vayne A sword with a brain. I look forward to helping her discover the truths about herself that will truly set her free, Tehom willing.
    Vercyn Warchief of the North -- I am glad to catch up with her again after Stormwall. As uncomfortable as she looks, the Princess is still in good cheers! Now that is courage.
    Vercyn I worry for her, same as I do my niece. She bears much upon her shoulders. I understand it -- of course I do -- but in that same vein I wonder how long until it becomes too much and who will be there when it does?
    Vercyn A formidable warcheif for house Redrain, as good as I was if not better. Our armies are safe in her hands.
    Verity Anyone who takes a mud-wrestling competition serious enough to wrestle until she is unconscious is someone who lives life to the fullest. I will carry the example of her slippery tenaciousness in my heart.
    Victus There's some people you look at and can just tell they're good at what they do. I don't usually see a fire in women, but she's got something about her. Most definitely.
    Videl I don't know what she has against me giving a friendly acquaintance some well-meaning advice, but I will not buckle to her aggressive posture.
    Vincenzo Steel and Steelsilk. If ever there were a person that so embodied the term 'warrior' I would have to say it is Marian Redrain. She exudes toughness, honor, bravery. I might be tempted to try to soften her, but I think Gloria might smite me for even trying.
    Violet A very strong and capable woman. I was able to watch her run the Gauntlet behind me. Unlike myself she avoided the dunk in the frigid pool, but us short women have to stick together for those tall hurdles. I look forward to speaking with her and running the gauntlet with her again.
    Volcica A patient mother, with adorable children. I look forward to getting to know her better.
    Volcica Redrain's Warchief is an amazing woman, and so supportive of those she helps to lead.
    Vulpiano A Princess of the North met at the Shrine of Gild, she was good company and spoke her thoughts in an honest manner that is all to her own credit.
    Wash She has a difficult road both ahead and behind her. If we had ended up in the same house I would be a lucky man.
    Willow Wise and kind, and strong. An excellent role model and a beautiful kind soul.
    Zalika A Princess who has requested a new wool dress for me. I just hope she likes the design I come up with.
    Zara She's unmovable as stone, feet planted and eyes clear. I know she will shelter all under her shield against any foe.
    Zoey Perhaps not the most comfortable in social settings, but does admirably well in them.