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I took care of the borough, and now the borough is gonna take care of me. You can believe that.

Social Rank: 9
Concept: Militant Malcontent
Fealty: Crown
Family: River
Gender: male
Marital Status: single
Age: 21
Birthday: 11/04
Religion: Atheist
Vocation: Criminal
Height: average height
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: amber
Skintone: tanned

Description: Issac is best described as being immediately noticeable for a distinctly bland appearance, in a way that would be hard to describe and harder to remember. He is thin and lean, with sinewy muscle that is sharply pronounced beneath his skin, wound tightly around his bird-like bones. His skin is tanned a healthy brown colour and his hooded eyes are a complex mixture of brown, green and gold. He has jutting, angular facial features with high cheekbones and well defined facial lines and his hair is the colour of an onyx gemstone. He has a great many scars of various types, intensities and ages all over his face and body.

Personality: Once, Isaac dreamed of being a heroic knight and his head has always seemed a little in the clouds. But that all changed with the death of his father. The story goes that his father (and sole guardian) offended some noble and was executed for being a witch. This left Issac to raise himself the violent streets. Over time, he has hardened into a /man/, an intelligent, fighting man. He wants to join up in a gang, he wants to shove the inquisition under his boot for what they've done. He absolutely detests and antagonises people not born from the borough and people who imitate them, and holds contempt for anyone from the borough that seem too friendly with the "proper society". Nobles, he thinks, don't do much to help the people who deserve it the most; they concern themselves with gossip, petty social scandals, and often care more about posturing than anything else. They are the ones in the best position to make the world better, but they won't. He is incredibly proud of his home, through and through, and very rarely leaves it. He wants to fight the good fight and is quick to burst to anger when he feels locals are under threat, and holds grudges for years at a time, stewing and smouldering. He's very protective of those he deems worthy, though he doesn't see the need to be diplomatic with other people, putting their needs far below those born in the boroughs. He enjoys swindling people out of their money, but is very careful to pick and choose his targets wisely. He'll beg out of boredom, lie for fun, and get into a fight at the drop of a hat but he never steals from the borough. In fact, most of his profits go to various charitable causes, whether it's a beggar, drinks, or a friend in need.


"Literally who?"

At first, Issac had a boringly standard upbringing by borough standards. It was hardly the best of lives but at least he didn't need to worry about where his next meal would come from - his father was loving and dutiful. Though this all changed once the inquisition took him away away and Issac lost his direction and focus and his faith justice became tarnished. Those who knew him growing up would describe him as an outspoken firebrand and a trouble making little shit. This hasn't much changed now he's an adult, it's still there under the surface, but he isn't a fool and intends to avoid the same fate as his father. He's either going out in a blaze of glory or not at all.

(OOC note: During alpha he's going to be much (MUCH) more mellow than his sheet would imply owing to combat being buggy and there not really being any counter measures in place to deal with antagonists. As a player I'll be bending over backwards to come up with reasons for him to not get into conflict with other characters, mouth off to nobility, or generally accost people for being in the lower borough. Once beta is announced and combat/crime code is said to be operational, however, all bets are off.)

Relationship Summary

  • Acacia - Diplomatic boss
  • Arianwen - Moving up in the world
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