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Action Id: 1382 Crisis: Participants: Edain, Alis, Isabeau, Fiachra, Katarina, Nicia(RIP), Reigna, Kael and Ryhalt
Status: Resolved Submitted: Nov. 11, 2017, 11:19 p.m. Public: True GM: Apostate

Silver: 900000
Economic Resources: 289
Action Points: 200

Action by Edain

House Valardin is donating 700,000 silver to help with the initial cash of the economy in the hopes that these funds will be used to help those most afflicted. We will also waive trade tarriffs on Kennex ships coming to Sanctum and ports controlled by the Valardin to help them beable to start financially recovering on their own. Other houses have been invited to donate what they feel they can, and offer aid in otherways to help House Kennex recover. Duchess Nicia Laurent will oversee that the funds that are being sent by the Oathlands are put to their intended purpose.

Action by Alis

Alis is contributing some of her own economic resources to assist in setting up any trade deals and helping reduce tariffs on current trade to Kennex. She would also be volunteering to help with the hunting party to provide food and hides for those who need it.

Action by Fiachra

Fiachra will primarily be assisting with organizing hunts to provide meat and hides for those who need it. Fia also knows how to make hardtack (as well as Alis and Eirlys) and will teach those who would like to learn the process. It's not the best-tasting stuff in all Arvum, sure, but when any food is better than no food...

Action by Kael

House Keaton will be assisting in aid with the hunt for meat to donate forth to those that are hungry. They will have hounds brought in for the hunting parties to aid the efforts and a storage shed will be made on their property to store the preserved food. In addition to this, Keaton has done a fair amount of trade of lumber with Thrax, and are willing to offer House Kennex a deal (should they take it) where they are the center point in supplying Keaton lumber to Thrax for building vessels, creating profit for House Keaton but also giving a healthy commission to House Kennex.

Action by Reigna

Reigna Keaton will be helping to set up a trust account into with the Oathlands donations will be put in. She will help administrate this trust to ensure the funds reach the freemen that are to benefit from this trust.

Action by Ryhalt

Ryhalt is directing a substantial sum of silver to Countess Reigna's trust at the bank of Arx as well as contributing his experience in financial matters to help grow the principal of the trust until such time as it is expended, finding profitable, short trades that he feels are within acceptable risk parameters to make the initial contributions go farther.

Action by Isabeau

Princess Isabeau will do what she can to assist Nicia in the bookkeeping and paperwork aspects on the economic side of the situation. She possesses some mild familiarity with the concept of economics and she can alphabetize.

Action by Nicia(RIP)

As asked, Nicia is going to oversee the funds, collection and allocation of, and make certain that there is no shady sleight-of-hand happening. As such she will be checking everyone's bookkeeping, on all sides, making certain that things are signed off on, and that there are no unusual inflations happening for goods that are being purchased, or donated, and that there are in fact an accounting of every item, every silver. She will be making certain that Kennex keeps good records, approaching the Marquis and her cousin, the Marquessa, as well as Lady Octavia to make certain that what is being donated goes to proper use.

Action by Katarina

For her part, Katarina contributes both time and energy into raising additional funds to compensate the initial cash investments of House Valardin. Being the wife of the Crown Minister of Coin has it's benefits. She will also use her connections throughout the various coastal ports of the Oathlands to encourage local businesses to open their ranks to potential newly freed thralls that might make their way back from the Mourning Isles under the ships she's already sent to ferry them wherever they might wish to begin their new lives.


Roll Result: 63

The Oathlands' efforts have an immediate, significant effect on dealing with the immense economic damage that House Kennex has suffered. Reigna's idea of a trust is an excellent one, particularly when being overseen by Princess Isabeau and Duchess Nicia in making certain there's no malfeasance that takes part with the funds. Ryhalt's contributions from the Duchy of Westrock with all of its shipping concerns, which combined with Edain's tariff forgiveness and Katarina's contributions takes a good step towards getting Kennex's trade up and running again. Fiachra and Kael's hunting skills, aided by Alis, helps teach the new thralls some subsistence methods, and staves off a great deal of starvation concerns- something that almost certainly would have happened if not for their efforts.