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Action Id: 2018 Crisis: Participants: Isabeau, Ansel, Norwood, Kael, Margerie and Jaerith
Status: Resolved Submitted: April 18, 2018, 10:34 p.m. Public: True GM: Puffin

Silver: 102000
Social Resources: 210
Action Points: 260

Action by Isabeau

Princess Isabeau Valardin will be undertaking something of a goodwill tour of the Oathlands en route to Sanctum so that she might be able to advise and oversee the relocation of refugees both from Setarco and Stormwall. She will travel in the company of her sister, Princess Sophie Valardin, and several other notable Oathlands nobles who will likewise attend to their own holdings in a similar fashion. While within the White City, and acting as the Voice of House Valardin, Isabeau will speak with members of the Faith and the Seraph of Sanctum to encourage their charity toward those seeking aid and shelter without bias against those that might take a different view of the gods or still call on the spirits and the old ways.

Action by Ansel

Ansel will be accompanying Isabeau on the trip, serving as the Telmarine representative in the contingent. He will be helping to coordinate Isabeau's efforts to assist in the relocation of refugees when the contingent makes their stop in the Telmarch lands, or any of the Telmarch's vassals' holdings.

Action by Norwood

On paper, Norwood has come along for the commoner element. He's there as the man who knows how to talk to people who aren't nobels, and one who can pass up their concerns to those with actual authority to do so. He doesn't mince words and carries an air of one who can be trusted to do what has to be done and say what must be said. More quietly, he has come along as an additional guard to Margerie Keaton. Not that he doesn't think that the Princess' guards could do a good job, but... another set of experienced eyes never hurt.

Action by Margerie

The 'Auntie Superior of the Oathlands' is on the march through the oathlands, riding into the villages she has known well over the last two plus decades, visiting with injured soldiers, the families of the fallen, and community leaders. Her work with the fallen and their families will focus on morale and compassion. Her work with the community leaders will be focused on finding out their most immediate needs and hopes for the recovery period. Upon completing the visits, she is going to activate the network of aunties and contacts her decades of service has created to work together and begin addressing those concerns, investing her social capital in helping to move the healing process forward and better knit the communities of the Oathlands together.

Action by Jaerith

As a veteran of the Seteraci campaign, Commander Jaerith Keaton will be accompanying Isabeau on her trip along with a contingent of Felhounds (a specialized reconnaissance and wet work unit, built of veterans) to provide military escort, as well a show of unity. Lord Jaerith wishes to work with the people for he is a man that values title little, he would rather be in and around the commoners and helping them as much as he can. He will be the one out there expressing gratitude to those who had family members who served. He will be providing what aid he can during the goodwill tour, working with his hands, helping to build and repair even though he may not be the craftiest person out there. He will provide opportunities for employment in the Keaton navy, as well as the Felhounds for those who are worthy. He will leave most of the negotiation for the movement of refuges to his cousin, Count Kael, but should the count be unavailable, Lord Jaerith will jump on the opportunity to help the refuges find homes around Oakhaven, as well as gainful employment in its forests and farms.

Action by Kael

When there comes news of a goodwill tour, Count Kael Keaton is joining it without hesitating to see to those he shares fealty with as well as his own lands. Much like Lord Jaerith Keaton, he is ensuring proper military escort if the party happens to split, or moving in to speak with the people themselves. He will pray with them, work with them, and speak with them regarding their loved ones. His intent is to show strength in leadership and support those that need it.


Following the Faith's missionary trip and the Seraph of Sanctum's charge, Princess Isabeau does not sit idly by. She gathers up a goodwill tour and heads out to the Oathlands, determined to do something to help her people - all her people - know that their ruling family values them, and that the Faith and the Valardin work hand in hand.

Her first stop is Sanctum, where she accepts an invitation from the Seraph of Sanctum to join Father Orazio and High Lord Edain in discussions. She steps from that refreshed and motivated. Some of the priests of Sanctum whisper that she leaves the meeting smiling - but few people ever leave a meeting with the dour Seraph actually smiling.

Then it's on to a tour of the Oathlands - and it seems it doesn't matter where she goes, she is welcome. Greenmarch and Rivenshari alike, Telmar and Keaton and Laurent and Moore - from the smallest Barony to the largest Duchy, Princess Isabeau goes. She brings with her Lord Ansel, Sword of the Telmarch in his official capacity. Sir Norwood, Sword of Artshall goes as well. Lady Margerie Keaton - unofficially referred to as the 'Auntie Superior of the Oathlands' is of course present, and Lord Jaerith Keaton and Count Kael Keaton too.

In short, supported by an array of nobles from across the Oathlands, the Valardin Voice ministers to the people. She speaks most often of Gild and the divine love for civilization, as well as the joy of charitable giving. From place to place they go and they show the Oathlands - whether newly settled and converted, or of an ancient tradition - that the Valardin leadership is fully dedicated to the Pantheon. Her actions speak louder than her words even, and those who were still concerned that the worship of the Pantheon would perhaps destroy their former way of life are comforted, more inclined to view those of the Faith in a good light.