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Action Id: 2476 Crisis: Participants: Skye, Edward, Kael, Dycard and Iseulet
Status: Resolved Submitted: July 17, 2018, 3:28 p.m. Public: True GM: Puffin

Economic Resources: 1500
Military Resources: 3000
Social Resources: 250

Action by Skye

Under the command of Lord Romulius Blackshore, the new navy for House Blackshore launches with a dromond, galley and long ships that will now protect the newly rebuilt Blackshore Isle. Proper fortifications, a watchtower and barracks have been planned by Baroness Skye Blackshore. She also assists her brother by training new sailors on Blackshore Isle, getting them up to speed to the latest war and sailing tactics, and doing maneveurs with her brother to make sure the new military force is ship shape.

Action by Dycard

Dycard helps with the recruitment efforts, finding those sailors who believe in what the Blackshores are doing and are willing to defend their new home. Previous experience on warships helps but is not necessary, and he'll also point out that being closer to one place is good for men and women with young families or elderly relatives, or other reasons to not want to voyage the length and breadth of Arvum but still keep working as sailors. And when all's said and done, battleships aren't actually that much more dangerous than fishing boats or merchantmen, and at least they'll be armed and waiting if the pirates come.

Action by Iseulet

Iseulet helps Baroness Skye with recruitment efforts by praising her and the new hope (get it?) she's given Blackshore. She busies herself with not only swaying hearts and minds but also with the economic side of things, keeping the costs low (but not miserly - that never wins you friends).

Action by Kael

Kael has been a steadfast supporter of Baroness Skye and has promised to support her where he is able to. One of the ways that he has been supporting her is by way of supplying lumber from Oakheart Woods toward the efforts of building ships. Some supply of lumber will be added, at cost to the Keatons, for their use. In addition to this he will be speaking to Keaton vassals about the potential of trade with Blackshore to make it a win-win for both parties.

Action by Edward

To help Blackshore build and develop their naval forces, Edward will provide assistance through education. He will make some of his own Whitefrost fleet elements available to do war games and other naval exercises with the Blackshore Navy so that they can get hands on practical experience at sea. Addtionally, he will get reports based on the performance of Blackshore's ships and Captain's so as to provide proper recommendations for those men who should be promoted to higher officer ranks and those who the Baroness might want to consider replacing.


Roll Result: 164

Baroness Skye is still working hard to strengthen New Hope. Under her guidance her land is flourishing. With the new shipyards at New Hope, a dromond, a galley, and longships are built for the Blackshore Navy. Baron Edward aids in training these sailors. Count Kael makes sure the Keaton's Oakheart Woods supplies some of the best lumber possible - and some at a discount, and more for free. Lord Dycard also trains sailors and makes sure the navy is up to snuff, and Lady Iseulet makes sure everyone knows of the phenomenal job that the Blackshore family is doing to rebuild their ravaged home. All in all, the people of New Hope are quite pleased with the leadership provided by their ruling family, and work diligently to build their own home and the beautiful new domain. Through adversity, they have found their strength.