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Action Id: 2881 Crisis: Participants: Cristoph, Alis, Jael, Norwood and Kael
Status: Resolved Submitted: Nov. 29, 2018, 1:23 p.m. Public: True GM: Apostate

Silver: 60000
Economic Resources: 750
Military Resources: 550

Action by Cristoph

You know what's a real pain? When people show up to your villages and burn all of the crops just as winter is setting in. It's just so RUDE. In response to the findings in @action 2689 and following the thread of plot: House Durand #54, Cristoph organizes what can best be described as a light military response. They'll be bringing non-perishable food reserves out to the affected villages, but the people bringing them? The Swarm of Artshall (which we're starting to think is maybe not a great army name, totally open to suggestions on that one) along with several notable military leaders from the region. And should any "bandits" turn up, they'll be ready to give them a taste of their own medicine.

Action by Jael

Another day, another trip to Artshall. Jael accompanies the expedition sent to protect her people, bringing as much food as she can arrange for and using her position as a military leader and part of the ducal line to charm and reassure the citizens of her family's holdings.

Action by Norwood

Norwood brings his report back to Cristoph (2882), and then comes along for the rest of it. His sword is ready for "bandits" and he honestly hopes to run into the ones responsible for the murder of Duke Edmund. Norwood really liked that guy, even more than he liked Dave the gardener.

Action by Kael

When his Liege informed him of the goings-on, of course Kael was at the ready to stand in service. Marquis Keaton serves as one of the military leaders brought on board, assisting with the coordination with the Swarm of Artshall and also ready with his own blade should trouble arise. Getting wind of the food shortage, he as well detours some goods from Oakhaven for the people of the Duchy.

Action by Alis

Alis is tagging along as one of the military leaders that Duke Laurent has requested to assist as part of the response. She brings with her supplies and silver to utilize in offsetting the damage done by the bandits to show Valardin support for Laurent and its affected vassals. And, her trusty shield and flail. Just in case any 'bandits' happen to be run across.


Roll Result: 105

The farming village of Beesboro is under a half day's ride from Artshall, far closer to the heart of the ducal holding than any Abandoned normally dares to attack. True, it's easy for even a significant force of Abandoned to slip amongst the wilds in between ay of the towns and villages, and many of the ancient woods and hillds could hide much, but it's still a peaceful region where those direct vassals to Laurent trust in the protection that the duchy grants them.

Which makes the dozen armored riders wearing gren tabards descending upon the 'food delivery' all the more shocking.

It's troubling for a number of reasons. First, most Abandoned usually aren't in full platemail with silk green tabards on destriers and using lances. Secondly, if one was fighting well equipped, mounted knights, they usually aren't trying to raid villagers. And thirdly...

As the 'defenseless food delivery train' reveals itself to be Cristoph leading the Swarm of Artshall, and Norwood pulls out his sword, and Jael, Alis and Kael all ready for battle, mounted knights usually don't all issue an unholy howling roar that seems to shake the earth as they all scream in perfect, echoing unison, "LAURENT! KILL THEM ALL!"

The fight is short but brutal. Armored and well equipped or no, the dozen raiders are grossly outnumbered. Laurent soldiers rally around the Oathlands heroes, and while a few Laurent soldiers are cut down, the dozen raiding knights are cut down fortunately quickly with all of them fighting with suicidal ferocity. There's clear relief, even as worried murmurs spread as they find the surcoats of the raiders bore the sigil of House Durand. But in the midst of conversation, there starts to be an odd chittering sound.

The armored bodies start to shift. The armor seems like it's collapsing in on itself, with a metallic clanging as if they were being hit by hidden hammers, and there's the sound of snapping bone and sinew. And then the bodies all seem to explode. Teeming masses of centipedes, each the size of a large snake, mill forward and attack. Several Laurent soldiers are buried underneath the writhing mass as Alis is cutting a path free among them, and Kael, Jael and Cristoph all find themselves fighting in a quickly shrinking circle as the hew and cut back the massive horrifying mass of centipedes chomping and trying to tear into them. And then Norwood's sword starts to glow.

There's a flash of light, harsh and blinding, as if everyone unexpectedly caught a glimpse of the sun and had to flinch away in instinct, followed by a great screeching sound that is suddenly cut short. As everyone opens their eyes, all the centipedes are turning to ash and starting to wither away and blow in the wind, as if they had never existed at all.