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Action Id: 3128 Crisis: Participants: Cristoph, Alis, Jael, Nicia(RIP), Kael, Naka, Shae and Tessa(RIP)
Status: Resolved Submitted: Feb. 12, 2019, 8:40 a.m. Public: True GM: Puffin

Action by Cristoph

On the thirteenth day of the month, at the thirteenth hour, Cristoph gathers a group of family, friends and allies in the gardens of the Laurent Estate. He sits with his companions and lights thirteens candles, with which he'll consign thirteen items of significance to him. He'll explain briefly, how the following ritual is meant to assist in cleansing the poisoned Priumum from Arvum. But that it's only a drop in the bucket, one voice that when combined with many others performing will slowly erode away at something terrible that affects everyone.


He goes on to say that these sacrifices will represent his personal ideals for the future, that he hopes will affect the Dream in a positive way. The items are an array of things, all deeply personal, some of the significance is probably easy to spot while others are more vague. What's more important than that for the observers are the thirteen ideals, he'd like to see shaped into the Dream:

Courage, to be strong and brave when there is danger.
Honor, to hold it even when it would be easier to not.
Generosity to give freely to those who have little.
Hope, to keep a flame against the darkness.
Faith in the Gods of the Pantheon.
Justice when wrongs are done, to set them right.
Mercy for your enemies, so that you don't become the monsters you fear.
Determination to see through pain and difficulty.
Family, for the joy and solace they can provide.
Loyalty to the things in your life that matter.
Invention, so that we may never grow stagnant.
Love, to nourish your soul.
Humility, so that you don't become mired down in your own importance.

And then the ritual ends and hopefully no one blows up.

Action by Jael

Jael is in attendance, still sort of shocked by the fact that not only is magic a thing, but that her brother is doing it. Also she's there to make sure he doesn't get rid of any of HER stuff.

Action by Naka

Naka is present, respectful and mostly silent, sitting relaxed without quite actually lounging. The cost to him of the evening is only in attention, which he pays gladly and mindfully.

Action by Kael

Kael is most supportive of his liege, and tries to instill the feeling of this on the day of the ritual. During the ritual itself, he walks respectfully, and cautiously. You know, just in case something bad happens.

Action by Tessa(RIP)

Tessa attends to witness, entirely comfortable, relaxed and pleased. Adding her own well wishes and energy to the efforts to cleanse the priumum.

Action by Shae

Shae will be quietly watching the ceremony, never having seen it performed before and wanting to learn it herself. Being sure to give it her full attention, as she watches it with her keen and perceptive gaze. As well as trying to follow along with the ritual.

Action by Alis

Alis is goingto watch, intently. Not too intently, becausee that would be creepy and probably make everyone uncomfortable. But this is a very important ritual! And she must learn it well, to be able to perform the same herself.

Action by Nicia(RIP)

Nicia is not entirely unfamiliar with the concept of what they are doing, so her approach to the situation is one of calm and cool relaxation. Yes, she realizes how very, very important this is, but she's also going to follow the ritual that was presented, put everything into it.


On the thirteenth day of the month, at the thirteenth hour, Cristoph convenes friends and family to cleanse the primum. He gathers them at the Laurent Estate, and the gardens are a beautiful and peaceful place to begin. He tells them these sacrifices will represent his personal ideals for the future, that he hopes will affect the Dream in a positive way. And then he begins, explaining each sacrifice - the significance to him, for these offerings are deeply personal. What they represent. The ideals he wants to reinforce in the Dream.

And for a moment, it seems like the Dream itself holds its breath - and then he begins. Courage, he says, to be strong and brave when there is danger. And as the first sacrifice burns, there is a sudden feeling they share as one - that heart-pounding knowledge that something is coming. It's hard to keep going, hard to not draw a sword. But even a glance around the gardens shows nothing imminent or dire.

Honor, to hold it even when it would be easier to not. Generosity. Hope - a flame against the darkness. One by one he lists qualities, those things he holds most dear, most closely.

The flame burns silver - not white but a true silver - is that even possible?

And suddenly they are not in the garden, they are somewhere else. Cristoph is there with them, in ancient armor, wearing the uniform of the Sovereign's Own Royal Guard, and there's the sword of the Lord Commander in his hand.

"No," Lord Commander - Cristoph? - whoever he was, he looks like Cristoph does now, of a certainty. "We're not doing that. We're going to push them back and out. We'll cut them down to a man, because there's no room in the Compact for the Pack of the Slaver."

"What about the ones who haven't fallen?" The Nox'alfar woman next to him stares at him with one eyebrow raised. On her armor - which matches his - the insignia of the First Captain.

"Seal 'em up, on the Queen's orders," he says grimly. "I don't like it, but maybe if they sleep long enough they'll forget this war, or we'll be better positioned to deal with their disagreements. But we can't just leave 'em loose or all of humanity will fall."

"For the Queen then," she returns, though it's clear she's not comfortable with the orders given - she's also not contradicting them.

There is a sense of purpose there, and in that moment, all the qualities that Cristoph values so highly - courage and honor, hope and faith and justice, mercy and determination. Family, for now as the Queen's Own surrounds them, they all feel that sense of camaraderie, that family of shield and sword. Loyalty. Invention - they are doing something new here, and they are witnessing the birth of a unified Arvum.

And then the vision fades, and so do the flames, and the rite is complete. It leaves with them a sense of purpose. A taste of battle. A rush of love and pride and certainty, even as they slowly disperse to consider their own rites, and their own mundane duties.