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Action Id: 3464 Crisis: Participants: Petal, Olivia, Sina(RIP), Ysabel, Kael, Lisebet, Cillian, Acantha, Willow and Kaya
Status: Resolved Submitted: May 27, 2019, 11:12 p.m. Public: True GM: Puffin

Action by Petal

Petal would like to lead prayers at the lodge to Petrichor in the hope that such will help to either stop, heal or reduce the withering. She is doing such as the voice of the lodge, but realizes some others are more closely connected with the gods than her and she very much welcomes their guidance. She is gathering up as many faithful people as she can and planning on to prayer very passionately at the lodge in different locations, including the lodge of rebrith, the flower gardens, the orchard and the main grounds. She plans to keep prayering regular like and to encourage others to do so. She plans to keep working on the plants in honor of Petrichor as well.

Action by Olivia

Olivia seems to have some pull when she prays at the Lodge, so she is going to help Petal with her prays as well.

Action by Sina(RIP)

Sina has heard about Petal's call for prayers to Petrichor. She may be Archscholar, but she is also Godsworn. Her faith in the Gods is unwavering, and her love for Petrichor is no less than for the other gods. And so, she has answered Petal's call to prayer at the Lodge of Petrichor. The Archscholar will make her way out to the Lodge whenever she has the free time to do so, and she will find quiet places near the withering to pray and meditate there. She will also offer to teach Petal how to pray, in accordance with the ways of the Faith, though she will be respectful of the spirits and primal entities as well. She will pray not only to Petrichor, but to Mangata and Lagoma as well - the three gods being of the triad of Creation, which she will teach Petal about. The Archscholar will also not neglect to pray to Vellichor for wisdom and guidance, seeking wisdom as to what must be done here.

She will pour the love from her heart into the plants of the Lodge, and seek to commune with the Gods, recalling in her mind the peace in the sacred grove on the Isle of Storms, and willing it to settle here. She will pray for Mangata's blessing, that her cleansing waters might wash away the blight upon the land. She will pray to Lagoma, for her healing. She will help to offer the work of her own two hands to care for the Lodge and the Land while she is there as well, planting flowers in the springtime when appropriate, at Petal's careful direction. She will treat the Lodge with all due reverence, and seek to help find the cause of the withering and bless the land in Petrichor's name as one of the Godsworn. She knows that the Abyss has no business here, and if this withering is due to an Abyssal blight, she will seek, in prayer, to cleanse it. Her heart is filled with hope, that the Lodge may endure, that the withering come to an end. She will open herself fully to the divine will of the gods, thinking nothing for her own desire or self, but only for protection of the Lodge.

Action by Acantha

Acantha is going to be making time to go and pray at the Lodge at least once a day. Benny will be accompanying her as well. They will leave little offerings as well for the spirits that might be around, but mainly praying to Petrichor and for the recovery.

Action by Willow

While widely known to be more shaman than Faithful, Willow jumps at the opportunity to join those in prayer for the Lodge. Her love of nature and deep faith in Petrichor mingling with her obsession with druidic restoration meet and she not only brings prayers but also some offerings. Acorns carved with prayers and stained with various juices, feathers and bits of carved treebark to plant along with seeds.

Action by Kaya

Kaya is asked by Petal to help at the lodge after having help discover what was going on while coming to help with the Harvest. Kaya agrees and offers what she knows of the ritual of cleansing and her natural luck and skills she can to help see if they can heal what is going on

Action by Cillian

Cillian will go for a few reasons one to help pray to the spirits and to Petrichor to help them find a way to either stop, heal or reduce the withering. He will also go as guard just incase something may happen why they are there in prayer, it would not be the first time the lodge has been attacked. So he goes as a prayer and a protector.

Action by Lisebet

Lisebet has recently taken a bit more to prayer, and she's more than willing to help Petal out, if she can. However, she's really hoping that she might learn something that will help out, through the benevolence of the gods, and Petrichor in particular. It's perhaps a bit odd, all things considered, but Lisebet is willing to add her voice to the others, in hopes that answers might be found, and action plans might be put in place.

Action by Ysabel

Ysabel is asked to help Petal with the Lodge and she offers to research into what can be done and dig up anything she can find about what is happening and ways to take care of it. Ysabel is known for her dedication to research and has already been making stride among the other Scholars.

Action by Kael

When Kael learns about the work that Petal is doing, he volunteers to join the prayers. Kael, due to personal reasons as well as being an Oathlander, has always been exceptionally devout. Though he is afflicted with fatigue, he pushes substantially in his prayer. This is not just the prayers that Petal leads (which he participates in earnestly), but also with work around the lodge. He follows Petal's lead as Voice of the Lodge and assists with her planting, but if he has permission he additionally seeks to tend to the land. He'll advise those that are less comfortable with the wilderness of various elements, utilizing his skills for this. Beyond all however, he is genuinely sincere, praying for a healing of the land. Should there be any danger, Kael will step in to defend those gathered.


Roll Result: -163

The Lodge is withered, and Petal wants so very much to heal it. And so she gathers her friends and they set up as many people to pray as she can. Not just once, but over and over again. She prays while she weeds. She prays while she gardens. She prays while she spreads good fertilizer, hoping beyond hope that this will help. But Spring turns to Summer, and the withering continues.

Olivia joins her in her prayers, as does the Archscholar Sina. Devout women both, tied to the land, loving the earth and the green growing things and Petrichor. Sina adds in prayers to Mangata and to Lagoma for water, for rain, for a change to the withering, to Vellichor for wisdom to know what to do. She pours her love into the planting, into the caretaking, her heart full of hope. And Summer turns to Fall, and the withering continues.

More and more people join. Acantha and Benny go to the Lodge daily and pray, steadfast in their devotions. Willow with her deep love of nature joins the prayers, and she mingles offerings with her prayers and the plantings - acorns carved with prayers, stained with juice. Feathers and bits of carved treebark. Fall turns to Winter, and with it the frigid cold and the hope that when the thaw finally comes, so will the end to the withering.

Kaya offers what she knows of cleansing and healing, trying to help in the winter months, while Cillian and Lisebet and Ysabel search for knowledge. They're trying to find what else they can do to aid in the withering, other than just be faithful, and patient, and endlessly prayerful. Winter turns to Spring, but the plants do not return.

And Kael joins the Prayers too. Afflicted with fatigue, still he comes, day by day. To pray. To work. As a disappointing Spring comes, as it seems their prayers are not answered. That their work is not successful. Until one day - one day at last Sina arrives to pray and to work and sees... a single sprout, not withered, but green. Not a healthy green, but not brown either. One sprout, and hope springs again in their hearts.

Slowly, bit by bit, moment by moment, they do the hardest thing they have ever done. In the face of a Lodge that is not green, and not restored, still they work, and they strive, and they pray. And slowly, bit by bit, the Lodge starts to revive. Sprouts here and there. Sparse, but green. These they nurture and pray over. They rejoice. They pray more. They fertilize and weed and care for these little seeds with all the love and hope in their hearts.

And as Summer arrives it is clear - the withering is over, but the Lodge will still take work to return to its former glory. But this determined group, willing to keep working at it, bit by bit, for well over a year - they can do it. If they only hold to hope and keep the faith.