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Cesare Whisper

Each audience is different and there's a dark side to everything. I never forget those two truths as I sing.

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Singer of Setarco
Fealty: Pravus
Family: Whisper
Gender: male
Marital Status: single
Age: 24
Birthday: 03/15
Religion: Disciple of Jayus
Vocation: Courtier
Height: tall
Hair Color: ebon
Eye Color: dark cinnamon
Skintone: swarthy

Titles: Heartscourge of Eswyndol

Description: He is a man of dark skin and dark hair -- a walking shadow, lean and rangy and dangerously handsome. His face is symmetric and sharp, with cheeks and nose like cut stone, with slanted, smoldering eyes. His lips are full, his voice raw and rich and sweet like honey. He is lithe; smooth skin disguises each twist of toned muscle. His every movement is graceful, from the arrangement of his hands on instruments to the sudden curve of his rare smiles.

Personality: Dreamy and mild-tempered, Cesare makes good company for just about anyone, though he has an unshakable courage (and a bit of a snarky streak) beneath all that aloof geniality. His position as a Whisper has helped him embrace his sometimes biting wit, as he knows as long as he maintains the proper decorum he is somewhat protected by the order. Jealous young baronsons accosting him in an alley and trying to beat him up aren't really a problem, anymore. Gentle snark aside, Cesare is a young man who finds it hard to focus on the people around him when he's performing, or at large gatherings, but one on one? He is reminded of the beauty that is the wonder of creation in every unique individual. His good looks are undeniable, but his charm, the way he can sometimes focus so intently on one person that they feel they are the most interesting thing in the world? It makes him irresistable.

Background: Even at a very young age, Cesare stood out as an exceptional talent. While most boys his age in the Lyceum were already playing with swords, Cesare had a single passion that consumed him, with every waking thought dedicated to it and it alone: music. Every day he would toy with a new instrument or he would listen to the singers around the shrine of Jayus in his native Setarco, learning the same songs and then improving upon the delivery. The words just always came naturally to him, the music flowed through him and he had a voice that made crowds gather. First he attracted the notice of the disciples of Jayus and priests of the Faith of the Pantheon, who eagerly encouraged a young man with such obvious talent. Then he attracted nobles, who made a point to visit the young man's performances. Before long, he became known as 'the Singer of Setarco' or 'the man with the perfect voice'. The fame meant nothing to him, and he barely noticed it- he was tireless in seeking out new forms of music, in cultivating each and every aspect he could find, in the hope to finally capture something truly sublime in music. He still hopes to find a perfect moment that captures the essence of Jayus for all the world to hear.

Unfortunately, he couldn't linger in Setarco. He didn't realize how truly popular he had become until he was forced to flee the city as noblewomen who all seeked to patronize the talented young man became increasingly dangerously jealous over his lack of reciprocation of their affections. He was informed in no uncertain terms that he was likely to wind up dead as a result if he didn't flee, and has since made his way to Arx, more than a bit wiser at how dangerous spurned passion truly is. To that end, he has become a much sought after courtier, currently employed by the Whisper House, entertaining the greatest and most powerful women in the Compact, with the same respect and protections associated with other courtesans. He's still seeking that perfect song, but he's deciding there's sublime beauty in other parts of life as well.

Relationship Summary

  • Savio - My reflection, steadfast through the tumult.
  • Jasher - Hard as diamondplate, just as brilliant.
  • Fortunato - A creature of complexity and change.

  • Ally:
  • Anisha - The grace of Whisper House, constant and abiding.
  • Arman - The prince of wisdom and keeper of secrets.
  • Cassiopeia - A jewel, gleaming with warmth for all.
  • Zoey - Dependable as the sunrise

  • Patron:
    Name Summary
    Martino Calm, collected and makes for fine company to talk on heavy matters. Knowledgeable as well on them, polite and respectful. Truly a fine embodiment of a Whisper.
    Medeia There are none more charming, talented, and lovely to share a birthday with - don't tell my twin sister! The years of friendship have been like nothing else.