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Prince Klaus Thrax

A commander ought always to remember that a man's life is worth more than the mere satisfaction of his own pride.

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Noble Soldier
Fealty: Thrax
Family: Thrax
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Married
Age: 27
Birthday: 09/03
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Knight
Height: 6'2
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Skintone: Tanned

Description: Klaus is tall and strong, but more rakish than built up like a brick house. His good looks come with a rakish charm, high cheekbones, well shaped mouth and square-ish jaw. His eyes are a deep, arm brown and his hair a short cropped mess of black curls. He exudes a personable nature, one that extends to the keen interest in his gaze and the frequently thoughtful expression that graces his face.

Personality: Klaus is an amusing guy that takes shots at himself as much as other people. While he's generally pretty nice, his sense of humor tends to be dry and a touch sarcastic. He's a capable soldier, horseman and a decent diplomat with an even temperament and a penchant for thinking things through rather than going on gut hunches.

Background: Klaus has been wielding a sword almost as long as he can walk. Sure, his first sword was a stick that he used to brain his brother Eiran with, but we all need to start somewhere! From there he trained as a squire with Sir Norwood and later served in the Laurent army. He worked closely with his cousin, Cristoph and the two were close comrades on the front lines right up until Duke Laurent's heir suffered a grevious injury and focused on less deadly duties.

He grew into a steady, accomplished commander in the Laurent army and often had the fully loyalty of any troops under him. He became known as a leader who could listen to the words of his men and accept constructive criticism. He's never been one to bark orders unncessarily. With Cristoph handling the duchy as Duke, and as such, behind the scenes more than in front, Klaus is often leading the Laurent forces from the front lines.

He also excelled as a horseman and thorougly enjoyed hunting. While he naturally worships the Pantheon as a whole, Petrichor calls to him even before Gloria.

Name Summary
Cecilia Made brown nut ale. Should we be worried about his mental health. Oh he gave me food and vodka. Never mind.
Demura A Thraxian prince by marriage, knowledgeable in drinks and rather friendly. Sounds like someone that might help me have a good time.
Drake A solider, and a man of Thrax, though his seaworthiness may be of question. He has a good sense of humor, and seems easy to talk to.
Ember It feels like a lifetime since we last spoke. But that means there is a lifetime to catch up on.
Gehenna It seems his relationship with his wife is... interesting, couldn't get much more of a read on him.
Haakon He smiles overmuch. May be some iron beneath it, but he bloody well acts the clown.
Ilira I always delight in being the last to linger with a man until closing time. The things he'll reveal under the influence entertain me.
Kaia A wonderful singer! He seems thoughtful and kind. I'm sure he would make a wonderful friend!
Lisebet welcome back to Arx. It's good to have more friends returned to the city.
Lyra The master of the Queen of Acorns, and apparently with stories to tell not fit for delicate ears. I'm intrigued! I hope our paths cross again in the future.
Mabelle My most handsome cousin, you can tell he is a Laurent. Apparently a troublemaker. Not surprising.
Medeia The man knows his way around war strategy and keeps up with my husband. He is far more entertaining and accepting than many.
Mikani Good to see him again. Glad to see the squirrel is still alive.
Orland He knows about battle and wars and being injured by the sounds of it. Yet in the same breath he also brings up tying a pixie to the healing bed with a big axe. It's strange enough that it will have me inquiring later.
Savio A noble Prince who understands what it means to shed blood for a cause. I respect him and his down to earth, regal bearing.
Sylvana Thinks it's okay to transport animals in a sack... despite this she seems to still be fond of him in her own way, so he must not be -all- bad.
Zakhar A prince without knowledge that they can give orders.
Zoey A man who can improvise and think outside the box to make his plans come to fruition. Also, cheeseboard armies beware!