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Gerrick Bradshaw

I know what it was that I saw! I know the truth that lurks in the dark.

Social Rank: 6
Concept: Stalwart Conspiracy Theorist
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Bradshaw
Gender: male
Marital Status: single
Age: 39
Birthday: 1/11
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Investigator
Height: average height
Hair Color: golden brown
Eye Color: umber brown
Skintone: weathered fair

Description: Gerrick is a man who walks taller than he is. His sense of purpose lends him greater size, a bit of swagger. His hair is longish, swept back from his face, darker at the root and lightening to an almost golden brown at the ends. His skin is weathered from a life spent outdoors, what was likely once a uniform fair, is now a bit weathered, lightly redened at the tip of his nose, in the apples of his cheeks. He often wears several days worth of stubble, occasionally slipping into a light beard before on a whim shaving it all away. His smile, when used properly, is a dashingly charming thing. He's often filled with an intense energy that can be either engaging or offputting depending on the time and place.

Personality: It is the one-eyed man who is king over the blind. All his life, Gerrick has been aware that things don't simply happen. There are no coincidences in this world. Things are linked, connected. There is a cause for every effect and yet those around him so infrequently question, instead they blindly accept what answers they are fed. Not Gerrick! He questions, he investigates, he goes seeking those mysteries to bring them into the light! On his own time, that is. While he is a dedicated observer of the unknown and cryptic, he is also dutiful about his professional life as investigator, former Tracker and sometimes guard captain for the Keaton family. He might not always have the free time for his investigations, but he's always paying attention!

Background: Gerrick Bradshaw was born to Gabriella Bradshaw of Okahaven, and an unknown man from... somewhere. Growing up without a father, Gerrick would watch the other children interacting with their dads and often come home to pester his mother with his hundred and one questions about his father. Gabriella was always patient and she would spin the most fantastic tales of the man, his deeds and adventures. There was no question she did not have an answer for and Gerrick took these tales to heart, believing in them so completely it fostered in him a nascent belief of the unrealistic and the ability to accept things some others might reject out of hand.

As he grew older, instead of abandoning the stories of his youth, he set out to prove them all true. Knowing he would need a specific set of skills to accomplish this, he volunteered to join the Keaton Trackers. His inventive mind was an asset, and he often saw connections that others might have missed. He had a knack for stumbling into clues, and though his interpretation was often... unusual, it typically worked for him. His reputation as oddly effective gained him the attention of Margerie Keaton who had him transfered to her personal guard. She shared with him her belief of the Keaton Curse, and Gerrick's fertile mind dug into the story. He became her personal investigator, looking into stories of Keatons past, hunting down rumors and trying to prove (or disprove... but totally prove) the Keaton Curse was real. When his lady and the new young lord were making plans to relocate to Arx, there was no way the faithful Gerrick was going to let them out of his sight in the big bad city.

Relationship Summary

  • Kastelon - student, friend, ambassador for the ways of the shadow rabbits.
  • Valencia - A good noble

  • Acquaintance:
  • Norwood - a good Baron, was once my equal
  • Margerie - Countess, now Baroness
  • Name Summary