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If it bleeds, then I can kill it.

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Northern Sellsword
Fealty: Redrain
Family: None
Gender: male
Marital Status: single
Age: 24
Birthday: 2/10
Religion: Shamanism
Vocation: Soldier
Height: average height
Hair Color: light
Eye Color: pale
Skintone: almost ivory

Description: Nothing about this northern-blooded fellow indicates his growth is not a natural one : Agnarr's physique is broad, but not overdeveloped, with strong thews and symmetrical proportions. Standing above six and a half feet, and typically augmented by a helm and thick boots, his bearing is difficult not to notice. His face isn't quite as attention-catching; his straight nose bears a notch of a scar, his jaw juts slightly, but otherwise his mien is long and solemn, save for his pale eyes that tend far more towards grays rather than blues in the light. His crown is dusted with neatly-trimmed locks of an unremarkable blond, but his equally-groomed beard veers more towards the reds of hair color. Overall, he maintains a well-kept appearance, with his nails filed regularly, his teeth picked free of leftovers, his battle-scars kept covered more often than not, presenting an image of stalwart health - or alternatively, a form of advertisment for the trade he plies.

Personality: Generally taciturn and seemingly devoid of a sense of humor, Agnarr keeps largely to himself, at least on the surface, pragmatically earning his coin through the profession of arms. He expresses a deep faith in the spirits and an unyielding nature: his appearance is apt, considering his temperament.

Background: Of common, albeit healthy stock, Agnarr tired of work on the farm and sought to relieve his family of the burden of his appetite, as well as strike out on his own. He stole away in the night with one of the farmstead's felling axes, offering service as a caravan hand - and eventually that grew to caravan guard, until he'd earned enough coin to purchase a proper panoply for himself. With a fair amount of experience underneath his (surprisingly trim) belt, he seeks work rather more in the southern reaches.

Relationship Summary

  • Valery - Anti-Bruise Mistress
  • Max - Knower of Tongues
  • Damon - Lord of Being-Beaten
  • Fergus - Older Prince of Beatings
  • Sinhoc - Faithful Priest
  • Kieran - Darrenbane
  • Khanne - Forgiver
  • Valencia - Friendly Princess
  • Leta - Sheets
  • Anze - Now-defeated Prince of Beatings

  • Friend:
  • Julea - Weaponsmith

  • Client:
  • Darren - Indirect Employer
  • Freja - Direct Employer
  • Audric - Captain
  • Name Summary
    Amarantha A skilled fighter with a wry sense of humor. Can't believe my dear cousin gets trained by him.
    Arianna The man is a fierce combatant, I would be terrified but exhilirated to face him - in honorable combat.
    Asher Big, soft-spoken, terribly Redrain stereotype. However, he does meander off that stereotype by being both intelligent, and rather than not knowing when to speak, knowing when to not speak at all.
    Aurora He seems to be a quiet man, knows what he wants. Don't know much about him other than he has money he wishes to spend and perhaps he is a fashionista at heart.
    Barric Gruff, and irreverent, but those things are not per se bad traits for a rough old soldier. Who has giant's blood.
    Bliss Agnarr came to visit Bliss at the Whisper House, as has been their habit. They discussed adventure, elves, and the wearying things of their days. Pleasant proof that you need not be noble to enjoy a fine evening with friends.
    Brianna A funny man, and obviously a warrior. I'd love to meet him in the ring, one day.
    Calaudrin It's Agnarr. He's really good at smashing things. I was glad to see him smashing things again today, we needed that. All of the things. Like ten or twelve of them.
    Cambria Not very emotive, but honest. I actually look forward to speaking with him again. And if there's ever a time I need someone beat to a bloody pulp? I do so hope he'll provide.
    Christine A big tall northern kid. He seems nice enough, and the curious sort.
    Daemon A fine fighter. A giant that I got a fine smacking around from. I'm looking forward to a time we might meet again, when I've gotten my legs about me again.
    Darren Crazy tall, crazy big, and I remain insanely glad that he is on our side of the fight. Glad to have him in my service, and I continue to look forward to learning more about him and fighting alongside him.
    Delilah He's pretty darn big, but he's actually a good guy. I had heard he wasn't such a good guy, but... His heart is in the right place. He seems like pleasant company. God, I wonder what he'd think if he heard me saying such things about him?
    Eilonwy A lot of man under a lot of armor. Nice enough, if perhaps a little teasing. I hope we do cross paths again.
    Eithne Right so, this is the guy who was at the Grotto and joined in at the pool where Ferrando and I were floating about. He jumped in, cannonball style I believe - maybe I'm making that up - and proceeded to scrub-a-dub-dub. Haven't seen him since until he came into the shop tonight. Gotta get this Northman into some metal!
    Esoka A very large sellsword who hits things very hard. These are things I respect. I owe him a drink.
    Ferrando The Housecarl is like a impossibly steep mountain you try to climb to challenge yourself, not to get to the top but to see how far up you can make it. A deadpan mountain with a really big sword. I think this metaphor is maybe not really working out so well. The point being, one of these days I'm not going to lose in the training center!
    Fortunato Good, solid fellow, likes my art enough that it's flattering. Never really seen him in action, would like to. Bit funny, more charming than you might expect.
    Hana A bodyguard to House Redrain and member of the Valorous Few, a customer who seems to appreciate my work -- even if we disagree on the naming of blades. I don't know too much about him besides his taste in weapons, though.
    Harald He doesn't waste words or niceties, and bleeds without complaint. Good.
    Ian He's sensible. Which is rarer than it ought to be.
    Ida A rather hulking figure who is amiable enough and seems to be passingly fond of my smithing skills or, perhaps, it's just the bacon muffins and whiskey that are kept in the shop.
    Insaya Well, he's certainly tall, isn't he!
    Isolde Wouldn't want to fight him. Seems like he didn't even notice the flames.
    Jayanthi He's tall. Really tall.
    Joscelin ...t...tall. Pale. Pleasant. Humor dryer than .... well. It's pretty dry. Has a very strict diet. Charming.
    Katarina Agnarr is a dreadfully frightful man in the field, with the ease in which he batters his enemies with his massive weapons. He commands a certain macabre respect from Katarina, which she easily gives since he's always been on her side at battle. A blessing, she believes.
    Khanne He called me a shav, and I distrusted and rather disliked him for it for a long time. My, how times change... now I just never see him.
    Killian A good fighter in a pinch and a good man in general, a bit rough around the edges, but what Redrain isn't?
    Leola One of the Few, and, I assume, their battering ram if they need to take castles. Seems to move through life as though aware he could accidentally crush anything he brushes.
    Maeve He has a horse! It was such a beautiful beast. I hope he allows that creature to run free at some point. We met just outside the Villa and got to talk on a variet of topics. Agnarr seems a nice enough fellow.
    Magpie Every time Magpie has seen Agnarr he's seemed rather grouchy. That said, he's also a tough bastard and not afraid to take advantage of generosity or ask for payment. There's something to be admired about a sellsword that truly always thinks about the bottom line.
    Marian Quiet, strong man that I'm going to have to spar with at some point. I like a challenge.
    Monique Haven't robbed him yet. He's so large, it would be hard to reach the pockets! Still, good man. Looks well in and out of clothes.
    Orathy The mountain. Reckon he be the one opponent in all of Arx that I be wantin ta beat. He be the challenge. Aye. Reckon so. Packs a punch like the Abyss's own.
    Petal He is so big! Very big! He also seems to like teasing me. I wish I could serve him better, but it is so hard to keep up with all my orders. I will try.
    Reese Reese remembers thinking that Agnarr is big very big! She saw him as a challenging fighter with skills beyond her own and hoped to one day be able to stand against him. She hopes they can be friends now, but she isn't sure of Agnarr considers her such. She wants im to think that she can keep Luca happy since he made the comments about the elf. And she wants him to respect her as a warrior. One day say she hopes to defeat him at one-on-one combat.
    Reyna Shared his flask of whiskey. Seems a bit suspicious of other, doesn't really simle, gonna have to fix that.
    Rymarr Big, burly, and bold. Encountered him at Sterlin Stables and we had a brief discussion. I was suprised to discover that he didn't seem to recognize the name Dayne Valardin - one of the greatest knights within the last few centuries. But then, he is from the North. Perhaps news hasn't traveled that far northward yet. A decade or so and I'm sure there will be some fans of the late Sir Dayne Valardin to spring up in the frigid North. He also seemed to possess some disdain or disfavor for the Nox'alfar, which, I can't really blame him there.
    Saedrus I think I can be forgiven if my very first impression of Agnarr was that of surprise for the man's height. He is truly a giant; they must grow them tall in the North. It would be unfair to think him brutish for it though, his manners do not befit a barbarian he might come across as. Rough, perhaps, but there must be more than muscle to the northerner -- not that I would want to be on the other side of a fight with him either.
    Sameera Tall. Everyone is tall. Undecided on thoughts of him but seems better than most.
    Sasha Very tall soldier. Seems kind enough, besides him smelling of whiskey.
    Serafine Big. Strict diet. Good for fighting, good for laughing.
    Sergei Big man. Big horse -- and by the look hits like a tree trunk to the ribs. Better to be fighting beside this guy, rather than opposite him.
    Shard Valorous Few member. Redrain. Might be the tallest man I've ever seen. Decent conversation, not obnoxious like so many others, and he knows a good drink.
    Silas A skilled mercenary from the Valorous Few who has taught me a few things and has aided the Iron Guard on occasion. A little rough around the edges, sure, but the best ones always are.
    Skapti For a man that's likely never been on the Salt for more than a week's worth a time in his life there's more than a passing similarity, at points.
    Sparte A man that doesn't take well to softness in others. I feel like he has seen hardships that most here in the compact, even after the siege, will never know. I mean, I don't KNOW he has seen those hardships. He doesn't really talk about that stuff. Or much of anything, now that I think about it.
    Talen Agnarr is a man who fights for money. Plain and simply, that's why Talen likes him, because he's good at what he does and does what he says he'll do. A member of the Valorous Few, he's been paid a few times now - both handomsely.
    Tarik I have to say I am more impressed with how he speaks and navigates a conversation than his sheer size. Strength can only take you so far in life, but a clever mind will allow you to overcome any obstacles.
    Thistle I like him. I like his whiskey even more. There is something refreshing about talking to northerners.
    Torian That's one huge son of a bitch, with a mouth to match. Reckon he's earned the ability to talk freely. Most of the time.
    Valery Huge fighter. He can be really rude and insulting. At least he's nice with the mice.
    Vena Like punching steel, even when his armor is off. Still he is always a good sparring partner to relive the old days.
    Vercyn A Soldier, blunt to a fault but steady in his duty. How could you ask for anything else?
    Victus The giant of Redrain. There's a lot of those, but he's definitely one of them. Holds his liquor to a unique degree, that much makes him alright to me.
    Warrick I'm pretty sure you don't want to lose a duel to this guy, if only because he'll probably fall on you and crush you dead.
    Wash I'll take an honest lout over a gentlespoken liar any day. What would it take to get this man aboard the Coast?