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Marquessa Teagan Blackram

I am a siege weapon in a ballgown.

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Meticulous Webweaver
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Blackram
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Married
Age: 28
Birthday: 3/2
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Steward
Height: 6'
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Green
Skintone: Tanned

Titles: Marquessa of the Cloudspine, Disciple of Vellichor, Defender of the Faith, Knight of Civilization

Description: There is an imperial beauty about this woman, from her impressive height and slender, smouldering green eyes that seem to be an island of emotion in the midst of otherwise icy features. Beauty comes from exacting precision: nails done just so, skin given just enough exposure to have a healthy color, bone structure refined but showing unmistakable strength in high cheekbones and strong shoulders, the sculpting of brow and the purse of lips just so. She has a striking and generous curvature, though it is perhaps less exaggerated given her great height.

Personality: Teagan is a woman who thinks in generations and centuries. What a town will look like from the very moment the first stone is paved, what challenges to a law will exist before the first scratch of quill upon paper is made. This should not be confused for being a dreamer: she is playing a very, very long game, and is cool, refined, and exceedingly precise in word and action. This can sometimes translate into treating others as facets of a larger system, though she genuinely believes it is for the best.

Background: In a family that prides itself on its closeness to the land, Teagan Blackram grew up in the shadow of her more physical and agrarian brother. It is a matter of fact that so did everyone else, so Teagan reasoned that this was a Reasonable Thing and thus not worthy of fuss. In many ways she found this rather liberating, as her brother being responsible for matters of defense and diplomacy left her free to study economics and law, in her mind the two great constants of the universe. Indeed, she grew up a largely quiet and studious child, though many suspected this was an act of rebellion in deciding to be agreeable before it was demanded of her. This would prove to be an elaborately crafted masque for she studied only up until the point she was able to prove she was superior to the family steward by leaps and bounds, thus replacing him in matters of finance and personell within the Blackram household.

While never quite seen as a likeable or particularly charismatic figure, her ability to be both fair and practical (if never generous) with funds allowed the Blackram family to not only survive but prosper in the face of yearly Shav raids and the expectations of a populace that saw their lieges as more friends and neighbors than landowners. With the death of their father just two years ago the Blackram siblings have settled into a pattern: he the head that commands and the hands that execute, but she provides the framework that these decisions require to be effective. More than one suitor has been lured in by her intelligence and beauty only to be financially ruined and facing legal sanction, as she has deigned that only a man able to profit in spite of adversity shall have her hand.

Name Summary
Aethan Wants to be a magistrate. Sweeter than Octavia -- not sure that's a good thing for the job.
Aiden She handles being slighted by a commoner who likely didn't have the same upbringing as she did, very well. Her composure is something to be complimented upon. I like that in a person, it shows they have patience - something needed when one is an archer. Of that, her ambitions to learn to support her family is another point to be commended.
Alarissa As always, she reminds me, that Gaston is the runt in the family and she, she is most certainly not. Towering up there with the clouds. Would that I had her height.
Alecstazi A curious Oathlander and special friend of Arik. Hers is a sharp and unflinching mind that does not shy away from hard truths. It is a rare Oathlander who is so pragmatic. I like her.
Alexis Favouring the bow, and fearless as few, I was pleased to have Lady Teagan at my side, and would gladly defend her archery post at any time.
Amund Smart. Imposing. Beautiful. And yet daring. She dares you to move.
Anisha Lady Teagan Blackram of the Cloudspine. Connoseur of fine liquors, and with Gild's smile upon her the evening we met. A delight.
Arcadia A lady with a sense of humor and another of Artur's friends. Must mean she loves an adventure.
Belladonna Oh my. Who knew scholarly Oathlanders could be such good company? A woman of reason and passion, ice and fire. Yes, I can say I very much would let her buy me for dinner again.
Blacktongue Thoughtful and clever. Excellent to have around
Cahal Equal parts awe inspiring and terrifying.
Catalana A wonderful companion. Bright and interesting to talk too. I look forward to her company more often.
Cerys Marquessa Teagan Blackram: Leadership suits her right to the ground. She was someone I looked to for advice and for someone to emulate when looking to keep a cool head. I am extremely grateful to have her in the city and I hope that we can continue our friendship now that we live much closer to one another.
Cristoph I don't think I've met a Blackram that I haven't liked, I'm glad to count Lady Teagan among that number. Quite frankly, her handling of the affairs in the north was exemplary. It's no small feat to attempt to negotiate across your house to another house and all the vassals in between. Complicated and emotionally draining, yet she remains poised and brave.
Delilah Never let it be said a Blackram backed down from tackling a problem by the horns. Preferably by vaulting fully onto it, after two stout glasses of whiskey. My kind of Oathlander, but Lady Teagan is cut of a rare cloth indeed.
Domonico One much query what is the greater lack of manners. An unauthorised spear throw at an archery lesson... or muttering under your breath about a lack of manners.
Evaristo Seems insightful and one that is diplomatic and smart, setting a stranger at ease.
Gaston I'd drown without her. The other side to my do you thank a sister for a lifetime?
Gaston Having returned to Arx from our home in Cloudspire, I have cleared my mind and have found my focus once more to help my family. Seeing my sister with my new found clarity, she is incredibly strong mentally and physically, a great boon to our family and someone that Blackram needs.
Iseulet Actually, far less intimidating than what I was expecting for a 6' tall giantess. Maybe she isn't deserving of her reputation.
Jules You met the lady at a party and she was kind enough to let you escort her. Perhaps not serious as dry humor and you appreciated it. The straight man is very underappreciated.
Jyri Likes my paintings, and I'm really glad she bought the satrap one so it ended up in their house - it seems the spirit guided my hand there. She seems efficient and no-nonsense, qualities I am very fond of.
Kenna She seems the quiet sort - but perked up when I said Jyri's name. Maybe a friend of his? I hope I get a chance to ask.
Lenne Another Blackram! The whole family seems to be made of fierce, but deeply friendly folk.
Miranda She has a sense of humor about herself that is interesting. She came to learn and that is admirable!
Mirk Vague promises, but intelligent and composed under pressure. I'm interested in seeing where that leads.
Norwood She seems to take matters in her lands quite seriously.
Preston A noble who has fine instincts, and a cocnern for propriety. More of these would be most welcome in Arx.
Quenia She was very insightful and interested in providing aid wherever she could with the threats Granato faces.
Reese She doesn't reveal everything, which seems good. She has at ouch of impishness, seems smart and sociable.
Reigna She is the perfect choice for Voice of Blackram, offering a polished and poised face to a House known for their rougher edges. She elevates and radiates calm wisdom.
Rysen Sharp-eyed and intelligent, her bow is almost as deadly as her mind.
Vincenzo Amethyst and Umbra. She is a dichotomy of several things. A socialite bred from warrior stock. Genteel in spirit and craving to be more.
Volcica She asks good questions.
Zoey Pretty face and a smart mouth.