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Lady Aislin Ashford

Been there, done that, got the artifact.

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Independent Lady Explorer
Fealty: Grayson
Family: Ashford
Gender: female
Marital Status: married
Age: 25
Birthday: 11/11
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Explorer
Height: average height
Hair Color: platinum
Eye Color: emerald
Skintone: fair

Obituary: Lady Aislin Ashford disappeared under mysterious circumstances during the return voyage from a mission to scout Darkwater's ruined Barony of Blackshore. Duke Harlan Ashford called off the search for her after a fruitless month to focus on the Gyre's imminent invasion.

Description: Tall, svelte and possessed of an elegant bearing, Lady Aislin Ashford is a striking woman. Emerald green eyes are bright with intelligence and curiosity. Rimmed with dark, long lashes and smokey kohl being her only attempts at wearing makeup. Her hair is a platinum color, so blonde it is white. Usually worn in a loose bun or pulled back out of necessity. Revealing a light smattering of pale freckles across her nose and a scar down her left cheek that lends her a rugged credibility to a life well traveled and frought with dangers. Perhaps for it, she is slow to genuinely smile at times. When she does it is hard to deny she is a stubborn beauty. Walking with a purposeful grace, carried by an innate confidence of someone who has traveled to places near and far, safe and dangerous, living to tell the tales about it all.

Personality: Aislin seemingly forgets more than others ever notice, has seen more than others dream of. A dedicated explorer, Aislin is seemingly fearless, having braved the seas of the Morning Isles, faced certain death exploring the icy Northlands, and survived the intrigues of the Lyceum on various expeditions. She's voraciously curious, but not obnoxious - she'd rather discover answers on her own rather than ask questions outright, a trait that makes Aislin an intense conversationalist, to be sure.

Background:     As a girl, Aislin demanded tales of adventure in which the pretty princess was the heroine and the dashing prince was the plucky sidekick, and side by side the two of them would take on the world, seeing the sights and mapping the secrets of Arvum. As a woman, Aislin isn't wasting her time waiting for the dashing prince to accompany her on her adventures, and instead of having tales recounted at her bedside, she is living her dream.

    An explorer with impressive locales under her belt, Aislin is her own hero. She's blazed mountain trails and mapped coastlines, categorized artifacts and delivered manuscripts to the Scholars of Vellichor, though her fierce independence has thus far kept her from outright joining their order. She does spend quite a bit of time in Arx however, seeking out like-minded scholars and explorers to exchange stories and obscure bits of lore, and sometimes to team up with those self-same people for further adventuring.

Relationship Summary

  • Valkieri - grumpy Lycene lord
  • Salazar - flamboyant pirate with a poet's soul
  • Freja - Kindred Spirit
  • Aldwin - Former Teacher, Distant Dominus

  • Friend:
  • Pietro - Adventure Twin (Brawn)
  • Vincere - Adventure Twin (Brain)
  • Dawn - Kindred Spirit
  • Deva - Unexpected BFF
  • Lark - High Lady, Occasional Drinking Partner
  • Niamh - Beloved Compass
  • Clover - Sprout

  • Family:
  • Olivia - apothecarist sister
  • Harlan - dutiful older brother
  • Nadia - Nightgold cousin #1
  • Cassius - Nightgold cousin #2
  • Lydia - Nightgold cousin #3
  • Mydas - Nightgold Cousin #4
  • Sigurd - Nightgold Cousin #5
  • Signe - Nightgold Cousin #6
  • Brogan - Nightgold Uncle / Jovial Juggernaut
  • Killian - Enthusiastic Cousin / Surrogate Younger Brother
  • Rainier - Dutiful Cousin
  • Maude - Grumpy Great-Aunt / Military Genius
  • Cara - Former cousin-in-law, now princess
  • Name Summary
    Gabriel She is guilty of an exceedingly rare crime- possessing an utterly reasonable, practical mind, and being brave enough to speak it. I have little doubt she pays for that offense constantly, and while I am grateful to know her and count her among the friends to the crown and House Bisland, I do wish that the world was a little kinder to her.
    Gisele From the moment of their meeting, at Aldwin's Committee of Spiritual Inquiry, Gisele knew Aislin to be everything she herself wasn't: drive, energetic, fearless of the unknown and all too willing to plunge into mystery to discover what's there. But the longer they've known each other, the more she sees the commonalities: the deep-seated need to protect what she cares for, the constant burn of curiousity, and a willingness to risk herself for others.
    Killian It's been ages since Killian and Aislin first met on grid, of course, they knew each other from 'childhood' as background fluff. He was desperate to make a good impression on his family, for reasons of background as well as player nervousness. Aislin was the most welcoming of them, and he immediately appreciated her kindness and welcome, and since then they have become something of adopted siblings to one another and he trusts her entirely.
    Lailah Certainly one of the brightest minds that I've encountered in my time back in Arx. Every time I think that I'm on the verge of a breakthrough, it turns out that she'd uncovered it months ago. One of these days I'll find something that she's been looking for and amaze her when I present it to her. Someday.
    Leona She works hard, that's for sure - and she knows her weaknesses. She has let herself get out of shape, but kudos to her for working on it. She didn't complain either, not even when she was clearly outmatched. She didn't stop, and that's what matters.
    Lucita I found Lady Aislin Ashford a very interesting person, founding the Society of Explorers, friends of my deceased relatives, Pietro and Valkieri. I want to talk more with her to hear more about my family and introduce her to Quenia.
    Samantha Aislin is quite simply, one of the wisest women I know. Well traveled, well-spoken, and full of knowledge like a cup overflowing. I am in awe of her, and hope that the intention to spend more time with her will become a reality.
    Tikva Aislin Ashford is a woman it's easy to trust, with an adventure in her eyes and a treehouse in her manor. I'm glad to have met her since coming to the city. I think we could be great friends, especially now that the bloody siege is off and it's possible for people to go out in the woods and enjoy themselves again.