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Lady Monique Greenmarch

I used to collect my wanted posters. Some of the concept art for 'The Minx of the Marches' was actually really flattering. I even changed my hair to reflect one of the better ones.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Former Outlaw
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Greenmarch
Gender: female
Marital Status: Single
Age: 29
Birthday: 11/15
Religion: Shamanism/Pantheon
Vocation: Ex-Outlaw
Height: average height
Hair Color: vivid red
Eye Color: emerald green
Skintone: tanned

Titles: Minx of the Marches

Description: Vivacious and carefree, Monique carries with her a wild mystique, never quite putting forth a particular appearance. Her vivid red hair, occasionally darkened with lowlights, or completely dyed always seems to be perfectly kept, even when utterly unkempt. Her green eyes seem to be of different shades, depending on what she wears or the illumination of the room. From a brilliant emerald green to muted mossy tones, they always hold deep intelligence and wicked mischief. Her lovely lips smile easily, accented by a laugh that can add life to a room, or crush a soul when directed at them. She seems in utter control of her lean figure, with purposeful movements, and accentuating or distracting from her soft curves as she deems necessary.

Personality: Monique loves a challenge. That's all that life is about, after all. Growing up in the wilds as an Abandoned, the land itself, and their Valardin enemies provided obvious challenges. And why should she strain and toil under those challenges? Everything seems to be a game to win with Monique, Now, the game doesn't necessarily have to be at someone's expense, as some challenges are personal. In fact, if she can serve her family by completing a challenge that doesn't actually require some fancy diplomacy, even better. Some of the greatest challenges are wrapping people around her finger and making them do her work for her, or simply savoring secret triumphs and knowing she is responsible. She is careful not to invite open scandal to her newly ennobled family, but sometimes it's better to ask forgiveness than permission.

Background: Many Abandoned live their entire lives without seeing civilization, or leaving their strongholds in the deep wilderness untouched by the writ of the Compact. Some like the Ravashari travel in and out of Compact lands and ones controlled by the Abandoned, never quite a member of each. But to the relief of many of the lords of the Compact no more than a handful of Abandoned are like Monique. The youngest daughter of the chieftain of the Greenmarch Abandoned, she grew up in the dark reaches of the Greenwood on stories of their ancestral enemies in House Valardin, and tales of the lords and ladies of civilized lands and how they led their lives. Fiercely independent and trading shamelessly on her privileged position as a favorite child, the reckless young woman was too fascinated by the land of the Compact to leave it alone, however much her tribe clung to isolationism for their own survival. Without anything like permission, she scouted Valardin lands far closer than most of her tribe, keeping watch on commoners in the borderlands, knights on patrol, and finally deciding she had learned enough to infiltrate Valardin lands herself. She found it almost laughably easy to become lost in the throngs of Sanctum, just another commoner blending in the crowds, easily adopting the more refined dialect of the Oathlands and never being taken for a shav. Monique loved the thrill of the game, and she stole clothes to embrace any of a hundred different roles on her escapades... and discovered that dozens of them let her slip into places no normal commoner of the Oathlands could hope to reach, and started spying to benefit the Greenmarch in ways that House Valardin would never have thought possible. She listened at high society parties, pretending to be a noblewoman or a courtier, as she heard pompous knights grouse how the Greenmarch were always seeming one step ahead 'by sheer blind luck' as she fed information on patrols, offensives and reprisal raids. She grew more and more confident, turning from spying to thefts and raids that could benefit the Greenmarch. She orchestrated bold burglaries on places she knew Valardin soldiers were leaving unguarded, sold information to other Abandoned groups, and finally started leaving calling cards of her crimes for her own amusement. With her talent at disguise, she counted at least twenty different descriptions for her with very creative wanted posters, and enjoyed collecting them. She was depressed for a full month when her sister married into House Valardin and the Greenmarch bent the knee, and House Valardin pardoned 'the Minx of the Marches' for her crimes. She could hardly still rob and manipulate her new in-laws. Her sister is scary, after all.

But fortunately for Monique, she sees that all is not lost. Ignoring the loud objections of her family and friends that might have betrayed a trace of their panic, Monique has decided it's time to come to Arx, the capital of the Compact and become involved in politics. She is, after all, a lady of the newest house of the Compact, the ever-so-respectable Lady Monique Greenmarch. And she promised to behave- cross her heart and hope to die. She means it. Mostly. Sort of. Kind of. But they can hardly blame her if she uses a few old tricks to help out the family. What could possibly go wrong?

Relationship Summary

  • Marian - Our sibling rivalry is to see who can put themself in the most amount of danger while still staying alive. I'd say we're tied.
  • Marius - He hides all the good whiskey and then I steal it. We have a wonderful relationship based on mutual trust. I trust him to hide the whiskey and he trusts me to steal it. That's love.

  • Friend:
  • Alarissa - I know she's Thrax now, but she's Grayson through and through. And despite all of that, I like her a great deal.
  • Etienne - My equal in all things, the balance of my soul.
  • Rinel - All that passion, all that intelligence, and yet, so much uncertainty. The asker of hard questions.
  • Alessia - A true friend. The bravest woman I know. I owe her much.
  • Amari - A great deal of heart and a mind to match.
  • Delia - Former protege. Still the most beautiful Whisper. I'm certainly not biased.
  • Lexir - Our friendship didn't start the way I expected, but the unexpected things in life are almost always the sweetest
  • Evaristo - I sometimes think he knows me better than anyone. And he's brave enough to stay.

  • Protege:
  • Amalthea - Greenmarch's Master of Stables and my protege. Gild has blessed me with the brave and strong presence of mind in critical moments that Amalthea is known for.

  • Ally:
  • Giorgio - Director of The Dream, and dedicated above all else
  • Felicia - Your Majesty.

  • Patron:
  • Aiden - Kindred spirits, I think, and a good balance to one another. Fiercely loyal.

  • Deceased:
  • Damik - I changed you, you changed me.

  • Acquaintance:
  • Sebastian - He draws a terrible unicorn
  • Name Summary
    Amari Ever and always a lady of purpose and action! There's never a dull moment when you're in Lady Monique's company.
    Cassiopeia A sassy woman, she is both approachable and relatable. Anyone who is interested to hear another person's stories, usually has a lot of good of their own to tell.
    Esme Oh who doesn't adore a woman that talks of gifts and is a glorious type of person? She is the epitome of all things to have caution and of course all the fun of finding it.
    Grady A lady of infinite dance, and hopefully not so much biting as has been advertised upon her behalf!
    Mabelle The ever lively Lady Monique is always able to stir a conversation toward hard questions, an admirable gift.
    Zakhar Something deeper is hiding within this one, shifting perspectives within a wild mind. Can be both good to have another around, or dangerous to seek out just how deep that journey can be become. Nothing outside of the realities we're used to, though one to keep a closer eye upon in case a friendship blooms.