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Lady Monique Greenmarch

I used to collect my wanted posters. Some of the concept art for 'The Minx of the Marches' was actually really flattering. I even changed my hair to reflect one of the better ones.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Former Outlaw
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Greenmarch
Gender: female
Marital Status: Unmarried
Age: 29
Birthday: 11/15
Religion: Shamanism/Pantheon
Vocation: Ex-Outlaw
Height: 5'6"
Hair Color: Vivid red
Eye Color: Emerald green
Skintone: Tanned

Titles: Minx of the Marches

Description: Vivacious and carefree, Monique carries with her a wild mystique, never quite putting forth a particular appearance. Her vivid red hair, occasionally darkened with lowlights, or completely dyed always seems to be perfectly kept, even when utterly unkempt. Her green eyes seem to be of different shades, depending on what she wears or the illumination of the room. From a brilliant emerald green to muted mossy tones, they always hold deep intelligence and wicked mischief. Her lovely lips smile easily, accented by a laugh that can add life to a room, or crush a soul when directed at them. She seems in utter control of her lean figure, with purposeful movements, and accentuating or distracting from her soft curves as she deems necessary.

(Looking dangerous in all the right places)

Personality: Monique loves a challenge. That's all that life is about, after all. Growing up in the wilds as an Abandoned, the land itself, and their Valardin enemies provided obvious challenges. And why should she strain and toil under those challenges? Everything seems to be a game to win with Monique, Now, the game doesn't necessarily have to be at someone's expense, as some challenges are personal. In fact, if she can serve her family by completing a challenge that doesn't actually require some fancy diplomacy, even better. Some of the greatest challenges are wrapping people around her finger and making them do her work for her, or simply savoring secret triumphs and knowing she is responsible. She is careful not to invite open scandal to her newly ennobled family, but sometimes it's better to ask forgiveness than permission.

Background: Many Abandoned live their entire lives without seeing civilization, or leaving their strongholds in the deep wilderness untouched by the writ of the Compact. Some like the Ravashari travel in and out of Compact lands and ones controlled by the Abandoned, never quite a member of each. But to the relief of many of the lords of the Compact no more than a handful of Abandoned are like Monique. The youngest daughter of the chieftain of the Greenmarch Abandoned, she grew up in the dark reaches of the Greenwood on stories of their ancestral enemies in House Valardin, and tales of the lords and ladies of civilized lands and how they led their lives. Fiercely independent and trading shamelessly on her privileged position as a favorite child, the reckless young woman was too fascinated by the land of the Compact to leave it alone, however much her tribe clung to isolationism for their own survival. Without anything like permission, she scouted Valardin lands far closer than most of her tribe, keeping watch on commoners in the borderlands, knights on patrol, and finally deciding she had learned enough to infiltrate Valardin lands herself. She found it almost laughably easy to become lost in the throngs of Sanctum, just another commoner blending in the crowds, easily adopting the more refined dialect of the Oathlands and never being taken for a shav. Monique loved the thrill of the game, and she stole clothes to embrace any of a hundred different roles on her escapades... and discovered that dozens of them let her slip into places no normal commoner of the Oathlands could hope to reach, and started spying to benefit the Greenmarch in ways that House Valardin would never have thought possible. She listened at high society parties, pretending to be a noblewoman or a courtier, as she heard pompous knights grouse how the Greenmarch were always seeming one step ahead 'by sheer blind luck' as she fed information on patrols, offensives and reprisal raids. She grew more and more confident, turning from spying to thefts and raids that could benefit the Greenmarch. She orchestrated bold burglaries on places she knew Valardin soldiers were leaving unguarded, sold information to other Abandoned groups, and finally started leaving calling cards of her crimes for her own amusement. With her talent at disguise, she counted at least twenty different descriptions for her with very creative wanted posters, and enjoyed collecting them. She was depressed for a full month when her sister married into House Valardin and the Greenmarch bent the knee, and House Valardin pardoned 'the Minx of the Marches' for her crimes. She could hardly still rob and manipulate her new in-laws. Her sister is scary, after all.

But fortunately for Monique, she sees that all is not lost. Ignoring the loud objections of her family and friends that might have betrayed a trace of their panic, Monique has decided it's time to come to Arx, the capital of the Compact and become involved in politics. She is, after all, a lady of the newest house of the Compact, the ever-so-respectable Lady Monique Greenmarch. And she promised to behave- cross her heart and hope to die. She means it. Mostly. Sort of. Kind of. But they can hardly blame her if she uses a few old tricks to help out the family. What could possibly go wrong?

Relationship Summary

  • Marian - Our sibling rivalry is to see who can put themself in the most amount of danger while still staying alive. I'd say we're tied.
  • Marius - He hides all the good whiskey and then I steal it. We have a wonderful relationship based on mutual trust. I trust him to hide the whiskey and he trusts me to steal it. That's love.

  • Friend:
  • Alarissa - I know she's Thrax now, but she's Grayson through and through. And despite all of that, I like her a great deal.
  • Etienne - My equal in all things, the balance of my soul.
  • Rinel - All that passion, all that intelligence, and yet, so much uncertainty. The asker of hard questions.
  • Alessia - A true friend. The bravest woman I know. I owe her much.
  • Amari - A great deal of heart and a mind to match.
  • Delia - Former protege. Still the most beautiful Whisper. I'm certainly not biased.
  • Lexir - Our friendship didn't start the way I expected, but the unexpected things in life are almost always the sweetest
  • Evaristo - I sometimes think he knows me better than anyone. And he's brave enough to stay.

  • Protege:
  • Amalthea - Greenmarch's Master of Stables and my protege. Gild has blessed me with the brave and strong presence of mind in critical moments that Amalthea is known for.

  • Ally:
  • Giorgio - Director of The Dream, and dedicated above all else
  • Felicia - Your Majesty.

  • Patron:
  • Aiden - Kindred spirits, I think, and a good balance to one another. Fiercely loyal.

  • Deceased:
  • Damik - I changed you, you changed me.

  • Acquaintance:
  • Sebastian - He draws a terrible unicorn
  • Name Summary
    Aahana Quite agile upon the Gauntlet and very kind. I wonder if she would be a good friend to seek out who knows the compact better.
    Adalyn How have we not met sooner? Daring, vivacious, and clever, she's simply a delight. I do hope our paths cross more frequently. I've a feeling she would be a fabulous, fiesty co-conspirator.
    Adrienne Lady Greenmarch and I are no strangers, but what heights she has reached in Arx and beyond. I, and the rest of the Compact, owe her our lives. Her potential is as limitless as her good humor and intellect.
    Aella An attractive woman who keeps books. Maybe they can balance each other out. I'm not sure.
    Aerandir A curiosity of a lady, her mannerisms conveying nonchalance and a certain uplifting breeziness. She reminds me of someone back at home, in a rather soothing fashion. Had I not been introduced to her in the company of gentry, and been privy to her inquiries of history, I may have taken her for one of the common folk judging by her easy-going demeanour; and that is not an insult - not in my eyes!
    Aethan I would like to know her real answer.
    Agatha It is not an easy thing to gather people together and host a large group when you hurt. I think it must be hard for Lady Monique, but here she is being brave and trying to inspire others.
    Agnarr The Greenmarch's easy on the eyes and hasn't robbed me. Seems fine enough company.
    Agostino A daring woman, it would seem, with a wit as sharp as perfectly-aged cheese.
    Aiden Monique had told me she was her inspiration and I was truly flattered and humbled by such a decree! From such a well known socialite in the city, it was high praise indeed. Her invitation to me personally, was the first of it's kind, and made a lasting impression. I feel a sense of friendship and loyalty with her over it.
    Ainsley She's terrifying.
    Ajax A well read lady who loves whiskey, seems to have a good sense of humor. I am sure she'll be a treat to interact with in the future.
    Alaric The infamous Minx of the Marches is still on the prowl in Arx after three years, and it's somehow comforting to see her ambitions still both intact and not sentenced to confinement in the intervening period. I always did like her pluck.
    Alarissa A controversial greenmarch, she none the less rises to every occasion that is put before her.
    Alecstazi It is a bit of an obvious thing to comment on this woman's beauty or the air of perpetual mischief that seems to surround her. She reminds me a bit of a spider, her web stretches to all corners and is incredibly well hidden. You never know where it is until you're caught in it.
    Aleksei Nia's cousin. A bright, clever, vivacious sort. She seems to have quite a few plans in the works at any given time.
    Alessandro That stare was something to behold.
    Alessia It was lovely to officially meet her; she was welcoming and easy to talk to. I look forward to future interactions.
    Alexandre I met the Minx of the Marches at the Gauntlet, in the company of Sir Gerard Dastrid. Though she attempted the Gauntlet, she chose to do so in song, which... certainly was surprising! She seems to be of good cheer and company, and I look forward to future meetings.
    Alexio Seems to be a pleasant woman, and likely to have a good sense of humor. I will have to learn more of her.
    Alexis Lady Monique Greenmarch. I'm afraid I made quite an impression on her. With my glaive. I didn't mean to hit that hard!
    Allegra Bright, engaging and full of entertaining stories.
    Amantha Delightful company. I look forward very much to getting to know her better.. something tells me there are hidden depths to explore.
    Amari The consummate organizer of grand events, which is impressive on its own, but she's also ridiculously well read and dangerously alluring, and just dangerous, I imagine. There's surely a great number of Oathlanders quite glad that the Greenmarch have returned to the Compact and they needn't have to try and fail to match wits with Lady Monique any longer.
    Amir Lady Monique is one of the most interesting people I've met since coming to Arx. Keen of mind, deadly in fashion, and with a reputation that says she can fight too.
    Amund Knowledgeable, charming and possibly one of the most dangerous people in the city.
    Andry Was that a lady or a whirlwind?
    Anisha Though we'd corresponded beforehand, I met her at the planning meeting for the Committee of the Tournament of Thorns. She filled the room with an immense energy and enthusiasm. And I will forever maintain that the best time to meat a person is while they are engaged with their passion. Lady Monique is incredibly passionate, and it is a joy to witness - and to be engulfed in.
    Apollo She's got a pleasant wit and brooks no fools at training. I don't know that I could have had a better teacher.
    Appolonia Dedicated and clever. I don't think she noticed my alphabetical mishap, either...
    Ardoin Quite the charming and sociable sort, putting together a most important gathering in these dark times. A credit to the House of Telmar, no doubt, and someone I ought to get to know better.
    Aric Oh, but we have had our past doings, haven't we, Minx? The Peregrine never forgets such a lovely and talented lady, no matter how drunk he may seem.
    Ariella Good taste in music. And back when she was still the Minx you know she wore pants! C'mon!
    Armand One of the Greenmarch Ladies, but the first I've met. From reputation, certainly one I'd like to know more.
    Armani Patron saint of all the book lovers of Arx
    Arn Well, what else would you expect from a Greenmarch? This one's more flamboyant though, which she'd probably take as a compliment. I think this one was the outlaw. They're all outlaws in the end, though. Probably still some kind of troublemaker, I figure.
    Arn Don't like her, don't trust her, don't want her around. But she is so she may as well be useful.
    Arthen Wow. I hope she doesn't kiss her mother with that mouth. Still, a little pouting never hurt anyone when it's done well.
    Artur Marian's sister, which makes her the sister of my sister's best friend. Quick with a smile and a quip, as well as a fondness for whiksey and adventure - I will have to get to know her better, as she seems someone I could enjoy time with.
    Astraea Wow. I like her style and she's got a darkness to her that is captivating and somehow makes her light shine brighter. I wanna get to know this one.
    Athaur The Lady Monique is just as charming and open as I remember from before. Truly a delight.
    Austen An excellent fighter, nearly had me on my back several times. A most fun acquaintance who makes full use of her looks.
    Azova Flattering to healers, and very bold herself. My sort of lady.
    Barric She seems to be bouncing back relatively well from the recent loss. Wish I didn't have to mention it, but condolences must be made. Seems to have a fascination for racy books, which I've never quite understood. Why read a book about it?
    Beatrice I do not know if she is blessed by Jayus. I am, however, blessed to know her.
    Beatrice In all the world is there a better cure for boredom than Lady Monique Greenmarch? If such exists, I have not found it.
    Bedivere A lovely minx who is the hostess with the mostess when it comes to the Tournament of Thorns!
    Belladonna Always on the move, this one is what we would call a shark, in Setarco. That isn't bad, mind you. Sharks can be quite the majestic, and entertaining, in their own ways.
    Berenice Curiously seems to think she's any nicer than I am.
    Bhandn I was completely aimless at selecting books for a troubled and frightened mind to read, but her choices were inspired. The conversation was pleasant as well, especially her appreciation.
    Bonnie She's a good sport and pretty perceptive too; but mixing lies in with the truth is work, hobby, and a passion. I'm betting she could probably top the stale bread trick too, or has before.
    Braith Loves a compliment and takes them far better than most. I would say she's an expert in receiving them and one can see why. Red hair beyond compare. The Lady once prodigal is rather talented in ways unexpected.
    Brianna Amusing, interesting, generous. All the things you'd want in a lady. And the Minx of the March? That is a story I look forward to hearing.
    Brigida A Greenmarch lady with lots of funny jokes and a bigger than life personality and a successful store. But I'm sure she has good qualities, too.
    Brigida More money than sense.
    Cadenza So beautiful...and so graceful. Maybe if I meet her again, it'll rub off on me a little.
    Cahal She was a graceful and entertaining hostess. It will be good to learn who she truly is..
    Caith She is helping me gain exposure for some unknown authors. And she is such an interesting woman! Her tiara is so twinkling and winkling. Gorgeous!
    Carmen I've never seen a lady /this/ fancy argue /that/ strongly over sweets... while carrying a stick with an eye on it.
    Caspian A beautiful and charming lady who is quite generous even to strangers. She deserves any praise heap upon her!
    Caspian She is, in a small way at least, my benefactor. In a time where I was feeling down and no where near the heights I am at now she gave me a gift and encouraging words. I will never forget that.
    Catalana Introduced as the Minx of the Marches. She seems nice enough, even if a little vain. She is however the most enjoyable company
    Catriona There is an animal cunning to her, and she makes sure everyone knows it. There's worse things in the world, however.
    Celeste Minx? Perhaps, though I saw none of it. She was a proper hostess and quite interesting to talk with.
    Cirroch A polite and charming lady who seems to have a love for learning and information. An easily understandable position, information is almost never useless.
    Clara Monique seems like a nice Lady. She knows my brother and says they are friends so I am curious to see about meeting her again in the future. I will have to ask my brother about her.
    Clover Clover's initial response to Monique was not completely good. But the more time Clover spends to her the more she finds the other woman intriguing. She's brash and proud-- some things Clover could learn about.
    Col She is very knowledgable of what we face, I have the feeling that she knows even more than she lets on but is cagey because she does not yet truly know me. That is understandable when talking about such things of import. I hope to prove my faithfulness to the Compact and Humanity to her so that we may speak more freely.
    Coraline She is smart! And she seems like she would be great fun to get to know.
    Cristoph A wily Greenmarcher! I haven't had much chance to speek with her personally these days, but her name does come up /frequently/ and she clearly has sway in her house. Hopefully we can change that in the future as House Laurent builds its connections.
    Cullen As striking and commanding a presence as I ever remember, with a beguiling manner and social grace I could only dream of possessing. It amazes me what she can get done with a few well-timed words, a true genius.
    Cullen The Minx of the Marches is someone that so few are fortunate to be able to claim as family, and now I know with whom I share my love of adventure, taunting and rivalry, and not caring about making the occasional scene. So glad to have someone so interesting with whom to have this sort of relationship with in family.
    Dante She has inspired a legend in her time and one can see why with crystal clarity. Brilliant, charming, and daring - who doesn't admire such a person while lessers are simply envious?
    Delfina A clever and perceptive woman, seemingly with a better than average record of discerning who is lying to her. I'd say it's a bad idea to offend her, though, as she seems to be quite accurate with a thrown knife.
    Delia Jewelry and flattery! That would be good enough, but she's smart, gracious and mischievous too. What perfect company!
    Delilah Her contributions to society cannot be understated. Intellectually vibrant and monumentally talented, I'm blessed to call her a friend.
    Dianna Utterly mischievous, completely delightful and one who makes a Pravus lord wary? I'm sure I shall love nothing more than her company again.
    Dio A woman of dangerous beauty and allure matched only by her intellect.
    Dominique I have heard wonderful things. Next time I must spend more time to get to know her especially since I am but a humble vassal to her family.
    Domonico Too kind giving my performance on The Gauntlet. Encouraging and supportive.
    Donato Ah, the bright as fire, and as alluring as the tales always attest. I shall set a snare for this one, and discover more about her! She's a wild one, and who doesn't find that appealing?
    Duarte Another dangerous woman I'm sure. But at least she's fun.
    Echo A renowned hostess and newely wed vibrant woman, she's got a fiery sorts of charm and flair to her, and she has a lot of connections. I've mostly seen her in passing, but she definitely tries to make time for everyone else despite how busy she can be.
    Ectorion Another of Astraea's wintery warfare allies, and a dangerous adversary..she shall have to be accounted for in future endeavors.
    Eddard The reason for my current success. A fantastic beauty of a woman, lovely and just a bit vain. Vain enough to enjoy her song. To want to have more of it around. Perhaps I can do good work if she stops distracting me with her beauty.
    Edwyn Her face seems familiar, like I've seen her in the posters before. She's quite pretty.
    Eleanor A formidable woman.
    Elgana I never would have dreamt the day would come that I'd hear cheese related poetry flow from the mouth of the Minx of the Marches. It has, though. I shall never look at cheese the same ever again. Nor the good lady either but it is good to see she has quite the sense of humor.
    Emrys While I've heard things aplenty when it comes to the 'Minx of the Marches', what she displayed in our meeting were the appropriate qualities of curiosity, diligence and... self-awareness.
    Eshken Her mind does not betray her appearance. There's a feeling of careful preparation and thought behind each of the Lady's actions. An unseen wisdom.
    Esme Hello Minx, gifter of gifts, laugher of my jokes, ears for my whispers, lust for my lusts?. I mean great taste in men, for different reasons. We are obviously best friends already.
    Evaristo Those posters never did her true justice, but there WAS one I saw somewhere in Sanctum that came VERY close, that artist should get sent a little reward... Anyway, she's everything I imagined and more. Beautiful and amazing.
    Evonleigh A force to be reckoned with, both beautiful and powerful, I think.
    Fairen Lady Monique is an exquisite woman, both possessing of a sound business mind, and a strong character. I only hope the impasse we have found is lifted soon.
    Fairen Lady Monique seems to be a writer of some renown, at least if there are those who tell me that she has writings. A curious thing that there would be suggestions against reading the written word. No matter what an author writes, it should be celebrated. And she, with her talents and her connections to the local bookstore, is someone I can have a great appreciation for.
    Faruq There have been a number of encounters I have had over my life. Rare are they that allow for such entertainment and opportunity. I have even been convinced to dash myself upon some rocks. Ah, but to survive the dashing... that would no doubt be life altering.
    Fatima Sassy, intelligent and ambitious. Why oh why does Valardin not make them more like her? I think I want to keep her.
    Faye Met under difficult circumstances, but she seems quite sharp and a serious business woman. I hope we will have the chance to talk again in a more social environment.
    Ferrando Possibly one of the better walking advertisements for 'let bygones be bygones' I've met. Just ask her! She's totally forgiveable.
    Fiora She is obviously terrible. However. She has been helpful and did provide me a lot of valuable information. Information I am very interested in. Information that makes me.. Happy? But she's terrible. So my feelings now have me very confused. Am I attracted to her now? What!No! She's terrible. But now I'm very confused and even more upset about it.
    Frederik It's hard to tell whether my Lord likes the Minx of the Marches or not, he's a hard man to read. Due to his dislike for shavs (not that I'm implying m'lady is one), I sincerely doubt it, but one thing is for certain, she made the Count think. She's a bold, bold woman, to be so able to take a seat at a table with the two most bitter lords in all the Oathlands and speak to them so plainly. I suspect the Count respects her, if nothing else.
    Gael All she's missing is the freckles, then I'd really be in trouble... good thing she doesn't know. Gods, I've only seen danger gleam harder from a dagger's point, and nowhere else.
    Gareth A drunk woman demanding the King's crown over and over. I'm sure she's just wonderful when sober.
    Gaston The note taker. I can see why she earned Arn's ire, but let's be honest, everyone does that. Doesn't make it a fault, necessarily. She seems to pride herself on observation. I can respect that if it's true. A hunter that's not observant goes hungry.
    Gaston The Lady of the Gilded Page. I enjoyed our meeting. She seems to know a good deal, though I would expect as much from one with her job. I hope to see more of her.
    Gawain She is a Lady and a Scam Artist, and I'm not sure I wouldn't be willingly scammed by her again given the chance.
    Gerrick An interesting class, how often does she need to use small weapons in a dance?
    Gianna A noble thief? I hear silks get in trouble for that sort of thing.
    Giorgio A charming lady of considerable motivation. She seems to have aims that drive her on to undeniable success. She'll be a good friend to have.
    Giulio Quite lovely. The bits of banter should prove interesting in the future.
    Gwenna Every time I see Lady Monique, she is more lovely and warm than the last. If I did not adore her so much, I would be near green with envy. She always has a warm smile and word when we meet and I can't help but smile in her charming presence!
    Haakon She's fucking clever. Half mad mayhaps, but never dull.
    Hamish Being from the Telmarch I'd of course heard of the Minx of the Marches. I always thought she'd be shorter. Does make me wonder how many knives she had hidden on her. And where.
    Harlex A survivor. It don't matter how she does it--she struggles against it all and seems damn fine at the trick. Makes me feel boyish, under such keen eyes.
    Helena Another Greenmarch and one whose bookstore and library is among my favorite places in the world. She is a force to be reckoned with, by all accounts, and charming in person. I am pleased to meet her in the flesh at last.
    Hickson Witty, beautiful, a connoisseur of whiskey, and perhaps the most interesting and knowledgeable person in Arvum.
    Ian It remains to be seen if she's really as wild as she claims.
    Ida Monique is warmth, mischief, and yet seriousness when needed all at once. It was like finding an old friend and soul, I think, without an ounce of pretension. Ah, what story to tell with this next blade she's asked for.
    Insaya What a vivid, delightful woman! I kind of wish she /had/ stolen that silverware.
    Ishmael A charming Lady of Greenmarch. Most hospitable.
    Jace When the conversation starts with the admission of not being the most polite person, you know it's going to be interesting.
    Jack I remember when I was so younger and eager. Wonder how long it'll last.
    Jadara We find this one to be a kindred spirit of sorts. Equally ambitious and dangerous. Her eyes reveal a great deal. Even as she navigates through the social dance of courtesy we notice her ambition. We can respect that and most certainly value it among principle traits we wish to see in those we might surround ourselves with.
    Jamie Little Spark is as fiery as I remembered her. At first, I thought there would be this distance, this barrier between myself and my cousin. Neither time nor the scars of war have been able to ward her away from me though. It is a good feeling to have been welcomed back with such ease despite everything that has changed.
    Jan Perhaps the first proof I've seen that all Abandoned aren't savages. I would almost go as far to say she reminds me a bit of Catalana. I'll have to remember to soften my tongue before we meet again.
    Jasher Vivacious, inquisitive, the Minx has taught me that whiskey isn't bad in a teacup. I wish her well in her work.
    Jayanthi A cheerful, friendly woman. She likes umbra, it seems.
    Jeffeth A very lovely lady who steals candlesticks possibly? She's pretty though. She could steal my candlesticks if I had any.
    Jophiel I had heard of her tales and adventures through song and word of mouth. She is as every bit the attractive woman that the posters made her out to be. Once, I would have been so wild and free - I wonder, if circumstance had been different, would I have run with her?
    Jordan Flirtatious, charming Lady of Telmar. Alas, she is married INTO Telmar, and I've been having enough trouble with higher-ranked knights already. Then again, she has a mischievous streak, doesn't she? Definitely someone to share a few drinks and laughs with, at the very least. Respectfully, that is!
    Joscelin Redheads and their energy, yes? Someone I need to drink with more often.
    Josephine A lively woman, hair a brilliant shade of red. Patron of my works. I shall have to make something for that hair.
    Josephine There are few in this world that I delight so much in making smile. The way her face lights up at the sight of things made. Would she could hear the gems like I do, I doubt she would ever leave my forge.
    Jules Lady Monique is an attractive, but more importantly, interesting woman. She appears to have a wealth of information and it must hold some truth if Lord Rysen wants it! You'd like to listen to her when you can get the time.
    Jyri Jyri goes to borrow some books to read with his son and meets another prodigal - someone with questions of his past life. He asks some very personal questions back, not the most socially adept person. But the two former shavs can at least discuss such matters more openly.
    Kaldur Where did that blade come from?! Whoa. Glad she's on our team.
    Katarina Charming, but a mercurial unknown to Katarina. They never quite made it past acquaintanceship, but work well together in tense situations when they've arisen in the past. The two just don't often cross paths, so there is very little Katarina knows of the Greenmarcher beyond a common shared love of a sister - Marian - and their duty to the Oathlands. Lord Corban seems to be greatly enamored by her as well.
    Katarina Charming, but still someone Katarina isn't well-acquainted with. They never quite made it past acquaintanceship, but work well together when their paths cross and the fates aspire to see them in the toughtest of situations. Perhaps that will change some day.
    Kenna She clearly has good taste in clothing as she saw my cloak was amazing, plus she knows my sister, and so I'm going to have to get to know her more also!
    Kia Maternal. Protective. One I learn more about a few things, I will have to seek her out.
    Killian She seems greatly concerned with the health and safety of others, and that's a trait that I can both respect and admire. I'm glad to have had the opportunity to meet her.
    Lark I do quite believe that she would punch him. I hope that she saves the day for when I am there.
    Lenne She threw a lovely party. The best I've been to in the city, to be sure, and so original! She seems like a delight!
    Liara The hostess of the Gala! A splendid accomplishment by any measure, and I thoroughly enjoyed a more recent party of hers too. Marvellously well dressed.
    Llewella Dangers; but all beautiful things are. Sharp; but you expect intelligence from one that runs a book store. What I did not expect, and what I found, was someone who made me comfortable with the decisions that have to be made.
    Llyr The Lady Greenmarch was very observant in the two truths challenge, but she needn't have worried about slight over a game.
    Lore By GODS this is a woman I can get behind. I enjoy every intrigue, every challenge.
    Lorenzo Met at the Lenosian Shadow Carnival. A lovely Lady, with many stories to tell, it seems. One day I'd loveo to hear them.
    Lou I've had several opportunities to speak to Lady Monique, over this and that. I've always enjoyed our conversations, and look forward to more. I was all too happy to accept her request to join the Explorers.
    Luca Clever, cute, capricious. What's not to admire about the Minx of the Marches? A kindred spirit, in some ways, and likely a bigger troublemaker than I am. Though, I don't put my best effort into it always, either. She's certainly worth keeping one's eye on.. for a few different reasons.
    Lys She's so pretty, and seems to have such an intense personality! The first time I saw her she was drunk and carousing. I might be in love! She's my hero!
    Mabelle Resourceful, dangerous, brave, beautiful, magnificent. I have a lot to learn and so fortunate I ran into her.
    Macda How could I have not been back sooner to gossip about cats and stuff? All the things really.
    Magnus The owner of a book shop that I stumbled upon. She is a curious sort, and sister of Princess Marian apparently. She seems to be quite nice, and interested in things beyond herself.
    Magpie Monique came into Magpie's pawn shop, looking for something 'of value' to purchase. They ended up haggling over a box of libertia tea, and a dinner date was worked into the bargain. Magpie found her to be quite interesting and fun and looks forward to learning more about her.
    Mailys Did she actually believe me? I doubt it. She probably just thinks it's more amusing to take my swindling at face value. That makes farrrr more sense.
    Maja The Minx of the Marches. Evaristo advised me to seek her out as she is someone with a wealth of information about a great many things. She was gracious enough to spend some time with me and she is utterly fascinating. She is the kind of person that I aspire to be.
    Malesh Co-host to an entertaining spring celebration!
    Margerie She makes an impression even before being introduced. Feisty, spirited and purposeful as she stood her ground before a princess and High Lord, apparently about something she found very important. Interesting woman.
    Marisol Lady Monique is a rare breed. Somehow she manages to carry herself with elegance while still holding an air of mischievous freedom. I envy that ability but am lucky, I believe, to call her friend.
    Marius My sister. Every day she doesn't get into trouble is a good day.
    Marius The trickster; one to host all sorts of wonderful events just as quickly as she is to stir up trouble. She adores trouble and we like to pick and tease each other, but when the going gets tough? I'd do anything for her.
    Martino A wonderfully playful Lady with a wry smile, quick fingers and personality in buckets. Watch out for her, she's got edges. She's got curves. She's got the lot.
    Melody A kindred spirit, a playful minx. Probably trouble, definitely the best kind. A prodigal, and a powerful one at that, with a fire inside of her as bright as her hair.
    Meriah The Minx, I've heard the stories. I should be careful. I get along far too well with dangerous pretties.
    Michael There are very few people who make me nervous. Shes one of them. Devastating beauty and a propensity to bare feet. Coax best results using chocolate.
    Mikani Brash. Rude. Friendly.
    Miranda Cheese rounds. Nuf said.
    Mirari A Greenmarch, fantastic party planner, polite.
    Mirari The way she swept into the Spirits mad eme want to know her better. I love a woman who seems to know what she wants.
    Mirk So that's Monique Greenmarch. Friendly, and quite at home in the luxurious surroundings at the Shrine of Gild. Not quite sure if that's what I expected.
    Miska Lady Monique is a gracious hostess and a creative soul. I can see why her name can be on the lips of everyone at once.
    Modi It is hard to miss a woman with hair that red. Eyes that bright. Distinctive she is, I find myself curious if there's even more that I've yet to see.
    Neb I think I recognize her from a wanted poster a few years ago.
    Neilda She's gorgeous, knowledgeable, and generous - and she knows how to laugh. No wonder she's notorious - she's basically perfect.
    Niklas The Lady Monique, formerly a Minx of the Marches, is an excellent friend and, one might imagine, a hell of an enemy.
    Niklas A friend who has done me such favors I may never truly be able to repay.
    Nisaa She's an interesting woman, she. She is as if a mystery were wrapped with a mystery. Her name is spoken of by many, and they all say she is cunning and very talented in what she does.
    Norwood She seems a woman who knows her own mind and does her own thing. I have run into her several times now, and the impression stands.
    Nuala A flash of fiery feathers and a blaze of sharp eyes. A peregrine set to stoop on a prize possibility as it rises. She won't roost long anywhere for long, I imagine. But in motion there is something remarkable to see about Lady Greenmarch.
    Oddmun It was interesting learning Northlands Shav from the Minx of the March. It seems all the stories of her wild and free exploits may hold the seed of truth, after all.
    Orazio She apologized, and thus became one of the few noble Prodigals to make a GOOD first impression on Orazio, despite the spray of alcohol. Still a heathen, of course, but politeness goes a long way with him.
    Orelia Shameless flirt in a skintight suit. A woman after my own heart.
    Oriana Where DID that guard go? Huh.
    Paloma A talented bookseller. I know many merchants from my family, yet a noble who sells goods without want for personal profit is unusual. Something worth respect.
    Pasquale Came into the Black Fox battered like a well-beaten steak from 'sparring'. Much interesting talk of the hedge maze her family keeps. It made an impression, even if Pasquale isn't sure /what/ exactly to make of Lady Monique Greenmarch yet.
    Pasquale I suspect she is a dangerous woman to know. I've spent one evening in a tavern with her and already she has managed to conscript me into reading the most tedious book in existence.
    Peri She is mysterious. What led her to ask such a question?
    Petal She seems very nice and took the time to really talk to me. She can see past my sewing, to me as a person and that is very nice. She is not your typical noble.
    Pharamond I am glad we were able to meet for instruction. I am more glad for how fun she truly is.
    Piccola The so-called Salacious Savior or Minx of the Marches embodies the motto by which I live each day. She is not to be underestimated.
    Prisila Greenmarch. Another prodigal House that finds itself a member of the Peerage now. I like her style and she's a breath of fresh air in a city stagnant of charming encounters.
    Quenia Lady Monique Telmar is a delight and always is the life of any dinner, or party. And, I've had the great fortune of providing wines and other liquors for some of her grand parties, so I should know!
    Quintin She has a lovely book store. Anyone who likes books that much has my immediate approval.
    Raimon A charitable woman, to house and take care of a Member of the Faith
    Ras The funniest person in the world. Yeah... she's alright.
    Raymesin While she does try hard to make it seem as though the light in her eyes is the sunlight pouring in through her ears, she doesn't quite manage to make it work. Dangerous, this one.
    Reese seeing her in the plaza.
    Riagnon Very proud, at least upon first glance. Plus she seems to know everybody! She must be important!
    Rinel I can't believe I just threatened a lady of the Compact with a broom. I want to go crawl in a hole.
    Ripley That woman from the crow. I lost to her, such a shame, but not a loss in truth.
    River She knows so many things, maybe she can help me figure all of this out, if I can get it organized...
    Ronja I'd kill for a whiskey. Monique seems perfectly nice, but some people you need a drink around to loosen up first, so you don't accidentally say things weird at them.
    Rook A little politics, a lot of charm and a bit of a back rub go a long way in making new friends.
    Rosalie A vivacious and charming woman of rapacious wit and deep secrets. She knows more than she lets on, but we all have our secrets. She also appreciates my Alex, which I must say is a show of her good taste.
    Rowenova So far, Lady Monique is my favorite author (Book of Blades)! From the Greenmarch family (who I adore), she always helps me feel incredibly welcome at the Gilded Page (her library place) as do her lovely relatives.
    Rue The Minx of the March lives up to her reputation of looking both beautiful and dangerous. She speaks of interesting things, things I'd like to hear more about. Also! Samael considers her a friend.
    Rysen Fiery, passionate, courageous - and a little bit dangerous.
    Sabella Loves books and plays and wants to give me books and talk about plays and also complimented my looks. Best first impression ever?
    Sabella I love her bookshop! She has always been incredibly pleasant and kind when I've talked to her!
    Sabella Lady Monique is all at once one of the most fashionable, generous, and notorious people in this city! And I mean that last one with the best of intentions. I don't think you'll run across anyone that doesn't know her and I've never heard her to say no to helping out a friend. She also throws the BEST parties! Don't tell Liara I said that.
    Saedrus A charming, energetic young woman with a wild nature to her I think. Though, I do think it would be best if she wore shoes when next she decides to go gallivanting in the hedgemaze of her home.
    Salvador A rather curious young woman with fiery red hair, quite attractive as well. She seems to have an incredibly sharp mind, perhaps even more cunning than she lets on.
    Samael Lady Monique and I had corresponded and she assisted me on my investigation, but I couldn't have imagined the beauty behind her letters. A red head with green eyes, the perfect pairing. She is friendly and pleasant. She lives for more information. Certainly she is a good ally to befriend. I look forward to getting to know her better.
    Samantha The Lady Monique is strong. So strong that she does not bow or break beneath the wealth of knowledge she has. I think perhaps she is the library of the Scholars in one person. That being said she also risks a great deal knowing so much. I hope she takes great care for it would be a shame to lose one as her.
    Samira She strikes me as the sort of person who can get away with more than most, simply by virtue of her vibrant personality and charm. Information seeker, whiskey drinker, supporter of the arts. I'm looking forward to learning more.
    Santi Ah, redheads. Further proof that the gods both have a sense of humor and cannot take a joke. Especially this redhead.
    Sanya Had a valiant showing in the obstacle course and proved herself to be wonderful sport and enjoyable company. I am glad to have met her.
    Saoirse So blush-y! Saoirse watched this lady blush and blush around princess Reese. Why? Who knows...
    Sasha A wonderful Lady of Greenmarch who seems to enjoy researching like I do. I look forward to our languages lessons.
    Saya I thought she might be a forest, but I am not certain. I need to reassess. Maybe she is fire instead.
    Scipio Lady Monique is truly an interesting woman. She is quite enjoyable to talk to, and quite knowledgable as well. I feel that she has a great many secrets. Perhaps one day I will be able to call her friend and learn a few of them.
    Sebastian A better dancer than I. Perhaps neither of us won the competition, but at least we tried.
    Sebastian The Minx of the Marches certainly has a unique way of looking at the world -- brutal and refreshingly honest.
    Selene After hearing of several of the Greenmarches second-hand, it was lovely meeting some in person. I do look forward to what business Lady Monique might have for the Whisper House going forward.
    Selene The Minx is every bit the brazen, brilliant woman that reputation would make her out to be. A delicious insinuation of cunning and boldness that's absolutely captivating. What a Whisper she would have been!
    Seth Lady Greenmarch and another of my teammates for the winter snowfort. Without her support and encouragement, who knows what would have happened in the end. But we were victorious together.
    Sheena She cries over not having things. I do not understand this.
    Sigurd It's hard to get a full grasp on the Lady Greenmarch. I get the feeling that everything is just a social front, that there's layers that I will probably never get to reach. Layer after layer of beautiful flame and shadows.
    Silas They've passed each other numerous times in everyday conversation, but Silas has finally decided he likes the abyssal-slaying redhead. May she engineer the downfall of many more enemies of the Compact!
    Simone I am ever so happy to have Monique as my sister. Her support to both of my families is more appreciated than I could ever express.
    Sirius To those with a keen eye, gold gleams like a dagger's point, and no eyes are keener than that of the Minx, this is known. Elusive, evasive, persistent -- righteous traits for a former outlaw, but even more righteous still for a noble. I wonder if all the tales are true.
    Skapti I see you, red fox. Try not to catch fire, eh?
    Snow Very kind and helpful. Though I am not sure if she believes in the spirits or the gods they worship here. Maybe she will believe some day? maybe she does already.
    Sorrel Sorrel met the Lady Greenmarch while visiting the Gauntlet, and she decided that despite the lack of alcohol, Monique was an immediate party and thus met her approval wholeheartedly.
    Sparte I think I derailed her with the rabbits, but then she totally got it. I mean, rabbits, you know? Anyway, uh, she was curious. I hope it serves her.
    Starling Bold, brave, and bright -- and carries sharp objects. A generous spirit and perhaps a bit of a kindred one, despite so many differences.
    Sudara Startlingly knowledgeable, and willing to share much of what she has discovered. She seems set to be a highly valuable ally, and one with whom I am glad to share a number of concerns and interests.
    Sunniva A woman of seemingly great conviction and drive, not to mention morals, I hope the future is bright for us both. Though her fear of infants is somewhat odd...
    Sven Fire and gold, a charming and self-indulgent brightness that I suspect hides subtler notes underneath
    Swift Now this is a lady with her fingers in a lot of pies. I can't wait to learn from her and maybe I can do something for her in return!
    Sydney Elegant, but with plenty of empathy to spare - and with something of a weakness for scary stories, unless I'm mistaken!
    Tabitha A charming and vivacious lady who appreciates art! And one who has also inspired quite a bit of it too, apparently! Her collection of gorgeous blades is rather wonderful, as is her famed skill with them. It was so nice to meet her.
    Talwyn The legends of the Minx of the Marches are true. She will make you give up your most trusted liquor and seduce your secret books out of you. That flaming glory of her hair is enough to set me to seek a harp this very moment.
    Talwyn This Minx. She reaches for whiskey, it was barely tea, and for her my eyes went misty. There is a good girl who missed me.
    Tarik A nobly lady from Greenmarch that likes Petal's work. It means she has excellent taste. I might have to speak with her again if I need support for one of my projects.
    Tescelina She is clever as they say and secrets burn within her beauty, like her fiery hair. I look forward to working alongside her, and I welcome all the mysteries we might unfurl.
    Tessa A woman on fire. I appreciate boldness and spirit!
    Thea Seems smart. I kept hearing something about redheads, so perhaps there's something missing there. Would like to know about her.
    Theo A beuaty, to be sure. She seemed quite curious about my dealings.
    Theodoric The Minx, mysterious and tantalizing, a dangerous combination.
    Theron A somewhat infamous Greenmarch, but I can see where she gets her fame from. There's a certain quality of beauty to her that I can't quite pin down, but then again, she's professed an interest in the Lyceum. I'm happy to indulge in curiosities, however much I can, of course.
    Thesarin Half wild, even now, I have little doubt.
    Thomas Frighteningly well-connected, devastating in her beauty. With hardly a breath of effort, she answers so many of the questions I came to Arx to ask. Is it any wonder the Minx is something of a legend?
    Thorley She is evidently called the Minx of the March. I am sure it is a well earned name. She acquitted herself well at the Clearlake Festival.
    Tomwell Social, charming, funny. Reminds me of me. Hopefully she can't play the violin, too, or I'll have to throw myself off of a tall building.
    Tynan Lord Alessandro's cousin by marriage. Lady Monique seems to have a flair for the dramatic, and a penchant for irreverence. It makes her company entertaining and never once dull.
    Valery She is easy to talk with and Valery feels free to talk about almost anything.
    Vandred Monique is a lovely person who provides Jacali with currency in return for alcohol. She is too nice. It makes me worry.
    Vanora Lady Monique and I have a few things in common and she reached out with kind words when I needed them. That's the sign of a quality person.
    Vega That -necklace-. I must remember to consult with Lady Greenmarch the next time I want to design a clever piece of jewelry!
    Vercyn A fun-loving lass, Lady Telmar. My first impression of her is irrevocably colored by the fact that she was nude as a baby. What more can I say?
    Verity Her confidence shines clearly! To see her sparkle amongst the mud is truly a delight. Someone who is comfortable in both worlds is one to be admired.
    Veronica Lady Telmar... amusing woman with a silver tongue, who can clearly duel in words with the best of them. No book of war falls out of her, alas.
    Victus The would-be thief turned into proper lady. Actually, 'proper' might be a bit of an overstatement. But she is a lady, a pretty one at that.
    Violet A very outgoing and witty woman. One to watch socially for sure.
    Vitalis A skillful woman with deft hands - I've seen them in action!
    Vittorio Vanity is not a curse in her case, well aspired. I do wonder what will happen if I pass my fingers through her hair.
    Viviana The Lady Greenmarch is lovely, and I'm uncertain which is quicker, her wit or her fingers.
    Wash Shit. I'm drunk. Is she hitting on me? How dare she? Wait. She's too smart for that. Right?
    Willow Absolutely stunning wardrobe and the way she makes Reese smile makes me adore her even though I barely know her.
    Wylla She smiles very brilliantly. She made a sincere offering to the Shrine of Jayus, so I'm sure she was on the level despite her reputation -- right? I wish she liked Splat a little more, though.
    Ysabel Oh my, her hair is so beautiful. So much more lovely than my own. I've sighed five times over it all already.
    Zalika A rather vibrant women who I am excited to make a glittering gown for
    Zara It's rare that someone manages to live up to their reputation, but Lady Monique is every bit as dangerous -- and as interesting -- as promised. Clearly trouble, but worth it.
    Zara As inquisitive as I've known her to be. And filled with insight and knowledge she's happy to share.
    Zoey I... don't quite know what to make of her. She's friendly enough but seems to be focused on her own world. Which is, really, quite understandable; it's the one she inhabits. She's quite intelligent, however.
    Zoey Clearly not a fan of children, but at least we share a love of chasing information.