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Lord Vitalis Clement

Some gates should never be opened. The trouble is knowing which those are...

Social Rank: 6
Concept: Ever Seeking
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Clement
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Married
Age: 27
Birthday: 7/17
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Explorer
Height: 6'2
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Grey
Skintone: Sun burnished

Titles: The Ghost of Ostria

Description: Many see the mirror of his father when they look at Vitalis. He is tall, with hair as black as pitch and eyes of an unforgiving grey. He tends towards the rangy, however, and his smiles light up his face with a boyish charm, driving the chill from his gaze. Though Vitalis practices an economy of movement, when excited by something he gives into expansive gestures - rather like a one man play.

(Vitalis has livid scars across his face, temple to opposite jaw, the rakes of talons or claws, his left eye gone a ghostly silver-gray.)

Personality: Vitalis is one of those rare few who finds himself at home in just about any situation. On the road, travelling with strangers from all walks of life, or rubbing elbows with the highest of Peers in a courtly setting, he adapts himself effortlessly. He is friendly and energetic, but not, and this is important, naive. In fact, Vitalis is rather a shrewd judge of character.

Background: When Vitalis was still very young, his mother was murdered. He does not remember much of her, though sometimes he catches whiff of a floral scent that stirs some faint emotion within him that he associates with the maternal. He knows the story of her passing, and he knows how much her loss hurt his father, but Vitalis never felt lonely. Perhaps because of her death, and perhaps because he was also one of the youngest Mazetti, his relatives were quick to fill the void. It was his grandmother, in particular, that awoke in a young Vitalis a thirst for knowledge and a love of the mysterious.

From his father, Vitalis realized that adventure was to be lived outside the pages of books. So while he pursued his studies, he never once took umbrage at being sent into the countryside to patrol. Eventually he began to organize his own expeditions, ranging off to explore this or that local ruin. Though still young, Vitalis has treated with several of the local tribes of Abandoned, securing passage rites and even, in one spectacular case, saving a chieftain's son and so found himself named a blood-brother with a new friend for life.

Yet as with so many of the Mazetti, home is an undeniable siren's call. The thick, ancient walls of the inner round with its unblinking eyes of faded paint and the grand architectural style of Ostria itself still inspires that original sense of mystery in Vitalis today. And if home is where the heart is, then Vitalis isn't exactly sure if it is one enigma he ever wants to solve.

Relationship Summary

Name Summary
Adalyn A master with the glaive and a skilled instructor, he has a way of capturing one's attention when he speaks. I've a feeling there's more to be learned.
Adrienne A young Lycene I met at the Shrine of Lagoma. He sought guidance from Our Lady over perils unspoken. I would think on short acquaintance that the perils would have more to fear from him.
Aethan Values keeping his allies secure -- an excellent quality to have on any mission.
Agostino An excellent teacher, who was able to make the lesson enjoyable. Perhaps I will be able to convince him to show me more at a later date.
Aiden Our common goals shall see us adventuring together soon, though his curiosity in birds allows me to be far more open than I should. Still, it is a conversation I cannot avoid having. Although, the man intrigued me almost immediately for his interest in the color of my eyes and a legendary tale he had to share about silver eyes seeing the wind. How unique that is. A story about a boy and a dog.
Ajax A good seeming man, decent sense of humor too.
Alecstazi Mazetti Lord, cousin from mother's side. An excellent instructor and a fabulous conversationalist. Not only did he give me the workout of a lifetime, he showed me the most fantastic baths.
Alessandro A very good man to come across and ride with when one has mysteriously lost one's party in the woods. I shall make a note.
Alessia I'm glad he has returned, it's a joy to have more family around, even under such dour circumstances.
Amari A Lycene full of surprises beneath the wonderfully smooth veneer of congeniality. I wouldn't have expected the concealed whip, anyway.
Antea He is as I remember him from childhood, though he seems to have grown more into the social aspect than I ever did. I look forward to seeing what else he has accomplished, it sounds like a lot.
Apollo A valued customer, with nimble fingers and a nimbler wit.
Appolonia An interesting and somewhat playful man. Seems to know a great deal about the language variances of animals - and serves up an interesting example of them! A curious mind is a good thing to have. I'll have to learn about this one more.
Arcadia A charming man. So very interesting and great taste in clothing.
Asher This man knows a lot. And he shares it willingly! I did meet him in the Shrine of Vellichor, of course, so that might be it. But even still!
Athaur An interesting man for sure. He appears to be knowledgable though about what I hope to learn more.
Beatrice A dry, welcome, and positively wicked wit.
Beatrice In a city of captivating people, I count Lord Vitalis as among their most interesting, charming, and intelligent. It is my honor to know him and count him as a friend.
Belladonna Every dangerous man I have ever known wore his skin comfortably. Those are rare, but always so interesting. I would be surprised not to hear of him, or his exploits, again.
Berenice Sadly not as entertaining as early meetings promised he might be. Alas.
Bonnie Last time I saw someone get hit by that much fist at once they were running a gauntlet. And this guy even walked off on his own power!
Braith Its a good thing I don't let first meetings pave the way. We share a lot in common. Now a family as well.
Calaudrin Seems like an alright sort of guy. Sharp eyes, takes notes, kind of funny. Doesn't care about getting hit in the arm. Would travel with again.
Cambria Stoic in the face of loss. I had not wished our reunion to be thus. Yet he sees far. Farther than any of us do, I suspect.
Carmen Friendly enough to plop down next to you at a service, not friendly enough to take a drink from you. Eagle-eyed and has a grin that makes your stomach do flips.
Cerdensulathara Tall. Dark. Handsome. Serious. Awesome?
Corrigan Takes stones the size of bricks or a brain the size of a peanut to talk openly about certain topics. I suppose time'll tell which one's the case for this Silk.
Cristoph Where the f@#k did he come from?
Dante A bit of an enigma. Very good at what he does when he has been with us to scout for danger and holds his own in a fight. I do wonder what is on his mind, but I suppose someone who speaks less than blather on is a good thing.
Delilah To meet a man in the grips of sorrow leaves an impression. One of woodsmoke and cutting gin, the soft lament of myrrh mingled among the hot-seared spices that tell such tales in their weighty presence. He showed exquisite, sharp facets of self-control while contemplating mortality. Someone who in better days might be a fast friend.
Denica I wasn't brave enough to volunteer, but I have to admire a man with such skill with a whip.
Denica Mysterious and definitely Lycene, he seems to know more than he's letting on. Perhaps I should watch him a bit closer.
Dianna How glad I am to see my cousin again - and what beauties he bestows upon me. ...I wonder if I can find a home as beautiful as his....
Domonico A Mazetti Lord and definitely one of good taste, despite being friends with a troublemaker like my cousin. However his appreciation of books is considerable. Someone worth knowing.
Dora A brief meeting at the Reflection Square. I dare say he might have been flirting with me. Not that I mind, I was flirting back. So many lovely people in Arx, I must say. And I do agree, he is a handsom devil.
Duarte Clearly working through some grief and frustration. I hope he recovers soon.
Dustin The man was searching for a short woman of dark hair and dark eyes. Aren't we all?
Eddard A secretive sort, but thats a Velenosan thing. He exemplifies it, in form, function and speech. Obsfucation personified.
Elgana While we didn't get to speak much at the lantern ceremony, I think that this one is someone worth getting to know. Kind of word and thought, hopefully the future will hold another meeting to get to know each other better.
Eshken A relaxed and friendly man with equal amounts charm and wit. It was a pleasure.
Esme It's unusual how understated and unassuming one can be. He may be yet unconquered but that does not mean that understading is not uninvited. I think we shall be the best of friends for an undetermed amount of time.
Faruq A whip? Seriously? Some people have weird ideas as to what's a weapon of war! Brave though, or foolhardy. Either way I like him.
Fecundo Elusive as the sigil of his house, and as challenging. Bruises gained, scrapes delivered and perhaps friendship started.
Filshiar An adventurous Lord I encountered at the Queensrest inn. He offered to give me some advice on the plants and animals native to the south of Arvum, for which I was grateful.
Giada Thank Tehom for someone with a sense of humour... That was so bad.
Gianna A young lord who plays the lute and appreciates music properly; charming. Decent plucking technique.
Harlex Able to creep on a cat's-paw, this one. A valuable ally.
Helena A fellow scholar and seeker of knowledge. His love of opening doors is one I can relate too -- though I doubt I'm a brave as he is, nor as well equipped to handle what might be behind those doors.
Hickson A master of sleight of hand, and a lord with a most generous spirit.
Ian Follows orders without arguing. Mostly.
Jaenelle Lord Vitalis is someone I have had the pleasure of working with professionally as well as enjoying his company during quieter periods. A man of charm and wit, he is certainly full of surprises.
Jeffeth He offered to teach me how to be more quiet. It was an interesting lesson, not what I thought it was going to be. But it turned into something more. He seems a good man. Though the lesson started with him teaching me in a delightfully unexpected turn I got to teach him some things, and maybe will more in the future. I hope he finds what he's looking for.
Josephine He's the worst kind of Mazetti. Or is he the best kind? Is there a worst kind of Mazetti? He's a delightful Mazetti, that's for sure. With good taste in protege's
Juniper A magnificent hat! I'm sure he's quite nice too but really, /that hat/.
Kaia The treat-sharing stranger at Lottie's confectionery; before I learned who he was, that is. A most kind and gracious gentleman. I "stole" a chocolate covered honeycomb from his little whimsical box of treats. I ADORE those little things!
Kenna He was quite charming - even though I was not at all the best of companions. I only hope to be able to do better in the future.
Klaus A paragon of a statesman, and well informed. I believe he and I could hold long discourse between one another over brown nut ale or hot spiced wine.
Korka Lord Vitalis Mazetti isn't a man that minces words. His straight-forwardness, humor, and wit is refreshing.
Kritr He did not condescend. He knew what he was doing with stance and grip. This is a strange feeling, equality. I want to learn why this Lord is so different from the norm.
Lora Quiet and clever. When we were yet strangers he went far beyond what I asked; I wonder what might happen if we could become friends.
Lottie What a nice Lycene lord and he seemed real quick to understand the nature of my craft without me really needing to explain it! Insightful and broad minded.
Lou He has come a long way since joining the explorers, and I am proud of the work that he has done. I am sure he will go quite far, in Explorer adventure and our own.
Lucita A person who enjoys music! That means we'll always have something about which to talk even if all else fails, a good thing to remember.
Mabelle Very creative teacher, enjoyable and quite scandelous.
Maja I grabbed his arm when I was standing next to him during Open Throne hours. He was very nice and called me 'dazzled'. I like that! I like him.
Martino What a detective and good fun at a party. Remind me to not have any secrets around him as he'll have it out of you before you can even blink.
Marzio My younger cousin seems to have grown into a good man indeed. Were he closer to my age or myself to his, I could see the two of us getting into a good deal of trouble together. It could likely still happen.
Mason Traveling with this man was both refreshing and enjoyable for Mason. He seems to have a healthy sense of humor and the sort of optimistic excitement the Grayson can greatly appreciate while adventuring. He'd gladly travel with the man again.
Medeia A nearly perfect Lycene man. Is there more to say? That's for me alone.
Merek The man who taught me a bit about legerdemain and how to play with coins. He's a nice nobleman, all in all.
Mikani A man with a lot of stories to tell. Maybe he will tell me another.
Miranda Wow.. Lord Mazetti just.. vanishes out of sight! He is handy to have on an adventure to be sure!
Mirk A Southern lord. Good hand with a whip, and even better at playing a crowd. Worth every silver I offered him, even if it was after the fact.
Monique No, no. He's learning party tricks, that's all. Amazing feats to impress children. Really, it's very noble and commendable.
Neilda Who wants to write a taxonomy on effluvia? I don't even want to -say- it, much less -write it permanently-.
Niklas A good guy for a good drink. I can't hold being related to Theron against him.
Norwood Well, he was very proper. And apparently plays hide and seek.
Nuala For a southerner, he's got an easy way with words about him. Plenty of flowery expressions, sure, but also useful tidings. One worth watching.
Nurie One of the Mazettis, with a charming demeanor but a most amazing ability to step aside from your attention and then reappear where least expected! Why he could play all sorts of fun tricks on people! Or hide away, if they got angry at him. Perhaps this wouldn't be a terrible thing to study.
Oswyn A young lord who asks a great many questions. Which isn't a bad thing! Far from it, really.
Perronne Well-mannered! Lycene! Did not threaten to poison anyone, and knows when to accept a gift with good grace. I think I like him, and who knows, he might become a client!
Petal regal seeming and from a long noble line. He seems like an alright guy.
Reese He comes from a great family and a great blood line. The son of a great man. He speaks well. He has intense gaze and moves in a different way. I see the subtle signs of greatness in him.
Rosalind He's a fellow explorer and pretty handy. And I trust his choice in weapon...
Rowenova I first met Lord Vitalis at Lord Valerio's wake, if only briefly. I heard there that he is a competent scout, just like me. I later saw him at the Spirits at the Beards and Brews II where he pulled off whip tricks with slick grace! He is a talented man!
Roxana Handsome and well dressed, or at least I think so. I was fairly tipsy when we met.
Rysen The stealthy sort who seems to know his way around the woods.
Saoirse A connoisseur of ensembles, he too wishes Selene extended her available items to include full outfits.
Sophie To march into the face of danger when you know you're outnumbered - that's the definition of bravery. I would welcome him at any battle I'm in attendance of, of I'm grateful to Lagoma for the skill to heal his wounds.
Stygia Another whip wielder that uses it rather unconventionally but at least respects the weapon.
Tescelina An acute observer. The space between stars.
Thea Smart--allowed me to ask my questions without being bothered
Torian A Lord, but you wouldn't know it at first glance in the circumstances of our meeting. Reckong his reputation is well earned, and he is a rather light-footed duck indeed.
Valdemar A brave, perceptive man with interesting taste in weapons.
Vanora I met him at the funeral for the Marshal of Ostria. He was well spoken even through intense emotion, and I find it admirable.
Vasile One of the Mazetti that live for the adventure. Led a scouting party to great results.
Verity Handsome devil or striking angel, the man plays with words easily and boldly. A most interesting encounter to have at Reflection square.
Vicente Poor guy must not have seen much hardness in his life.
Zoey A rather strangely aghast Mazetti. He seems pleasant enough, but I don't think I've ever seen one of that House so easily horrified. I was distracted, however, and hope to make a better and more relaxed introduction in the future.
Zoey A realist without losing his level-headedness.
Zyanya Such boldness as he has must serve him well in a land as wild as this.