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Countess Aella Ravenseye

To make sense of change, one must plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Brash Countess
Fealty: Redrain
Family: Ravenseye
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 32
Birthday: 12/22
Religion: Pantheon/Shamanism
Vocation: Sailor
Height: average height
Hair Color: burnished copper
Eye Color: stormy blue grey
Skintone: sun-kissed

Description: Lissome, and of proud bearing, Aella strikes a confident and capable figure. A true woman of the Northlands, she stands taller than many in a crowd. Her slender curves and lean muscle leave the impression that she could leap into action at any moment - whether on the deck of her ship or the dancefloor of a ballroom. At times, she is unmistakably Prodigal with thick, untamed waves of burnished copper hair cascading to mid-back - a few slim braids and raven feathers scattered throughout. At others, her expressive features are framed by carefully woven hairstyles that highlight the sparkle or storm of her gray-blue eyes and the fullness of her quick-to-smile lips. There is little in the way of unique identifying marks - no tattoos or prominent scars, but the careful observer may notice a symbol on the palm of her right hand.

Personality: Aella embraces change but often struggles to adapt to it. She is a passionate woman whose stubborn pride can be a hurdle to overcome; however, that pride is well-earned. The countess is a fierce advocate for her people and is easy to upset with blatant (or perceived) slights against them. The less generous may call her volatile, but she is loyal to the end once someone has won her trust, is driven to accomplish goals and help others do the same, and has quite the talent for questionable limericks. If there is an opportunity to shed formality and laugh into the night with a drink in hand, a friendly challenge to accept, or an adventure to be had, she'll be there. She is more comfortable at sea or in nature, finding the city too rigid, and in the midst of a storm is when she appears the most calm.

Background: The firstborn of Chieftain Bran Ravenseye, Aella has always been on a path toward leading her clan of hardy, stalwart seafarers. Graced with rich red hair at birth, the girl was raised hearing murmurs about the blood that runs through her and similarities to her mother - Gudrun - and grandmother. A talented shaman of the Ravenseye people, Gudrun tragically disappeared during a raid by a rival Shav'arvani clan when Aella was just a baby. Bran searched for several years, finding no trace of his wife. Eventually, he remarried, which resulted in Aella gaining three siblings. Cadern, Rosalind, and Triton are all so different from her - and each other, but she loves them all and would do anything in her power to see them succeed. Of the four, Aella took to sailing the best, and she spent as much time as she could learning the ropes and gaining experience to earn being called 'captain' upon reaching her 18th year. And though her people needed to raid to survive, she developed a distinct hate for pirates before her people ever joined the Compact. Like so many others, Ravenseye faced tough choices during the SIlence War. Following their old ally, Clan Blackwood, Ravenseye bent knee to the Compact as their vassal. The addition of the seafaring people to the Northlands brought naval expertise and opportunity to Redrain. Soon after, Bran abdicated his rule to his eldest, believing that it was time for the new generation to lead his people down this new path. Aella had attained her birthright. It hasn't been the smoothest transition. Social missteps, accidental heresy, culture clash, and anti-Prodigal sentiment have dogged her steps over the years. Yet, through it all she has worked hard to show that her people are a benefit to the Compact, growing Stormheart and lending aid during the Gyre War and multiple engagements with Isles Traditionalists and Skal'dajans. She may be a reluctant countess, but Aella Ravenseye stands ready to weather any storm that comes.

Relationship Summary

Name Summary
Adalyn Some dance around the truth, using propriety and politeness as their mask. Countess Aella Ravenseye does no such thing, instead speaking plainly and saying what she means. It's a refreshing approach, and I hope to get to know her better.
Aelgar A busy and impressive woman with lots of potential for learning from.
Aethan She approaches a problem with great zeal and plunges in, to the point of risking herself for her goals. Is it patience she needs to learn, or does she truly need to teach me her Northern spontaneity.
Amari She looked like she was very much in her element during the storm, and her spirit never seemed to falter. A good travel companion, I think, and someone you'd want around when things take a bad turn.
Bran The flexibility of my eldest's judgments has only improved - this ability of rapidly springing back from being off-balanced has always been her greatest asset.
Cahal She seems to really enjoy dogs. Strange that she doesn't have one.
Calypso Effortless throw, and that's harder to do in mud than you'd expect.
Cambria She stood strong when Orland...uh...viciously attacked? Was he chewing on her hair? I mean, I wouldn't have been able to just stand there. Probably because I would have crumpled.
Cirroch Could be the sibling that ties the other two to the ground with both sanity and forethought, though little can be told for certain at this time. At least they drink properly.
Drake The Countess seemed a bit uncomfortable in a pastel gown... but she's still quite nimble gown or none. She is clearly a woman who loves a good competition.
Eddard A lovely lass from way up north, where the air is cold. Shes brandished steel and hardened fire, my goodness she makes my knees go weak.
Ezra A phenomenal captain at sea, no matter how challenging the conditions. And, protective when other people are embarrassing! Love her.
Faye Countess of Stormheart. A Prodigal house having joined the Compact only a decade ago. She has some fascinating interests, I think, if she'd actually get to the point of trusting me to tell me.
Giorgio Somewhat brash, but refreshingly honest and sincere. I would be happy to learn more of her, her people, and to count them as allies of Tremorus going forth.
Gwenna The Countess of the Stormheart has always been an innovative and spirited ally. The achievements done to their shipyards under her guidance are truly notable. There is no one who, perhaps, embodies the words of House Ravenseye so well as she.
Haakon She wrestled a fucking tree. Apart from that, a tolerable sort. Plain, direct, with some wit.
Isabeau A good sport, I hope to catch her about soon and get to know her.
Jamie A proud northern woman, willing meet any challenge - even that of a bear, barehanded. I believe she'd do it, and even more, she might actually win.
Liara Always lively and vivacious, if possessed of some occasionally unusual manners. Her willingness to put herself and her House forward for the good of the Compact bodes well for the future.
Mabelle The lively Countess has returned to the city, I look forward to hear the tales she might share.
Marzio The Countess of Ravenseye is an interesting woman, quite different from some of those that I am familiar with from other parts of the Compact. She seems to have a desire for adventure, and that is something that I can certainly understand. I look forward to learning more of her.
Mattheu A Northern Countess with a similar love of the winds as I. An awkward feeling to find someone of the North that loves sailing as much.
Mikani A good friend come back to town. We will have to go sailing.
Mirk A finer sailor I've never seen, and this one accepts all of the sea's fickle fortunes with equanimity. I respect that.
Nigel A Countess from the north. She assumed I'd not bow to her given that she's a prodigal, but little does she know. She has an air about her that is refreshing in a way. I dare say she'd be pleasantly hilarious conversation.
Noah She's fun. That's not normal for me to find. Most are boring. She'll drink with me. I'm down with that.
Orland I've rarely seen as deft as skills as she, as this woman at sea!
Piccola I met the Countess long ago, it seems. We broke bread over shared experiences. We talked of war and ships. Now, we have come together again to talk of more civilized things ... sort of.
Quinley She is bold, speaks her mind, and is deeply passionate about her roots.
Raimon Met the Countess Ravenseye at the Proving Grounds, after an argument with a straw man. On -her- ship, they serve whiskey. This is fine.
Razija Sweet, with the most stunning red hair. Seems to have a keen eye and mind for sailing. Must get along very well with Ian and his family.
Reese I would love to learn more about her and her family. They seem a bit wild and that has me interested. The redhair would be good in paintings. She was welcoming, polite, laid back and thoughtful.
Rosalind My sister is HOME! And whether she knows it or not, she's a great Countess. She's proving to be an amazing woman with so many amazing ideas and ways to help serve our people.
Savio She DRAGGED my GOOD NAME through the MUD actually the rest of me as well and it was pretty roundly deserved. Top marks, no regrets, would do it again.
Thea She speaks her mind with no reservation. A quality that one can either appreciate or---be fearful of. She seems to be doing her house proud however. That can be commended.
Vulpiano A woman of few words, but those words were meaningful. She keeps her traditions close, and looks down on those who might infringe on her because of them.
Zakhar If it wasn't for her voice, I would have sworn that Sileat had walked out from the forests to greet me. Alas, while as beautiful as she, it is not her.