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Marquis-Regent Cosimo Tessere

Knowledge and books mean little if you do not care to think.

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Brooding Bookworm
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Tessere
Gender: male
Marital Status: single
Age: 22
Birthday: 2/20
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Scholar
Height: tall
Hair Color: sable
Eye Color: amber
Skintone: olive

Titles: Count-Regent of the March of Fortezza di Iriscal

Description: A tall, plain young man whose appearance seems to stop just short of being handsome. His dark hair is often in a state of slight disarray, its dark wisps framing his angular face. His nose is long and straight, just as pointed as his chin. His build is linear and long-limbed, with little body fat or muscle. His thin lips are drawn into a mild line and his overall demeanor seems nonchalant and passive. In spite of this, he does not seem to be timid or shy, for his deep amber eyes rarely stray or wander even in moments of discomfort. The faint scent of mahogany, coffee and ink lingers in his wake.

Personality: Cosimo is equal parts aloof and dry - a man who prefers the company of books to strangers most nights, but isn't entirely inept at conversation when it does arise. There is hidden steel underneath his calm demeanor, and he isn't keen on being pushed around or manipulated, but he is mindful of making more enemies than is necessary. His sister doesn't need additional headaches, after all, and in the end how much of it really matters? He'll find a way to get what he wants one way or another.

Possessing great acuity of vision and mind, Cosimo picks up knowledge and retains it easily. That said, he isn't a particularly skilled teacher: most of the knowledge he pursues is for his own consumption, and intellectually lazy people test his patience. He will try, if he has to, with notable effort.

Background: Cosimo is what most noble parents would consider the spare, the next legitimate child behind the groomed heir. He wasn't present for the scandal that followed the birth of his illegitimate sister, Nurie, nor the collapse of his father's House - but these events left an indelible mark on his upbringing. He was neither the favored child nor the favored sibling, and was often left to his own devices in the care of the household servants. It was both a bane and a boon: his parents did not foist high expectations onto him and he largely remained out of their crossfire, but books and tutors did not always make for great socializing.

He excelled in his studies as a youth and remained intellectually curious. Medicine, language, the occult, and even musical composition piqued his interest. He was closer to his father when he was around, who was notably more cerebral than his wife.

As he grew from a gangly teenager into an independent adult, he gradually realized that complete knowledge requires more than just reading a book. While his sister spent her time at Fortezza di Iriscal learning how to rule alongside their capricious mother and half-sister, Cosimo traversed across the continent in search of answers to some of the mysteries he found within their library, some of which involved the roots of his own family.

Peripheral politics on the outskirts of his childhood were largely ignored... until the Countess was murdered. He has accompanied his family to Arx to assist with the investigation, and with whatever else may come their way.

Name Summary
Atria Lord Cosimo is a charming figure. I have enjoyed his company and his lack of taking out Arvum's problems on Cardia.
Cassiopeia A polite man with a creativity for combining drinks. He seems to have a curious nature, which makes for a good conversationalist.
Elsbetta An enlightened Lycene who enjoys indulging in an impeccable cup of coffee.
Ian Hopefully Jan can teach him not to get himself killed.
Lisebet It may well be my lot in life to meet archers in odd circumstances. Shooting rats that are escaping out of a basement counts as odd, doesn't it?
Lucie An intent listener, someone who is as excited to hear a story as they would be telling one.
Mabelle A rightfully proud Tessere. I pray the city will be able to heal his wounded spirit with the losses of his family.
Seia A most polite lord with a curious mind. That will either get him far in the world, or dead.
Seren Lord Cosimo is a knowledge seeker. All the best people are.
Serena A newly-minted Marquis who needs help and knows what he needs. I think he'll go far.
Sira Only the Lyceum seems to have the ability to produce such brooding lords, so delicately tragic - for good reason. Few others could wear his demeanor without presenting as an overwrought caricature of mournful contemplation.