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Evelin Culler

I'm all sparkle and dazzle sweet heart! What do ya say I show you a good time and take your breath away?

Social Rank: 9
Concept: Resplendent Performer
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Culler
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 23
Birthday: 11/4
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Performer
Height: average height
Hair Color: blonde
Eye Color: lavender grey
Skintone: fair

Description: Evelin is the picture of airy, sultry beauty, her personality shining through to make her dazzle. Her curly pale blonde hair has been cut into a full, puffy vintage bob, unusually short for women of the compact. It falls in full, thick waves around her head, framing a delicate face of classical beauty. Large light grey eyes peer out from beneath thick, dark lashes, and if one looks close they'll be surprised to find shades of lavender around her iris, seeping out into the grey. Her nose is dainty, her brows perfectly arched, and her full lips are always painted in a glossy paint, her pale cheeks tinted with light rouge. The bears a small beauty mark on her left cheekbone beneath her eye.

Her skin is milky smooth and unblemished, figure toned but blessed with ample feminine curves and a thin waistline, giving her an hourglass figure. A figure she must strive to maintain. Her form boasts a quick agility, one that's come from years of performing and looking out for herself.

She moves with astounding grace, catlike and well oiled, and she struts more than walks, like a delicate but proud bird. Her dimple-forming smiles are radiant and frequent, and her is voice warm and musical, filled with laughter. But that warm smile can just as quickly turn wicked and sultry, lifting at one corner.

Personality: Evelin is a dazzling woman, full of life and energy. Sultry, wry and eccentric, she's all charm, and eager to show off. She's a proud woman, reminiscent of a stunning bird, which comes through when she performs. She's endearing most of the time, eager to please and kind hearted, and is prone to loneliness. She can almost always be found amongst peers, giggling and gushing.

Though one shouldn't be fooled by her airy appearance. She's frightfully intelligent, always aware of her surroundings even if she says otherwise. Her determination can be downright terrifying at times, and her tantrums are equally paling.

Growing up extremely poor also makes her rather streetwise, and while she's right at home in the shady Lower Boroughs, she mingles seamlessly with nobility, with a deep appreciation of all things beautiful.

Background: Evelin was born as one of many in the gutters of Setarco in the Lyceum, a poor street urchin surrounded by the resplendent wealth and decadent lifestyles of the nobility that called the Silken City their home. She could only admire them from afar, and was too proud (or embarrassed), to beg from them. She watched the Ladies and courtiers with fascination, and while most would have loathed them, Evelin came to adore them.

At the age of 17 she'd been dancing in dingy bars for years, but she knew she couldn't make a living in Setarco. Determined she set out to make a name for herself in the capital. Despite her work, she was still as poor as she was before, and with nowhere else to go the young woman turned to the Cullers in the Lower Buroughs. She had talent, and it wasn't long before she was adopted into their fold.

They were not the only ones to notice her talents. While performing in a small darkened club in the Buroughs she was noticed by the stunning Belladonna Pravus. One thing led to another, and Evelin was employed by the Velenosean house, and sent back to Setarco not as a beggar, but as a student of the Courtier school. She would come to excel there, and now she's returned to the capital as a resplendent, shimmering dancer and performer for House Pravus' numerous parties, stealing hearts and wowing her audiences. All the while remaining loyal to those in the Lower Buroughs who supported her all those years.

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