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Princess Sabella Grayson

Life is but a play; and while there are no small roles, rest assured that I am the lead in this one.

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Royal Damsel
Fealty: Grayson
Family: Grayson
Gender: female
Marital Status: Widow
Age: 26
Birthday: 4/04
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: average height
Hair Color: honied gold
Eye Color: cerulean
Skintone: fair

Titles: Legendary Influencer, The Tastemaker of Arx, The People's Princess

Description: There is something undeniably regal about Princess Sabella Grayson. Her posture is perfect, her honey blonde hair gleams like spun gold, and her cerulean blue eyes are as easy to lose oneself in as a storm-tossed sea. Her fair skin is without blemish, and her cheeks color easily with emotion - of which she has an abundance. Her happiness is a pure, unfiltered joy that warms the very air around her, and her ire is equally palpable, her icy stare the stuff of legends. She moves as if perfectly aware of the eyes on her, and with her svelte frame and captivating smile, there are almost always eyes watching.

Personality: There are some royals that believe it is their duty to set aside their dreams and aspirations to better represent their families and cast them in the best light. Sabella takes a different approach. Drama is in her blood, or so she claims, and if all of life is a stage, then certainly the scenes centering on the Graysons need to be the best - the most heroic, the most awe-inspiring, the most dramatic. And what does every good drama need? A compelling damsel. And so to that end, Sabella has made an art-form out of life itself. Every problem is a heroic quest, every new face is a Mysterious Stranger, every disagreement is time to call on a champion. She's not a drama queen - life isn't a comedy. Rather, she's a connoisseur of drama, nurturing it quietly until it blooms into a tour de force.

Background: So the family story goes, Sabella's mother was at the theatre when the infant princess decided to make her way into the world, and so compelled, she was named for a character in the evening's performance, Sabella Langlier, a wealthy heiress in love with a troubled knight. Perhaps performing is in her blood, or perhaps her fate was guided by too many tellings of the same tale. Whatever the case may be, Sabella tends toward drama as a personality trait. She can shed tears on demand that could soften even the blackest heart, her smile incites men to violence as they compete for her favor, and even the faintest sigh has servants scurrying to make things right.

    Sabella doesn't see anything wrong with wanting her life to be more like the performances she can't seem to get enough of, she's in line for the throne after all... if dozens of Graysons with a better claim all mysteriously died, of course - and how exciting would that be! After the events of the King's Rest, Sabelle maneuvered her way into being relocated to Arx for her greatest role yet - maintaining a pretty, charming face for the Grayson family amidst the turmoil of politics. And perhaps at the same time, she can hone her craft by getting involved with the Blackrose Theater in Arx - surely there are mummers out there in need of an enthusiastic patron, after all.

Relationship Summary

Name Summary
Avary When given a task, Sabella takes to it with enthusiasm. While I question the decorative choice of torn party gowns as sashes, the ingenuity and resourcefulness of it cannot be ignored.
Charlemagne A beacon in the dark times that come.
Godric bubbly pink princess
Jaenelle I have always been impressed with Sabella's grace regardless of what is happening around her. She does her house proud and they are lucky to have her.
Jasper Very much a ray of sunshine and unabated by the tragedy that befalls her surroundings.
Jeffeth She got me a new shirt! Never had that happen before.
Mattheu A kind and just princess who took me under her wing for a few lessons which might be said to have aided to finding my own princess
Mia I know what it is to be touched by too much grief at too tender an age, but her heart is gentler than mine ever was. I hope she's able to keep it that way.
Noelle I haven't seen Sabella since we used to get seated together in Setarco at family dinners. My how she's grown up! Everyone seems to love her and I can see why. She's pretty amazing.
Pasquale The people's princess is the perfect reminder that not all power lies in the military.
Vitalis Her highness is more gracious and resplendent each time I meet her. Truly a gem of the Compact.
Xia Sunshine and fireplaces, the energy of lightning but with a different purpose.
Zara Princess Sabella Grayson gets me as few others do. I absolutely adore her for that alone. Beauty, style, grace, talent, and charity make her a complete package.