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Duchess Lisebet Ashford

I was performing my ritual of sipping tea, shooting flirtatious glances and planning the demise of my closest rival...

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Purely Ornamental Jewel of Westrock Reach
Fealty: Grayson
Family: Ashford
Gender: female
Marital Status: married
Age: 22
Birthday: 12/12
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Courtier
Height: short
Hair Color: raven
Eye Color: pale blue
Skintone: pale

Titles: Duchess-Consort of Ashford Keep

Description: Tiny and raven haired Lady Lisebet packs a lot of personality into a small package. Her eyes are a pale blue that shine with some inner warmth and are framed by equally dark lashes. Her mouth is wide and her lips often curled half way up in a mysterious, knowing smile that suggests a hint of smugness. She stands five-foot-nothing in her stocking feet and is equally slender. Raven hair falls to mid-back in gentle waves, often left down save for a few strands to keep it back from her face.

Personality: At first blush Lady Lisebet comes across much like one of those porcelain dolls they make for children; beautiful but functionally useless. She's seems impractical and unskilled. Though with a sweet voice and upon second glance with a sweet enough disposition. Kind, thoughtful, and generous when given the chance to be so, she's a nice person. Loyal and devouted to her house. Not many see beneath that first impractical impression, those that do see the kindness she exhibits, and only a rare few notice the gleam of calculation that sometimes alights in her eyes.

Background: Lisebet Farshaw, youngest sister of Ryhalt Farshaw, Duke of Westrock Reach, was never taken very seriously, as her position in the family was never very serious. Much too far down the line to ever be a serious contender for heir to the Duchy, Lisebet's education was never taken very seriously; specifically in things like statecraft or politics or military strategies. Instead her tutors concentrated on her social niceties; her etiquette and manners; her ability to carry on a captivating conversation; her performance talents such a singing and dancing; her knowledge of the courts and the players there. Everything a young lady might need to know in order to survive as a highly successful courtier in Arvum. When she was 16 she was sent off to serve an apprenticeship at court and learned invaluable lessons. Now at 18 she's ready to embark on her next adventures.

Relationship Summary

  • Amari - Fun and quick witted - I think we could get into so much trouble together
  • Cullen - Handsome and dashing - fun to flirt with
  • Alarissa - Mentor and Friend; I often think I want to be like her when I grow up.
  • Jasher - Strong silent type

  • Family:
  • Alban - Cousin and protector - I am glad to have his help.
  • Ryhalt - brother
  • Ryhalt - Big Brother and Duke
  • Clover - Sister by Marriage
  • Elsbetta - Big Sister
  • Sorrel - sister in law and wonderful person
  • Harlan - Husband and swiftly turning into the love of my life
  • Olivia - Adorable sister-in-law
  • Name Summary
    Aahana A gorgeous and charming woman who I am happy to call a new found friend. A true hidden gem.
    Agatha Such an itty bitty thing! Very concerned she might have insulted Little Red (Dame Felicia Harrow) just by getting her name wrong, and that's sweet. Manners seem very important to her, which doesn't bode well for her thinking much of me. HAH!
    Ahmar A duchess, so kind and humble given her importance. Apparently family one way or another. I am glad to have met her.
    Aiden She believes there are limits to when it is advised that one can speak the truth. She understands the world is not black and white and that sometimes, we have to live in the gray to do right.
    Ainsley Earnest, kind and fun! She came to help with the party right before it.
    Alarissa A farshaw, a dedicated student. By far, one of the ones that I have sincerely enjoyed teaching and being around.
    Alban My cousin, Ryhalt's younger sister. I wonder if she's changed much since last I saw her back at Westrock. It is interesting that she comes to Arx, now, though. I wonder if Ryhalt thinks I need checking up on.
    Aleksei Well this will be interesting!
    Amari I think we're of similar dispositions, but still different enough to not bore each other to tears. She has a sharp intellect, is able to express herself eloquently and is very observant. I suspect she'd make a very good partner in crime!
    Arthen You know, it's hard to figure out just what this woman is all about. But I'll say this, she stood her ground well enough in the face of danger, even if she did almost make for a nice quiver concernin' an arrow or two. She's not hard to be around, either. Good conversationalist, if you count yellin' about cultists and tryin' not to die as conversation. I bet she'd be better over like.. tea.. or somethin'.
    Barric Charming. Eloquent. Engaging. She is precisely what I always imagined a Valardin Lady to be. Which scares me, nobody is ever exactly what they seem. How interesting.
    Berenice Always a delight whenever I have the pleasure of running into her. I am /so/ looking forward to fashion conversations.
    Bianca Sister-in-law to my sweet cousin. She is a quiet sort, enigmatic in a way only those with shining eyes and shadowed poise tend to be.
    Bianca She is terrible at cleaning, but bless her for trying. Another that is learning that change must come, even though it may frighten us, even though it -will- challenge us, if we are ever to grow to be more than what we are.
    Catalana Not many have the grace and humility the little duchess possesses when so pregnant, I can only imagine how wonderful she is once the child arrives. I look forward to spending time with her.
    Cleo A helpful lady, who is concerned about my choice of see through clothing. I do not know why, but the southern people's leader said as much too. It is vexing.
    Clover Sweet Lisebet, she's one of the most gracious and stunning ladies within the city. I am so proud of how she has grown since coming to Arx!
    Col Charming and delightful company, always focused on managing the Coffee Shop for her House. Every time I have spoken with her it has been a pleasure.
    Coraline What an amazingly fun and charming lady! I can not believe I have not had the opportunity to enjoy this wonderful woman's company before now, but now I DO know, I shall have to get to know her better! And we will find wonderful stories for introductions.
    Cosimo I do recall that the Duchess is a woman of erudition and social grace. I now know she's got quite the arm for flinging rats under duress, too.
    Cristoph A most charming and gracious representative of House Farshaw. I look forward to attending her next social engagement and hearing more tales of her niece.
    Cullen Pretty, charming, wickedly smart and graceful. And gods, that sense of humor lurking behind every word. I will get her to the treehouse for a drunken time, it is unavoidable. Unless someone is taking it up - again.
    Cullen Graceful, beautiful, intelligent and rather diplomatic - with a dash of adventure as well! She's a rare woman, and I am fortunate to know her as I do, and hopefully continue to do so.
    Dante She's not taken, is she? Right? Anyone... does anyone know... hello? Is Lady Lisebet taken? Is she available? Do I have to fight through a swath of would be suitors to... well, of course, I would but is one of them her /husband/?
    Delilah Well and truly composed, someone more inclined to listen first and think than impulsively act.
    Demura A very polite Lady, and she seems like she's here to help her family. It's always good to see that.
    Denica She hosted the one of the skirt and gown nights, a lovely presence and a very entertaining hostess.
    Domonico I admire a woman would refuses to let an advanced pregnancy dictate where she can go.
    Donato A gracious lady of coffee, a calm in a storm of chaos. A beauty with an unflappable attitude. I will drink more coffee.
    Draven She's on a date with Greggers! She's very nice! I like her! I think she likes Greggers too! I bet they will kiss soon! Watch!
    Duarte She was a genial host at the coffee tasting and barely batted a lash at me pouring a copious serving of scotch into the brew.
    Echo She's working on a collection of books and she's well acquainted with some of my friends. Also, she recommended a shop for me to check out so I'm very thankful to have bumped into her.
    Ectorion She seems to discredit herself first, but then has good ideas to offer despite her protests otherwise. She should certainly speak up more with them!
    Edain I meet the Farshaw Lady at the challenge between myself and Duke Cristoph. She is very pleasant and open to learning new things. A fine quality. I might even teach her a bit about riding sometime.
    Elloise Wow super terrible at survival. Threw up at a party. Gross. But her vomit contained traces of her lunch so Elly got to see what The Upper Class eats. Very!!! interesting.
    Elora So very sweet. She invited me over upon our first meeting. One of those people who can make you feel right at home. A rare treat.
    Erik A delicate lady, with a delicate touch, so delicate that you do not feel the scalpel that she pushed between your arguments before it is too late. I will want to find out how she does it, or at least be able to call her ally someday.
    Esme She seems very quiet and very pregnant. I think though that once we meet on a less group sort of event (and we are sure to) that her words will sparkle as much as her glow. We are to be good friends.
    Eurion Quite the armor! And she looks stunning in it too.
    Evonleigh A bit like the coffee her family sells -- rich, and I'm guessing, much stronger than she appears.
    Fairen Charming, lovely, and just as teasing as Tomwell. I enjoy her company, and should easily look forward to our next encounter.
    Faruq Charming Lady of Farshaw, Oathlander so no surprise that she would have her social game down pat. Would like to speak with her when I can hear myself think!
    Faye An interesting woman, bright with well-thought opinions. I hope to be able to speak to her again.
    Fecundo Lady Lisebet was a wonderful hostess for the event at Bold Espressions. The coffee was impressive and I may have to make it a regular stop on my daily errands.
    Fiora She is very kind and touch peoples faces which isn't weird at all.
    Gaston Pretty and easy to talk to. A good representative for her House's interests. I should talk to her more about such things.
    Gilroy I understand she's Lady Gretchen's protege, so clearly she has a deficit when it comes to taste. Still, seems a decent sort otherwise.
    Grazia The new bride of Duke Harlan seems to be a charming young woman with a good nature and a pleasant way about her. His people should be quite pleased with their new duchess.
    Gwenna Lady Lisebet Farshaw is far more than a jewel from the Oathlands. A warm presence, she is both witty as well as wonderful company. I must also note my bias toward her family's establishment, though her friendly words are surely as much a draw of the place as the coffee itself.
    Harlex A business woman with a fine sense of fashion, courteous to her guests. Even if they are like myself. For some reason she reminds me of the starlings from back home.
    Iliana The ashes of the past make the mortar that joins the stones of the present into the foundation for a future. This time we'll do so much better.
    Ingvar A rather stunning young lady who is really far more charming than I, I'll have to make sure she know it. By loitering in her shop and telling her that, and perhaps paying many compliments, too. All for a good cause.
    Iseulet Sweet, like a honeysuckle, as graceful as a lily - I would say Harlan has truly found the centerpiece for his garden. She's wonderful, and thankfully has a good sense of humor.
    Jasher For somebody who barely comes up to my chest, she is not to be taken lightly.
    Jasper A pleasant young woman, still showing much of her youthful enthusiasm, but a solid representative of Farshaw... if perhaps a little quick to take to the snowballs.
    Jeffeth Lord Alban's cousin. She seems a very cheerful sort, she seems like the type that would be easy to get along with. I wouldn't mind spending more time with her.
    Jev Fun loving spider teammate. WE WON! Team winning for ever!
    Jordan A Lady of House Farshaw. Not entirely sure what her relation is to Lord Alban, whom I've met upon my arrival to the city, but she seems laid back and pleasant enough.
    Jyri Reminds me of a cat.
    Kaia A fine and most elegant woman; an excellent dancer; a great conversationalist; and, an outstanding Duchess-Consort! I do hope we can become great friends. Livie speaks so well of her.~
    Keely A Scholar, and adventurer, a diplomat, a mother... perhaps she will reveal to me the secrets of Having It All if we become friends as I hope.
    Kenna She seems quiet, but also has a good sense of humor and an appreciation for dancing.
    Liara We didn't to chat so much as all that, but she was immediately chatty, and splendidly well-dressed. Someone I could get along marvellously with, I'm sure.
    Lorenzo Runs a fine caffeination establishment and seems capable of handling just about any surprise who walks through her door.
    Lou A lady of Farshaw who is interested in learning what the explorers have to teach so she might eventually become one. Lou would not mind teaching her at all!
    Lucita A friend of Sorrel's. From conversation, it would seem she has an agile mind. Will look forward to later discussions!
    Maddox A Lady of the court, full of intrigue and enjoying the game.
    Margerie The obvious first impression is that she is a lovely young lady. I have a sense that she listens and takes a great deal in, perhaps more than she lets on. There is a thread of confidence and ambition there that should serve her well.
    Martino A graceful presence on the dancefloor and, I am almost certain, across the city. The newly wed Duchess truly is a jewel, and not just of Westrock Reach. Not now.
    Melody Those around her seek to protect her, and it's probably for good reason. She's tiny! Smaller than me! Also not very martially inclined, so -- Yes, she could probably use a good retinue of knights at her side. Still, I can't help but wonder if people are /too/ overprotective of such a person?
    Meriah Reminds me of a little bird flutterin' around, being pretty. I hope she gets to keep every bone she has!
    Miranda Shy, but friendly. Getting to know her may be fruitful and enjoyable.
    Mirari I've seen her around the city several times and haven't been able to sit alone and speak with her. I hope to get that opportunity soon.
    Monique She flew like the wind! And barely even touched the cake! Such speed, such willpower, I am highly jealous!
    Neb In the face of loss her answer is larger weapons.
    Niklas Proud Oathlander. Giving it her all to support her duke's endeavor. A credit to Westrock Reach.
    Noah Sure, I liked her because I like her husband. However, she seems to hold her own and I can appreciate that. I'd appreciate it more with daggers.
    Norwood Ah, Lady Lisebeth. She is such a joy to be about.
    Orvyn An excitable Lady of our Liege house. She won at events due to both skill and luck, so there is clearly more to her that begs to be known.
    Ouida The young Voice of Farshaw. Is she one of the jewels of Farshaw, not unlike our Liliana? My instincts tell me yes. How is it that great measures of grace and wit come in such diminuitive physical forms? It is a mystery for the ages. Also of note, she looks just as delicious as one of the lovely sweets in Common Grounds, in Lycene garb. Probably this means she has a dagger hidden somewhere, not that this lessens the appeal!
    Petal She is very pretty, seems kind and likes my shop.
    Pharamond She is a stunning portrait of beauty, grace, and all things a Lady should be. She is a jewel, but less ornamental and more truly a treasure.
    Quintin So tiny! It seems a raven has joined the Ashford forest.
    Reese I seem to run into her often recently. She is a subtle elegance, present and polite without trying to grab the central attention. She seems to have confidence, enjoying herself and presenting herself well.
    Reigna A sweet young lady of Farshaw, mild mannered and somewhat... timid? I recall I was precisely that way when I first came to Arx. I bet she will bloom as I did, this city has a way of doing that.
    Rey A lovely lady whos family seems to own this coffee house I found. She was learning to wear new armor and doing it with style.
    Riagnon What charming and witty hostess- or proprietress -or incredibly entitled customer. Whichever!
    Rowynna A gracious and welcoming Duchess who clearly loves her husband and children. Would that everyone could have the happiness she herself has found.
    Ryhalt It was great to see my sister again, so alive ad vibrant. She might be the spirit of Farshaw, and instrumental in its future
    Sabella Lady Lisebet Fairshaw is a soft spoken, absolutely perfect lady! Every time I have met her she is polite, friendly, and as seen by her help with the new coffee shop, quietly ambitious! I enjoy all of our conversations and there is clearly a lot going on in that head of hers that a chance meeting might not let on! She's wonderful!
    Salena A lady, I overheard. She was a bit comical in describing how she was trying to go about her martial training but for her sake I hope that her skills find a serious tone. Still, she was a an entertaining noble to eavesdrop on - probably for the perspective she has on combat.
    Sanya Someone I find very easy to get alon with. She's personable and eager to help.
    Sasha A wonderfully charming lady who gave quite a warm welcome when my husband and I came to the coffee house. I hope her attitude is quite infectious and I come across more like her.
    Shae A woman with fine judge of facial hair.
    Shae A very kind and friendly Lady, with a warm laugh. I hope to get to know her better, new firends are always a wonderful and welcomed gift.
    Sheena She is not as scary as many others in this city are.
    Sunniva The Lady Lisebet is a forward thinker and rather bold. She is a step in a different direction from her family but there is nothing wrong about this - just causes her to stand out like the jewel of Farshaw she is.
    Theo A charming young Lady of House Farshaw prone to flirtations; far more amusing than most Oathlanders I've met in Arx, that much is for certain.
    Thorley One of the younger members of the House I am Sword of, Lisebet has always preferred the social over combat circuit. I can appreciate that she is the diplomat and ray of moonlight of the family. I know that she may be lost to another family someday, but until then I shall protect her as if she is my own family.
    Tynan A short, well-dressed and quite good looking Lady. Quite pleasant and can keep up with some jokes, which is always a good sign.
    Vayne An inquiring mind, and one that asks the right kinds of questions. I am confident she'll find many of the answers she's looking for, assuming she's willing to face what she might find.
    Venturo A delightful audience, and an engaging conversationalist. I look forward to hosting the Lady Farshaw some day at the brewery.
    Vercyn The Lady Farshaw delivered a fine joke and made me laugh. It is more than just the words of the joke, but the way she delivered it. Signs of a sharp intellect.
    Veronica A rather proper and well-spoken lady, and Amari's friend. The chat about marriages and divorces was... interesting, and I get the sense that she likely shares my plans on avoiding an arranged marriage as long as possible.
    Violet I've grown close with Lady Lisebet over the year and almost two I have known her. She is charming and constantly surprising me.
    Vitalis A brave woman. She faced a monstrous, animate mountain with a song. I want to hear more about this.
    Wash A gracious hostess and worthy match for Lord Harlan Ashford.
    Willow Did wonderfully at the Taste of Arx event for Valardin.