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Lady Juliet Fidante

Stop and smell the roses; live like there's no tomorrow.

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Sultry Hedonist
Fealty: Lyceum
Family: Fidante
Gender: female
Marital Status: married
Age: 21
Birthday: 6/9
Religion: Mirrormask
Vocation: Noble
Height: average height
Hair Color: deep sable
Eye Color: dark jade
Skintone: sunkissed

Titles: Paladin of Reflection

Obituary: She died as she lived - as a work of art.

Description: By far the most striking feature of this young woman is her eyes, the gemstone hue rendered exotic by their almond shape. Her features are best described as leonine, with dramatic cheekbones and a devious curve to her sultry lips. Despite lacking any substantial height, she's all graceful limbs and subtle, tempting curves. Her movements are purposeful, almost as if she's conserving her energy for a precise strike at any moment. Her skin is a sun-touched bronze shade, a striking contrast to the deeply colored waves of her sable hair. Hers is a warm, inviting voice, promises laced into even the most seemingly innocuous phrases.

Personality: While Juliet is fully aware of the duties of the nobility, she is rarely moved by this purpose. Indolent in nature, she's rarely without a glass of wine within reach of her graceful fingertips, and if she isn't on her way to a party, she's in the middle of planning one. Flowers are something of an obsession with this young lady of Tor, and she can often be seen with one in her hair, or tucked behind an ear. Despite a life of luxurious leisure, hers is a sharp mind and a quick wit, winning loyal allies and bitter enemies in the same breath.

Background: When many think of Tor, they think of the fortress-like, militaristic city that shares a border between Velenosa and Valardin lands. Juliet has never cared for the military however, nor the proper and pious behavior of her neighbors in the Oathlands. Where her brother Dante embraced swords, Juliet embraced stems - the stems of flowers, the stems of wine glasses. Surrounding herself with fragrant beauty is Juliet's pastime of choice, be it new silks, fresh lillies, or similarly-minded young nobles.

Reigning over the social scene in Tor, she delighted in pushing the boundaries of her less liberal Valardin acquaintances, hosting tongue-in-cheek garden luncheons as well as parties so scandalous that they're only whispered about in polite company. One such party went a bit too far, and the resulting scandal saw one young lady's reputation plummet so far she disappeared from the public eye, and several young lords were sent off to train in the Oathlands for a time.

It was determined that Juliet would travel to Arx and present herself at court, learning some true responsibility. Juliet made some token protests about leaving, but was more than a little glad of the chance to leave the sordid past behind her in Tor, moving on to a bigger, higher-stakes social scene in the capital. Responsibility? As if.

Relationship Summary

  • Fergus - Forthright and bold - Flirtatious despite his protestations otherwise.
  • Selene - Truly worthy of the title Radiant. To be in her presence is like being kissed by sunlight.

  • Family:
  • Prospero - A primary voice in the quest to get me to grow up.
  • Calista - Favourite cousin, one-time protegee. I'm so proud that she's come so far.
  • Leo - If someone has to be a sacrifice to buraucracy and the duty we hold to each other and to the people in our care, I'm glad it's you.

  • Rival:
  • Percephon - We fit together in so many curious ways.

  • Sibling:
  • Dante - Beloved Brother. The Sword to my Rose.

  • Frenemy:
  • Natalia - I used to call you sister

  • Deceased:
  • Eos - You were a safe haven. Like a father.
  • Nadia - Naughty Northern BFF. Rest well, for you have earned it.
  • Valkieri - the only honest person in the Lyceum. He'd tell you himself. I miss him.

  • Friend:
  • Jaenelle - A confidante for pleasurable conversation.
  • Larissa - Confidante, mentor, scintillating conversation.
  • Max - Count Darkwater the Dashing. The Proud Pirate. I'm glad I yelled at him.
  • Runa - So tightly wound. Just relax, sweetness. I'm with you.
  • Cicero - Mirrormask. Mentor. Very amiable. Very clever.
  • Isolde - Mirrormask. Mentor. A role model?
  • Dafne - A unique beauty and a special soul. She takes my breath away.
  • Leola - Intriguing and uncommon. Talented and kind.
  • Saedrus - The Prettiest Man in Arx. Be still my trembling loins.
  • Joslyn - She's been a delight and a light in my life since I was young.
  • Calandra - Mistress Nightingale - I try not to pick favourites, but you make it hard.
  • Alis - To watch her flail about is a delight.
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