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Otho Felpspur

There is nothing wrong with cowardice. You live to fight another day. Now conformity is another story.

Social Rank: 9
Concept: Crafty Cogger
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Felpspur
Gender: male
Marital Status: widowed
Age: 65
Birthday: 01/01
Religion: Pantheon/Shamanism
Vocation: Steward
Height: tall
Hair Color: grey & white
Eye Color: blue
Skintone: tanned

Description: Otho is an old sailor who's skin has been weathered by the open sea, with narrow shoulders and lean muscle. His sharp blue eyes watch his surroundings, calculating his next move. His sarcastic wit is offset by his off kilter smile that makes you forgive that old cogger for his veiled insults. His short grey and white hair flies a little wild when the wind blows. His matching beard is well cared for. His voice bears a raspy quality like faded velium paper. While the riggers of age has slowed him down, there's still a bounce to his step.

Personality: Otho has survived in circumstances where most others would have fallen because he at the core is a coward. When life gets tough, he finds the exit. Or at least a decent hiding hole until the storm passes. Being a coward doesn't mean that he's afraid of his own shadow. In fact the old cogger has a knack of knowing just how far to push others before his winsome smile and self deprecating words calms the situation. Don't mistake the man's act as senility. He's sharp as a tac. Otho as a head for numbers. If there's a loophole to be found, that man will find it.

Background: Otho Felpspur is the name that he uses now. Of course, the old cogger has had many names in his life but it's good one for now. Not much is known about Otho's past before he joined Aegis' crew. A man has rights to his secrets and apparently Aegis' trusted him so now his son does too. Mind you, Otho isn't going to be rushing off into battle. But when it comes to managing money or finances, or a loophole to the law, he's your man.

Otho met Aegis when he was a young man and facing a particularly difficult negotiation with another chieftain. Otho just happened to be at the bar, and just happened to let be known that the deal was sour before money exchanged hands. When the other chieftain threatened to beat Otho to a bloody pulp for ruining the deal, he made sure to put Aegis between him and his attacker. When Aegis brought this stray into the fold, he found a loyal steward, well, as loyal as he can be. He's never cheated Aegis. Just don't expect him to take a sword or anything. He's a lover, not a fighter.

Yes, the man claims to be widowed and won't besmirch the name of his long dead beloved but that doesn't stop him from charming his way into companionship. Of course, these sweet retreats never last. Otho just isn't the type of man to settle down. Or be thoughtful. Or remember to give proper courtesy. Of course, now that he's older, he's not jumping out of married ladies windows or scrabbling to pick up clothes thrown out the window but you get the picture.

On the matter of Brand, Otho can't hear his name without swearing softly or giving a swift hand gesture towards the departed demon archfiend. Ruined a perfectly good run that bastard did. Getting Aegis and his two sons killed. Leaving Athaur in charge of everything. The boy would be lost without him. Simply lost. Someone has to keep everything running. Can't trust the youth with the finances. So just go. Play your Count Athaur. Old Otho will keep an eye out for you.

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