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Kanean Ironfoot

A father's stained honor is inherited by his children.

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Dark Archer
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Ironfoot
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Unmarried
Age: 18
Birthday: 04/16
Religion: Shamanism/Pantheon
Vocation: Soldier
Height: 6'1"
Hair Color: Sable
Eye Color: Grey
Skintone: Pale

Description: Tall of stature, quiet as the wind, Kanean Ironfoot has been forged in battle. He carries the scars with pride, his keen grey eyes missing nothing. His long black hair is tied back, out of the way. His skin still pale from his months in captivity. His lean muscled frame fills out his armor, even though it's still growing.

Personality: Kanean Ironfoot is a young man who has seen too much. Done too much. He must now make up for the sins of his father, Tuscak Ironfoot. He regrets his part in almost instigating war between the Oathlanders and the Abandoned Tribes. It's his sincere intent to serve under Count Athaur Rivenshari whom he's given his oath of fealty to. For a young man with so much darkness in his past, he still has hope and seeks the light.

Background: Being born into the Ironfoot clan meant being as hard as the metal from their namesake. His ancestors got their name because they were so tough, so relentless that none could match their stamina in battle. Being the second second of Tuscak, an Abandoned shav traditionalist who was fed on the fires of hate for the Compact, he was raised to raid and burn the fields of his enemy. His mother shook him from her skirts when he was old enough to stand on his own. Any weakness or tenderness was beaten out of him by the time he was ten. When his father put a bow in his hand, because his leaner stature and keen eye made him a natural, he practiced with the intent that he would make his father proud.

Brand was a plaque upon the Abandoned Tribes of the Oathlands. He took the fuel of hate that lived in the Ironfoot's hearts and fanned it out of control. Kanean was there along side his father and brother, possessed by the dark magic to deal death to the citizens of Arx. He felled many that day. But the Gods that protect the Compact managed to break Brand and release the Abandoned tribes that were under his sway. Leaving the once proud tribe broken, leaderless. His father was angry the day the Oathlanders came to the encampment to gloat over their handiwork. He urged Kanean and his brother to enter the crowds, warning others not to listen to the false promises that bending knee would bring. He watched as his cousin was brought on stage, a boy too young to be cheiftain. Then it all fell apart.

An Oathlander with the help of Rivenshari arrested his brother and himself. He was sent to prison with the outrageous crime of trying to murder his own cousin. He was caged with his brother for months, even after his father died in a trial by combat. It was during his captivity that he learned the truth, the horrible story of how his father tried to get his cousin to light himself and his sisters on fire to protest the Compact. How his father tried to start war again before his people had even recovered.

When they were brought to trial, to speak to the tribunal, Kanean denounced what his father had done and gladly bent on knee to Count Athaur Rivenshari. He took an oath that would bind him to the Compact that he once fought. While he will make up for his past wrongs, he is not broken. He is still of Ironfoot.

Name Summary
Icelyn A skilled archer and sworn to the Compact. I can say little more.
Lisebet Seems interested in learning but cautious. I wonder what he has experienced to make him so.
Mabelle A wonderful young Rivenshari man. His dog was so cute, I had to get three of my own.