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Action Id: 1584 Crisis: Participants: Ailith, Edain, Aleksei, Bianca, Cristoph, Corban, Clover, Thena, Reigna, Margerie and Sorrel
Status: Resolved Submitted: Jan. 8, 2018, 3:31 p.m. Public: True GM: Puffin

Silver: 100000
Economic Resources: 100
Military Resources: 25
Social Resources: 100
Action Points: 50

Action by Ailith

As the Scholars of Vellichor undergo a great archive across the Compact, Seraph Ailith has devised a project to focus regionally, beginning with Valardin. She will reach out to the Seraphs of all the parishes under the Valardin fealty to host monthly (or every two months) a community event (free food!) to encourage the people to share their stories which reflect their family, friends, and community. A local scholar will attend and write these stories to create a book that represents that community (village, town, cities!).

Eventually, a copy will be sent to the Great Archives in Arx where scholars can review and compare any stories to create other books such as a farmer's almanacs using stories and tips from the various local farmers or cookbook of local recipes, even mother's homemade cookies.

The idea is to create regional books that these communities can be proud about. And if any locals attending these community events feel inspired to help the scholar, that young person can be trained to become a scholar, too.

Action by Edain

To Unify his past attempts to aid Duchess Clover and Archlector Bianca put pressure on the Story Eater, Edain will try and use the same network of Errant Knights that he is trying to use to assist Ailith. As errant knights wander and set up camps where people can come to share their stories with them, Edain will provide writing materials for them and their squires to take down these stories and to deliver them to the local scholars, that Ailith has recording the stories to be preserved in the Archives eventually. Hopefully this will extend the reach of her story gathering. to smaller hamlets, outposts, mining and logging camps that the local scholars and the workers employeed there cannot neccesarrily reach as easily.

Action by Bianca

Bianca is openly in full support of Seraph Ailith's call to the collection of knowledge and the promotion events to come. Orders have been dispersed among the Scholar parishes/libraries throughout the Oathlands to ensure everything is documented properly and copies are then forwarded to the Archive to be copied again and dispersed between the five great cities per the Archival Initiative.

Action by Cristoph

Duke Cristoph Laurent will be putting the word out to his people in Artshall, going so far as to help mitigate the costs of these events himself for the local parishes. Everyone is encouraged to get out, enjoy and share stories of their family histories. Even the ridiculous ones! Mead provided by House Laurent.

Action by Corban

Lord Corban, Voice of the Telmarch, will contact the new Seraph of the Telmarch and encourage him or her to participate in Ailith's efforts. He will also send Ailith's emissaries with a letter under the seal of House Telmarch exhorting Telmarines to participate in the telling of their stories. Sure, it's not important enough for Corban to go personally, but he can write a nice letter.

Action by Reigna

Countess Reigna Keaton is reaching out to her contacts within the Scholars to speak to those stationed in Oakhaven, beginning the coordination and brainstorming required to set up these monthly or bimonthly meetings. She is almost making sure they have all the supplies and resources necessary, in terms of parchment, quills, books, ink. She'll be specifically requesting Scholars with a keen ear and the ability to communicate effectively with all sorts of people, who are skilled at coaxing stories from even the shyest commoner or the most tedious noble.

Action by Margerie

Lady Margerie, Voice of Keaton, will reach out to her former citizens and a network of 'not in the seat of power, but still rather close to it, and stuck in the country' nobles out in the Oathlands to encourage their participation. A special effort will be made to reach out to older people and their families/neighbors to try and collect their stories even if they may not be able to attend some of these get togethers. To encourage Oakhaven's efforts specifically, she'll be sending recipes from some of the farflung places she's encountered in Arx, a chance for them to try new things.

Action by Aleksei

Aleksei is reaching out to his family to get them involved. The Morgans have quite a history of service in the Oathlands, and there are surely plenty of stories passed down that they could share for just such a project. Plus, hopefully the involvement of such respected notables as Guard-Captain Hardwicke Morgan will help to encourage others to participate.

Action by Clover

Clover will be reaching out to the vassals of Farshaw. As a new Duchess she feels somewhat on shakey grounds. However, she is providing a legimate heir for the duchy that will help stabilize the power of the area. In the honor of the future ducal heir she is going to be asking the vassals of Farshaw to start a collection of books for a great library to be created at the Westrock Reach, and in their own territories. To provide books of local histories, of local legends, and the like.

Action by Thena

Thena asks the Knights of Solace stationed in the Oathlands to make sure that scholars and the cargo they carry are well protected on the roads. And should a Knight him/herself wish to jot down their own stories, well, what's more exciting than tales of adventure?

Action by Sorrel

Beyond being encouraging of the Wyrmguards and their vassals to share more stories with one another and to seek young people with vocations as scholars, Sorrel is even more enthusiastically than usual working to inspire bards to collect and compile regional songs and ballads. (This is pretty damn enthusiastic for those who know Sorrel; it's like she's been unleashed to eagerly harass people about music, particularly old music with songs of the past.) She is absolutely unabashed about bugging other bards for their songs and encouraging them to write new ones based on the stories of today and yesterday.


Seraph Ailith leads an initiative to document the stories of the people. She starts with Valardin and with the help of many of the leaders of the House and its vassals, she and her team move through the countryside talking to anyone who wants to talk. It's a time to come together - refreshments are offered, people are there to listen. The first few towns are skeptical, but by the time they get to the third the word has gone out - they are listening. They want to know. The archival project to record the lives and times even of the smallest, meanest of lives is important. They are important. There's a rush of warmth and feeling, and for the length of their conversation with Ailith and her group, the people are able to feel like they matter. That something of them will live on beyond themselves.

Perhaps no one will care about the lives of the smallest vassals in Valardin. But maybe it all matters. And the people are now linked by the same connection - their stories are told. Their stories are important. Warmth and fellow-feeling grow in Valardin. A fondness for all those who participate in this great effort. And outside Valardin the question is asked - hey? when is it our turn for immortality?