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Action Id: 1840 Crisis: Participants: Ian, Wylla, Madeleine, Lucita, Vayne, Victoria and Sorrel
Status: Resolved Submitted: March 4, 2018, 9:56 p.m. Public: True GM: Puffin

Silver: 6000
Action Points: 62

Action by Ian

In the tallest tower of Setarco, the Choir will be using their voices as a counterbalance to as much abyssal interference as possible.

Ian, at the head of his new special forces unit, will be keeping anything from getting to the Singers so that they can keep doing their thing for as long as possible. He'll have archers on the stairs that lead to the tower with compound bows and heavy broadhead arrows, with instructions to shoot steadily and fall back if anyone tries to get up the stairs, aiming for the head as much as possible. Once they get to the top of the stairs, there will be a heavy door that can be barred and barricaded. Pikemen will keep anything trying to climb the walls from getting in through the windows. If enemy forces do get into the room, the men will form a circle of interlocking tower shields around the Singers, with a row of men with halberds behind them, and we'll use that formation to hold out for as long as we have to. If what we face are "zealots" (zombies), the men have instructions to focus on bashing in or cutting off heads.

Ian will be enlisting the help of the Faith intercede with the Gods and try to protect the Choir from more direct magical interference. While not present, their contributions will be key to defending against assaults that can't be held back with a shield or beaten back with a blade.

Action by Sorrel

Sorrel is very focused on fighting the abyss in particular using song. She will wear her rubicund armor and bring her rubicund sword with her, but being the Bladesong, she intends to use her voice as her blade. One of her primary focuses in singing will be to attack any cloud cover, particularly that which seems unnatural. Another primary focus of hers will be to improve morale among the troops, since that's, to her knowledge, her great talent. Furthermore, since it's supposedly abyssal magic that will be dampening and/or destroying morale, it's completely her aim to conteract that with a little help from her friends.

Sorrel will be bringing a variety of songbooks with her, and in particular, religious songs both that she's written and that others have written. Furthermore, she'll also focus on getting the battle hymn sung. Her musical selections will be as anti-abyss as they come!

Action by Lucita

Lucita, from past actions singing with Tikva and Sorrel, thinks she apparently linked the singers together somehow, and knows she strengthened their songs and extended the distance they reach. She has been studying at the Academy and praying in various shrines daily in the hopes she will be able to do this well and contribute to the songs they sing to prevent madness, sustain morale, and enable the compact ground forces and fleet to have an improved chance against what they face. Thus she will sing wholeheartedly with the choir when fleet and ground forces battle the foe.

Action by Madeleine

Blessings, Sygils, prayers, and holy water- whatever she can do to provide both spiritual and psychological protection for Ian's mission is given. She bathed the tokens in the sacred pools and prays over them, anointing them in incense . She provides blessed bottles of rose water. Whatever might help because Beseeching is mysterious and vague.

Action by Vayne

Vayne blesses all the mirrors involved in this effort. Big and small, the whole lot of them. No one needs a mirrorborn sneaking through and replacing/murdering anyone.

Action by Wylla

Wylla has received songs to be blessed from Lucita and, presumably others. She offers the blessings of Jayus upon them, in hopes that the creativity from Jayus will help find the right wording to help hold the singers' focus and emotions on their goals. May their voices be strong and true for what must be sung and last through the length of the battle.

Action by Victoria

Victoria is carrying a flame from the Eternal Flame to the lighthouse of Setarco, as she is already making her way via the Setarco naval forces. (action 1858, 1841).


From Setarco the lull is interrupted by the approach by a huge monster, tentacled with blue-black, leathery skin. And so many eyes and so very many sharp teeth. They seemed to be seeking out the Choir of Sorrel, Tikva, and Luctia who sing from the Tower but, guarded by Lord Ian Kennex and watched over by Archlector Madeleine, the monsters could not find their prey. And as they struggled to defend the Choir the group tasked with monster hunting by Prince-Consort Talen arrived - Shard, Theron, Corban, Serafine, Adalyn, Leta, Elyse, and Regla - along with a man in a skull mask saved the day, sending the algae-covered monster, and then the tentacle monster it birthed, and then the monster vomited forth along with a stone tablet. The monsters seemed thoroughly interested in killing the Choir, but they were prevented and so the small team carried the day. For now, Setarco lapses into quiet once more - but an uneasy sort of peace, and the sneaking suspicion that there are more than just ships heading their way.