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Action Id: 2411 Crisis: Participants: Katarina, Kenna, Ian, Sorrel and Cullen
Status: Resolved Submitted: July 2, 2018, 1:03 a.m. Public: True GM: Puffin

Action by Katarina

After combing through her catalogue of past ventures, Katarina came across the documents that outlined the results of expeditions based upon the completed records of Song of Lost Names & Weapons she'd kept in her possession. There was one expedition that is said to have been a failure to retrieve a "cache of weapons for rulers most cruel" led by Duke Harald Grimhall and Duke Asger Crovane, which aligns with the curious findings that alluded to recent visitors having been in the strange temple upon the Island of Storms they discovered from the last trip.

Given that signs of the Horned God's activity have begun to rear up, Katarina is resolved to retrieve this final weapon or tool, no matter what it takes. She knows the waters to the Island of Storms like the back of her hand and will gather up a group once more to return and retrieve the cache.

Action by Sorrel

Sorrel has been wanting to go to the Isle of Storms for awhile now. She's an enthusiastic adventurer, and even though this specific mission isn't her end goal, she intends to learn as much as she possibly can from the experience. She'll bring her armor and her sword, for who knows what dangers the Isle will bring, and she'll work to help Katarina come home with the sword.

Action by Ian

Ian will be coming along, as he does, bringing some of the Thrax Special Forces as backup. (Probably not all of them as I doubt they'd fit on the Unsullied. But as many as is reasonable.) As usual, his primary goal is to make sure that everyone is as safe as they can be and that everyone (especially Sorrel) comes back alive.

That having been said, Ian is also quite interested in any weapons that can be found in a place like this, and because he sees Harald as a father figure, finishing what he started would have deep meaning for him.

Action by Kenna

Something is lost? Kenna's totally on board with that, her innate curiosity too much to keep her back upon hearing about the lost weapons. She signs up to come along with Katarina to search bringing her keen eye and knack for finding lost things. Knowing it is particularly dangerous she keeps her wandering spirit more or less in control unless there's a clear compulsion to look someplace in particular. Then she'll speak to Katarina before following after said compulsion, not wishing to have HER actions bring anyone else into danger also.

Action by Cullen

Intrigued by this particular cache of weapons to help battle the evil to the North, and never having had the opportunity to go to the Isle of Storms in the past, Cullen is quite thrilled to be joining this expedition and ensuring Katarina is successful in this venture. Having years of experience in the tactics and strategy of warfare, both on scales large and on the small group level, he will ensure that the expedition and any military units are deployed in the most advantageous manner possible, should they face adversaries on the Island of Storms.


An open door. A dark pool of water. An empty altar. And sharks. So many sharks. But not normal ones. Why can there never just be NORMAL FREAKING SHARKS?!