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Action Id: 2636 Crisis: Participants: Sorrel, Edain, Victus, Denica, Desiree, Olivia, Sabella, Charlaine(RIP), Reese, Sina(RIP), Bianca, Sparte, Katarina, Carita, Zoey, Sasha, Alexis, Caspian, Caith, Amari, Coraline, Richard, Fredrik and Kace
Status: Resolved Submitted: Sept. 9, 2018, 7:18 p.m. Public: True GM: Puffin

Action by Sorrel

Sorrel gathers friends and family to her, around a warm brazier. "The time has come," she says, "To cleanse the primum and to sing the world as it truly is. This is my song. This is my ritual. Yours may be different, in turn, for it must truly come from you. I pray that each of you supports me wholeheartedly in this and that you take this as a sample to perform your own ritual."

"Let me sing you a song of love in thirteen verses, each one carefully written with time and creativity. Let me sing Love into the Dream with joy and sacrifice:"

Each bit of the song is pinned to a scrap of fabric that is meant to represent the person or thing the verse of the song is about. The first one is a scrap of violet baby blanket. The second one is a square of gray fabric with a Thrax sea serpent embroidered on it. The third is simply plain gray fabric. The fourth is a bit of aeterna, very plain. The fifth is another square of plain gray fabric, this one with the sigil of the King's Own. The sixth is a square of green seasilk with a sword worked upon it. The seventh is white silk with a spiraling red vine embroidered on it. The eighth is white aeterna edged in gold threads. The ninth is a dirty piece of wool. The tenth is brilliant green seasilk, embroidered with tiny clovers all over it. The eleventh is umbra with the sigil of House Wyrmguard embroidered thereon. The twelvth is also umbra, this time with the sigil of House Thrax. The thirteenth is umbra edged in gold. As the song is sung, the appropriate bit of fabric is placed into the brazier to be consumed.

1 Kyrios is a hope for the sanctity of life, a beautiful new thing being born, something that can grow into something new and greater than that which proceeded it:

Precious love of mine
For nine long months time
Small one within me
No greater love than thee

2 Galen is love. Passion, ambition, attraction, and all the things that attract people to one another. Let the world be full of love and lovers:

My great love for you is a burning flame
Now one and whole, we are never the same
Half of me is you; what am I to do?
To your dear love I will always be true.

3 Leona is faithfulness and fidelity, the choice of a dearest friend. Beautiful and true, a close bond of spirits in trust and friendship:

Sister not of body but of spirit.
To you do I tell secrets; you hear it.
A special bond of choice and freedom dear:
Our friendship in the purest sense is clear.

4 The Choir is a group of us with similar talents who all sing the Dream as it really is. Freedom and love and beauty:

Beautiful dreamers, listen now to me
Hear my song truly; it lets you be free
Power and strength coming with every note
Let the world be as my song is so wrote.

5 Corban is strength and honor, the true knight. Given the opportunity to do something the right way, he will take the path of righteousness:

Brother you are, though no brother you be
Like my own kin is how you are to me.
To you I entrust the most precious weight
Knowing that you are a knight very great

6 Luca was a Champion, and he stood for the honor of others. He also fights for the Light as a member of the Inquisition. Although he may not be a knight, he is a great man, admirable and true:

A fighter you are, champion to all
Dueling for true, never taking the fall.
Working for Light yet behind the closed door
We're lucky to have you give 'em what for!

7 Tikva represents sisterhood and platonic love. The sort of love that comforts you through tears and is joyful for you when you're joyful, love that melds in harmony:

Beautiful singer, sing your songs with me
Together meld in perfect harmony
Best friend and girl friend and companion true
I'll always be found singing next to you.

8 Ailith is Faith, a friend who has recently found her way to greater heights. Faith and love of the gods is important, a real true religious sort of love:

Peaceful, faithful, knowing of mystery,
Joyful, respectful, caring of history.
Guide me in the ways of the gods and love:
Advice that is tempered by those above.

9 Ian is loyalty. Love born of loyalty between soldiers, comrades in arms, in the field true. Love that is camaraderie:

Always at my back, you do yourself ride
Your right sword hand always at my side
Forever my protection with your men
Come! An adventure! I'll need you again!

10 Clover represents family love, the love that comes from sharing the same life growing up and the natural love and loyalty that inspires:

Beloved sister, bound by blood ties --
We would be best of friends yet anywise.
Bubbly temperament, always a joy:
When you were born, I was glad not a boy!

11 House Wyrmguard is where I grew up and how I developed my fascination with dragons. The love of House Wyrmguard, an ancient house, is one of fealty and devotion forever:

Though on the ground, the wyrms may yet lumber
The House recalls: Not all dragons slumber.
Danger is near? They will not surrender
As Valardin lives, they will remember.

12 House Thrax is where I married and to whom I currently owe fealty. Although I am not a sailor, I am learning to love the sea, and though I have reservations about some of their traditions, I am learning to love their culture:

A mariner's dream, so the current flows
Whenever the tide is out, there Thrax goes
Rough Islanders living off of the sea
One of their number is where you'll find me.

13 Music is what I want to fill the world with. Beautiful music is the song to which we should all live our lives, singing the Dream true and full of love:

A song is a song, but in the right key,
It can be a balm for you or for me.
All the world's dreams can be sung in music:
Finding the right words is the only trick.

Action by Coraline

Cora will learn the ritual through being present when Sorrel performs it so that she might perform it herself to teach others.

Action by Sabella

Sabella will quietly watch Sorrel's ritual with rapt attention!

Action by Charlaine(RIP)

Charlaine will learn the ritual through being present when Sorrel performs it. Charlaine will definitely try to perform it herself later in order to spread the knowledge and asisst in cleaning the primum.

Action by Sparte

Sparte will be present to observe, learn, and lend support.

Action by Amari

Amari will sit in to watch Sorrel enact the ritual so she might learn and perform it herself (not nearly as awesomely, but she'll try her best when it's time)!

Action by Alexis

Having been invited to witness Sorrel's ritual, and hoping to learn it, Alexis attends to bear witness - and if necessary, offer protection, presuming any danger is even physical.

Action by Carita

Carita will observe with awe, take notes as she listens, and quietly lends her support to the cleansing of the primum. There are moments when Sorrel's song brings tears to her eyes, or a smile to her face and while she might want to close her eyes to let that song wash over her, she doesn't so that she can witness every last moment.

Action by Denica

Invited to bear witness to the ritual, Denica will stay with them and study with her so that she might perform the ritual herself someday.

Action by Caspian

Caspian watches the ritual with interest, and when it is over, he can already be seen scribbling down verse ideas!

Action by Katarina

Katarina is but one of many invited along to bear witness to the ritual that may very well begin cleansing the primum of its poison in the land. She listens, watches with rapt attention and intrigue, ready to help however she may.

Action by Sina(RIP)

Sina has been invited to witness the ritual to learn it. She has agreed to bear witness and learn, that the primum may be cleansed.

Action by Caith

Ohboyohboyohboy! THIS IS IT! IT IS HAPPENING! /MAGIC/!!! Well, the first step towards it anyway. When Sorrel invites her to come observe the ritual, Caith is the first one there. Bright and early. Probably even before she and Galen and the baby are even awake that day. 'Don't mind me,' she'll shout through the door at the Thrax Estate. 'I'll just wait out here in the hall until you guys are ready!' A few minutes will go by. 'Are you ready now?' A few minutes more. 'How about now?' Five minutes later: 'Do you need help in there? Have you fallen down and hurts yourselves? Come on! Let's get a move on! IT'S RITUAL DAY! WHEEEE!' Caith is there with paper and pen and ink, all bright-eyed and bushy tailed and ready to take /NOTES/. And when Sorrel is done, she will ask /QUESTIONS/ to double-check, triple-check and cross-check her notes. Because, and maybe this isn't clear but: Caith is VERY INVESTED in this.

Action by Bianca

Bianca will also be observing so that in the future she too may perform and teach others for the betterment of all humanity.

Action by Sasha

Sasha will sit and carefully watch the ritual as Princess Sorrel performs it. She is eager to learn to so she can help the Primum be cleansed.

Action by Olivia

Olivia is likewise joining in to watch and learn!

Action by Edain

Edain willl participate and observe the ritual. He will be somber and respectful, but he will be paying close attention. His intention is to attempt to perform this rite at Cairn Valardin in the very near future.

Action by Desiree

Desiree will be there to witness and study the ritual. She is hoping to learn to perform it.

Action by Zoey

Zoey will be there as well, watching and, knowing her, probably taking notes. Because ritual. Learning rituals. Et cetera.

Action by Fredrik

Fredrik will, of course, join in these proceedings, knowing how valuable this ritual is, both for himself and for the Compact as a whole. For all our futures, it must be spread.

Action by Reese

Reese will join this and will try to assist Sorrel however needed. She will attempt to pay close attention and to learn how to do the ritual herself so that such can be done when the time comes for her own. She will be respectful, helpful and largely quiet during the ritual.

Action by Richard

Richard will be present in Sorrel's ritual. So that he may learn it and use it in the future.

Action by Victus

Victus is here to learn. He doesn't know much about what he's looking at, so he's taking down notes with a quill and parchment and saving all the details in his head.

Action by Kace

Kace will be joining in on the ceremony in order to learn the ritual that she might complete it herself someday soon.


Sorrel gathers friends and family to her, around a warm brazier. "The time has come," she says, "To cleanse the primum and to sing the world as it truly is. This is my song. This is my ritual. Yours may be different, in turn, for it must truly come from you. I pray that each of you supports me wholeheartedly in this and that you take this as a sample to perform your own ritual."

"Let me sing you a song of love in thirteen verses, each one carefully written with time and creativity. Let me sing Love into the Dream with joy and sacrifice."

And then she sings, feeding each slip of verse and a small piece of fabric into the fire, and with each one she weaves love through them all. The love of a child, the love for her husband. For her sister of the heart, for the choir. Freedom and strength, chivalry and righteousness. Honor and comfort, joy and harmony. Faith now, and loyalty. The love for family and home, the love for duty carried long through the generations, for fidelity and for music and happiness.

With each verse her love, deep and abiding and joyous, wraps around all of them. It pushes away the darkness, it pushes at the poison. She is seeking to reshape the future and her contribution is love, and there is one timeless moment where everyone assembled feels that love course through them. And while it fades, each of them knows they will remember always the strength of Sorrel's heart as she fights for the people she loves the most, for her family, for her friends, for the Compact, for humanity.