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Action Id: 3127 Crisis: Participants: Lucita, Valencia, Olivia, Juliana, Leola, Waldemai, Roran, Salvatore, Vayne, Petal, Sasha, Skye, Ian, Sorrel, Rhiannon, Miranda, Sanya, Mirk, Domonico, Martino, Santi, Rowenova and Draven
Status: Resolved Submitted: March 1, 2019, 2:07 p.m. Public: True GM: Apostate

Economic Resources: 1550
Military Resources: 600
Social Resources: 250
Action Points: 75

Action by Lucita

The Saikland Blackened Glass area consists of a central thick sheet of solid glass where Baron Eos and his men were incinerated in 1005 while fighting off a group of abandoned who were agents or loyal to Cardia, a dragon causing the damage. The glass extends for a mile in each direction from that central point, growing thinner and becoming shards and splinters toward the perimeter. Plant growth for hundreds of yards from it is stunted, withering, warped and the shore is lined with dead fish, larger sea creatures such as sharks closer to the area of the densest glass. Huge bear tracks, much larger than normal for Saikland were seen and warped oddly behaving bobcats. Dead animals and skeletons were around the outer perimeter. Excursions have collected samples and had analysis done of the glass, animals, etc and shown poisoning and taint. There are concerns for the spreading poison, the poisoned fish in the area, the warped-tainted animals posing potential dangers to the villagers and farmers in the area, risk to Marin'alfar who may venture into the bay and to any ships who fish and eat their catch. This could also have an impact on the economy if ships and trade begins to avoid Saikland. Therefore in the interests of protecting the citizens and economy of Saikland, Lucita has been seeking a means of trying to cleanse, contain, or mitigate the blackened glass effects. She seeks the aid of the faith and of skilled persons to help deal with the animals and the poison and the taint both land and sea side.

Aside from organizing and funding the effort, Lucita plans to attempt to join her voice with the attempts of the faith and others in trying to boost and assist the cleansing efforts.

Action by Sorrel

Sorrel as a spellsinger is going to go with her friend Lucita to join her voice with hers and the attempts of the Faith to assist the cleaning efforts. This is a strong opportunity for her to use her voice against the Abyss and that sort of thing excites her, so she will sing with enthusiasm.

Action by Vayne

Vayne sets his considerable skills and resources to work for this effort. Not just in researching the possible cures for the tainted stretch of land, but in attempting to provide support and protection in his own special way. So, in addition to putting some time in the Archives, Vayne also begins to bless water to turn it into holy water, and bless mirrors to help keep everyone safe(er) from the Abyssal forces that might step in.

Action by Roran

Roran, as Archlector of Lagoma, is going to lend his aid in the cleansing of the tainted land. Since the nature of the glass was supposedly caused by a dragon's fire, likely an atonement rite would not work. So he will attempt a cleansing rite to heal the lands of the taint. If all else fails he will attempt to cleanse the land with fire from a lantern light from Lagoma's Flame.

Action by Rowenova

Nova primarily works with Draven, doing so not only as 'helpful wife who doubles up as lab assistant with a second set of helpful hands' but also doing so as the Safety/Survival expert who ultimately ensures we all have whatever it is that we possibly need to stay alive, who constantly detects potential hazards/threats, and who tracks down tainted creatures upon whom Alchemical dosing can be tested out to hopefully cleanse those poor critters. Should Nova ever spot anything dangerous, she immediately informs Miranda.
Sir Flop also joins with his special booties on all four paws, making sure to help out with threat detection and protectively guards his Bruvir family, too.

Action by Draven

For his part, Draven is going to do his upmost to test every known alchemical cleansing combinations he can think of to see if any of them have an affect on reducing the tainting effect in the meat of the dead animals, and in the glass. He does what he can to isolate the tainting effect as well, trying to reduce it down to a singular alchemical component to test with.

Action by Juliana

Juliana is going for medical support. For everyone concerned be them singers, protectors or support. She will be setting up a triage and working tiredlessly to make sure that those that need medical attention receive it in a timely manner.

Action by Skye

Skye is going to use her knowledge in agriculture and infrastructure to figure out natural barriers that could be constructed to keep animals from stumbling upon the area until the cleansing can happen. Introduce flora that naturally cleanses the ground (outside of any abyssal taint) to lessen the damage once the spellsingers are able to remove the abyssal influence. During the different cleansing efforts, she's going to make notes on what works so she can apply it to her own lands that were damaged by dragons.

Action by Olivia

Olivia will use the power of prayer to help. She will be looking for the most sacred spots in the effected area of the forest and praying to Petrichor, asking him to bring peace to these woods. Hopefully doing this will help push the blight back, or better yet destroy it.

Action by Sanya

Sanya will travel to the Saikland, to offer her knowledge/abilities as a disciple of Mangata in the cleansing of the tainted shore.

Action by Ian

Ian will be going along, as he usually does, with the sole intention of keeping Sorrel (and hopefully everyone else) (and hopefully also himself) alive. He'll work on establishing a perimeter, keep an eye out for trouble, and try to keep anyone from wandering off alone. If there are villagers around who know the area and its dangers better than he does, he'll look for someone he might be able to hire as a paid guide.

Action by Miranda

Miranda is going to assist in protecting those who will need it. This varies, but a group will be assigned to the spellsingers and others to the various non-combatants, such as Draven and Rowenova, and yet others still. The larger group will go with Miranda and be dispersed as needed. Primarily, her job and those of her infantry will be protection, keeping wild and tainted things, animals, and people from attacking those who are collecting samples or doing other works.

Action by Waldemai

Waldemai intends to support Lady Lucita's action by ensuring she is well-equipped and her party has the best gear available as possible. To that end he is going along to serve as armorsmith, sharpen weapons, and so forth. He can also fight a bit if it comes to that, but he's also got financial resources to throw into the mix if needed.

Action by Leola

Leola is good at two things; animals and farming. Here, she helps with both. She knows about land reclamation, and she is more than willing to help examine the taint - and put her methods into practice. She also helps with the animals there - directing them away, trying to help them heal, offering better food and trying to track down the way the taints have ran.

But more, her focus is the damaged land. She pours herself into helping recover it - she is a keen pair of hands in the needed work

Action by Santi

Santi's here for operational security. If there are enough guards, he will organize outrider patrols outside of the established perimeter to ensure nothing sneaks up on the group.

Action by Valencia

Known for her skills in inspiring and bringing people together, organizing large groups and keeping spirits high especially during difficult times, Valencia comes to the aid of her friend without hesitation. With so many people from across the city involved, it helps to have someone who can help bring unity to the group and keep moral high to better facilitate and coordinate efforts in the lead up and during to the excursion. That way everyone can focus on the tasks at hand and be inspired to offer their best.

Action by Salvatore

Salvatore responsible for the Cavalry of the Gemecittan army will take control of his troops and position them to protect the groups afoot. His first priority will be on civilians, and then the participants in the exercise, and lastly animals. His troops spread to provide support to the less mobile contingents and slow any approaching threats to buy them time.

Action by Martino

The glass cannot be moved, there is nowhere truly safe to dump it to, so it must be cleansed. This will take time, money, supplies and staff which will require a lot of logistics to carry out. Fortunately these is where Martino can help. He'll help review the plans already undertaken, but also while there help hire the staff required and ensure they are kept well. He'll help organise the supplies being brought in and their safe storage.

A lot of paperwork but, as a trained Minister, something he enjoys as well as having some experience of planning to this degree from his time at Southport.

Action by Rhiannon

Rhiannon is there for protection. She is specifically the bodyguard to her cousin, Olivia. She'll take a small handful of Tree Scouts with her, making sure that those involved can do what they need without interruption from man, plant, or animal that might interfere with their work and in their protection. If there is work she and her scouts can do in order to assist Olivia without compromising her protection, they chip in and help where they can.

Action by Petal

Petal is going to join this action largely with the intention of helping the land and the plants. She wants to help the plantlife grow. To help cleanse any taint that might be negatively effecting them and to learn more about any negative negative effects.

Action by Domonico

Domonico will be coming to the aid of Saikland in cleansing the area. He'll be working alongside the Saik military giving them military advice and leadership in their role of protecting those working. The longships in the Malvici Expeditionary Force will be used for transportation of supplies and personale where they need to go around the area.

Action by Sasha

As Sasha is the Ambassador of the Marin'alfar, she is arranging the negotiations for the cleansing of the waters and checking for mutated and/or tainted water life works. She wants to ensure to all goes as smoothly as humanly and elvenly possible.

Action by Mirk

Mirk is there as a shaman. He will spend several days in meditation, in hopes of communing with the spirits, and then he begins a rite to call upon the spirits and ask for their guidance and support in cleansing the Blackened Glass.


It's, to put it mildly, a major effort. Valencia's propaganda campaign manages to rouse a lot of public support behind the initiative, with donations and volunteers flooding in. In preparation for their arrival, Vayne blesses holy water to be used in the cleansing rites, Draven works on concoction that should (maybe?) revitalize soil, Skye helps cordon off the area to prevent intrusions by wildlife using natural barriers, Waldemai helps with supplies, Martino with logistics, and Salvatore leads a calvary detachment that makes certain that there's no threat from shavs or wild animals as they work.

The number of guards as well as Salvatore's cavalry act as a big enough deterrant that there's no violence, as Rowenova, Santi, Rhiannon, Miranda and Ian keep their prospective charges safe. As workers get close to the work site of the blackened glass, some complain of headaches or illness, and Juliana is able to treat them effectively, and there's no serious illnesses as a result. As the workers start clearing, Roran begins a cleansing rite, with Sanya assisting with Vayne's blessed holy water sprinkling it over wide patches of the glass, and Mirk leads a shaman cleansing rite to the annoyance by some of the more fervently faithful among the workers.

Work goes slow at first, until Lucita and Sorrel sing. After their song finishes, the next worker that takes a swing with a pick the entire line of glass suddenly shatters, and there's a great cracking sound running down the entire beach as the entire line of glass breaks. After that point, Petal is able to help lead clean up efforts while Sasha sees to no contamination on the shore, and poor Leola is visited by what seems to be a large group of animals with an elk, two deer, a wolverine with a vole on its head, and a particularly indignant badger, and she's seen listening attentively for a long time with a look of exasperation and some overhear her promising to 'take their complaints to management'. Olivia, as she walks by inspecting the area, sees a surprising amount of new growth under the glass (which many expected to be dead), with a new kind of vividly bright green moss that no one can identify. The clean up continues and the beach is cleared of all glass, and Domonico makes certain none is carried off by workers.

The beach has been cleansed.