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Action Id: 3439 Crisis: Participants: Victus, Jasher, Shard, Ian, Galen, Sorrel and Raimon
Status: Resolved Submitted: May 27, 2019, 3:58 p.m. Public: True GM: Apostate

Military Resources: 600
Social Resources: 1000

Action by Victus

"Unfortunate what happened to the Marquis of Stormward, but this is what happens when one carelessly frees violent criminals on their land. I, along with most of the Isles, urge the Prince of Maelstrom to reconsider before we have similar acts. That would be tragic."

Those were the words of Duke Ivan Helianthus after Ford's death. Prince Victus has taken his time to measure a response to that, and he's settled on sending Duke Ivan a missive that he'll soon be visiting his domain for a 'diplomatic visit' so they might 'discuss these differences in opinion'.

And he'll be bringing a standing fleet of over 80 ships with him, comprising a large chunk of House Thrax's portion of the Leviathan. Along with several warriors, mercenaries and more.

It's not going to be any secret that the 'diplomacy' part of the visit is just lip service for the sake of civilty. Prince Victus is undoubtedly going to Helianthus to intimidate by making a show of force. Intimidation being the keyword, as their intent isn't expressly to cause violence. But the numbers should indicate that Thrax is more than ready to battle if that's what it must come down to.

Victus hopes his statement will be clear. "We are not backing down from the abolition of Thralldom. We strongly suggest you follow us, because we are more than willing to bring action behind our words." With a large military presence behind him, perhaps it'll get across clearer to a traditional Mourning Isles ruler.

Action by Sorrel

Princess Sorrel will be accompanying High Lord Victus at his side as a diplomat, a traditional female role. She'll be clad in a conservative dress of red exotic leather embroidered with Thrax's sea serpent, but she'll also be carrying her sword, even if she has no intention to use it. Unless negotiations get particularly aggressive. She intends to try to soothe the duke as much as possible, reminding him of his duty under the Faith and Limerance to be a good vassal. She'll point out other traditions that the Isles have that are not going away. One example is the recent difficult diplomacy mission that Duchess Margot led which was staffed entirely by women in traditional gender roles. She'll remind him of his faithful service to the High Lord up to this point. She'll smile and be charming and delightfully feminine with the confidence of a woman who has her High Lord at her side and her Warlord husband leading a navy at her back.

Action by Galen

What would a trip to 'negotiate' by potential show of force be without the Warlord of Thrax himself! Galen will be leading the military with style and tactic. He will equip each ship that is sailing with a small number of archers to supplement their normal crew, on some of the largest vessels he will see the siege weapon attacheds. He will lead the charge from the Serpents Tide with his faithful crew beside him.

The Prince will coordinate a show of military tactic amongst the ships and military of Thrax while negotiations are ongoing in an effort to demonstrate just how well prepared their forces are. Should he have the opportunity to meet face to face with the Duke, he will make a point to show off the way he leads his men, out of devotion and respect. He won't hide his charm either, after all, who can deny that beautiful Warstache?

Action by Jasher

As a son of Thrax, Jasher will accompany Victus with blade and spear in attendance, serving both functions of sentry and symbolic solidarity, the iron fist to Sorrel's silken glove. Jasher will let Victus and Sorrel do most of the talking, though if he was prompted, he will keep his answers short, terse, and disinclined towards productive or prolonged conversation.
For the trip, Jasher will also bring whatever forces he can muster at the time being to add a little more for that show of strength. He'll also be busy ensuring that the day-to-day matters while en route are going smoothly, so that everyone will be ready for presentation--and a degree of violence, if necessary.

Action by Ian

Ian will be accompanying the expedition as the Sword of Stormward, complete with Ashfont at his hip. He knows he's not a diplomat, and thus will try to follow the rule of being seen (with Ashfont and a very severe expression) and not heard. He knows that while this is ostensibly about House Kennex's honor being besmirched, it's actually about reminding Duke Helanthius how not to make an ass of himself, and he respects that. His ideal outcome is some kind of peaceful resolution wherein everyone saves enough face to make it palatable to all parties, and he's not out for revenge here.

But Ian also knows that a peaceful outcome is far from a sure thing. If it looks like the Duke is going to push this to violence, Ian will offer a Sword duel between himself and Helanthius' Sword to the death instead of open conflict -- one man's life to save thousands.

Action by Shard

Shard is coming along as part of that intimidation, along with as many Valorous Few sellswords as seems ideal to Victus (and reasonable for whatever other contracts they might have going, though she's put a priority on this one). She also intends to be an entirely /silent/ participant unless it's necessary to be otherwise, or unless things go poorly, and plans to hammer home to the Few that are coming with her that they're there to be seen, and, ideally, nothing else. Of course, if there ends up being something else, they're all coming armed to the teeth. She's being a little selective here, choosing veterans who have demonstrated at least some ability for self control.

Action by Raimon

Prince Victus has asked Raimon to attend him on his 'diplomatic' mission and so Raimon obeys. He is no diplomat, and he is no social creature. He is there for a singular purpose. To stand around and look menacing and to inflict violence should it be required. He is prepared to put his life on the life for his Liege.


It is with Duke Ivan Helianthus' greatest apologies that he couldn't attend in person, trusting instead the meeting would be more than adequately overseen by a trusted new voice named Melar, a former thrall whose parents once successfully raided a fishing village on Maelstrom's isle and put the villagers to the sword when taking advantage of the chaos of the Tyde Rebellion. Melar is happy to point out that his pardon and full forgiveness of carrying his parents debt was made possible by Victus' reforms, and Duke Ivan Helianthus thought it would be flattering to be greeted by one of the fruits of his labors in person, and see the benefits of forgiveness, even when Melar's parents had personally killed some of the families of a few of Thrax's commoner captains. Duke Ivan Helianthus was, of course, called away by seeing to the mass shipbuilding on his different marches as he provides assistance to his March-lords, done in response to worries of potential raids from Eurus after the Faith's declaration.

The meeting is a little tense.

Melar and all of Helianthus has ever appearance of courtesy, and is unfailingly polite and of course offers fulsome apologies for any offense taken by their intemperate words. And to demonstrate their sincerity, a full forty representatives of different houses under Helianthus' banners are there as well, with roughly a hundred warships in harbor, all toasting and celebrating Thrax, and declaring their commitment to Thraxian power and dominance. Melar has every lord or lady representative of forty different houses in turn say something positive or cloyingly polite to Victus, and the entire process is excruciatingly formal and proper.

And very, very, very pointed.

Which isn't to say Victus' trip is entirely a failure. It's clear that Helianthus takes the threat seriously. Dangerously seriously, in fact, by how much effort they put into a pointed, unspoken retort. And the lack of anything said that could be demonstrably a slight without seeming ridiculous is clearly thought out, but it also speaks to a house not willing to risk open war.