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Princess Liara Grayson

The Compact endures.

Social Rank: 2
Concept: Steel wrapped in Silk
Fealty: Grayson
Family: Grayson
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 30
Birthday: 8/12
Religion: Pantheon! (Jayus)
Vocation: Noble
Height: average height
Hair Color: caramel
Eye Color: blue
Skintone: creamy

Titles: Princess of Bastion, Highlord of the Crownlands, The Iron Princess, Iron Princess

Description: Liara presents her lush curves and creamy skin with flash and verve, her shape zaftig and plush by nature and kept to a trim hourglass by the joint application of iron will and careful sartorial planning. The soft bow of her mouth is rarely without at least the shade of a smile, the pink of her lips soft rose, parting to show the flash of very white teeth. There is a hint of the cherub in the curves of her high-boned cheeks and the hooding of her oceanic blue eyes lends them a languid look except in moments of extreme surprise. Her hair is a glossy ripple of deep, darkly golden caramel, falling when loose in shining waves to her shoulders, though her facial shape is better flattered when it is drawn back and worn up, away from the high column of her throat.

Personality: All right, Liara is here, the party can begin!!

In actuality, Liara full well knows the effort required in putting together a soiree, and it's still one of her favorite things to do. She is a woman who arranges things, like daffodils, and decorations, and decolletage. And, you know, dance partners. For herself and others. She enjoys theater, and music, and dancing. She enjoys being the star of the show, but she knows that there can be real verve, too, as part of a supporting cast. Her ego can be tremendous, but she'd never be deliberately cruel, and for that, much has been forgiven her in her life; her brash, thoughtless, youthful energy, her extroverted passion to give unto others all that she wants for herself -- be it party, passion or pizzazz, because she wants all of those things -- has led her to be the life of the Crownlands. She loves bright colors, snappy rhythm, loud music, raucous laughter, dances with stomping in them, getting into a socially approvable amount of trouble, and taking care of tiny ugly dogs. The tinier and uglier the better.

Background: Liara Grayson, a princess among princesses, a daughter among daughters: that is to say, a young lady very likely to be lost in the crowd if she didn't find her own way to shine. There are two ways to deal with being a little sister and younger cousin, and Liara definitely chose the more glamorous pathway. Even as a very young child, she always wanted to be in the middle of everything, following the older kids around and aping their ways to the point where she would challenge her shadow to a duel, or create vast dramatic party landscapes out of leaves and twigs and lemonade poured into the dirt.

A more than capable student of sewing, musical instruments and dancing, Liara filled her childhood at Bastion with friends and fun and family, as a teenager became the center of attention not by demanding it in roaring fits, but by dint of effort, passion and talent. She became the queen of the gathering of lesser nobility; her parties at Bastion became the talk of her generation, and she yearned for nothing more than to arrive at the capital and put that Grayson flair to the test.

Of course, then there was a SIEGE, and her efforts as an organizer became required for relief efforts and refugees rather than for fun and games! She threw herself into charitable work and civil development for the Crownlands with every bit as much verve and panache as she applied to event planning, and found a talent for it. Organization is not an unrelated skill. And strangely enough, it was those efforts - rather than her efforts at preparing the most amazing princessly debut - that led the family to invite her to the capital.

Name Summary
Aedin It must take quite a few men to guard this princess! What a pleasure and honor. I'm glad they're keeping her safe.
Aella If ever a woman was my exact opposite, I think the High Lady would be her. Yet, we get on fine and she didn't scold me for stomping her cousin's foot.
Aerandir A Grayson lady that I met upon the tradeway; hers was a polite and pleasant presence, and she certainly possesses the beauty one would expect of her lineage.
Agostino An amiable princess, for sure, though given the talents she claims, that is no surprise.
Ajax A princess, the first one of the Greyson house that I can honestly say was a genuine pleasure towards. While clearly having some trouble connecting with on a personal level. I do hope to meet her again.
Alarie Noble. Grayson Noble. Princess to boot. Time will tell.
Alarissa My dear cousin, always a delight to see and I look forward to seeing her around the city.
Alina She is very good at giving advice about social settings. I should ask her more questions.
Amarantha A fellow lover of stories and maker of pleasant conversation. Smart not to go on an expedition--sometimes I wonder how my sisters got me roped into enjoying them.
Amund Very earnest and optimistic Princess. Or perhaps optimistic is the wrong description. Positive-minded?
Anisha "None Greater", Grayson proudly proclaims. I've had Princess Reese as a patron for quite some time, and I've had the eminent pleasure of getting to know a number of them. In many ways, I feel like Princess Liara embodies their words as a high lord. Make no mistake, she has a tough act or two to follow, but I've known her to be effortlessly poised, casually graceful, and easy to engage with in conversation. None Greater, indeed.
Anton I had heard Graysons were dour. Not this one. She's friendly, lively, likes her wine, and seems fun. I like her, I'll have to talk to her more. And get the lowdown on who the dour ones are. Of course, some find me dour. But I'm not.
Archeron A well spoken Grayson princess - apparently no fan of the outdoors, but that is just fascinating. One to bump into again, she is certainly not dull.
Artur I met Princess Liara at the grotto. She was a charming and friendly sort of princess, though I think she thought I was some kind of scoundrel or robber at first. I'm not sure she knew /quite/ what to make of me, so I suppose I shall have to talk to her more until she does.
Artur A Princess and Voice of Grayson. A lovely and graceful woman that was able to at least make me feel as though I was not as socially inept as I thought I could be and a master at deflecting ideas to where the should be taken. I hope to become her friend.
Athaur A most generous Princess with an understandable goal.
Audgrim Ran into her at the Badger Boardinghouse. Well, not literally. Very nice to a commoner that just happened to be there, disturbing her when she was having tea and scones.
Austen A good-humoured princess, one for entertainment of all sorts - and an eye for a weapon for sure.
Bahiya Good taste in wine, this one, with her very large collection of bodyguards and their rattling armor and weapons. Impressive, her voice is even and her manner dignified and guarded.
Barric Cousin Liara, the party princess turned war organizer. She has a fascination with birds it seems, not that I blame her. I have no idea how they train those birds to deliver things either. Still it is good to see her again, we shall have to catch up soon.
Bastien I certainly can't imagine letting someone talk themselves out when I didn't want to listen to them. Then again, I don't have as much patience as literally everyone else in the world.
Beatrice Princess Liara Grayson's parties are, of course, the toast of Arx. Imagine my surprise to find in her a considered, thoughtful conversationlist, measured and diplomatic. A welcome surprise.
Bellamy As lovely, as graceful, as kind, and as wonderful as any Grayson princess should be. I look at her and I wonder: Was this how Alarice the Great looked?
Berenice A princess who understands the value and importance of a steady flow of wine, which is the greatest compliment I can pay a peer.
Bhandn Her Highness seems to think well of us in service to Gild, which means I must ensure to meet that expectation and more. Avarice builds many things, but only deeds build trust.
Brady A beautiful, reserved woman. She delivered on her reputation as 'Hostess of Hostesses'.
Cadenza A rather interesting Grayson. She seems interesting.
Cahal Is there anyone who isn't impressed by the Princess of Bastion?
Caith While I will never agree that there are 'None Greater than Grayson', I must admit that she does throw a lovely party! And I do so love parties...
Calandra A princess of Grayson who's both charming on the dancefloor and in conversation. There's a sharpness under all that grace that I find myself intrigued with.
Caspian She is quite fun to be around, but hard to impress! Had to get half naked for her to just be mildly amused!
Caspian Crowds cheer for her wherever she goes. Can't say I'm not a bit envious!
Caspian The woman is imperious and intense. Every bit what i'd expect from a ruler. but she is still approachable and easy to speak to, a remarkably rare trait to one in power.
Cassandra The Princess Highlord of Grayson. Someone I enjoy the company of, even when the conversation is serious. Perhaps I will find the time to enjoy lighter conversation with her and her contemporaries -- a reminder that I do not need to be so tight at all times.
Celine Master of the scone, she can eat out without losing a single crumb. How do you learn this power?
Charlotte Oh she is just so lovely and so fashionable. Nor did she laugh as I blundered through compliments. I shall have to linger at the Queensrest more so I can talk to her again.
Cirroch A delight to speak with. Very inquisitive and speaking with her has gotten me interested in learning more about the history of my lands. I thank her for that.
Cirroch Still well kept and small drinks throughout a night, or in a Redrain tavern.
Cristoph We've exchanged a few brief messengers in the past, but this would be my first time meeting the High Lord of Bastion face to face. I'm always glad to meet other Peers of the Compact who keep an eye on the expansion and improvement of their lands. It's good to see that the Crownlands is in such good hands. I wish her well in possibly building a gigantic trench in order to circumvent the entirely normal whirlpool in the harbor.
Dariel While discussing clothing and colours she was most friendly and excellent company. I think we might have agreed on quilts.
Delia A fine lady with a fine temprament and fine taste in music. All of the things that make me enjoy a person's company!
Delilah How can I not be delighted by someone who abides by the belief never to order anything but wine? Certainly she knows her mind on libations, which must be appreciated.
Denica The Grayson princess is intelligent, and hardworking, but also receptive and nice.
Dianna Precise, direct, to-the-point. The Graysons never cease to impress.
Dio A renown leader of House Grayson, who conducts herself with dignity, and whose presence, hospitality, and generosity forges ever stronger bonds between the members of the Compact.
Dominique Soft and quiet. I would like to get to know her better. It is usually those that hold their tongue that offer the most profound insights.
Domonico A Grayson Princess and one with a much wiser view of the world than I would have initially thought. Well done for her identifying and appreciating the work that everyone does.
Donato A rather pleasant princess, I found her easy to talk to and companionable. Hopefully I'll get to speak to her again in the future.
Drake A popular woman, stylish and poised. I'm looking forward to attending the next party she throws. It's sure to entertain.
Duarte She was kind enough to offer me her company and a pleasant conversation at the Ambassador.
Elora An amazing hostest and a warm spirit. What a delightful combination.
Elora The Princess of Bastion is a beacon of light during such interesting times. She carries pleasant conversation, is helpful, and has an impeccable taste in fashion. It was a joy to visit with her and I do hope that we can visit again in the near future.
Esme She is a delight. I find everything to be a delight, but she is a delight with .. claws? They are just hidden ones. She has not held the Grayson 'throne' of fealty without being a force to be reckoned with. I'm sure we shall be fast friends.
Evaristo Highlady Liara - a legend, lover of music and singing. The Graysons are always so supportive of the Bard's College.
Evelynn Amicable and encouraging, I'd like to become more acquainted with the princess.
Everett A Princess with a crown of Stars! Bless me heart, 'tis like I'm in Fairy Tales. Yet she took her beehive griddlecakes with plain honey dressing, just like any regular folk of good taste would do, as sure as the sunset and as right as the next rain. Whatever she's about at this Art Fair, I do hope her 'evenin turns out spectac'lar.
Faruq Another Princess. Knows wine and how to drink it. Also knows which is good and bad. More'n I can say for myself. Beautiful of course but distant in a sense, untouchable, which makes me feel... small. I'm not used to that. For obvious reasons.
Faye A clever and interesting princess, even if her idea of a good time is throwing a huge social event. I'm not sure if I want to go to a giant dance she throws, but I wouldn't mind speaking with her again.
Fecundo She was very patient, even if I pushed a line or two with my curiosty, just to see how she might react.
Fiora An optimist or something like it. Though some self proclaimed optimists are doing it just out of sheer ignorance of danger here's hoping she knows the path before us and hopes for us anyway.
Gael As the sun soon sets for the last time for all Arvani, one can always trust and count in a Grayson star to illuminate the dark.
Gareth A glass of champagne of so many little bubbles. I wonder what happens with those bubbles burst?
Gianna A cheerful Grayson Princess who is not terribly fond of hats. Neither am I. Stylish.
Gilroy The most social of the Graysons! Or is that Roxana? Or Sabella? Or the king himself? Well, she's the one whose name is on all the parties to which I invite myself!
Giorgio The Highlord of the Crownlands. She certainly carries herself with poise and has a personality that fits her role within the Compact. I enjoyed our conversation, and I see how Grayson has prospered with her leadership.
Grady Always good to see an old friend. Always better to see an old friend alive and well after the sorts of events that have been happening in Bastion. I know it isn't her place to stay safe, but I (rather selfishly) hope that she does.
Gretchen A kind Grayson Princess who carries herself with grace and poise. I hear she's something of a partier, so I can see us becoming good friends.
Haakon Fair wit. Doesn't pretend to know everything, and thereby ends up more sensible than some.
Hamish Princess Liara is ever the hostess, all smiles and polite nods and paying attention of whos and wheres and the things people are saying behind one anothers backs and with whom they are saying it. It's no wonder she's found her way to the top.
Harlex She has the spell of curiosity about her and like a leaf in a breeze one could watch that freedom of thought for a time, I'd imagine.
Helena Lovely and bright, a wonderful hostess who makes sure all feel welcome.
Ian She's not ready for any of my stories. Not any of the good ones, anyway.
Ignacio She seems to be a fun princess. She likes half of the stuff I do, taverns, socializing, and wine. If she learned about a blade, I am sure we would always have a great time together.
Ilira Bright, warm, sincere, happy--she's a great energy. I did not in the least scandalize her with my style of dress, either; I appreciate that! A pair of diamond heels would suit her quite wondrously, I do think.
Iroh Beautiful, intelligent, respectful. I did not think I would be blessed with knowing who the Princess of Bastion and Highlord of the crownlands. I would be honored further if I was allowed to know her better.
Isabeau The fashion, the intelligent conversation. I would be pleased to spend more time with the Princess.
Iseulet Straight forward and about as straight cut as a Grayson Princess comes!
Isidora Must be a popular person. The High Lord gained two favors. Go her.
Jace How I ever got to be discussing aeterna corsets with a Grayson Princess, I will never know. Certainly fun, though.
Jasher A hostess at heart, and quite the opposite of myself. That she tolerated my company is a mystery.
Jeffeth A lovely Princess, she seems to have a good humor and be a good lass. I wouldn't mind spending more time in her company.
Jordan A Princess of Grayson with a sense of adventure, and very pretty besides. Might be interested in endeavors that involve the softer aspects of Grayson strength, as she certainly seems to carry herself well, in a manner usually ascribed to those Princesses that knights often race in dispute to earn their favor.
Jyri Always so impeccable and charming. There's a lot to learn from this Princess just by spending time near.
Kaia A down-to-earth and quite amicable princess of Grayson; a great hostess and pleasant conversationalist with a flawless fashion sense. I have a feeling we may become good friends~
Kaldur Another Grayson Princess! I'm going to need Olin to keep track of them for me. That said, I'm certain we've never met, I'd have remembered her for certain. She kept a flagging dinner bright and entertaining.
Kastelon The most beautiful princess in Arx that I have yet seen. So distracting.
Keely What's not to love about my big sister? I look up to her in every way, and can only hope to make her Proud. And she seems to know EVERYONE!
Keely How does my sister manage to be so warm and intimidating all at once? At least these comforting, anxiety-inducing visits come with pastries.
Kenna What an absolutely wonderful party she threw. I fully support any party where we get to hit things though.
Lenard The Grayson highlord is as well spoken and gracious as the stories say. I only wish it'd been a less awkward occassion.
Lou I didn't get to talk to her long, but it was very good to see her. I hope we can catch up fairly soon.
Lucita Warm personality, quiet during the time we spoke, interested in not just battle details about the time at Setarco but general impressions of the area also.
Lys A clever Grayson princess whose ideas are /always/ right, and who is good at encouraging bad behavior! I like her!
Mabelle My First Princess! and a very interesting woman who I enjoy discussing just about everything with. I hope we become fast friends.
Macda My FIRST impression of Liara was of a whiny, red-faced little bundle-wrapped baby. But she's much more fashionable now. I've changed my mind since I first met her: I would most definitely not trade her for a new puppy.
Macda My sister, and she's simply divine, isn't she? So organised, poised, and well praised.
Macda My sister, the hardest working Grayson I have ever known. She works tirelessly and yet always, always has a smile or a kind word. How she does this, I will never know.
Margerie Delightful, charming, and lovely - I would gladly muse and conspire over tea anytime.
Martino A chance encounter across the young Princess and, well, she is certainly one to direct a conversation. Capturing the city centre with ease. Powerful stuff that.
Maru These Grayson princesses will be the death of me with their parties and stunning beauty.
Mercedes An inquisitive Princess with a keen mind. Probably very dangerous. Good. Just what we need in these dark times.
Meriah A very playful gal, with all the mystery of a good glass of red wine!
Michael Another beautiful Grayson Princess, with at least a firm sense of how boring Balls might be without some olterior entertainment.
Mikani Seems to be a clutz on the water ... hopefully she doesn't have ambitions to be a sailor.
Miranda Lovely lady! She makes first time meetings a lovely thing. I adore her sense of humor! Her very name became an event! I would love to have more Liara Graysons happen to me.
Mirari I like pretty Princesses. I like them more when they have a clever tongue. I like them best when they can drink and aren't afraid to have fun. This one seems to fall into all three of my qualifications - I must like her, and when I get to know her - I'll like her more.
Mirk A Grayson Princess intent on building bridges to other Houses and other fealties. A pleasure to do business with, for now, though we'll see how everyone feels after her pitch for how she might be compensated for her support.
Monique A fellow event planner, and a highly successful one, or so I have heard. I look forward to planning something together. Surely, it will be the talk of the city for ages to come.
Nigel Highlord Liara seems to be kind and yet still strong. There is a great weight upon her shoulders, responsibility for both her house and all of the Crownlands, and yet from casual observation one cannot see that the weight gets to her in the least. It is admirable, to be honest.
Niklas Grayson party planner. She put on a hell of an event.
Niklas Ever the party planner, the social mover and shaker.
Nina I really admire Princess Liara's sophisticated sense of style. She has such an aura of command and poise!
Noah She is very correct. I suppose that is good for Grayson, but is it good for her?
Norwood She responded to me saying something was going on in her lands with a great deal of grace. I was expecting more ire as it really should be none of my business.
Orelia Very approachable High Lady. Definitely getting the silk glove, but I have no doubt about an iron hand inside it.
Oriana The first favorite place in Arx she shared were the Grayson Grounds. I will have to make a visit.
Orland It's rather intimidating to be known by a Grayson Princess, but she was very delightful and even introduced me to her sister. It's something about her easy smile that makes it not so hard about getting on stage again.
Orrin No-nonsense, swift with reason and good judgement. I'm glad she's at the helm.
Pasquale Grayson princess. Organizer of parties and wielder of quills. Entirely pleasant company.
Petal She is pretty and seems like a nice sort of princess.
Pharamond Polite, even in the face of my having absolutely no idea what you talk about with the party Princess.
Piccola There is no end to the beautiful women that come from House Grayson, but I ought to pick which ones I speak to on certain topics more carefully.
Porter Highlord of the Crownlands and a Princess of Bastion. It's not everyone that can lead large meetings like this, especially when they're comprised of sensitive information and subjects that are sure to be controversial. She does it with the strength and grace that one would wish to see in such a high ranking Peer of the Realm as Liara Grayson.
Quenia She seemed quite interested in the people around her, which is what I have come to expect from those princesses of House Grayson I've met. She is a fine woman, whom I hope to bump into again.
Rafael Our youthful new Highlord seems less intimidating than Grayson High Lady's past, ehem, but I'm sure is no less capable. And hey, at least her throne isn't made of the bones of our enemies!
Raimon On a sudden instinct, attended Princess Liara Grayson's event at the Bee. Her reputation as a hostess is unrivaled and well earned. Goodness knows how she managed -so- many people. Dizzying!
Raja She is a Highlord and still sat at the table where I was. That says something about her.
Ras Fancy princess. Likes dogs, I guess.
Reese I think we need her right now. We need someone happy who is interested in throwing parties.
Rorik Highlord of the Crownlands, Princess Liara prefers quiet missives instead of someone yelling for her through the hallway. I can respect that.
Roxana One of my favorite cousins! She and I and Sabella need to start going out on the town together.
Ruslan A Grayson Princess. Beautiful, seems to not have a care in all of Aion. I wonder how true that really is though.
Sabella It will be very helpful having another social Grayson around! Sometimes I think I'm the only one and that is too lonely a thought. I look forward to all the parties we can plan together!
Sabella An even better party planner than I am and that's saying something! She's so delightful, I wish we spent more time together! Something we simply must correct!
Sabella One of my dearest cousins and the one most like me, I think, at least when it comes to parties! She is perhaps the best party planner I have ever come across--her attention to detail is amazing! She is, quite definitively, the hostess with the hostess!
Sabella No few words can properly express the grace, elegance, intelligence, cunning, and sophistication of cousin Liara. Our family and fealty are in talented and exceptional hands.
Sabella My dearest 2nd cousin.. technicalities don't matter. What matters however, is she is incredibly thoughtful and always seems to say the right things. Poise and grace, are the two qualities I would use to describe a woman such as her. She is a shining jewel of House Grayson, and I am honored to have her lead us through these difficult times.
Samael She is well-able to make you feel at ease, which in a High Lady is a valuable skill, I think.
Sanya The princess was amicable and easy to talk to. I enjoyed analysing fashion with her, it's not often these days I find people willing to discuss these topics.
Sasha One of my first cousins and always very pleasant company. I am glad she is within Arx. I look forward to spending time with her.
Savio A well-reasoned Princess with an eye to making sure all is well in the Crownlands. I'm certain the Peerage will be honored by, and benefit from, her oversight!
Scythia All the grace and dignity that one expects of a High Lady
Sebastian A gracious and talented hostess.
Selene A consummate politician and socialite. Gifted beyond her famous balls, she showed exceptional skill for negotiating difficult political waters. I admire her tact and knowledge.
Sigurd All manners, grace, and beauty. Befitting a Grayson. I'm certain there is a keen intellect there as well.
Sunaia Focused and organized. Gods, it's good to have someone close at hand for that, in times like these.
Sunaia Princess Liara never ceases to amaze and impress me with her ability to organize so much for the Grayson fealty such that it always feels like home.
Sunniva Quite the fashionable dresser, though she seems ill prepared for the cold! Still, she is gracious and welcoming.
Tabitha I always enjoy conversation with Princess Liara. She's a warm, cheerful woman and so easy to talk to. No wonder she's such a fabulous hostess of events.
Taliene Princess Liara is so gracious and generous, so welcoming to a new arrival.
Talwyn A charming woman, but not without the reserve or perilous awareness of her position. Among the more restrained Graysons, she conducts herself well in social matters.
Teireno A Grayson princess who is quite clever and sociable. She seems like a fantastic patron to Videl. I should come to one of her events sometime soon.
Tescelina A fashionable princess, an incomparable hostess, and so very kind and brilliant. It was a pleasure.
Thesarin She seems sunny, happy, and hopeful. We'll see if it lasts.
Triton Quiet sort, which is an admirable strait. Pleasant when she speaks up, though, with an obviously sunny disposition that speaks well of her.
Vanora This Grayson princess surely knows how to throw a party. I'd love to see more of her.
Venturo With a sharp tongue and an ego one doubts could be bruised, I find these traits endearing, as it certainly keeps things lively.
Veronica Elegant and graceful, yet still welcoming and friendly as High Lady. I looked forward to fighting under her banner for the retaking of Bastion. It would be an honor.
Videl Princess Liara Grayson is well-regarded by society, seemingly for good reason.
Violet I had the opportunity to meat the lovel Grayson Princess at the Hart while Azhan was telling a fascinating tale. We both found it pleasant. She seems an enjoyable sort and though we did not get to speak very much after the telling, I hope to meet her at the hart again.
Wash I heard of her while I was still at sea. It's impossible to remember all the cousins I had growing up, but soon they all start to distinguish themselves in little ways. Liara stands out as an incredible hostess.
Willow Such a gracious hostess.
Zakhar Noble Princess Liara Grayson is one of the few Nobles that don't show off their peerage, and will take a moment to speak and listen in debate with anyone that is presenting with ideas.
Zeriax Energy abounds to ensure the enjoyment of others. So seemingly effortless, much like a songbird sings, capturing an audience it never knew it had.
Zoey Quite an interesting sort. Apparently she collects stories.
Zoey Someone who knows when to work and when to play.