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Lady Amarantha Sanna

Tell me: am I not charming in my terror?

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Lycene-out-of-water
Fealty: Redrain
Family: Sanna
Gender: female
Marital Status: widowed
Age: 21
Birthday: 12/30
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: average height
Hair Color: pale blonde
Eye Color: cerulean-hazel
Skintone: fair

Description: Amarantha carries herself like a queen, confident and elegant in every motion. Her pale blonde hair frames a delicate, oval shaped face. High, regal cheekbones give her sharp features that contrast with her soft, heart shaped lips. Although her height is average, her body is not--possessing a slender build with generous curves and a fair amount of flexibility. The noblewoman's most striking feature is her ocean-colored eyes, bright and glimmering with faint flecks of gold in their depths.

Personality: Where her sister is well mannered, Amarantha is wild. She delights in playing the games of court and intrigue, with an ear for gossip and an eye for trouble. The Lycene-born girl lives to turn heads. To be provocative. To tempt. All of it is an art and Amarantha pursues that art with the same passion that she pursues her singing. Spoiled and often accused of being apathetic, the southern Lady is rarely seen doing anything productive. Instead choosing to spend her time writing songs, dancing, or studying some obscure subject. Often, lounging around a pool or sitting room in the process. Her laziness is coupled with a morbid, dark sense of humor that makes her almost a reflection of her dutiful twin.

Background: Born just a few minutes after her twin sister, Amarantha had a companion since birth. As children, the pair were inseparable--despite occasional disagreements. They did everything together, often with one twin dragging the other along due to different ideas of "entertainment". Amarantha would begrudgingly trail after her sister while out exploring nature and going on adventures. Astraea would sit around and listen to her sister puzzle out lyrics for her songs or accompany her to party after party.

The two found an easy compromise in Amarantha's love for the sea. While Astraea poked around in tide pools or examined the odd piece of sea glass, Amaranatha would walk through the waves. There was nothing she loved more than singing to the ocean, amidst the wind and faint spray of sea. It's where she would clear her head after fights and where she would sit on the rocks and write lines of poetry.

It was little surprise that eventually, Amarantha would be proposed to on that same shore she'd grown up alongside. But that was much later, when she was eighteen and had traded childhood games for the thrill of noble parties and politics. A Redrain noble, some well to do man from the Sanna family had come to Granato to court Amarantha.

A flurry of letters, wine, and late nights in marble floored ballrooms later and they were married. Everyone had thought them a darling couple! He had grounded her while Amarantha brought a smile to the once dour man's lips. All was well when the new couple headed back to the north.

That happiness would be short lived, A year and 3 months into the marriage, Amarantha's husband fell victim to a hunting accident. She was left a wealthy widow without a husband or child to her name. Many expected her to return home and remarry but in an odd twist, Amarantha spent the next 2 and a half years in mourning. She allowed no guests bar her twin and other siblings.

It was only in the last few months that the widow returned to a semi-regular social life and by her sister's invitation, accompanied her to Arx.

Relationship Summary

  • Luis - Fellow Troublemaker
  • Lucita - Inspiration
  • Quenia - Serious But Charming

  • Rival:
  • Orathy - That armor won't save you forever
  • Gaston - Who let him out of the kennels?

  • Sibling:
  • Astraea - A Perfect Reflection
  • Apollis - A Troublemaking Terror
  • Avaline - A Miniature Mother
  • Echo - Tactical-Sized Astraea

  • Client:
  • Edward - Pays for Fashion Advice

  • Friend:
  • Cirroch - Like an Older Brother
  • Mirari - Perfumes to die for

  • Ally:
  • Cadenza - Proud to have served at her side
  • Name Summary
    Aerandir Regal, easy to grin and laugh, her ladyship is most certainly likeable company, though that should come as no surprise for kin of Princesses Echo and Astraea. She does not strike me as an avid warrioress like her sister and twin did, in neither demeanour nor physique; which is a curiosity in itself. I am eager to see what else sets her apart.
    Agatha Sort of like Brogan is uncle not an uncle, Amarantha is cousin not a cousin. But I mean, all her sisters are cousins, so it's just EASIER if she's a cousin. She's sly and fun!
    Alarie Noble. Just another noble.
    Alarissa She seems to be a typical noblewoman, a little of the skittish side. But there is a desire to do good and be helpful and that, is always a good thing. Time will tell.
    Apollis My sweet sister. I wonder what sort of things she's up to and if I can convince her to let me in on all of it. We were thick as thieves. I would kill for her.
    Astraea I've known my sister since before we drew our first breath. We share a likeness, a chilhood and even though she may not see it the same soul. I love her with all my heart and I believe she is a font of goodness. She may not know it yet but her inner light shines so brightly. My only qualms are based around her love of cynicism.
    Avaline Younger sister, the 'youngest' of the twins. Or was she the older? Despite her tendency of getting into trouble with Apollis, I love her dearly and just want to see her happy and safe.
    Cirroch I love Amarantha as my own kin. She brought her light north and made a my cousin very happy and to see her mourn him so breaks my heart for I was not able to feel as deeply as her. She is a kind soul, no matter what anyone says. I am very fond of her and delight in her free spirit.
    Cirroch She is a true pleasure to be around, quite the charming and amusing lady, House Sanna is lucky to have brought her into the fold.
    Cybele Not quite as much blood. But still too much.
    Darrow The twin of Lady Astraea. It would be hard to tell them apart, save one searched me out to swing a sword at me. Not this one...I think.
    Delilah Lady Amarantha is a bit of a mystery! Well. I certainly do love my mysteries.
    Echo Amarantha, in one word, is compelling. A spirit like no other, a powerful voice, a mystery untold. My older sister, my guardian, my mentor, and my motivation. The best friend anyone could wish for. It's no secret that I aspire to be everything she is.
    Ectorion Astraea's Sister. I don't thinks she loves me all that much, but that's okay, I'll win her over eventually. If nothing else, she loves her sister, and is protective, and that's something I entirely approve of.
    Elgana Another cousin, but can one have too many when all of them are so wonderful? Gives good advice, that I should perhaps heed. If the trait breeds true, she's as stubborn as I so we know how that will go.
    Emilia A stalwart woman who seems humble and kind. Something about her inspires me.
    Fairen A beautiful young lady who has caught the attention of Baron Edward. The two would be a good fit, from what I can tell.
    Galen Well met! Similar ideas to what one believes is fun, though if you are an evil doppelganger, that could hinder our relationship.
    Gaston She's not what I'm used to, that's for sure. A little petulant and abrasive. And she seems to have a problem with my already. Can't win them all over, I guess. Better steer clear.
    Ian She didn't go to pieces in a tough situation.
    Jacque Lady Sanna. Jacque doesn't know her quite well yet, but he is interested in making connections in town. That besides, she surrounds herself with types that seem resourceful, so this might come to his advantage in the future.
    Jev She kept insisting she didn't like the smelly dog guy, but clearly she does!
    Jordan Seems not every day you see identical twins around, but Lady Amarantha is a contrast in personality to Princess Astraea. Still, she's polite, even if a bit more standoffish, but she's also defensive of her family and has a mischievous streak since she obviously likes to pass for her sister! I find this amusing!
    Liara She certainly doesn't look like an adventurer, wonderfully dressed as she is, but then, not every adventurer needs to wear muddy clothes round all the time and entirely ignore the existence of nice things. And she likes stories, which is just splendid.
    Luca Who doesn't love Amarantha? There's some, I hear. Count me not among them. Clever, beautiful, and not good enough to hit me with a coloured egg. What more could a man ask for?
    Marian I'm still struggling on telling the twins apart. For some reason I thought Amarantha was the studious one and Astrea was the warrior but I guess I messed that up. Either way, both can use the knowledge.
    Mirari I always expect Ladies and Lords to be this unreachable and untouchable thing, but I find myself being proven wrong quite often. She's very warm and kind, I hope to see more of her.
    Philippe Lycene out of water I have heard so much about. Blond hair and cerulean-hazel eyes.
    Prisila White haired, like another I've met in my time in the city. She keeps it short and sweet, I like her flavor and will keep her company in the future I think.
    Quenia I must admit that I did not recall who Amarantha was at first, I had to have Lucita remind me. I always remember her as being the one who sings a lot, and I think Lucita may have sung with her once when I was visiting Granato in one of my rare family visits. It was good to see her again, and I hope to get to know her better.
    Samael I seem to remember Astraea being much more friendly.
    Sasha I think we have some things in common, more than just sweets. And I am glad to soon call her my cousin-in-law.
    Sparte She bled for a friend, nearly died for a friend. She is not yet someone I can call a friend, but I hope we live long enough to do so.
    Theron Lady Sanna is fun, twin sister to Lady Astraea. Rather beautiful -- all three sisters are, in fact. Runs strong in that family.
    Valery She also wants to help orphans, which is nice. Well, she seems nice and she has a cute puppy!
    Venturo A beautiful woman who loves to drink and invites me on adventures? I'm really not certain what more one could hope for in an introduction.
    Victus I saw her fight. She might not have won, but she didn't go down without a fight. I respect that, a hell of a lot in fact.
    Zalika A love lady of Sanna who seems fond of my sister's crafting. I hope to see her in my shop soon.