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Archlector Astraea Valardin of Gloria

"Everyone wants to be a beast, until it's time to do what beasts do."

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Bewitching Slayer
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Valardin
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Married
Age: 21
Birthday: 12/30
Religion: Pantheon (Oathlands Orthodox)
Vocation: Paladin
Height: 5'6''
Hair Color: Snow White
Eye Color: Cerulean-Hazel
Skintone: Fair

Titles: The Winter Widow, Archlector of Gloria, Legendary Warrior, Godsworn Knight

Description: Astraea, like her mother and twin sister, is mostly without pigment of the flesh or hair. With skin as pale as freshly fallen snow, rosy cherubic cheeks and heart shaped lips these distinctive features are often some of the first things passerby might notice. The silken white tresses that frame her face and flow around her airily adds an unearthly quality to her person. Astraea stands at middling height, average in that regard but somehow her presence is almost that of someone twice her size even if she is trying to avoid scrutiny. She is delicate of limb but possessing a well toned frame that belies her athleticism and her arms and legs terminate into delicate appendages. Her nails are often manicured and colored according to whatever whimsical fancy she desires. Subtle curves are still padded with baby fat, her voluptuous figure otherwise filled out in delightfully alluring proportions and being that her cerulean blue eyes are flecked with golds and yellows it's easy to see how someone might call her exotic.

Personality: Coquettish to a fault and debonair even when she shouldn't be. Astraea has impeccable manners and doesn't believe in rudeness of any kind, even upon the battlefield. Though some might describe her as pragmatic this chevalier is highly principled and carries herself with the moral fiber of someone who keeps themselves accountable for their own actions. While her moods tend to vary like her sister's she is most usually in high spirits, but never quite bubbly. Even suggesting such a thing is enough to earn a scoff and maybe a derisive chuckle or two. It's normally assumed that soldiers, knights and warriors of her caliber tend to be highly disciplined but this Lycene born princess is quite lazy. Never when it counts, but enough that if she can delegate or sidestep a minor responsibility she will. This attitude lends to her Tehom-may-care demeanor and compliments her sometimes too serious moments quite well. A woman of contrasts indeed.

Background: Astraea was born mere minutes before her twin sister but the two might often go back and forth on who was actually the first brought into this world. Though she may be identical in looks to her sister they are quite different in some ways. Astraea is the more thrill-seeking, physical type who enjoyed tussling with the boys and getting dirty. Unafraid of a little danger, she always managed to find herself getting into trouble. Her mother was afraid of losing her daughter to the wiles of her whimsy and did her best to reign her in. There was no way in hell that Astraea would ever enjoy embroidery or needlepoint. Knowing her daughter well, the Igniseri noblewoman managed to procure the services of a well known sellsword from a foreign land. Due to her natural inclination toward athleticism she was an excellent student and picked up swordplay quickly. This only bolstered her eagerness to partake in dangerous ventures for that rush of adrenaline. Storm-chasing, rock-climbing, extreme sports, diving, exploring, and just about anything that risks life and limb was on her checklist. Astraea managed to undertake many exciting adventures but her career as a daredevil came to an end when she got married. It was politically motivated and she had never met her intended before they were engaged. As she got to know him it seemed alright and the Igniseri girl felt like perhaps she might even grow to love him.

It was with a heavy heart that she left her family and home in the Southern isles to go and live in the icy north. Life can be good, but it isn't always happy endings and for Astraea this was quite the case. Her husband died three years into their marital bliss, his body was found terribly mangled and the cause of death was never discovered. In the weeks following the investigation into the Redrain Prince's death the grisly details were kept from his widow. After the news was delivered to her, Astraea sunk into depression and mourning, thus shattering the hopes and dreams of the southern-but-northern princess who had expected to live a long life with her Prince Charming.

Many long months have gone by since then and once again Astraea has fallen prey to her wanderlust and taste for a good fight. Ever a devotee of Gloria, this princess is highly devout and her love of the Gods is second to none. It's no secret that she walks with the Sentinel and has a special place in her heart for the Queen of Endings but she carries a flame of passion in her heart and soul for each member of the Pantheon; finding their combined philosophies and teachings the most beneficial to the soul. Strangely enough she is not actually a member of any single discipleship but the Redrain princess frequents the shrine and the Cathedral.

When she isn't pursuing a life of piety, Astraea pursues her interests quietly and tends to avoid the politicking of Arx. Her sister, Aurelia, and her spend a great deal of time together and tend to be synchronous with their moods. This doesn't always mean the pair of them are in agreement but even in their discordance they manage to echo one another's thoughts and feelings as if they share a soul or at the very least a mind. There are no limits on her love for family and the people, all people. Some might see this as naivete or weakness but Astraea has always seen the best in humanity and has an amazing capacity for love. She enjoys meeting people with warmth and open arms, and though she may not always see eye to eye with someone she does her best to keep an open mind. How she arrived in the city is a bit of a mystery, but the why is something she hasn't been quite forthcoming about either but she has set about throwing all of her efforts into maintaining the peace and bringing down the Compact's foes.

Name Summary
Aerandir An elegant, humorous noble I met in the Ambassador's Salon, perhaps the most likeable of all the princesses I have thus far come across. Not overly formal, nor informal; a perfect balance of being personable and polite.
Aiden A woman capable of holding her own. She ran like the wind and didn't give up the chase, which is highly respectable. There's much more to her, this I can see, but what I saw of her was enough to want to know more. Besides, she has beautiful hair.
Alarissa A face that I have not seen in some time but it was good to see her again. A bright spot in a time of turmoil. She makes me think about how best to woo her from Redrain.
Alexis Princess Astraea Redrain. Lycene, though disciplined. Devoted to the protection of people. A good woman.
Amarantha My darling sister! I love her yet she refuses to the see the truth, no matter how often I remind her.
Ann Are all of Apollis' sisters so wildly different, talented and beautiful? A good, level head on her shoulders and a mind for war I wouldn't mind picking later.
Avary A strong woman, one who doesn't just want to hear platitudes and entreaties. One who values action and truth. I like her a lot. I feel she will be a good person to work closely with.
Barric The best fighter I have ever had the pleasure of sparring with. She may even give my cousins Reese and Luca a run for their money. Of course, she is charming and truly magnificent. I hope we have more opportunities to speak.
Bianca A stunning woman and her curious nature is refreshing. A look forward to future encounters.
Bianca She has always exhibited traits of the devout. She is a fearless warrior of the gods as shown in her acts and I have the utmost confidence she shall continue to represent their teachings in her daily life.
Calaudrin I hadn't met the princess before, but she seems to be a friendly sort. Watched the sparring with me, exchanged some words and seemed genuinely interested in other people. Not too bad. I'd watch a fight with her again.
Caspian Surprising tough for such a little princess!
Cirroch The sweet, charming Redrain Princess I have know for a few years now. She is a good friend and a trusted confidante. If I need counsel I know I can always turn to her. I have no shortage of affection for her.
Cirroch Always a delight to be around. Brings a smile and joy to every room she is in.
Coraline This lady has gumption. I love how she just keeps going through every challenge, she does her best to make her own stamp on what she wants and she does it with style!
Cullen Seems like a very modest and beautiful Redrain princess. She's clearly skilled with her blade, and underplayed her importance. A rarity, really. Quite nice, I hope to get to speak to her more in the future, should she have time. Appears to be worth knowing.
Cullen One of those rare few people where honor, piety, a sense of humor and a light personality all combine - and with martial grace and ethereal beauty atop it all. I am quite fortunate to have finally gotten the chance to speak to her, and experience that warm personality and exuberance for myself. She does Gloria proud, of this I am certain.
Cybele Princess Astraea Redrain. Pretty girl, pretty armour. Likes Skald, niece of Drea. Probably good people? Sorry to rush off :(
Daemon A most rarefied delight from the North. A Princess and a knight, who sorely kicked my rear while having a lovely one of her own. I can only hope to impress her as much as she has me in this brief meeting.
Darren A right honorable woman and a damn good warrior too. You will serve the Godsworn well, we'll miss you around the house, but you are always welcome in the North.
Darrow A princess looking for a fight. I imagine that soon she will find one.
Denica Vivacious and raucous and easily able to bring a smile to my face. She seems like a lot of fun, though I hope it wasn't just the drink talking.
Denica She's such a beacon of hope and strength for the faith. They've gained another powerful Godsworn, and I expect her to do great things, now let me see if she'll take me up on the offer of drinks. I bet she has some stories to share.
Dominique Wow. This woman can fight.
Drea She's grown since I last saw her. She seems certain in her opinions, confident in herself, friendly. A credit to us and to herself. I want to get to know her now as the full adult that she is.
Duarte I have a working theory that no one that delightful signs up tk be a knight unless they are able to also be just as UNdelightful. And so I shall remain on her good side.
Echo Astraea is the brightest star of them all. While others may dull and fade, she only grows brighter by the day. My older sister, my guardian, my mentor, and my motivation. The best friend anyone could wish for. It's no secret that I aspire to be everything she is.
Ectorion It had been years since I had last seen Astraea in person, and oh my has she changed. There is still that shy innocence, but it is now mingled with a confidence that is befitting of a woman such as her. A skilled fighter and knowledgeable counselor, I value her wisdom and strength as much as her beauty, kindness and care. To say that I enjoy her company would be an understatement, at the very least.
Elgana Cousin! It feels like so long since I've been with any of my family like this. You are as strong as you are lovely. I am so happy to be reunited with you and hope we can catch up on everything sooner than later.
Emilia Astraea is very skilled with the blade. Her style of combat is very entertaining and inspiring to watch. I dare say she's among the best I've ever seen. Her nature outside of combat is kind and warm, she is a soothing presence to the tired soul.
Ezekiel The Princess was most kind and quite eloquent -- that white hair is like a thing of stories.
Galatea An extremely pious woman who is filled with the Faith. I am on the pious side myself, but she's on a whole different level. I'm not sure whether I admire that or am I intimidated by it.
Genevieve Obviously she's an elegant and beautiful princess, but she seems like a very nice woman too. No airs or graces, friendly. I can't see any reason why I wouldn't like her.
Gwenna I genuinely envy my cousin, Princess Astraea. She has a presense, charm, and warmth that easily fills a room. It is like no time has passed from when we last saw each other and I am so, so glad she is in the city.
Harlex I fought hard to see it. But her true face is breathtakin’ to behold.
Jasher Shy. Lacks confidence in herself. Time will tell if this will change for the better or worse.
Jeffeth Possibly one of my favorite Princesses thus far. A holy warrior. I sense a kindred spirit.
Jophiel I had heard of the Princess that had turned her back on her tutelage and peerage to take up the blade. Meeting her was an eye-opening experience in understanding. I have not seen someone so deadly and beautiful at the same time.
Juniper Dame Astraea of the Harp and the Cat-That's-Not-A-Cat. She seems a shy woman to wield a sword, which is a heartening thing to see! One need not be a teeth-baring warrior to be an effective defender.
Killian A strange woman and not at all what I expected from the Northlands. I'm still not sure just what it was she was asking, somehow it seems as though we each had different conversations from one another. I am glad though to have met her, and hope that we will have the opportunity to come to know one another in the future.
Lou This young Princess knows her hearts desire, and goes after it. It's an admirable trait, as not everyone knows how to do this.
Luca *Luca just fans himself with his hand. Is it hot in here?*
Marcas A princess. Not Echo. Looks like her. Astraea, of course. Still, the resemblance is striking. She seems pretty friendly, though. Trained in fighting, as all good Redrain princesses should be. I ought to talk to her more.
Margerie What gusto. It is clear she has a hunger for the world, not just the impressive meal she set herself. Her warmth with the staff, her comfort in approaching and meeting strangers. Such delicate features, but such a strong spirit with the armor to protect both!
Marian She is kind, sweet like her sister. Her presence by my bed is giving me comfort. Her efforts to help are sincere.
Marius Recently sworn to the Gods and a brilliant warrior at that, Astraea carries with her an easiness and a charm that makes her far too easy to get along with.
Mercedes Redrain princess who came to the training center to watch people spar. Judging from the swordbelt she was wearing, I would not be surprised if she is a combatant herself.
Merek I find her nice and seeming chivalrous, though she seems to not know too much about certain cultural aspects of the place. Still she means well and is quite nice, and she is quite devoted to the Pantheon!
Mirari Reminds me a lot of her sister, she seems to be as confident and fun. It would be nice to get to know her in a slightly less crazy setting.
Nierzen Exactly what I expect from a princess. Not one shade different.
Orazio Young, but good-hearted, Orazio thinks. She seems to be earnest in her studies, particularly for a Northerner, and he enjoyed meeting her.
Petal She seems very nice and is thoughtful and aware of those around her.
Quenia I must admit that I did not recall who Astraea was at first, I had to have Lucita remind me. And when she did it came back to me. She was the adventurous one, who went otu to find new things to get into. She and Vincere and Pietro would have gotten along well. Ariella is sure to get along with her great. I hope I'll have time to get to know her while she's here, and now that I'm in Arx for good.
Reese She seems very friendly and quite passionate about things. I never seen her fight, but I think she has a great potential and would love to see her fight one day. Maybe we will be in battles together in the coming days.
Romulius Not what I expected when hearing her name. She is small, but strong and fast, very skilled. Elgana should learn to fight from her, not from Agatha... I have never been so soundly trounced as when we sparred.
Roxana Another whom I came in contact with watching duelists. She seems to know what she's looking at as well, other than handsome men doing things with swords. She's also quite strikingly pretty.
Samael I'm afraid I started out my first interaction with Astraea by disappointing her as she was hoping to find Michael and Lailah. I was delighted to be able to recover and have a pleasant chat with the snow haired beauty. She wants to be doing more, and that is a fine trait. Wanting to do more is the first step toward doing more. I hope to get to know her better.
Sasha A wonderly pleasant Redrain princess who I am curious to know more about.
Serafine Young. Was I ever that young? And sweet, kin to Pietro and Vincere which makes me painfully biased.
Seth A Redrain princess who I was blessed to have on my team during a snow fort event. She did an excellent job, as one would expect. I had no doubts that she will accomplish great things.
Simone A lovely princess with a kindness about her that is infectious. Her manners are impeccable. I am certain that we would get along splendidly.
Skye Scholarly, like me. Great company to watch a spar with even if it's not either or our strengths. I do hope to talk about research later. When I'm not trying to learn how to fight.
Sorrel This princess is also a lady knight! And she's excited about Gloria and about Sorrel also being a lady knight. Sorrel definitely hopes they can spend time in one another's company in the future.
Sparte She seems very friendly. Striking hair, but good striking instead of 'are you a burn victim' like I get. Wonder how she'll take to the city.
Sydney She's embraced the mantle of one blessed by Gloria, and exemplifies those ideals, from what I can tell. No small honor, being favored by Her - I hope to learn more about the woman Cassandra entrusted this duty to in a less rowdy setting. And preferably while I'm less drunk.
Tescelina I have never wished to impress anyone more. She noticed me and I earned her praise. Her presence is all things beautiful in Gloria.
Thesarin Bright, and young, and eager. All fine things in their place. Skilled enough with her blade. More'n any of that, Esoka says she's worth trusting.
Turo A Princess who can drink and fight. I'd like to know more.
Vanora She is lovely, but that is an easy impression. She is strong, observable over time, or when facing down difficult situations. Lycene fish-out-of-water they say? I am a similar sort of fish, and have learned little by little not to drown on land.
Vena A solid fighter, atypical style similar to myself. She has a bright future, and reminding an old girl like me of my limits.
Victus Northern girl with locks of snowy hair. She fights like hell and she's curvy too, a rare sort of combination. I ain't see her much but I like her. Maybe Astrid does too, if they keep staring at each other like that.
Violet ANOTHER one. I look forward to getting to know this Redrain princess as well. Cheerful and a bit mischevious, she is much less boisterous than certain -other- princesses of Redrain I know. And she is Echo's sister, which automatically raises her in my opinion.