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Dame Reese Grayson

"I wasn't complaining," complained the complainer!

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Feminine Crusader
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Grayson
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 25
Birthday: 6/17
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: average height
Hair Color: golden
Eye Color: crystal blue
Skintone: pale peach

Titles: Knight of Ribbons, Legendary Swords Fighter

Obituary: At the Battle of Seawatch Gate, the once princess of House Grayson stood against the legions of Azazel unafraid. At the climax of the battle, she gave her life so that Morrighan, Skaldia and Pasquale might live, sacrificing herself in a fury of magic that helped force the demonic horde to withdraw for the day.

As Arx endures, they will remember.

Description: Wide cheekbones and a gently dimpled chin provide a heart-shaped frame for the sky blue windows to Reese's soul. Thickly fringed with chestnut lashes and swirled with darker blue limbal rings, they are a captivating counterpoint to her smooth complexion and pale rose lips. Her beach-gold hair hangs in the laziest of graceful waves, barely bending around her face and shoulders.

Personality: A second cousin (and youngest of three) to the King, Reese has never been worried she might be called upon to be first among the peers and lead the Compact -- thank goodness! She has enough to worry about wrestling with the fear that she might someday be called upon to lead something else: a cavalry charge, a household, a gaggle of young schoolchildren...It's not that she's a timid or fearful young woman, no. Reese is very brave, and very conscientious. Too conscientious, maybe, so worried that her actions and decisions will lead to suffering and wrongdoing. She's rarely satisfied with a plan or policy, as a result, and is always trying to devise a better, more beneficial way to do things. Bubbly and undeniably girly, she's nonetheless got a force of personality and intellect that demands to be taken seriously.

Background: Reese has lived in Arx nearly her whole life, though she spent some summers in Bastion as a young adolescent, as most Graysons do. One of these summers changed her. The child Reese was enchanted with all things delicate, feminine, and pretty - including perceived roles. She wanted to marry a handsome prince, have lots of adorable princelets, and maybe, possibly, be rescued from a demon or dragon or something. Something terribly romantic! The summer of her twelfth birthday, she grew up - again, as most Graysons do. It was only remarkable because it was such a day to night transition for Reese.

The girl who had no concerns beyond her hair, her dresses, and her friends started to ask insightful and incisive questions about most EVERYTHING. The political climate of the day, economics, war and history..and most often, the law. She became a much more serious girl, unafraid to dirty her lovely dresses learning to ride, and fence, and the best way to shore up a cracked timber in a barn wall.

She told her family the change in her was the result of some time to herself, in which boredom forced her to actually THINK about herself, the world around her, and her place therein. It seems that once she started. . .she couldn't stop. Reese still loves flowers, and baby animals, and brightly colored lacquer on her armor, but she has a keen sense of duty to the society that gives her the opportunity for such fun and beauty.

It's a stroke of twisted luck that the current crisis of the King's rest has arrived after her personal rennaissance, as she can turn her mind to the problems facing the Compact in such a situation, and maybe come up with better solutions. Getting the right people to listen will undoubtedly be another struggle entirely.

Relationship Summary

  • Rook - So Bright!
  • Leta - Sellsword with talent and style
  • Michael - Officer of the guard
  • Valery - Anyone who loves her mice that much has a kind heart
  • Iona - A mother to who all who need such
  • Orathy - A strength born in the boroughs
  • Orazio - A man worth believing in
  • Seadrus - A kind and graceful Whisper
  • Sophie - she helped me through my pain
  • Ferrando - Maces are great
  • Agatha - Bear Combat Student
  • Ann - Generous and composed
  • Astraea - Tough and Beautiful.
  • Delilah - Lovely and smart.
  • Denica - Artistic and thoughtful.
  • Edain - A truly great leader and knight
  • Eilnowy - A kind woman and healer.
  • Edward - He can be quite helpful.
  • Eirene - A great healer
  • Eleanor - A uplifting knight
  • Eleyna - Powerful and elegant
  • Emily - A woman of the woods and wilds.
  • Esoka - Impressive and blessed.
  • Felicia - Guardian and Seeking
  • Felix - He makes awesome stuff
  • Ford - I don't know what to make of him.
  • Gabriel - Once my mentor
  • Ian - He is composed and smart
  • Isabetta - I find her confusing
  • Isolde - I admire her without understanding her.
  • Sigurd - A brave northern warrior
  • Alexis - A fine oathlands warrior
  • Alistair - I trust his judgement quite a bit
  • Antonio - A fine admiral
  • Astreae - I admire her badassness
  • Clara - has fought at my side
  • Coraline - playful and friendly and badass

  • Family:
  • Lark - The cousin in charge.
  • Laric - The serious cousin
  • Barric - My cousin and a great Grayson Warrior
  • Sabella - My lovely older sister
  • Ailys - Healing cousin
  • Aiden - Gentle Avian Expert
  • Aiden - Soaring Cousin
  • Ainsley - Its complicated but he is still family
  • Alaric - The king has an empathic awareness beyond many others.
  • Alarissa - She always seems have my back
  • Barric - Warrior cousin
  • Cara - a stalwart voice of Grayson
  • Gareth - He has strength and endurance
  • Lou - Adventurous heroic and a great great sister
  • Dawn - missing and but maybe to dawn again
  • Natalie - lovely and reborn
  • Cassius - A brave duke
  • Wash - steady cousin of the seas
  • Tikva - A powerful voice I am trying better to understand

  • Ally:
  • Sparte - To me he is a brother
  • Rymarr - Consist as the forest rocks

  • Deceased:
  • Killian - I will always miss him. He was Compact's Paladin and my rock.
  • Estaban - A great man and a great baron an a great friend. I miss him.
  • Lili - I'm sorry I meant to find you, but not like that.
  • Max - I wish you had a better end
  • Serafine - Badass and so brave.
  • Nadia - of gold and roses deeply missed.
  • Aislin - Lost to the sea maybe to return to us
  • Zhayla - Knight of Deepwood who frequently fought at my side. She is missed.
  • Abbas - I hope his soul finds peace
  • Armel - Once a mentor
  • Juliet - I still read her book of flowers
  • Sarielle - I found you too late. I am sorry.
  • Peregrine - Cousin who died patrolling the forest. Will be remembered.
  • Narciso - He was so brave.
  • Cassius - Cousin who fought the abyss so bravely

  • Friend:
  • Merek - I consider him a friend
  • Silas - Boss and amazing crafter
  • Aurelian - A valued friend
  • Delilah - smart and lovely
  • Ailith - The seraph gives me and many others hope
  • Alexis - A brave dragon warrior
  • Aurelian - So often quietly there for me.
  • Echo - Badass and yet still approachable
  • Mae - I do still care so much
  • Valencia - She has such a warm heart
  • Cullen - He has been with me through tough times
  • Arik - The best friends keep you from harming yourself
  • Name Summary
    Aahana Princess of Pink, I think I called her the correct title. She seems lovely though and that is welcoming.
    Aaron I have heard of the Princess' prowess in riding and combat, and what I saw today proved it all to be true. She is also a very capable leader, her skill in the woods proving handy. She can add Capturer of Flags to her laurels!
    Adalyn Shared a drink with her at the Hart. She seems quite knowledgable and interesting, and I would love to be able to sharpen my combat skills with her.
    Adalyn She's very mild-mannered and quick to smile, and by all accounts a prodigious warrior. I should watch how she does it.
    Adalyn Anyone willing to contemplate stripping down to underthings and starting a spontaneous food fight sounds like a spunky sort. I do hope to run into her again soon!
    Adelphie I'm sure she's a fantastic aunt! You can't wear that much pink and not be, probably.
    Adora I dislike her.
    Aedin A sweet and beautiful princess. I can tell she has a wonderful heart.
    Aella A darling little prodigal something something, I don't really remember. I think she was very pretty. Or extremely ugly. Hard to remember. I think I really liked her. Or completely despised her. WHO KNOWS!
    Aella The former princess is polite and kind, soft-spoken. It is odd to believe a woman with such a gentle demeanor is a legendary warrior, but she carries herself with a hard won confidence.
    Aerandir A curiously leisurely, easy going and not too informal noble, she definitely has drawn Aerandir's attention, and seemingly might become Aerandir's way of establishing more connections. They introduced themselves for the first time, discussed the state of things, and talked of work and potential help in his intentions to find work and better equipment.
    Aeryn I never thought a Grayson General would be so friendly! Or warm! Or Pink! Or like books so much! I'm pleasantly surprised and happy I ran into her at the Salon.
    Aethan A knight in pink -- it suits her well. I like her.
    Agatha Princess Reese Grayson, one of the first folks I met in Arx at the Ambassador Salon. I think she may also be brash and blockheaded, but in a good way since she seems very sweet. When I have trained more, I hope I can learn from her. She had better come back from fighting these bloody pirates at sea!
    Agostino A kind-spoken princess who seemed quite humble as well. Perhaps I will have the pleasure of her company again sometime soon.
    Ahmar A pirncess who is so very kind and welcoming. I feel bad being so nervous around her. Hope she doesn't think it is her fault.
    Aiden He doesn't know his cousin well... What he has seen of her is a mixed bag. On one hand, she kicks ass when it comes to leading men and women into battle, no question there. On the other hand, he's... confused by her antics.
    Ainsley My pink cousin. She's as fierce a commander, as fierce a warrior, and as good hearted a person as you can get.
    Ajax A princess people dub as hero despite her age. After she left that day I had heard the others speak her up. The part of me that hates the day I became the mercenary known as Ajax admires her and feels bad at such a young age she's already seen much that most people shouldn't. However, now, I will be happy to be pleasant with her and take her coin should she hire me.
    Alaric To say my cousin's been busy the last three years would be a gross understatement. She's worked very hard to become an even more impressive warrior, gotten married, taken on more responsibilities. There's that old Grayson willpower at work with her, no doubt.
    Alarie The Princess Pink. I swear, there is not a stitch of not pink anywhere on her. It's not a day if she's not dipping into my shop to see what I have and I confess, sometimes, I make something pink just to see if she'll buy it. By and far, my favourite Grayson.
    Alarissa She's my cousin, one of my favourites. At times she is a contradiction of sorts. Though Gods, her love of spiders.
    Alayne The face of Arx, as beautiful as the commonfolk name her; as soft-voiced as the bards sing of her. I wish I knew why she'd even want to look in my direction.
    Alban Not precisely what I expected, but then I am not sure what I expected. Her ability is impressive, to say the least, perhaps one day I will be her equal but I fear it will always be a goal to strive towards, which is just as well.
    Alecstazi I do not understand, nor will I ever, the drive to deny the natural order of things. Reese is a beautiful woman, a lovely, blushing Princess. What is it that makes her wish to force herself onto a battlefield?
    Aleksei Brave, daring, and good-hearted. My kind of warrior!
    Alessandro Cousin-in-law, very sweet. Though she carries weapons, so she must be more deadly than she looks.
    Alexandre I met Her Highness on a seaborn expedition, where we were both faced with great mystery. Yet she remained steady in the face of such, and has proven to be an excellent adventure companion!
    Alexio A Princess of House Grayson. She is supposedly good with a blade. I will have to witness this someday.
    Alexio The blushing pink princess and general of the Crownlands. Friendly and always pleasant to have a chat with.
    Alexis Ooh, Princess Reese. A hero of the war, leading a band of stalwart warriors to defend where needed. A role model whose example I intend to follow!
    Alis It's always nice to meet another Knight. Someone else who understands the ideals of honor and chivalry. Warrior women should stick together, no? Reese is someone she should make an effort to know better. She seems a quite capable fighter and leader.
    Alrec A fellow collector of action figures and ribbons.
    Amanda Never have I ever seen a woman put so much effort into her appearance, yet miss doing her hair. Truly, a curiosity.
    Amantha Everything I would expect a Grayson Princess to be. And very, very pink.
    Amaranth They say None Greater Than Greyson, and after meeting Reese I can see why. Even in her silence, there is something stalwart and chivalrous about her. I've never seen that before!
    Amari I like her. She's sweet, has her own tower and loves books. It was lovely to finally speak with her and learn more about her.
    Amund Grayson. Big shoes to fill. Earnest, in a way. Helpful and not? Dangled training. Said she's busy. One of the great fighters.
    Andromeda Princess and General. Very pink. Holds the Honour of House Grayson, which means she holds the honour of the King of the Compact, I think? Most prestigious. They speak her legend in this city - one of the finest blades in the land. Good. I will test myself against her. I will know her. And maybe one day, we will kill together.
    Andry She's confident, in a less talented person it would be hubris but in her it looks well earned.
    Andry Princess Reese is one of the city's best soldiers and leaders. Maybe one day she'll come join the Knights of Solace. We'd be fortunate to have her if she did!
    Angelo A fellow bibliophile and collector of the past, beautiful as she is a picture of grace. Quite glad to have met her.
    Anisha The Princess and General of Grayson is rather more modest and shy than I'd expect from someone in her position. A desire for knowledge is always a wonderful thing. I wonder what she sees when she looks in the mirror.
    Ann Gracious and the epitome of what I expet a Grayson Princess to be. Maybe a bit distracted - maybe there's something on her mind. Well, she is busy I know that much... Easy enough to talk to - I can't wait to talk to her more about books, but maybe in a quieter setting.
    Antea The fabled Princess of Ribbons. She is much more approachable than her military reputation might suggest. Pink is not suitable for my skintone, but she wears it very well.
    Anton Princess Ribbons. A great warrior, I've heard. Wears a lot of pink and ribbons. Looks good in it as well. Definitely very impressive, seems kind and humorous.
    Apollis The beauty of Princess General Grayson is something of sonnets and epic poetry. Were that I was gifted with the ability to express myself in such beautiful prose I might wish to share them with the world. But alas, I'm ill-equipped and inadequate.
    Apollo Uncommonly kind. Reminds me of the Keatons, in a way.
    Appolonia A charming princess with a sweet nature, though she seems a little sad, however hard she tries to be cheerful.
    Appolonia She's been hurt, left bleeding, but there is a glint of steel - pink as it were - beneath that pain. And from such pain can blossom beauty if one remembers there is more left to life than the hurts.
    Appolonia An extremely covert princess, not a common combination of terms.
    Arcadia One of the most prettiest princesses I've ever met. So pink! And she's so friendly. Not snooty at all!
    Arcelia I first met Reese while people were mud wrestling. We both enjoyed watching those who were fighting while we talked about the joys of getting muddy. She seems like a nice woman.
    Ardoin The third of the fabulous Grayson sisters. Princess Reese, like her sisters, is a true delight. Beautiful, charming, full of grace - and in Reese's case, a fearsome warrior to boot with a marvelous sense of fashion. I am quite glad to have met her, she did us a lot of good in the war, and I'd serve beside her without a second thought.
    Arianna She is valiant, courageous, and all too sweet. I know the girl could drop the average knight in a heartbeat but what is she really like, when she is alone and no one is watching? I bet she is an interesting personality.
    Aric Now, in my life I have had my ass handed to me by ladies before and I am not ashamed of it. I have to say, if I ever find myself on the other side of a real blade with Princess Reese, I am running for my life. The lady knows her artform very well!
    Ariella Sabella's more martial sister. She walks like death in pink ribbons. And if I remember correctly, none of that is swagger.
    Arik Good intentions and a dedication to principal. A greater faith in the outcome of such than I.
    Arman The legend of Princess Reese Grayson is a tale that has reached my ears multiple times. She is a living hero of the Compact and yet she has managed to maintain a vulnerability of youth which stands hand in hand with the foresight of a seasoned warrior.
    Armand The Princess General of the Graysons. A fine woman met at the Hall of Heroes. Though it was a short meeting, I hope to have the pleasure again.
    Armani She seems sweet. Too quiet for my tastes. THough.. the quiet ones are the ones who are secretly fun.
    Armani That jewelry, I'm starstruck~
    Armani So much colour! And so much skill! It's really not fair.
    Arn I can't tell if she's annoying because she's young and I'm old or if it's because she's a Grayson. Doesn't matter really. Kids...
    Arn Too much pink. Why? At least she's a warrior.
    Arthen That is a lot of pink on a woman, I tell you what. Not unexpected for a Crownlander, though. Certainly makes her stand out, that's for sure. Kind enough woman, a little quiet but she's got a big reputation.
    Artorius Warrior princess and wife of my friend Luca! She has always been impressive with a blade in her hands, and on more than one occasion been proven worthy of leadership. I cannot wait to see what more she can accomplish, for with her, every path leads to success!
    Artur The beautiful Princess General of Ribbons. And it is her ribbons that have inspired me! Off to make this play work!
    Artur Princess Reese is always a delight! One if the most genuinely sweet people I have ever encountered and endlessly kind to those around her. A real example.
    Asher I met her in the Uppers, when we were making sure grain was getting where it should be. There was some hubbub about shortages, food going towards booze... But she helped set it right. A good soul.
    Ashur A soft and polite, gentle-hearted princess. She walks like a humble warrior.
    Aslaug (A splash of pink spilled over the sketch of a blade.)
    Aslaug Way too much pink. Almost like she's trying to say 'here I am!' And with a reputation like hers, she doesn't need it.
    Astraea The Grayson princess is a heroine through and through. She always follows her heart and Gloria's righteous call. Were I to say I admire her it would indeed be completely true. She is a beautiful person inside and out. As of yet I don't know her that well, but I do hope to grow more familiar and to share in her passion for battle. It stands to be shown one way or another when it comes to her heart, but I have a feeling that even though she's able to take a life she still understands how special and sacred it is.
    Astrid If all granting of comfort and advice could come while soaking in a nice bath, more people might share their wisdom. Princess Reese made the conversation quite pleasant. I hope she can grow into the person she sees for herself... and find who that person is.
    Astyr Oh my goodness that's a Princess. I'll never be able to keep them straight. She seems lovely.
    Aswin Princess Reese Grayson has agreed to train me in a few areas of combat that I find myself lacking in. That in itself is quite a mark on the Princess' character, given the striking gap in our stations in life. Time will tell, but from what I have heard she is quite skilled. It will be a worthy use of my time, and perhaps I can learn more of the woman.
    Athaur A kind and generous woman, she always seems cheerful and friendly. I hear she is quite the warrior as well, and am eager to see more.
    Atherton A general? Kids these days. But I've seen enough to keep a more open mind in this city. I'll watch and see for myself if she's worthy of the rank.
    Auda I'm sure she's much better at stabbing than dancing. Adorable, nonetheless!
    Augustus The Princess Commander seems to be an adequate sort. I almost see some of myself in her, and hopefully the confidence in her abilities and natural talents will become stronger over time. I fear, however, that she may crumble under the scruitiny of those that consider themselves her betters - regardless of the reality of things.
    Aureth I can't remember if the first time I met Reese was when she congratulated me on my undead army, but it's definitely the first time I _remember_ her. She's cute as a button and she rescued Luca from the Lyceum, huzzah! What a hero.
    Austen A warrior and general, and perhaps soon a knight. She seems like she will make a good knight.
    Avaline A grayson Princess, she seems sweet and she's married to my husband's cousn. They're both strikingly different but in an endearing way, and I've heard she's a good fighter. I hope I get to see her someday.
    Avary I've heard many impressive stories about the royal in pink. She seems gracious, sweet but something is troubling her. I hope someone figures out that pain and smoothes it out with love and reassurance.
    Avary This princess is well known and personable, but slow to speak when I met her.
    Avita I am awed by the Princess's skill with a blade. Should ever I again fling myself into the jungle without arms or armour, I would see her defend me every time. ... oh, who am I kidding? -When- I fling myself into the jungle without arms or armour again ...
    Azova A well-read warrior and a princess to boot. She seems to be many things that are well worth getting to know.
    Baltus ALL THE PINK
    Barik A sluddering testament to all things made noble. A wide woman, clad in steel, ribboned in silk. However her height, if not her, any of her myriad of cousins and siblings wouldn't hesitate to make two incomplete parts of me, should I wrong her. With hesitation, I will handle her.
    Barric She is a natural at command, and does our House credit. But she's a Grayson, so what would one expect?
    Barric My cousin, one of the most skilled in all of Arvum with the blade. Warmed my heart that she stood by me and offered to stand as champion for me in the duel. I only regret she had to hear all of that in the first place.
    Bastien She's tired. Probably from carrying around all those titles.
    Beatrice Her deadliness is buried beneath ribbons and blushes. A delightful study in artful contradiction.
    Bedivere A fellow knight and devout member of our Faith. I have worked with her a few times before, and I highly respect her. Although it is not my color, pink looks good on her.
    Behtuk Princess with time to greet Behtuk. Is this what Grayson nobles are like?
    Belladonna What a lovely, lovely lady. So full of life! Needs to be more irresponsible.
    Bethany She seems a little more subdued than I remember.
    Bhandn Her Highness is driven, of that I have little doubt, enough to not mind the attention she attracts while sparring in those particular clothes. Still, a good point to be raised about stories. Some of them should not be held in silence.
    Bianca Seeing the princess again alive and well has only brought back the vision of her a year ago. Determined. Clever. Honest... and ready to sacrifice herself for the betterment of the whole. A truly honorable woman.
    Bianca A hero that stands among us. I have always been amazed by Princess Reese's dedication to her duties. Beyond her martial abilities, she is a kind woman with a good humor, inquisitive and discerning. She is a boon to the Compact and us all.
    Bianca It's been some time. It's splendid to see that she still has a smile on her face, and hope in her heart. Always a pleasure.
    Bianca Active and cheerful, Princess Reese is sure to make every gathering a bit happier. She's also very knowledgeable and her experience shows whenever her skills are required.
    Bianca She remains a remarkable constant; it's comforting, to see how sunnily she continues to engage the world.
    Bonnie The right instincts to plan a party - a book party at that - is really impressive, I hope none of the household servants get in the way of it.
    Braden Like something from fairy tales. A lovely princess AND she can apparently cut you down.
    Brady Maybe I'm a bit starstruck, but she's nice in every way.
    Braelynn A princess in pink. She looks tired
    Braith Helpful. Discrete. The Princess has been boon for me in a very confusing time. I hope that I can continue to look to her and in turn offer her a measure of aid. I am very deeply in her debt.
    Brianna I feel like we are worlds apart, yet there is something that we share in common. Some spark of being what we are in this world, and not backing away from that.
    Brianna The Pretty Pink Princess hasn't changed much. Still far too sweet. I may have to get some mischief into her.
    Brigida A great protector of the Gray Forests. A bit of a milquetoast, but I understand she's a fury in the field.
    Brigida I swear that if this girl ever stopped wearing pink then the land would believe Princess Reese vanished without a trace. She is respectful enough though.
    Briseis Interesting lady. I should like to get to know her better -- seems a deep thinker, but more than that as well, I sense.
    Cadenza Pink....very pink. Maybe I can get her to show me how to add ore color to my wardrobe...but not pink.
    Cadenza I have a particularly special love for fellow princesses who rise to great heights, and refuse to be constrained by their title. Princess Reese may now be the sole reason I can wield my blade as deftly as I do.
    Caelis I've met her a handful of times and she alway seemed sad or shy. She's actually fun to talk to, in a quiet sort of way.
    Cahal A sociable and popular princess with a thing for colour pink and a love of literature. It seems that she is a warrior and a general of note already. There is obviously a lot about her that you don't get to see on a first meeting. She seemed to be rather charmed by my silly stories.
    Caith She likes THINGS. And STUFF. And CHEESE. She gave me (well, not so much gave but made available for free) a wonderful block of slightly moldy cheese from Dame Thena. It's glorious.
    Calandra Her cheeks get as bright as her outfits. It's really adorable. But I wouldn't let that fool you. This Princess is easily capable of trouncing the lot of us.
    Calarian My cousin possesses charm and intelligence, as well as loyalty for her family.
    Calarian A loyal, much beloved, and very productive Princess of house Grayson. Even in the worst of times, even when she drags me into the gray forest--I trust her. I'm proud to have the pinkest girl in all the land as my cousin.
    Calaudrin I haven't worked with Reese Grayson that often. But I hear she's an exceptional solider, I hope to collaborate with her more in the future.
    Calista A veritable force on the field and a striking beauty upon the fields wherever she walks. They call her Ribbons and I imagine it is because she embodies the unassuming strength a properly tied ribbon holds. Or it could be something else entirely. I know what Lycene women use ribbons for.
    Cambria The Princess was lovely to behold, with extreme confidence in her husband. Something I should hope to have whenever I am married.
    Carmen Knight of Ribbons lives up to her name, frilly and loves a fight (and maybe a good dog) all at once.
    Caspian Having drinks with her in 100 Cities Inn was alright, though I'm more exicted for the possibility of crossing blades with her and her husband some day in a challenge. That'd be a great crowd pleaser!
    Caspian As pink and rambly as ever. She hasn't changed a bit.
    Cassandra I briefly met the Princess of Ribbons. I hope to see more of her and know that when she is in the field, she will protect us with all she has.
    Cassima A Grayson princess with an interest in books and building her own library. I like the sound of that. I hope to see her collection soon.
    Catalana A Grayson princess who I can see just wants to be free. She is so brave and strong for staying.
    Catriona A charming mix of soldier and lady. She's a friend of my sisters, and hopefully one day to be a friend of myself. Perhaps she's the missing link between us.
    Cerdensulathara Talented. Interesting. An adventurer, it seems.
    Charlotte A warm manner, a pleasant disposition, and excellent tearoom company to boot. I hope to chat with her again!
    Christine A neat kid. A cute fighter who likes shopping.
    Ciro Princess in Pink! And to find out she's family! What are the chances. I do look forward to the opportunity to paint her, though.
    Cirroch The legendary Princess-General Reese. I hope to get to know her better and to fight alongside her someday. She is friendly and welcoming. We met when I bought rounds of drinks at the bar hoping to get to know new people in Arx. Then we met again in Queensrest after she had sustained very serious injuries. I hope she gets better soon.
    Cirroch The pink wearing Princess. I've only heard good things about her as a warrior and leader. But why pink?
    Cirroch Few work as hard for the sake of The Compact as Reese. When they say None Greater Then Grayson, they point to Princess Reese as their example.
    Clara Reese seems to be a nice woman and a good warrior. I'd love to see her again.
    Cleo She is a gentle spirit. There is much going on behind those eyes. Perhaps one day we will speak and I can help.
    Clover Princess Reese loves ribbons. She really, super loves ribbons. This is mostly what Clover tends to remember about the princess at first thought; after that she thinks of strength, chivalry, and legends.
    Conall I can't imagine all she has seen in battle, and I've seen more than most. Her loyalty and bravery is an inspiration, though, and I am grateful we have her.
    Constance She has excellent taste in companions for someone who knows *everyone*. They're signs of good judgment and pure character, which I am sure that Reese has in spades.
    Constantine The legendary Reese Grayson. In my mind I had painted the picture of a fierce blur of pink darting across the field of battle and had no projection of who she might be beneath the armor. To meet her, though... she is a warm woman. Polite and mild-mannered. A welcome conversational partner.
    Coraline A wonderful lady, I hope to get to know her better!
    Corban A table is hardly a place to properly assess someone in so much armor. Perhaps if we meet in the fighting pits near the gauntlet. As it was, she was too overshadowed by Prince Luca to really make an impression.
    Corrigan She seems innocent with all that pink. I do not think she is.
    Cristoph Princess Reese is a friendly woman and took the time to speak with us at the Salon one night. I'd happily chat with her again.
    Cullen A true asset and honor to her people. Gracious, kind, and generous, someone to be looked up to - not to mention a protector of the woods. I'd be proud to call her friend.
    Cullen Honorable, beautiful, and of the sort of strength of character rarely seen or heard about. She is a close personal friend I am quite proud to know, and shall always remain so.
    Cullen Still a gracious and noble friend, kind and with a good word for everyone. She says she's doing better, I hope that is the truth. I will have to find out, my time away has changed me. I wonder what it has done to her.
    Cybele Princess Reese is a very shiny princess who jingles when she walks and she has many pretty things and she is very nice and brave.
    Daemon The Princess of Ribbons they call her. I can see why, she is very pretty. Gods have pity on whoever she faces, for they will not have a good time. No sir.
    Daniella Imagine seeing her coming at you on the field of battle, all flashing alaricite and pink silk... What a way to go.
    Danielle So much pink, I had heard she liked pink, but I can't believe I'm getting to meet the Knight of Ribbons! Ohhhhhhhh. And she seems so nice!
    Dante More than my equal in combat which is a rare thing indeed. And a princess to boot? Be wary my fellow gentlemen of leisure... here is one catch that will not be caught easily.
    Dante Not at all haughty despite claiming to have been quite so as a young girl, she's rather outgoing and friendly. Might also be the Sword of Nettles, I'll never say otherwise.
    Dariel A friendly warrior Princess attired in pink who professes to be able to sing well. I am more than curious.
    Darren A strong Princess with a good head on her shoulders, glad to have Grayson willing to work with us. Always nice to have a measured and intelligent military leader down in the Gray Forest.
    Darren The Princess is brave and dutiful, an asset to her family and the Compact. I look forward to unraveling the mysteries of the Gray together with her.
    Darren Princess Reese is always a pleasure to see in the Redrain Ward. Her politeness is legendary, and she always makes time to say hello. She is clearly devoted to her sisters - family must always come first.
    Darrow A Grayson who knows the blade. But more importantly - she is attuned what lies beyond the end of it.
    Declan The Grayson Princess is fearless, arriving and speaking to anyone with kindness and warmth. It's easy to see why she is so well regarded.
    Delfina A polite and charming princess with interests similar to my own. I look forward to the opportunity to speak with her in the future and hopefully learn from her.
    Delia A riot of colour and the picture of tact! It was such a pleasure to finally meet her.
    Delilah A young, beautiful princess! Just as you'd read in a fairytale, she has her share of troubles, but with some time, things will go her way.
    Delilah Anyone who maintains the largest collection of books - - and in a beautiful tower - - possibly in all Arx is someone I have such respect for. I see why everyone speaks so warmly of Princess Reese. She has such a generous spirit.
    Demura Always a pleasure to see a Grayson Princess. They all are so very different, but united under the same iron purpose.
    Denica Such a perfect subject for my art, both willing and flawless! And who hasn't heard of Princess Reese? She's something to behold in person, for sure!
    Denica So pretty and kind. So many weapons though. And the pink.
    Denica Princess Reese is as vibrant as ever! I want to spend more time with her now, time to make some new antics!
    Dianara I rather enjoy the way she turns expectations around on those who have them. Why must all fantastic warriors be gruff and hard-living? That she can be as effective as she is with her blade and still appreciate the delicate things in life is refreshing and fascinating.
    Dianna Patron to two of my favorite people in the city, and interested in my family - in what seems to be a genuine way. The generosity of the Princess never ceases to amaze.
    Dimitri A Princess in Pink. She's a warrior by trade, a fact that my wife will thoroughly enjoy and her reputation proceeds her, for her skills are well spoken of. She is a delight to speak with, as well, and I look forward to our paths crossing once again.
    Dio Whatever has been said of her prowess or beauty pales in comparison to being in her presence.
    Dominique The /pink/ princess. I do enjoy her company and wish to spend more time to get to know her more. She can perhaps teach me how to maintain my femininity even as a warrior.
    Dominique As we face what appears to be the next of many trials, it was not surprising to see Princess Reese there upon the docks. Whatever her own doubts, her presence nonetheless fills me with confidence, and I hope that I might succeed in offering her some of the same.
    Domonico A Princess with a love of pink ribbons. However it appears she has real steel behind the bright colours and she uderstands the rle of a Commander.
    Donaldo She seems to know everyone, or maybe they all know her. She was sad too, and maybe overwhelmed. The price of fame maybe.
    Donato Resplendent in pink and death in ribbons, she's someone to admire. And sneak glances at, of course. A very nice person.
    Donella One gets the first impression of the pink princess as nothing but another candy coated princess. That is of course, the wrong impression that one should have. For while a color does not dictate a person, a title also does not speak towards persona. It appears that Reese is more than anything candy inspired. Her heart may hold the balance of sweet, but her sword holds the balance of knowledge. That knowledge is sadly one we must all hold. What it feels like to take a life. What it feels like to do what we must. How we shroud ourselves in candy coloring to try and protect ourselves from the next time we must sacrifice and do what we must. Blood is not pink and pink is not weak.
    Donovan I remember, vaguely, Reese being quite apt with a sword when we were children. I see now that it has progressed to an even greater aptitude in her adulthood. She seems to know quite a few people within the city, and with a kind demeanour as hers, I am not surprised. Sunny, and pleasant, my cousin Reese seems the epitome of a Princess Knight -- that armour looks terribly heavy though.
    Draven She like potatoes! And chocolate. I think she might challenge Aahana because of the oil though.
    Drusila She is someone who has power and strength, but doesn't need to boast or brag. She's pretty as well, in Drusila's mind, and pretty things are always lovely to have nearby. She's a warrior, but on the other hand, isn't. Drusila though enjoys talking with the knight princess, perhaps one day they'll find more about each other.
    Drusila The Knight of Ribbons is dangerously kind and graceful not to mention generous with her compliments. A pleasure to be around to be around this distant relation of my patron.
    Duarte A princess only by birthright. Likely seeks other distinction.
    Dustin Reese keeps a library with many books, some she'll share and some she won't. I can respect someone who knows the importance of keeping some things for yourself.
    Eamon A pretty princess in pink - with the heart of a warrior. Harder than most of the women I know despite the color. I do hope the pain she has so clearly felt does not dull that smile for too much longer.
    Echo She certainly catches the eye! If it isn't the pink and all the weapons, it's definitely got to be her attitude. She knows she's tough and it radiates from her. Gloria be with you.
    Ectorion I've never seen a warrior her match, she's incredible to behold in battle or in training.
    Eddard A lovely lady with an open home. We sat awhile and enjoyed each other's company. I wouldn't mind doing so again.
    Edelma Down-to-Earth Princess. Up for silly games in the woods, always a plus.
    Eilonwy She's quiet, but she seems very nice for a princess.
    Eiran The Princess has quite the collection in her library, as I understand it. I hope to visit soon.
    Eirlys It has been a while, sparred with her against Sigurd. It was a fantastic time and I remember her being a good fighter. Glad to see her again.
    Eleanor The Lord Commander (and Mae) speak highly of her, which would be enough for me, AND she's dedicated to the war effort. I admire that sort of dedication.
    Eleyna This Grayson is a juxtaposition. On one hand, I've never met anyone else so enamoured of the frilly things in life that so many 'serious' people want to dismiss. Yet, Reese is also one of the fiercest fighters that I've ever seen. I like that she's a contradiction.
    Elfriede From the moment she stepped through that fated door, I knew there was something special to her, and her demeanor. And it wasn't just the ribbons. However copious the amount of ribbons. She's truly a highness of sorts manifested.
    Elgana A truly lovely warrior just like my big sister. I look forward to getting to know Princess Reese much better. I think we can become the best of friends.
    Elise A helpful and kind princess. She always seems to make time for who she is around.
    Elora A warrior pricess who still looks beautiful and dainty in pink. Someone worth looking up to!
    Elsa A wonderful young woman who cares much for the animals in her retinue. Her reputation preceeds her and the way people greet her says volumes for her character.
    Ember Bright, capable, and able to take charge of a situation, be it through command or physicality. Quite impressive.
    Emilia A Princess who drew my attention with her fashion choice and armory of implements of war on her belt!
    Emily Arx has its wealth of strong leaders but the Princess is a surprise. I think I might very follow her anywhere she might lead. A woman who can fight for her people is someone I can admire.
    Emmelline She is a rather quiet sort of person. very pleasant though, and good to converse with.
    Enoch Wow....she is tough. Not many people can chill in the freezing water. Like me, for example.
    Erik A Grayson Princess with an interest for military strategy, she also shares a passion for books and that says we'll probably get along well.
    Eshken Although I can't say I share the same overt fondness for the color pink, the Princess seems a friendly, charming sort.
    Eshra This Grayson has the spirit of one that does not give up easily.
    Esme She's all pink and wonderful. Also, if she wants it or not, she's my friend. I adore everything about her and so should everyone else. Sure all bright things have some darkness, but it just makes them more beautiful.
    Esoka Princess Reese Grayson is so pink! And covered in ribbons! She is not the stereotypical image of a warrior, but her swordarm seems strong and her bravery true.
    Estil Sweet, demure, and perhaps a tiny bit shy - she seems all that is ladylike, but also inherently wonderful. You know those people you meet and can just tell they are a good soul right down to the bone? She is one of them.
    Etienne This princess continues to be a talented adventurer in all contests that I've witnessed.
    Eurion Amazing fighter, charming and wild and lovely. I hope we meet again!
    Eurion So this is the famous Princess Reese! So beautiful and brave, but filled with sadness. It makes me ache for her, she deserves nothing but the sun and joy. I shall be her friend, and try to help bring that.
    Eurion Princess Reese with her ribbons is a gift, a great conversationalist.
    Evander A collector of books, a fellow lover of knowledge, her generosity shows no bounds.
    Evaristo So serious and so pink. There was something about duty and being a general. I suppose that'd make most people serious. Very very pleasant company however.
    Evelynn A kind and gentle woman, though likely formidable in any battlefield. I hope she finds what she's looking for one of these days.
    Evonleigh So cheerful and easygoing; happy to have met Reese in a friendly riddle chase with us all on the same side, because she is no doubt a formidable opponent!
    Ezekiel After seeing her fight, I understand why she is General of Grayson.
    Ezra You know the name being connected with fighting. Sunaia's impression is that she's the nicest princess out there. The combination of these two perceptions leads you to believe she's something like a dog. They can be adorable and the most heartwarming animals out there but then they're also capable of latching onto your neck and tearing you open. This can be especially the case in a pack. Perhaps it is best to keep the Grayson princesses to limited meetings of one at a time.
    Fairen The pink Grayson General Princess. She reminds me of Iliana in someways.
    Fairen Our heroic Princess Grayson who also happens to love books - both writing and collecting. Really quite the role model for the Compact.
    Faruq The Princess, and General, she is rather quiet for one with so many responsibilities which I am not that surprised by. Observing is an important trait for any leader, being aware of everything. She is from my understanding one of the best fighters, ever, anywhere. I am honored she would offer to assist me with my own trainings. I am certain I will become the best Sword I can be with her assistance.
    Fatima Oh the princess ribbons. Sweet, beautiful and polite. She did seem a bit unsure of the Prince, even though they are distantly related. Though I can see why, new things and all that jazz. Perhaps when the hustle and bustle has died down. I can have a drink with the lass.
    Fatima Entirely too serious, Reese Grayson is a gods-damned(blessed) hero, but needs to have a little cheering up in her life.
    Fatima Most everyone knows of Princess Reese by her warrior reputation and involvement in many important matters. That said, she's not bad to drink with, nor to tease my little cousin, and that's a great point in her favor.
    Faye A woman who is strong, well-organized, and serious about her drinking. After that, the pink hardly matters. Truly, she is excellent company.
    Fecundo After communicating through messenger about training, I would not have expected such a lovely lady. Who would think her offer to swing a mace at me would be something to look forward to?
    Felicia Delightful, in an informal setting. The princess is amazing at darts, no stranger to drinking, and seemed to fit in well with the Swords. As the Lord Commander said, pity she's married, she'd make a fine Knight.
    Ferrando She's very clear about what she likes in life, and that is primarily serving Gloria, wielding exquistitely crafted maces (and swords), upholding justice, and wearing lots of ribbons. What's not to like?
    Fianna I met Princess Reese at the First Annual Raconteur Cup Race. After Phantom and I won, I could hear her cheering above the crowd. I will never forget that moment as I know she will always be a staunch supporter.
    Filshiar Always a delight.
    Fiora Not touching whatever's going on there with a ten foot pole.
    Fiora What is there to say about Princess Reese?
    Flavien I'll have to see how much I still like this one after I hurl from so many push up in full plate. Right now, it's a positive.
    Gabriel It has been some time since we last saw one another. She has experienced some difficult times, recently, but she appears to me capable of pushing through them. And if she needs a shoulder? Few are broader than a Bisland's.
    Gabriel The Princess has grown well into her teachings.
    Gabriella She seems to have a kind of unassailable optimism to her that I find thrilling. I would not mind opportunity to know her better.
    Galatea Surprisingly approachable for a princess, and a martial one at that. I feel as though the general level of decorum in the city is far more relaxed than I anticipated. Perhaps I shall have to convince her to patronize my wares.
    Gareth Cousin. General of our armies. Very concerned about rabbits.
    Gaspar If her sword strikes half as true as her smile, I pity anyone foolish enough to cross blades with her.
    Gaston One of the Graysons. She mentioned that she hunts, though not often, and that she looked forward to doing it again once the forest is made safer. Perhaps she'll join me for a hunt soon. It would be a fine way to build alliances, and certainly one I'd have more luck with than talks over tea or some such.
    Gaston Princess Reese is one of the sweetest people that I have met in Arx. She is supposedly quite formidable with a blade, which is a delightful surprise. Perhaps soon I can witness her in action.
    Gaston Such a beauty, and so nice, too! A wonderful person to meet - and seems pretty skilled at fighting. Very pink, but it works on her. I should get to know her better.
    Gaston I've always been around her, it seems, but we've never really had a chance to speak. Her quiet air of dignity and service to the realm are known even in Cloudspine, and that is always something I will respect.
    Gawain Is there anything this woman can't do as if she invented it?
    Gawain Modest, beautiful, noble. A princess whose graces I would love to earn.
    Genevieve She's so pleasant and friendly. She treated me with respect even though I'm a commoner, and at no point during our conversation did I feel as though she was judging me. I enjoyed speaking with her.
    Gerald Very. Very. Very pink. Also enthusiastic.
    Geralt Oh, she's the Grayson princess, with all the pink, right? Didn't get to talk with her much, but she seemed pleasant enough.
    Gianna A generous Princess with, perhaps, a romantic heart.
    Gilroy I guess she's Isaugusta's sweetie and has a tower? I donno.
    Giuliano Those who would underestimate my distant relative on her preference for pink would be shocked when gutted. A very friendly and welcoming person, too. Someone to know.
    Grazia The charming and rather famous Grayson princess is a great fan of my beloved husband Duke Aiden, and as such, she appeals to me. She seems a gentle soul, for all her martial prowess, fierce with a weapon but tender of heart.
    Gretchen A Princess who enjoys spending her silver? Arx really is the place where dreams come true.
    Gwendolen Warrior princess. The two things I wanted to be when I was a kid. Admirable that someone of her status took up a knightly profession.
    Gwenna Princess Reese Grayson, a familiar name, seemed a friendly if introspective woman when our paths crossed at the Ambassador.
    Haakon I'm starting to consider that Grayson princesses may not be so bad. Of course, I'll deny saying it, but still. Without all the pink and ribbons, she's tolerable.
    Haizea She seems leisurely in the way a self-assured person can be. And quite pink.
    Hamish The Princess of Ribbons is doughy strength and graceful class all at once.
    Hana The first time Hana met Reese, she showed up in the shop asking for a terrifyingly ornate mace to match her terrifyingly ornate armor. Her orders are always /interesting/, and maybe that's why the pink alaricite sword that Hana made for Reeese remains one of her single best pieces of work ever. Yet despite the frills and silliness, Reese is a terrifyingly effective fighter, and someone who apparently has put that pink alaricite blade to really good use. Maybe someday, Hana will get to know her better.
    Harald If she primped and preened any more, she'd be a self righteous peacock in pink and silver.
    Harlex War is on you like a stain. But it hasn't stained your heart, from what I can see, your good intentions either, and I hope it never does.
    Harper The pretty pink princess. Think her name will definitely be Pink Princess. I mean you just gotta. But she's great. One of the ones that gives me hope that not all princesses are snooty. I'd fight alongside her any day.
    Helena What a good sport to jump into a game in progress -- and stomp us to pieces. Clever, kind, and the most terrifying opponent.
    Helia Pink and ribbony! I didn't get much time to chat at her, but she has a nice and I think she'd be pleasant to talk to.
    Helle A pink songbird. I wouldn't mind listening to her for a hundred years.
    Henrick Very, very pink and very, very scary. Do not piss off the Princess Parade. Check!
    Hickson The famous Knight Princess of the Iron Guard is very kind, and seems to have a perfect balance of dignity and good humor.
    Holden Commander, fellow member of the Gold Order, and would-be knight. Young, too young for the number of responsibilities that rest upon her.
    Holt A beautiful princess and an amazing fighter. Kind and grounded, not the sort that looks down her nose at common folk like us. And she offered Nico swordplay lessons, so she's more than fine by me.
    Ian I'm rougher around the edges than I realized. I'm going to have to be very careful around her. I really don't want to risk breaking her again.
    Icelyn I gather her path has changed a lot since she was young. Perhaps it's not done changing yet.
    Ignacio A great example of ideal Royalty. She carries a the airs of her bloodline, but is humble and kind with a sense of humor.
    Ignacio The Princess has a confidence and aplomb to her in many varied situations! A kind heart as well, though her kind heart may now mean my wife can beat me in the training ring.
    Iliana Personable and outgoing, but I know she's a bear on the field. It would please me no end to get to learn from her.
    Ilira A pretty pretty princess with a whimsy and warmth about her. The alliteration is barely intentional, I promise.
    Ilvin She may be small, but she is fierce.
    Imi Princess Reese's beauty is outshined by her sense of honor and duty. It's easy to remember why Grayson has the motto it does when you're in her presence.
    Ingrid The imposing General of the Grayson troops. I've heard so many stories about her, both from my father and from general gossip. She seems very approachable though.
    Ingvar Are all Princesses warriors? It seems that is the case. This one is Reese Grayson, a general who has fought with my brother and father on occasion. Her temperment is not nearly as sour as some of the other Princesses I have met lately.
    Isabeau The former princess made a difficult decision in her godswearing, a commendable choice to make.
    Iseulet What a sweet (and pink) Princess!
    Ishmael A beautiful and charming princess. Perhaps I will see more of her around.
    Isidora Princess of Ribbons. Where I heal - she fights. Friendly woman I enjoyed a boat trip with.
    Isolde The beautiful bride of my cousin. Saved him from an apple.
    Itzal A Princess and General. While it should keep one busy, she noentheless found time to encounter me at the Ambassador Salon. Sweet and kind, and awakening no ire.
    Ivy Soft-spoken and gentle of smile, so at odds with the reputation of one of the Compact's most fearsome warriors and generals.
    Jacali Why, aren't even afraid to be seen buyin' her booze from the Lowers. Might yet be somethin' to her, despite all the pink.
    Jacque A fearsome woman in battle, the General of the Grayson forces wiped the floor with him and Dame Emilia at the same time. All the same, he hopes to get to know her better, and perhaps get a rematch when he's up to speed.
    Jacque Beautiful, charming, gracious - offers to teach, offers to help. I look forward to seeing much more of her in the future.
    Jaenelle Compassionate and head strong, I have always found that Reese is the champion of causes and they are lucky to have her as such.
    Jaerith The legendary Knight of Ribbons, at the front of every battle the city has seen in a decade. She is as lovely in person as they say in the stories.
    Jan ...So much PINK.
    Jan She is much more like Catalana then me, but still, she seems to have a good mix of both our traits. I'll have to continue our conversation from the Ebb and Flow when there is time. I'm curious to see her warrior side.
    Jarel Princess Reese Grayson might have done something that not every women can do: attract the Barbarian. She is beautiful, a skilled fighter and intelligent. Definitely a Grayson, all the way. Perhaps that's why I'm attracted to her: that strength of hers is the most beautiful thing I have seen.
    Jasher She is...very fond of pink.
    Jayanthi She seems quiet. I think I would enjoy sculpting or painting her.
    Jayden The Princess is somewhat startling to see at a glance, with more colors then my home has at the height of spring, but she seems passionate, intelligent and with a delightful curiosity.
    Jeffeth A kind princess who honors me with her words, and flattens people on the battlefield. An impressive woman.
    Jennyva A Princess all in Pink that I met at the ivy covered watchtower. She offered me guidance when I needed it and I still struggle to come up with the words to describe how warm and welcome I felt!
    Jev She took me to breakfast! What a nice lady.
    John Cousin Reese has grown so much. Though she claims not to be 'smart', I feel its undeserved. A great tactician and uses a varied amount of weapons as well. Brawn but with the brain included.
    Jordan She hits hard. I think I got a concussion. Wait, why am I seeing stars? Flashing ones.
    Joscelin Pink. Sweet. Very polite. Stiff on first impression, I wonder what else there is to her? Much, as they say, must run beneath the surface of such pretty cheer.
    Josephine One of my finest clients and better than myself at darts. Maybe next time.
    Josephine A princess of Grayson and one that you can always wooo with something pink. I like to experiment and see what pleases her. Oh the tales her armor has to tell though.
    Joslyn Also known as Ribbons, Reese was always something of an interest to Joslyn. Encountering her in the training center, Joslyn was captivated by her beauty, and was certain that such a beautiful pampered princess couldn't be a formiddable opponent? Joslyn was wrong, and over time, her interest in the princess has grown. She appreciates her beauty, her battle prowess, and her command. Joslyn would follow her into the pits of the Abyss itself, and hopes they get grow closer.
    Jules What a dear of a princess! You should be so lucky to meet one who fits the ideal so well The ribbons! Yess, she is not afraid to have a little flair.
    Julian A Princess of both great beauty, strength and apparently skills at imparting such knowledge on people. Apparently a must know person of Arx.
    Juliette She smiles a lot, but it feels like there is a subtle undercurrent of wistfulness to it which frankly makes her very intriguing.
    Juniper A Grayson princess of formidable reputation and obviously devout feelings!
    Jyri That princess... has my respect. Leaped on that horse like she was born to do it and got it calmed down. Glad she's an Iron Guard.
    Kace She seems a well-rounded princess, and her dedication to Solace is admirable.
    Kaede How the *@&! does a woman in so much pink look so *(#&!*# sad? Hopefully that sorrow doesn't interfere with your duty.
    Kaia The famous Grayson princess; it's nice to finally put a face to the name. She seemed friendly, kind and pleasant. I wouldn't mind us becoming friends, she seems nice.
    Kaldur Inspiring. The Princess' prayer was heartfelt. The Prince's words for her made the her words all the more resonant.
    Kanean Perhaps louder than her shades of pink are her confidence and kindness. One of the nicer Princesses I have if I've met many.
    Karadoc I'm supposed to say: wow, that's sure a lot of PINK, right? Right? Good. Honestly, I don't know much about this Grayson princess except that she's quiet, well-spoken, and waaaaay more empathic that I would have thought.
    Karina Not the typical image I have in my head of a princess, and that's not a bad thing. She radiates strength and grace in equal measure.
    Katarina Another PRincess of House Grayson that I am not very well acquainted with, yet I have heard no shortage of exceedingly good things about her. A fairly good combatant, and devoted to her people. She seems to have an adventurous spirit I cannot help but admire, and makes me curious to know what more is there to her.
    Katarina The Pink Princess of Grayson is very well known. Kind, compassionate and spares nothing for her people. I aspire to her greatness.
    Katarina Few are seldom as sweet and compassionate as Reese Grayson. Her capacity to love and care for those in her world are to be respected. Katarina might even dare say much activity and progress seen in the Grayson army is done so by the hard efforts of her labor and sweat alone.
    Katherine Her reputation precedes her as a skilled sword-master. I might have expected something of the soldier's harshness in her demeanor, but no! Princess Reese possesses a gentleness of spirit, one that seems to persist beyond all the wounds inflicted on her in so short a time.
    Katryn As glorious and radiant as the tales and legends! I may have pinched myself to make sure it was truly her. And to receive her praise... I had thought this a dream. Still, I will earn your gracious words by deed!
    Kedehern One of the Grayson princesses. Cheerful for the most part, and congenial.
    Kenna When we first met after that duel I rather thought she was an interesting woman with depths. The more I see of her, the more I agree with that assessment. I feel like there is so much to see that simply isn't there on the surface.
    Khanne Pink, be-ribboned, shining like the sun warrior. I am still baffled by her choice in armor, having always been taught to try to blend in, not stand out, but, it seems to work for her! Warrior Princess.
    Killian Killian had sparred, briefly, with Reese in the past and found her somewhat shallow and childish (previous Reese) so did not expect much when they sparred once again. He was startled at the increased maturity and forethought she exhibited, and very pleased with her sincere desire to learn and grow. He is proud to have been any part of that growth, watching her change and evolve from a somewhat silly follower, to a strong and respected leader amongst the Grayson family and the city at large, who has earned the adoration of many among the populace.
    Klaus If ever there was a pargon of House Grayson, this warrior knight reborn would be such. However, is that the color pink I see about her?
    Korka I'd heard of humble Princesses, but I never though to meet one. This one is a general, a warrior and she drinks ale! How cool is all that?
    Korka This Grayson Princess is generous, quiet, and kind. Just how royalty ought to be.
    Kritr The Princess in Pink, the Knight of Ribbons, she showed me that the name on the lips of your admirers and detractors can be the very same. That is wisdom.
    Kutazer What an amazing woman. She is a general and a warrior the likes of which I am fairly certain are legendary. But she is also kind, modest, and beautiful to boot.
    Lailah A cousin of my cousin. She's a well respected member of the family, a worthy fighter from what I've been able to tell and she helped me learn a bit of the sword a long while back, and we worked on an investigation where we uncovered something most interesting. I should get to know her better.
    Laric Gods help us all when she depletes our reserves of pink dyestuff.
    Lark My ever-working cousin. Of course I would stumble on you trying to juggle teaching and meetings and likely more too. I ought to command you to find some help.
    Laurel Seems thoughtful and gracious, a little quieter than the Princess Valencia but no less kind.
    Leena Very beautiful, dressed in pink she's quite a vision of lovliness and feminine charm. That said, she also is just as charming - caring for other people. She was rather worked up, and while there was a struggle to hold back tears it's good to see that a princess is worked up about other people - not self centered upon themselves.
    Leif Leader of Grayson forces, and to meet her in a book store. A fortunate chance meeting.
    Lenne I can't say I've met many princesses, but I didn't expect one to be so friendly and approachable. To say nothing of being a scholar! I do hope to meet her again.
    Leola Her Highness, Princess Reese Grayson often makes me blush as bright as the ribbons she wears. I don't know if she understands the power she projects; a strong character, nobleminded young woman of beauty, grace and physical power; but I see in her much that made Grayson hold the Crown all these years. I feel blessed to know her, and trust her to do what is right. I can wish no more of those nobles.
    Leonidas A Grayson Princess. Seems friendly enough, if a bit on the teasing side.
    Liara I caught her on what is a probably bad day, but I imagine those just can't be avoided for any sort of warrior. Quite sombre, but, despite that, welcoming.
    Liesel I think I've heard of her before, but no one ever told me she was kind.
    Lisebet Competant and caring; Although a loner, she seems to know who and how to get things done.
    Lora The Knight of Ribbons. She seems strangely unaffected by everything she has seen and done; I wonder how she manages, whether it is truth or artifice. Perhaps someday I shall find out.
    Lore I envy her that steelsilk, its utterly gorgeous. Perhaps a TOUCH too much pink for my tastes, maybe a nice mauve or lavender or soft gray to help even things out a bit? I have some -fabulous- seasilk here that would drape just perfectly on her.
    Lorenzo The pink princess. We've seen each other in passing a few times. Friendly but a little quiet. I look forward to speaking with her again sometime.
    Lorenzo A kind and cheerful woman, always pleasant company. I find her empathy and willingness to listen to be quite charming.
    Lothar An asset to our Order, and very kind. I hope we can share more tales someday!
    Lou It seems that whenever Lou comes upon Reese, it's during some sort of competition. She can't say she's surprised, as her sister does like to win things. She'll always be there to support her, when she's able.
    Luca My loving (and lovely) wife. I couldn't be luckier if I'd tried. And to think, I didn't even! To have her ask for marriage was a profound blessing, in more ways that I ever realized at first. I grow more fond of her with each passing day, and she continues to make me ever more proud. I wouldn't trade her for the world. Or to the world. I'd fight the world for her.
    Lucien She is as lovely as they say. There is a purity to Princess Reese that is truly inspiring to any knight.
    Lucita Though had seen her in brief passing, had never really talked with her to gain an impression. The wait was worth while, so knowledgeable and kind enough to share her thoughts and information, patient with a relative newcomer.
    Lucrezia Ribbons. No, that's what It thought her name was. I was really drunk when I met her, but who can forget that pink?
    Luis A confident and prepared princess, and yet still seems to allow for some fun in her busy life.
    Lydia A practical princess, as beautiful with friends as dangerous among enemies I am sure.
    Lys She seems like she has a lot on her mind or her shoulders or both.
    Mabelle A young warrior Princess, I am both in awe and frightened. Seems like someone you wish to have on your side.
    Macario If you look past all that cool armor and double-welding sword bass-assness, and a cool collective exterior, you'll see dimples.
    Macda If I have to look up and admire one living Grayson, it's probably Reese. A lady and a fighter, an inspirational figure. I just have to get her to sing more bawdy songs and she'll be perfect.
    Macda A true princess who can spot a face and know the name of every notable to cross her. Impressively, she's also tough enough to teach Macda to beat back a Dread Wolf.
    Maddox A true princess, in the highest sense, attentive to detail and focused not on herself, but on her house and the kingdom, even in her view of herself. I find meeting her a real honor.
    Maeve She is such a strong and valiant woman! She takes so much upon herself. I can't imagine how much of a burden she must carry being all warrior-y and working to save the forest. I have only respect and admiration!
    Magnus This Grayson Princess enjoys some interesting books, wine and listening to the tales about my homeland, the perfect companion for some light conversation after a busy day
    Magpie Magpie's best customer, Princess Reese is always supportive of the business and seemed to treat Mae really well too. What's not to love about the Grayson that fills your coffers with silver?
    Mailys While her reputation proceeds her, she is gracious, dedicated and a highly impressive noble woman in all of her own rights.
    Maja A princess! She seems very nice and she has such lovely ribbons in her hair.
    Malcolm Princess Reese's a typical Grayson princess with a few marked differences that make her unique. She has a love of books, looks best in blue - although she favors pink, and has insights. Good folk.
    Malesh A fine warrior who may keep the lands at peace with the power of her sword or the terror of her uterus!
    Marcas The celebrated Princess Ribbons! I imagine just as much of a nickname for her style of dress as well as the shape she leaves her foes in with her storied bladework. A true pleasure to meet her in person, I would love to get the chance to do so again.
    Margerie There is a brightness to the young Princess. We haven't spoken at length, but she leaves an impression of earnestness and wanting to do well that I hope will server her very well.
    Margerie A formidable looking woman with a pleasing presence. I immediately respect her.
    Marian A bright light in an otherwise dark world, a true princess of Grayson. Earnest in her beliefs, I wish to cultivate her friendship on and off the field.
    Marisol I was not expecting it I have to admit. The Princess was very much able to hold her own in the drinking contest. I must express something of awe but also worry for her health. Well done.
    Marius Seems a pleasant young woman. She walked into a deep conversation in the middle of things and didn't run off, so she has some bravery to her. Her optimism will acquit her well.
    Martino Surprised me when introduced herself as the Princess! Certainly a Princess who can swing and arm and sword.
    Maru What a magnificent young woman she has grown up to be. She has good instincts and keen insight.
    Marzio A skilled warrior that I have had the pleasure of training with. Not only is she a good combatant to learn from, but she is a good person to hold conversation with. A valued friend.
    Mattheu nearly as colorful as the wind, though dressed closer to the early moments of a setting sun upon the waters.
    Medeia The pinkest princess has my respect for her restraint, and my gratitude for her generosity.
    Melody A warm-hearted princess that lives in a tower which looms far above the forests. I believe I read about this in a book before, but I must've missed the part where the princess dropped giants of men onto their rears in the sparring sands.
    Mercedes It was good to run into Princess Reese again. She is just as pink and cheerful as I remember her -- it's good to know that there are some things one can always count on.
    Mercedes Over-adorned, but perhaps that's to be expected with such wealth and power. She speaks plain, and strategizes sensibly. Unmarried, too, I hear? A Princess who knows her business, and prioritizes things of actual importance. A woman after my own heart.
    Merek %bMerek first met Reese when she became a member of the Iron Guard and was working during the time that Fawkhul was still the Dominus. He has always found her brave and loyal, and since then she has served both the Guard and her family well in his opinion.
    Meriah Seems she has taken a hit, lately. And I hope she heeds my advice. The world breaks everyone but you just gotta know you get stronger in those broken places--when its all through.
    Mia If there is one lesson to be learned from the princess, it's this -- never mistake a gentle soul for a weak one.
    Michael A fair and loving princess, whose apparent adoration of pink underlies her martial nature. She seems to have her family under her finger and is an apt wielder of influences. One would almost endeavor to be under said influence.
    Miella She seems very sweet and friendly for a Princess, willing to talk to just about anyone that comes by.
    Mikani Wild warrior princess. I like it!
    Miranda What a thrilling honor! To sit and talk to the Knight of Ribbons! Princess Reese, the Crownlands general! Talk about motivation! For this knight, right here, she is what I aspire to be. She is the cream of the crop. What an honor for me!
    Mirari Oh, my shop is empty. Princess Reese must have been by!
    Mirari It is always so good to spend time with Reese Grayson, she is a ray of sunlight, and that's something I don't often get to bathe in.
    Mirella The Knight of Ribbons, a legend in her own lifetime. My mother says that you can tell a lot about a person by how they treat their social inferiors. The princess is friendly, open and warm. This speaks of her quality.
    Mirk Pink and vibrant but sorrowful.
    Monique Ribbons. I love it. Probably not lacking in wit despite what others think.
    Morgan The Princess Reese! Knight of Ribbons! I was awed by her stunning looks, grace, and humbleness - and she loved my tales! So much she's going to write a book about them, whether or not they're (of course) true!
    Morrighan Princess of Grayson, and one with the reputation of being one of the Compact's most notable warriors. Not one I've tested in the arena, but I don't doubt her ability - I've seen it first hand during the Silent War. I don't know her well personally, but who at least doesn't know of the Pink Princess? She's done much for the Compact.
    Morwythia Very kind and helpful. She seems to be one person to get to know.
    Mydas I know more of Reese's reputation than I do the woman herself. Still, true of heart, dedicated to Compact, house and husband, there's little to dislike.
    Naka Met at a Scholars discussion. Bright, brave and thoughtful. Just the sort of person you'd want to have in charge of a big, complicated, dangerous project.
    Naomi A princess in pink, followed by a zoo. Such a fresh-faced child to be leading armies! One hopes that there's steel underneath that pastel velvet glove.
    Narcissa We rode out into the woods with a group, seeking some tale's confirmation of bone armored beasts. It was a perculiar series of events, but she loaned me her armor...even if it as pink. Generous, that.
    Neilda Damn she's intimidating. Good thing she's on MY side.
    Nico I met a bonified princess today. She was so pretty and kind! She also seems to be a friendly acquaintance of the man that offered me employment.
    Nigel For all her fearful reputation, the Grayson princess is strangely kind. But legends are more shell than anything else, so, it would stand to reason.
    Nijah A Grayson princess. Very kind and easy to be talking to, and very pretty!
    Niklas She's very impressive, isn't she? And so colorful!
    Niklas The Grayson General, possibly the future Sword of Bastion, as doughty a warrior as there's ever been, a good person, a good sister and a good friend.
    Niklas Sabella's absolutely amazing sister. Keeping the whole of the Crownlands safe falls squarely on her shoulders and she carries herself with aplumb (and considerable style) every single day.
    Nisaa Everytime I am seeing her, she is so very kind. She is being strong too, though I see perhaps a vulnerability under the armor she wears physically and figuratively.
    Noah Princess of Pink, Ribbons, and Acts of Heroics. All the things I am not. I am curious to hear more of her tales though.
    Norwood I have watched her fight multiple times, and seen her interactions with others. She seems fiercely loyal to her family and sure of her own skills.
    Nuala The butterfly of House Grayson moves lightly and has steel in those wings not often seen.
    Nurie A princess of Grayson, festooned in ribbons and a bright demeanor to match--as well as a gentle smile and kindness surprising in such a powerful warrior. She gave me a beautiful gift, as well as others, out her her generousity even though the prize was hers. She is the knight in storybooks that so many little girls aspire to be!
    Olivia Well, we've had two scenes now! Olivia met Reese at the Grayson ball and quickly got clued into the idea she was working on the troubles in the forests that also concerned Olivia. Since then she's pulled her into the full plot and introduced her to various others working on it, which has helped her make sense and use out of her own strange whispers. Great plot advancement here and happy I met someone who could help me get even more involved!
    Olivia Liege Princess General, so many titles. Perhaps the only woman in Arx that can live up to them all.
    Orazio A brave young princess of Grayson. She may need a little time and experience, in Orazio's eyes, to achieve her full potential, but what he has seen has suggested that her heart is in the right place.
    Orelia A lady of grace and warmth, who conducts herself with dignity and yet remains approachable. But who would have thought a Princess could have anything to be unhappy about? I suppose we all have our troubles...
    Orelia Believes in fighting fair, and the first dance parter to put me down since I got home. I'd follow her into battle any day.
    Oriana A solid head on her shoulders, that one. I wonder how she relaxes...
    Oriana So much pink. And, yes, I think I will join your hide & seek team.
    Orrin As generous and keen-eyed as I've been told.
    Orvyn A General and a Knight of ribbons. Many decarations adorn this one, but her smile and wit are by far her best carried features. A pleasure to be around, and yet I have heard tale of her ferocity upon an actual field of battle.
    Oswyn Perhaps as generous as her sister, Princess Sabella. Well-read! Also very pink. So very, very pink.
    Otakar She seemed melancholy, but her graciousness and polite manners, combined with her generosity and thoughtfulness, has the mark of a wisdom born from years of fighting and seeing loss. A remarkable person to get to know.
    Otho I'm not sure what pressures of the city drive a princess to go out patrolling the streets, but she's the right kind of person to be doing it.
    Otto She is very pink. But I suppose she is a princess and I hear they like pink. Doesn't seem the type to like armor but said she would visit my shop so who am I to complain?
    Pasquale The Grayson general is a woman of impressive reputation, between her leadership in the Silent War and her part in the Battle of Setarco. Pasquale hopes to be able to pick her brain about warfare and her experiences sometime in the future.
    Pasquale Her talent shines, beneath its camoflage of pink ribbons, for anyone with a mind to see.
    Pharamond A young Princess with serious responsibilities - I hope I can be of assistance if and when she needs.
    Philippe A Grayson Princess and Knight with excellent skill in riding. I heard she suffered a bad wound not long ago, maybe that was what cost her the race. Never the less, very good to see her on the track.
    Philippe A curious princess in pink. Such joyous colors make me think of weddings. And yet she seemingly has no interest in such! It is the first time in my memory that I have encountered a young lady of station who was not actively hunting betrothal. It certainly would not be for lack of charm and personality. A fine young woman. Perhaps she will find a man who can change her mind. Gawain could certainly do worse!
    Piccola She seems charmingly straight-forward and not half as chatty as her sister, thank the Gods.
    Porter She seems like a nice woman! I hope she finds a ghostwriter for her future stories! To add to her tower!
    Prisila Pensive for a woman so brightly dressed. I take her for a warrior, easy enough. Yet her presence is more commanding than that, even if she tries not to be. Good leader written all over her.
    Qadira Princess. General. Loves baked goods, and didn't rise to my bait. Definitely the kind of composure and dignity that can lead men, and change nations. To do all that, and be able to enjoy a sweetbun at the end of it all? She can't be so bad.
    Quenia The General of the Grayson Army. She's very good at conversation, and she knows Lucita. She certainly worries for her people, and that's an admirable trait.
    Quintin Just as pink as the stories say.
    Raimon A good warrior. Very pink.
    Raimon First seen at her GodSwearing Ceremony, this scion of House Grayson carried herself with a most commendable air of gentle humility of the soul . . . buttressed by a mien of extreme competence at force - of - arms.
    Raja This woman is an excellent study in duality. I saw her riding into the market on a frilly pony and wearing the most ribbons I ever saw in my entire life! Though, she is not to be trifled with! She is deadly.
    Ras She's really...breezy. Not stuck up at all. I'm kinda impressed that she didn't make fun of me.
    Raven A princess, warrior and general. And she owns her own tower, filled with more stuff than I've ever seen all in once place. Seems kind and warm, and as a warrior, I look forward to testing my blade against hers someday.
    Raymesin Pretty. Pretty soft. Gives away money an' lessons. Strange kinda Princess.
    Renato If she is the standard by which people measure their skill on the fighting grounds in this city, my destiny is further away than I thought! She is effortlessly brutal, a delight to watch move, and of course, beautiful. The perfect warrior princess.
    Rendyl A very pretty Princess. I can see a warrior's heart under that. And perhaps a scholar's mind, judging by her hundreds-strong army of books.
    Revell Seems nice enough, but I fear I'll never be able to look at a person of her standing without feeling an intense need to make myself as small as possible. Perhaps when that changes, I could get to know the person better, even if I know nothing about war, military or command.
    Reyna Seems a bit on the quiet side, but sweet, thoughtful. And I would take that over loud and a jerk any day.
    Rhue A Grayson princess with connection to Baron Silas and the Whitehawks. She seems a welcoming, kind woman.
    Riagnon Ribbon rich princess, owns quite a few dogs apparently. No bears, though.
    Richard I have great respect for the Princess. Anyone who can do and face the things she has and remain such a light is a strong person indeed.
    Rinel She is exceptionally generous with her time, and very gracious. But there's sharp steel hidden behind all that pink lace.
    River I have never seen a woman so competent in weaponry and who looks so pretty while proving it.
    Romulius More than a pretty pink princess, she seems a warrior fit to lead men and women to their death. Not hung up on pretty pleasantries. I approve whole heartedly. The pretty ones can often be so worthless.
    Ronja She seems sweet, and certainly caring. I'd like to help her out with the ordeal her father has faced -- it must be hard on her, and certainly seems out of her wheelhouse.
    Rook Princess Reese Grayson, she was wandered into the Whisper House, a place for some comfort and entertainment. In the months that followed, Rook was a bearer of advice and comfort. Then Reese grew up! She stood tall.
    Roran A Princess of Grayson, and a lovely one at that.
    Rosalind A curious and seemingly adventurous princess! I bet I could get her to come on a few!
    Rowenova This warrior princess has always been a good person to me. Many a book she has written, and many a book has been written about her, too! Her combat training has definitely helped me get through some serious situations. She is a legendary swordswoman, admirable knight, and Grayson commander, too!
    Roxana We've met dozens of times since my marriage to Albion, though met again today at the training grounds. She is beautiful but also extremely talented with her weapons, a true Grayson Princess to the core.
    Rukhnis A princess with a seemingly kind and conscientious disposition, and considerate of the feelings of others.
    Ruslan She lives up to her reputation, despite... Okay I didn't take the ribbons thing seriously before I met her.
    Ruval Young but sounds like the kid could kick my butt up and down every street in Arx at least twice over. Shame she seems so depressed though.
    Ryhalt I suspect that my first meeting with the princess is not entirely her public face - she seemed weary, though was cordial and pleasant during a meeting at the local gaming house.
    Ryhalt A very impressive rider and passionate fighter for her family. Plus a fan of the shop and friend to my wife, which makes her good in my books.
    Rymarr She was young and fearful when I first met her. I met her in pursuit of my duties as the First Captain and later Lord Commander of the King's Own. She operated as something of an informant, so far in as informing me of matters taking place beyond the walls of the palace. She cried in front of me once, which any warrior who has witnessed death will do in private - or even public, should it come upon them. Since then she has become far stronger in spirit, she seems so certain of herself always. She's married to some Velenosian Prince or some such, I believe. Regardless she's grown in what feels like a short time, even if it has truly been nearly a year. She's grown from a young, inexperience woman in the ways of war and mentally preparing for it to leading warriors in battle against a massive army bent on the destruction of us all.
    Rysen A curious, kind and stylish Princess bearing unique arms. Certainly someone I'd like to know better.
    Sabella My sister is always up for a fight -- she delights in the concept of a duel, and does not lack for confidence (tragic flaw: hubris). She is no damsel in distress, but the hero coming to the aid of the imperiled and to those treated unjustly.
    Sabella My brave sister, ever yet an inspiration.
    Sabella My beloved, beautiful, and brave younger sister is a joy to be around, as always. We need to work on those nieces and nephews, though. All those ribbons! The dimples! They'd be so cute!
    Sabella My beautiful, capable, wonderful baby sister who is so sweet and earnest and so prone to running off to battle I worry about her constantly! Good thing she can knock down anything that comes at her!
    Sabella My baby sister is just as sweet and wonderful as the very day she was born! People think that I'm the charismatic one, but I would challenge anyone to find a person that has more friends than my darling sister!
    Sable I'm not sure I've ever seen so many ribbons all in one place, particularly on a memeber of the city guard.
    Saedrus I cannot quite remember when I first met Princess Reese Grayson, I believe it was at the Grotto though, where I make most of my acquaintances. Though time has passed since then, it has not changed her overly much. She is ever the stalwart young woman she was when I first encountered her, gentle of heart and fearsome with a sword. And I do adore her shining pink armour.
    Salena Not just a General but a Warrior Princess. That's a fair achievement and the lass dresses in style, to boot. She was helpful in providing direction to some fights, safe or not.
    Salvador The Princess in pink, an interesting woman, inquisitive and interested. She claimed her kin might be looking for shipwrights, and she says she's a painter. Curious.
    Salvatore Poised and kind, but sad. She knows loss, and had the kindness to be sorry for my own. I hope things get better for her, she deserves it.
    Samael A very pleasant princess who trained under my brother. If she trained with Gabriel she must be good and trustworthy.
    Samael It had been too long since our last meeting. I still have the utmost respect for Princess Reese. She has matured, though something clearly troubles her.
    Sameera Very bring princess when first met. Very pink.
    Samuele A woman much easier on the pride and doesn't seem to lord prowess over others, would definitely like to study under her just from first meeting. Very gracious as well.
    Santi There's overachievement, and then there's Princess Overachievement.
    Sanya I've only met her yet I can tell she's everything a knight should be. Hopefully, we have more opportunities to converse in the future.
    Saoirse This Grayson princess is some sort of in-law, which Saoirse found an odd thing to attempt a connection to ... after all, royals are all in laws somehow. Still, she drank some of the southern wine Saoirse brought and seemed to offer a welcome.
    Saro I always thought princesses were supposed to be snobby and garlanded all in ribbons and pink, but this one is pink and beribboned only.
    Sasha One of my second cousins, ever so pretty and I adore her ribbons. Looking forward to meeting her husband
    Sasha The Princess in ribbons is still the delight to chat with I remember.
    Savio She has such thoughtful things to say, and I would love the chance to converse with her any time.
    Saya Metalhead Princess. But kind. Probably didn't enjoy being shrieked at.
    Scipio An excellent strategist, the Princess commends herself to the Grayson name.
    Sebastian A admirable warrior princess, yet one who hasn't fully taken advantage of all the wonders that life has to offer. I can only hope she chooses to take advantage while she can.
    Selene For all her heralded history, how down to earth and approachable Princess Reese is! She may be the finest actress in the Compact - or the most honest woman of her rank. Either way, she brightens the social engagements she joins, and I am grateful for it.
    Sergei That's a whole lot of pink for Grayson. Not as snobbish as I figured they'd be and hey, I might even get some work out of the girl. What's not to like?
    Seymour A fine and kind Princess, in keeping with Grayson's reputation.
    Shae Princess Reese is rather amazing, an excellent duelist, with an amazing stamina, swift of feet, and a good swimmer. And above all a very nice and caring person.
    Shae The Grayson princess that enjoys the color pink.
    Shard Well meaning, but naive. Painfully naive, sometimes. She tries her best, but the longer things go on, the more it feels like the wars that are coming are going to chew her to pieces. That said, I may have questions about her leadership, but never her fighting. I've seen her fight. I've seen her fight when the odds were poor. I'd rather fight a pack of angry bears than Reese Grayson.
    Shazza A kind and thoughtful woman who seems to care about others. I appreciate that.
    Sigurd I'm pleased that the Princess Ribbons has not changed much at all since last we met. Friendly but... subdued now.
    Silas Silas has a great amount of admiration and respect for Reese, the Princess of Ribbons. They became acquainted when she approached him with the intent on joining the Iron Guard and Silas has enjoyed watching her blossom into a formidable force on the battlefield and ascend in society, and intends to continue to support her in any way she requires. She is a treasured friend and a loyal subordinate.
    Simone I have helped to guide her and I hope that she finds strength to forge ahead despite the heartache she has been handed. Still, she is warm and gracious and caring. A woman that I am proud to call a friend.
    Siobhan Heard people call her Princess. She doesn't act like one. Well, maybe a little. Still, she got right into the games, and that's no small thing.
    Sirius A deeply caring, innovative and involved figure as radiant in words as she's in attire. Her activism towards helping the overall of the Compact is commendable, and I know she'll be a source of inspiration for days to come.
    Sivard So very pink. And an ally of my Father it would seem.. I wonder how the old man reacts to such brightly colored creature, such as this Princess of Grayson.
    Skapti A soft spoken woman, who seems to pour her heart out for others. I wouldn't have thought someone who was the Grayson warleader so... Perhaps soft isn't the right word. Warm?
    Snow Amidst rude nobility she seems to be the only one who is polite
    Sophie She's charming. I see why Faruq seems fond of her. I need to find time to spend with her when she isn't bleeding.
    Sorrel This Princess General seems like a straight up noble type, very polite and charming if not as enthusiastic about everything the way Sorrel might like. (Who is?) Gallant and knightly AND she likes to hear Sorrel sing. Sorrel approves and hopes they might be friends.
    Stygia Steelsilk is expensive. Could have fed the Lowers for an entire year. Then again she does bust her ass to protect us so if the woman wants steel silk to protect said ass, I say she should have it. Oh. And the Pinkest Princess lives up to her reputation.
    Sunaia Princess Reese Grayson seems more subdued on the occasion of our meeting again. I'm not certain of the cause but I do hope her days improve.
    Sunaia It's so good to quickly find a familiar face, now that I'm back in the city. We must renew our friendship; it's been too long.
    Sunaia I had no idea she was as close to my brother as she was. I can't wait to get to know her better and explore with her, to hear her stories and maybe learn from her. I do love the Graysons, and Reese is always one of my favorites - even more, now.
    Svana A princess warrior with scars that run deeper than skin, who is both elegant and sweet. I desire to know her better and hope we will become close friends.
    Sven Young, bright and accomplished. Shades of pink and faintly timid impression on the surface but what is that deeper note?
    Svoli A princess who carries herself as a warrior. How curious.
    Svoli Very pink, very cute, very drunk. I like her.
    Sydney Had the decency to say hello to me. That's more than I can say about most nobles. I think I may have some notion of her favorite color. Frilly.
    Tabitha The perfect picture of a princess combined with an an easy-going charm.
    Talen Ribbons. Luca's wife. A woman who knows how to fight, knows how to inspire, yet is so very young and brash. She's going to trip up over her feet if she's not careful. Considering she's got Luca as a husband, I hope she can learn to master her passions.
    Tallius She's so shiny! And nice! Also, she seems very genuinely to care about helping others.
    Talwyn Gloria's grace shines upon her. The Princess like a heroine out of legend. Not one that would be sung of strictly for beauty, but for talent and a leveling the saving blow at a critical moment. The moment she took to the field in all her talent, she stunned us all.
    Talwyn Her sense of humor is genuine, and warmth to her friends obvious. She seems both realistic enough to know the right of things, but also to still dream. An interest set of qualities in this intelligent Princess of martial prowess beyond compare.
    Talwyn Has simply the most incredible tower you would ever hear of in Arx. Fine Champion and General for House Grayson. Fortunate to have her.
    Tarik This is another PRincess. She must be great warrior, because she just recently won a duel. She didn't really seem hurt either. She carried herself with a lot of confidence. She seems to know a lot of the people that were already at the Golden Hart. She seem to be right at home at the club. I got to remember she likes being shiny if I ever see her again. I never felt she was talking down to me, but I did have few whiskeys in me.
    Tarrant A warrior princess of Grayson, she is humble, cordial, and entirely pleasant company.
    Teagan Pink. It is a bold choice for a bold woman. She does, however, wear it quite well. I do wonder, however, how long before she realizes that the Sleepless Knights does, in point of fact, serve alcohol. We just do not drink as much of it as other establishments might.
    Teireno She's quite enjoyable to talk to. I hope for many more discussions in the future.
    Tescelina She has many books. I hope she does not mind me reading through them all. I will try not to be too noisy, creeping in to read them at all hours.
    Tesha Comparing her and Luca to myself and Corban is... a bit problematic but there's a lot of similarity there. The teasing regard into the fondness, the unspoken closeness. But, there's a hunger in her just under the surface; hidden behind the kind smiles and laughter - aware of her legacy, perhaps? Or, perhaps wanting a greater hand in how it is shaped? I am unsure yet, but, I recognize the hunger.
    Thea Soft spoken but full of questions. I have a feeling though, there is more to her than meets the eye. I look forward to getting to know her.
    Thena I have known the Princess for some time, as she is part of the Guard, but it's only now that I am starting to know her better. I think she wants to do the best she can for others, even if it means putting herself right in harm's way. I'm not sure I condone that, but certainly Gloria smiles on her.
    Theo A fearsome warrior princess. I shall have to avoid displeasing her, lest I taste her wrath.
    Theodoric She's so pink. Why is she so pink.
    Theron Princess Reese Grayson. She's famous for her blade and I can see why. I hope to see more of her.
    Thesarin Titles and trinkets aside, the people who follow her, love her. That much is plain.
    Thorley Who knew that a knight could share both the adorability of youth and the terror of the field at the same time. She is the object lesson of 'never judge the book by the cover', though that cliche is tired, I will say that should the day come, I would want her on my side of the battle.
    Thorley Behind the beauty and the colors lies a warrior that few can equal. Someday, perhaps I can hope to provide her challenge.
    Thorvald How very interesting to have a princess of the Crown take such an interest in a humble soldier like myself. Her questions were keen and her interest seemed genuine, and that impresses me in a royal and a high general. She seems the sort to earn a man's respect rather than demand it whatever his birth, if I have her fathomed right. It would be interesting to learn from such a one if the opportunity should ever arise.
    Tibault The Princess seems to be quite generous and polite. Perhaps I will indeed take a look at her library and see if there is anything that catches my eye.
    Torian Met her in person at the End of Summer Soiree. A very busy princess, she was there only briefly. Good customer though, doesn't complain and pays promptly.
    Tovell She doesn't look like a fighter. If I had met her in battle, I would have underestimated her and paid for it. She is a fine warrior and a kind person.
    Traherne The Grayson Princess Reese seems to be a very nice sort. I hope that one day I can tempt her into a set of my armor. I'll have to come up with more excuses to bump into her from time to time!
    Tris A Grayson princess in a casino dive down here? We really should hire proper staff and security.
    Turo Adventurous and bold. I can work with this Grayson.
    Tynan A fearsome and most adorable princess, who seems devoted to her work but still keeps a playful edge to her. A delight to meet.
    Tyrus Very pink. It's very easy to think of her as a happy-go-lucky princess until she's talking of being a general and serving in various conflicts.
    Valarian Pink and fierce. Pretty and sad. Quite the contrast. I'd like to know her better, but I'm a commoner sellsword. Best I can hope for is that she'll let me spar her and give me some pointers on being so good one day.
    Valdemar After fighting alongside her, I cannot help but respect her, even if I do not know her well.
    Valencia Like a proper princess in a fairy book. The one's who rise up to become great things. Delicate and ladylike, but stronger and more formidable than most of the men I have met thus far.
    Valenzo Very, very pink! And probably the kindest princess I've ever met!
    Valery Pricess Ribbons is kind and nice. She's one of the few nobles that actually see me.
    Vanora I'd heard of the Princess from others and all I've heard was complimentary. Yet when we first met it was /she/ who complimented /me/! I'm hoping we will become fast friends, because she's found the way to my vain little heart.
    Vayne An immaculate spirit drifts furthest from the pull of His Dark Reflection. The distance it would fall, such virtue juxtaposed, is fascinating to contemplate.
    Vega The Fabled Princess in Pink. Even I have heard of Reese, though I wasn't aware of our relation. Wonderful conversationalist.
    Vena She can rain down blows like a blacksmith, good on you sweetie!
    Venturo A conflict of gloom and cheer, and ever so colorful. We all must learn to embrace the good and the bad, and I am certain, with time, the Princess shall find her balance once more.
    Vercyn The Lady Reese was rather kind, especially to a foolish old man who pushed himself beyond his means.
    Vercyn It has been a while since the battle in the Gray Forest, and I believe Princess Reese is still as sharp as ever in the field. Unfortunately, she has been duped into chasing rabbits by the Inquisition!
    Vercyn It is good to see the Princess Reese again. We served together on the field before. It pains me that so much weighs on her of late, but it is unsurprising for one who cares so much.
    Verity Seemed to be under a little pressure from her peers, lofty people that they are, to give money, but steady enough in the face of that, if quiet - had no trouble grumbling to a commoner. Very quiet for a warrior or general. Perhaps she's not always that way?
    Verity The sweetest of the deadly princesses ever.
    Verity She seems so sad and cautious, but there's a strength of spirit in her as well. And -- I also sense a hunger? Hm. Must investigate further.
    Veronica Finally, I meet the legendary Princess Reese that I heard so much about. She is deceptively unintimidating and amiable, but I can tell there is a fierce warrior beneath all that... pink.
    Vicente The princess had company and came up to check on you. Apparently she's a caring and concerned individual. Since she's pleasant company it's probably best to leave her in peace.
    Victus The Grayson's version of a Warlord I've heard a bit about. Fine looking girl, can't believe she's as good with a sword as they say.
    Viktor She is troubled by the losses we faced at Stormwall and Setarco, and well she should be. She should not however let the past haunt her future. Learn from it but the past is unchangeable. Walk forwards not back.
    Vincenzo Rose Quartz and Aeterna. I hear tell that she is called the Pink Princess and Princess Ribbons. This makes sense, given her appearance, but I wonder what is underneath all that?
    Vincenzo Who doesn't know the princess of ribbons? Vincenzo can vouch that her head is not as big as her achievements as he's measured both. She seems grounded, and has a good set of ears and heart that listen carefully. There's opportunity maybe to make the world a better and more beautiful place.
    Violet I can't say I have seen quite that much pink. And the Princess is a delight to speak with and quite well versed in things military. Perhaps I'll be able to draw a bow with her at the training grounds soon.
    Vitalis Princess Reese Grayson! Not a lot of people outside of the family I can name on sight, but she's one of them. As stunning and gracious as her reputation, and while one of Arvum's most fierce of warriors, doesn't make a huge deal out of it. Seems rather smart and kind as well.
    Vitalis This has to be Princess Reese, the Princess of Ribbons, I have heard so much about but only now seen for myself.
    Vittorio A young woman who seems to have her mind wrapped around mock battles involving pies. A curious thing, but perhaps I'll learn more about where the idea came from another time.
    Vittorio The pink ribbons threw me off. The swords were unexpected. To further find out she is a knight of the faith as well? What interesting stories she must have.
    Volcica The Princess of Ribbons always seems cheerful and bubbly when I see her.
    Wash All grown up. Is she done playing with dolls, or has she just become one?
    Willow She seems sweet and personable, I would really like to get to know her better.
    Wyatt She described herself as the General of the Crownlands. Then she told me she owns one of the largest private book collections. She had my curiosity, now she has my attention.
    Wylla She would make a lovely painting, all pink and energy! I do like her friendliness and her confidence, even though I feel I'm not terribly confident myself.
    Ysbail A very nice Princess and apparently general of the Grayson army.
    Zaina A formidable warrioress. Likes to ask after the twins.
    Zara Clearly Reese is known for everything exciting, and yes she sneaked past me. But there are times for a rematch!
    Zara As marvelously pink-and-ribboned as rumor would paint her, and just as sure to secure a victory. By the gods, though, that was so many tarts--!
    Zebulon When I think of a Princess in my mind, she is the exact image. Beautiful, fierce, intelligent. I look forward to sharing tales with her sometime soon.
    Zebulon Sweet looking Knight. I should like to spar with her one day. My luck, I would anger her before it happens.
    Zeriax A heart, open like a book, spills its contents out to any to read. The gullibility of youth and desire to provide for others has yet to turn dark a heart with regret and pain. Take care, bastion of light, that others don't stain the pages of your heart with an opportunistic quill.
    Zoey You are sweet and fun, and I hope you have the mettle to not let others turn you into a pawn.