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Shazza Sedna

"Consider the pearl. It's something made of nothing, and yet so highly valued. Do you know when you have a pearl in your hand? I do."

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Ambitious Merchant Princess
Fealty: Grayson
Family: Sedna
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 26
Birthday: 4/11
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Merchant
Height: average height
Hair Color: crimson curls
Eye Color: cerulean blue
Skintone: creamy tan

Description: Her red curls are bright enough to serve as a pennant, highly noticable and unmistakable as they tumble over Shazza's shoulders and down her back. Bright blue eyes regard the world with a curious mix of cleverness and yearning, as if she's well accustomed to pragmatism but hasn't quite decided to give up on being a dreamer in entirety just yet. More pretty than beautiful, were she a woman of richer means her skin would no doubt be the hue of creamy ivory, but a much enjoyed life of activity has rendered it just a shade or two darker, offset by cheeks pink with health. Her sleek figure suggests an early life of athleticism, built more to hard work's endurance than bulky strength. The corner of her mouth seems to constantly curve upward, giving her a slightly knowing air. This is a clever woman who knows what she's about.

Personality: Shazza was raised to believe that ambition is a good thing, and ambition is definitely amongst the list of words that may be found when describing her. But she learned good ethics right alongside the rules of supply and demand, and that while cheating someone might make a quick profit, in the long run it does more harm than good. She was learning how to dive for pearls practically before she could walk, as all of the children in her family do, so she's not soft, but more to the point, she's clever, quick-witted, and has an eye for detail, whether it's the quality of a pearl, or a column of figures. She shares her family's dream of becoming pearl suppliers known all across Arvum, and considers the success of this effort to be a mark of her own personal success as well, should she manage t help accomplish it. Pearlspire and Deepwood have both been incredibly good to her family, and she knows it.

Background: Shazza Sedna is part of a family of very successful pearl producers and merchants based in Deepwood's county of Pearlspire. Like everyone else in her family she learned how to dive for pearls at a young age, and was then educated in the family trade once old enough. While commoners, the Sednas have gained influence and wealth through their trade, and so despite their lack of noble pedigree, are able to have some influence in the economics and trade of the county. It has long been Sedna's ambition to establish trade in Arx on behalf of her family, bringing the ocean's bounty closer to the renowned artisans of the city and furthering the reach and renown of her folk. The better to prove to them that she is a worthy scion who deserves pride of place as the years pass. As part of Shazza's efforts to expand her family's (and her own) importance and influence, she initially pursued service in Old Oak as part of the Marquessa's administration while helping set up the family's offices in the major tradehub city. And when Samantha wrote to her administrators requesting someone to come to Arx to serve as her Minister of Finance there, Shazza jumped at the chance, confident she could duplicate the success she had in Old Oak on behalf of both her family and the March.

Name Summary
Alessandro A woman who has no use for romance -- she is likely the most intelligent of us all.
Evaristo A woman with a plan, who knows what she wants? We're basically polar opposites. I never have a plan and what I want changes from day to day. But, we got one thing in common - a mind for business.
Helena Clearly a clever mind and a pragmatic soul -- I do hope she one day finds the pleasure in some of the finest things in life that don't have a practical purpose.
Kerr Forward-thinking and open. She seems like an asset to us and Pearlspire.
Mabelle Lovely young woman, inclined to art and traveling. I know little of the first but will be happy to join her on the latter.
Orrin The longer I'm in the city the more I crave the company of my people - thankfully I haven't got to go far just now. She is most welcome.
Ras She's tough, but too practical. Also, she makes fun of me. Not sure if I hate her, though, she's kinda cool.
Reese She seems smart and alert. It is good that she is back now and maybe she will be helpful to the Seikis at this time.
Tatienne A merchant from the pearlspire, rival or potential ally? Only time will tell, she seems shrewd however.
Videl A promising, honest and interesting merchant. I hope we can come to a mutually beneficial arrangement.