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Lady Aeryn Laurent

"Some people talk to animals. Not many listen though. That's the problem."

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Gentle Diplomat
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Laurent
Gender: Female
Marital Status: single
Age: 18
Birthday: 4/3
Religion: Faith of the Pantheon
Vocation: Courtier
Height: 5'6"
Hair Color: Ruby
Eye Color: Crystalline Blue
Skintone: Alabaster

Description: Aeryn is a strikingly prurient figure, a paragon of feminine beauty with a perfect hourglass figure and a build balanced between athletic and curvacious. She seems young; perhaps just having come of age if one had to hazard a guess, as there are no wrinkles, freckles, nor lines upon her face to betray any definite age. She seems fragile like a porcelain doll with alabaster skin and eyes that ring with wide-eyed innocence. Her bearing is noble, but not assertively so and she carries with her a very amiable aura. When speaking, this mirrors in her dulcet, honeyed voice whose tone is melodic and bordering on sing-song.
     Her smooth pale skin betrays a lack of time in the sun, and she speaks with an Oathlands slight accent. It's creamy to the touch and bears no scars, tattoos, or other defining characteristic. Her long and painstakingly cared-for ruby hair is almost always left down and falls to her elbows in loose, bouncy waves, framing her exquisite face with side-swept asymmetrical bangs. This face in turn is characterized by two key features: Her large, limpid crystalline eyes and full cherub lips that never run short of smiles.

Personality: Aeryn is as saccharine sweet as they come with an energy level best described as high voltage. Her personality rings of youth and innocence and naivety and rarely is there a moment when she is not bubbly and positive. There is no hint of darkness to her and not even those that know her well will ever say there's a shred of cruelty or malice within her. She is gentle, through and through.

Background: As the youngest sister of Cristoph, Jael, and Cassandra she was free of much responsibility and was free focus on whatever it was at the moment that captured her fascination. For a while she thought she might be a singer or something like a bard. The next, a lawyer. The next focus was animal husbandry and then maybe even medicine. While she shied away form the martial aspects of life, she excelled at whatever she put her mind to.
     More recently, her father has died and Cristoph has taken the reigns over Artshall and while her heart broke for her father she couldn't be prouder of her older siblings. Now, having come of age she's been loosed upon Arx to find her path and her footing.

Relationship Summary

  • Cristoph - Big Lovable Brother
  • Cassandra - Big Lovable Devout Sister
  • Edmund - Beloved Father - Still in my heart
  • Lorraine - Beloved Mother and Best Friend
  • Jael - Beloved Older Sister
  • Nicia - Beloved Sister-In-Law
  • Margerie - My mother's best friend, and quickly becoming one of mine.
  • Name Summary
    Adalyn My childhood friend! I've missed you so! I'm sure we will find some opportunity soon to make mischief together.
    Aerandir The little dove is barely out of her nest, it seems; hers in an aura of innocence and vibrancy. The young lady's enthusiasm is endearing to me, and very much a refreshing sight.
    Aiden It was a busy Gala, considerably so. There were so many people, so much noise. But then, this lady out of the din, spoke my language. She was curious about what I am most passionate about. Her whole presence was infectious and bubbly. She was excited to know what I know. She... reminded me a lot of who I was, a few years ago.
    Cristoph This is my youngest sister. I've watched her grow up and I'm proud of the happy, cheerful and ambitious person that she's turning into. I worry that she's rushing things at times, but she has her entire family here to help guide her. I'm happy to have her here in the city with us and to enjoy this time together.
    Echo Okay, fine. She's really, really cute. One time I saw her with a chicken under her arm, the next I got to enjoy some drinks by a warm fireplace with her. Gods, she's so bubbly! I just hope she keeps her family close, because that's where we draw our strength from.
    Jael Oh baby sister, how does someone as sweet and innocent as you get into so much trouble so quickly? But I will always kick the ass of anyone who displeases you.
    Margerie 1) I think I am seeing myself at eighteen, if not in appearance, in spirit and vitality. 2) Did someone change children between myself and Lorraine eighteen years ago?
    Norwood Bubbly, bright, and full of energy, being around Aeryn is almost like having Adalyn. She makes me feel young, even if she brings up slightly scandalous topics!
    Reese She likes books and writes them. I wonder if her bookbook will have lots of honey recipes. I all excited to see her books.
    Rinel Very kind--another Oathlander. I think she likes honey.