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Baroness Amari Redire

Answers, real answers, are often found outside of books, told in colors not found in ink.

Social Rank: 6
Concept: Star-Crossed Lawyer
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Redire
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 24
Birthday: 11/2
Religion: Faith of the Pantheon
Vocation: Lawyer
Height: average height
Hair Color: dark brown
Eye Color: hazel green
Skintone: fair

Titles: The White Heart of Keaton, Disciple of Petrichor, Lady Snowbud, Baroness of Reveillon

Description: Dark brown hair falls in loose waves from a middle part to just past her shoulders. Streaked with a paler honied brown, her voluminous locks frame a narrow, delicately featured face. Her complexion is smooth and pale, save for some faint freckles that splay over her brow and along her cheeks. Large, keenly intelligent, hazel eyes are framed in thick lashes, bringing out the hints of green and gold within the irises. Her mouth is quite expressive, usually giving away her emotions unless an effort is made to disguise them. She is of average height, her build slim, almost willowy, which complements her innate elegance. Despite her poise, there's a youthfulness about her that lends an air of innocence, whether deserved or not.

Personality: Figuring out Amari Keaton was something of a local pastime in Oakhaven. The vagaries of her personality from day to day were legend; sometimes sweet, sometimes cruel, always sharp witted, smart and observant. Intensity was her companion from a young age, and she is prone to bouts of it still when something manages to draw the fullness of her focus. There is an air of mystery that swirls around her, one never quite knows what to expect and she is often approaching things from oblique angles.

Background: Born and raised in Oakhaven, Amari is the only daughter of Lady Sallah and Lord Morden Keaton, one of the preeminent legal minds of the Oathlands. She was a sharp and exceptionally smart girl, and well suited, in Morden's opinion, to follow in his footsteps. He was certain that where her brothers had already failed him, she wouldn't. She was his last, best hope of another lawyer of his caliber in the family and she was lavished with attention and flattered accordingly.

Unfortunately, with the attention came the smothering weight of his expectations and the strictness of his tutelage. They took their toll. While a warm and affable girl by nature, her stress would bubble over and pour out as intensely angry and often tearful outbursts. Needless to say, she had a somewhat lonely childhood as a result. Most of her days, in fact, were spent shut away in the library studying. There her only relief from the tedium and loneliness was found in vivid daydreams of the many elaborate and wonderful futures she would someday enjoy.

Then a day before her seventeenth birthday she simply vanished without a word. Despite the Huntsmen searching near and far, and for months afterwards, not a trace of her was found. So when she unexpectedly returned two years later, it wasn't strictly to fanfare. After the initial relief, dismay and suspicion set in. Where she had been, and who she had been with she wouldn't divulge. Infuriated by her stubborn refusal to reveal in detail what had happened, and outraged by what little she did admit, her father decided and she strongly agreed, that she should join her cousins in Arx.

She's resided in the city ever since. With exposure to new people and new ideas, her interests have grown far beyond the practice of law alone to include an eclectic variety of pursuits. Her once mercurial manner and stormy moods too, have improved with maturity and the broadening of her horizons. She's taken on various roles of importance and responsibility, and pursued a knighthood but the lingering sense of mystery about her still hasn't dimished. What is clear, is that the tempestuous girl who disappeared, returned a lady keen to see her dreams come true, by wit, charm or pointy end of the sword.

Name Summary
Aahana I adore her eye for fashion and I am quite sure that she and I could become fast friends since our families and ourselves seem a bit alike in some ways. I can't wait to see what shop I might have missed in the city!
Adora I don't like her.
Aethan Cautious in her investments.
Ajax This woman can take a direct hit from a snowball and return with a sense of vengeance. Note to self. Be very, very, nice to her.
Alarissa A lovely keaton, very quiet, and very enjoyable. I shall have to see about that boat...
Alecstazi She has the sharpest and quickest wit I have yet to experience here in the city. No wonder she's a lawyer. Clad in redsteel, though. How very sad. Someone ought to take better care of her. Shame.
Alessandro I am happy to take her measure in a trial of little consequence. I will be wary of coming up against her when it matters.
Amund Gracious host with enchanting good looks. Appreciates pie. Oathlander and leads the discussion group.
Anisha Arriving fashionably late is not a sin, it's a statement. Lady Amari is quite lovely once you engage her, and her dogs are delightful!
Ann Her intelligence outshines the brightest of stars. And beautiful to boot. A boon to her House and those she considers friends. She has a bright future ahead of her and one of the best things in Arx I've encountered in a long while.
Appolonia Lady Keaton seems like a keen woman with an interesting sense of humor. I'm curious about this one as she's sharp and a touch sassy, even if perhaps she doesn't see it herself. I like this one already.
Ardoin Seems like quite the pleasant young Lady from House Keaton. Quiet, but polite and of a friendly disposition. One I'd like to get to know better, should I get the chance to do so.
Ariella Keaton hostess with a sharp mind.
Artur A teasing lady that coaxed me into playing her games - not realizing that I would turn the tables on her. Though I would not mind going around the tables with her again.
Artur I find her delightful to talk with, and she seems willing to indulge my dramatics!
Austen A lawyer! Such a noble profession! Justice seemed so important to her. A kindred spirit.
Berenice A Eurusi king /and/ a Cardian skylord for her husbands! What talent! We should definitely spread this around to the entire city.
Bhandn I confess, I do not know the Lady Amari well, but if she can accomplish such a costume and manage it in such a public venue under such a circumstance as her House has, that does speak well for her perseverance.
Braden Sharp. Impressive. An amazing shot. And beautiful. She talked a man down rather than kill him as she easily could. I respect her a lot for this alone, but then there is so much more I'd like to know.
Brigida Smart enough to ask for advice and shows enough respect too. Her dog Barf is also the most beautiful ugly, smelly dog there is. Yes he is.
Briseis So we're both clearly not artists, but I heard she's "frightfully brilliant" with law? Sounds intriguing!
Cabrera Anyone who suggests a bare chested wrestling between two Knights knows how to have fun. Hopefully she would back the obvious winner.
Calandra Loves her dog enough to let her dog paint. It was inspiring to see! Very interesting name for a dog... I'm sure I shouldn't ask for the story behind that one.
Calypso Studious. She asks the questions and does her research. I can see why she was appointed Minister of Finance. I would bet some people underestimate her. Amari has a sharp mind to be reckoned with.
Caprice She's inexplicably good at weaving flowers and grass, looks good in leather, and she loves trees. Taken together, those personality traits make her a forest sprite, I think.
Catalana She is beautiful, but her sharp tongue and quick wit us what I truly love about her. I must make sure I have my best thinking cap on when talking with her.
Coraline One of my dearest friends and damn amazing to anyone who gives her the chance to show them. I am honored to call her friend.
Cullen Two of the many Keatons in one sitting! This one a charming and amusing lawyer and professional tax collector...oh. Minister of Coin. Truly dangerous, and I shall not let her beauty nor delightful demeanor deceive me. A rogue, this one.
Delia Vivacious and a little philosophical - what a perfect mix of traits for such a fine lady!
Delilah An opportune moment when she made a certain declaration caused me to lose a social challenge I was doing quite well at. Quick wit and terribly good timing, though I suppose that should not surprise me in the least.
Denica A lawyer that I met at the memorial for Lady Eirlys. She's expressed an interest in learning art. She's afraid of wasting my time, but really, even if she's no good at it, it couldn't hurt to make a new friend!
Drake I admire a brave woman who can charge into battle on horseback! Riding skills are so very critical.
Duarte Subtle. Dry. Smart. She probably drives certain types of people crazy.
Eddard A woman of great strength of character. My Uncle's squire. It'd be best if I didn't...Flirt. Muchly. Even though it might bother him a great deal.
Emily Seemingly quite a kindred spirit - a lawyer no less- but one who enjoys woodlands and dislikes boats. Evil unpredictable things that they are. I think I like her just for that fact alone if not for a few other reasons as well.
Esme She seems very proper, but I feel like that proper is just a cover for something sharp underneath. There is something that needs more watchfulness with this one, but I'm sure we shall become friends.
Evaristo I love her wry and dry humor - it makes me laugh AND she's so good at it she actually fools me. I imagine she's an excellent actress if she gets up on the stage. Likes reading books, obviously - and knows a LOT of useful things. I like her!
Evelynn I met her at the GALA, she was very friendly and expressed interest in seeing my skill with glaive in future sip and spars.
Fairen Cool, calculated and a brilliant conversationalist. I have much enjoyed my time in her company, and I think she will make an excellent mother when the time comes.
Fiora How handsome. Strong and resolute. One not afraid to show affection but also fiercely protective of those important. Some may not see the beauty, but I certainly do. Oh. I mean Barf. Lady Amari also seems nice, I suppose.
Gareth As she said they surely most grow Keatons on trees. This one at least does not need to be hewn down immediately. In essence: Tolerable.
Gawain She seems cool under pressure. I'm glad she was here at the college.
Gerrick A good head, strong abilities. I can see why she is the voice.
Gilroy One must duck 'round the White Heart of Keaton lest they end up with the Black Eye of Keaton.
Gretchen A Keaton lawyer who is very clever, very reserved, and is going to be a very good friend of mine
Harlex Its very difficult to be villainous around such charmin' women. That's all. I should start growlin' more.
Ida I have yet to meet a Keaton I did not like immediately and Lady Amari is certainly no different. There is a easy brightness to her spirit and an intelligence that lurks behind her eyes, which should hardly surprise anyone - least of all me. I had made some things for her at the Marquis' request, but never truly got to put a face to the name until now. As well, she is exceptionally creative and inspired Hawkbear. How could I not adore her?
Ivy Very congenial and welcoming, I would hope to enjoy a further acquaintance with her. She seems to have much to share.
Jaerith My lovely cousin, hunter of bread, lawyer of... laws... I will see you put down the milk and take up the rum heartily one day.
Jamie She is the only girl I have ever seen who can throw (rough translation: drop) a sword and look like she knows what she's doing. I find her youth and demeanor to be rather infectious. So much so that I must be careful. I can already tell that even the slightest look from this girl could bring down the toughest of men and from what I hear, that bow of hers can bring down whole armies.
Jan She certainly has guts walking up to me after I've been drinking at Trader's. Glad she does, she taught me the humility I've been needing since I carved my name in the bottom of the board.
Joscelin Bright young woman, in every way she seems to shimmer. I hope she becomes a regular, I enjoy working with clients as brilliant as she.
Josephine She seems to get very angry with bee's. Tremendously angry and aparently speaks more than one tongue.
Julian A lady of the oathlands, and she seems to exemplify such. Also has such control over a pair of quite impressive looking dogs.
Jyri That's one damn impressive dog, but of course I wouldn't expect anything less from a Keaton. Very nice to meet Lady Amari!
Katarina Another of the Keaton brood who may become near and dear to Katarina's heart, Amari seems highly capable and open to new experiences, no matter what they are.
Kedehern She seems a somewhat relaxed sort, and congenial. Could probably think a touch more before blurts out her questions, however. But then, we all have our foibles, don't we?
Kenna Thank goodness she isn't //too// upset by the way that Sally made a mess of Princess Katarina's paint night. Now that she's not avoiding my wild squirrel, she's //quite// nice.
Klaus A friend of the Princess Coraline who witnessed, perhaps with a bit of mirth, me paying off a bet. Perhaps she will think well of me.
Kutazer What a cheerful and amazingly talented lady! She has skill with law and economics and frankly the fact she does impresses me. I hope to get to know her better.
Lilia It takes a very clever wit to host an event for Curious Minds, but she managed brilliantly, with the grace and good humor necessary to keep spirited debate kindled in the spirit it was intended. An enjoyable dinner; an enjoyable lady.
Lucien She is fiercely protective of her House and family. I cannot help but admire her for it.
Lucita It took several brief conversations at various social gatherings to finally acquire a good first impression of this Lady. She seems knowledgeable, amicable and is pleasant company whose presence is enjoyable.
Mabelle She looks tired, but nothing some good tea and cookies cannot solve. A very pleasant conversationalist, well versed and knowledgeable. I enjoyed her company a great deal and her achivements seem well deserved.
Macda A wonderful host to an event I needed. Deep in the pit of my stomach. Bless you.
Malcolm Tacks are all kinds of jealous when they look at the Lady Amari, cause she seems sharper than one. Reckon foxes are green too, cause she's cleverer than a whole basketful of them too.
Margerie She has had rashness in her past and faced the consequences of her actions. She has always been such a passionate, brilliant young woman. I know she will blaze her own path here, and for better or worse, I cannot wait to see the woman she builds herself to be.
Margerie Spirited, lively, creative, and unafraid to forge her own path. This young "niece" (cousin, actually) has my support as she builds a life worth living.
Marisol A skilled woman or wone in training. The Lady is rather a lovely conversationalist even if she does not have quite the same taste in alcohol.
Maru A kind young woman who didn't seem fazed at all by me being me. Maybe she'll paint me at the beach.
Melody Not only does she have a good eye for fashion, but she's so kind and sweet, too! She handles the snow really well, too -- a proper noblewoman!
Mia I barely know the lady, but her dog is SPECTACULAR.
Michael A fine squire, somewhere off in Valardin. I don't pay attention that way. I mean, I should, but I don't. Too much stodginess. She isn't though. Amari that is. Stodgy....that is.
Mirari A look like hers could arrest someone. Her words are the perfect balance of fun and frost. Lawyers are the most fun people because when they cut loose, everyone feels it.
Mirk An energetic young woman, whether it's fighting or dancing being offered. Good try at convincing me to dance, but hopefully she'll have better luck finding suitable partners at the next party.
Modi Lady Amari hosts a fine ensemble of knowledge and grace. I'm colored impressed by the way she conducts herself and her fanfare. How delightful!
Monique She has the most incredible memory of anyone I have yet to meet. Or perhaps I just don't remember meeting anyone with a better memory. Safe to say, she's a Keaton, and as a rule, I adore Keatons. Lady Amari seems no exception to that rule.
Norwood As a Keaton I know that she is of the highest quality. She seems to have a keen mind and perception. I look forward to getting to know her better.
Nuala The court is served by such a sharp-eyed hawk as Lady Amari. The keen gleam of her eye is matched by the ready quips she has at hand. I found her presence an unobstructed delight.
Orrin A smart one, she is, and wise enough to step well away when tempers are hot.
Otho Someone that good with a weapon is good to have near you and on your side. If not for her I might have had to climb a tree.
Perronne A forthright and martial sort of lady. She seems nice enough, and a pleasure to talk to, although I think I might have spoiled her drinking a little!
Petal A lawyer type who I think is pretty smart.
Pharamond She put up with us longer than most, and she is friends with Lisebet. She may just be good people!
Poppy A woman who cares deeply for her house and her family. It's refreshing to see.
Quintin A rather good archer and, it seems, a quick study. She seems patient and dedicated.
Ras Looks like the type to listen with a smile but never get tricked by anybody. Also, cute dogs. Not gonna snoop around in her satchel, that's for sure.
Reese Pleasant, friendly and seems to have a sense of humor
Rosalind She is amazing! She's an explorer and encouraging! I bet we have things to talk about!
Sabella I always enjoy running into Lady Amari--usually in a tavern but sometimes at fights too! She's fun and a wonderful conversationalist and it is a sure thing that a good time will be had by all when I see her!
Sasha A wonderful party guest. I look forward to hopefully visiting her manor one day. She seems like she has some intriguing stories to tell.
Shae A kindred spirit, seeker of adventure, and the wild. Fierce and loyal. Family and pack.
Sorrel Thoughtful and flexible, she's very good at staying on topic, even when the topic wanders or gets a bit defensive. Seems like she's got a good head on her shoulders.
Sparte When she said hello at the meeting I must've looked daft. My mind was between wondering if Tiny Tom had been fed and how to fit a boat in a chapel. Hopefully she won't think too poorly of me for spacing out, she seems very sharp.
Talwyn A brave lady to attempt to win a competition of eating sweets hosted by the Princess Consort of Thrax. Lady Amari put in a splendid attempt with such manners and elegance, I will have to select her as a partner for any such contests in the future. If we lose, we lose in style!
Tarrant Quiet, though perhaps that was more injury than personality, but while she doesn't seem quite like the rest of her family she seems quite genuine and friendly.
Terese A lovely lady, whom I've enjoyed the company of at a few events most recently, and actually would favor to getting to know better.
Tessa Oh-my-gods she loves books and law. And her clothing needs so much work. BUT I'll help her and make her into something far more interesting, Keaton blood be damned!
Theron Keaton Lady, seems to be a lawyer. Good-looking, too, if a little innocent seeming. Those are the dangerous ones.
Valarian A beautiful and charming noblewoman with class, had the courage to sit next to me and drink despite all of my yelling and general obnoxiousness. A brave drinking companion, to be sure! Probably didn't give her a better opinion of commoners, though.
Vega A lovely young woman with grand ambitions and an excellent sense of humor.
Venturo A tongue sharper than her looks, which speaks volumes for her wit. She only reinforces the expectatoin that Keatons? Are trouble. Delightful, delightful trouble. Enough that I, as a brewer, can over look the fact she orders milk at a bar. Milk!
Vercyn Aside from Lady Margerie, the only Keaton to show manners on my first visit to the family hall. She took the news of Otakar's exile with dignity and composure; she would have made a fine addition to the House, if only my nephew were worthy.
Veronica I have not seen cousin Amari since we were young, and it is good to reunite with her. She is as sharp as before, but with a new level of maturity!
Victus A Keaton. Nice looking one at that. I might have threatened her while she was within 'the splash zone', but being honest, was her own fault. I did declare my intent, what wasn't clear about 'Salt Champion' and roaring?
Videl Lady Amari Keaton seems to be a friend of the family, I should get to know her better, but she seems pleasant enough.
Viktor A lady of the Keaton House, seems interested in matters martial which does not surprise me. I hope she finds a good teacher. She seems smart and attentive, both very good qualities for one who wishes to learn.
Vitalis The conflicts she navigates are no less dangerous for being waged with parchment and quill. Words shape thought. And thoughts shape action.
Wash A Keaton of grace and cheer. She probably doesn't think much of my aversion to wildlife though.
Willow Gorgeous bow, and looks fairly intriguing.
Zara We met during Skirts& Gowns and she is a wonderful hostess. While we did not talk as much as one might wish. I think in the future it would be wonderful to get to know her better.
Zara It's quickly evident why she's highly regarded by House Keaton: she's clever, and exactly as charming as she ought to be.