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Dominus Aureth Grayhope

All things must end so that they can begin again. Including, apparently, this argument.

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Accidentally a Prophet
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Grayhope
Gender: male
Marital Status: single
Age: 50
Birthday: 11/17
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Priest
Height: average height
Hair Color: blond
Eye Color: gray
Skintone: fair

Titles: Dominus of the Faith, Closest to the Gods, Standard Bearer of the Queen of Endings

Description: Once wiry and lean, the basic concept of Aureth's frame remains the same, but years and privilege have made inroads the slim lines, thickening about his waist. His fair hair is lighter than once, dusty gold lightened by pale silver to a spun sheen of electrum in bright light, worn long and thick. His eyes are gray, hinted with blue if he dresses for it. His thick, defined eyebrows and neat, well-kept beard match the sllvery blond of his mane. His skin is a little weathered, marked by lines at the corners of his mouth, crow's feet crinkling the corners of his pale eyes. His fair skin tends to freckle. He has a strong jaw and a bold nose, and the faint pinch of a frown at his brow rarely entirely fades. When it does, it is to a wide, brilliant smile that transforms and youthens his face, and invites the observer to join him.

Personality: Restless energy defines Aureth, a hot core of righteousness beneath alternating layers of humor and reserve. Easy charm and frank affection come as readily to him as quick repartee or sharp insult, and he wields them all with the careless acumen of a man who developed conversation as performance art. Keen acuity occasionally blunted by the raw force of an impatient temper, the forge of life has taken him from a pattern of chameleonic social camouflage to an almost reckless forthrightness. A man of deep loyalties to persons over principles, he has flowered in the grip of late blooming faith into a new and fierce purpose.

Background: A younger son of a branch off the main line of the Grayhope family, Aureth was an odd child: quickfingered and resourceful, the middle class child of an artisan with questionable ties, his most frequent punishments were from wandering away from the family and being a focused observer of the human animal. Apprenticed early to an older woman who decided his powers of observation might be useful, she taught him to tell fortunes. When she grew too old to patter convincingly, he eventually inherited some of her customers and made a name for himself as a predictor, a card player and a source of sensible advice to those who knew to ask the right question. Unlucky in love (or resistant to social pressure), he claims he just hasn't met the right girl.

Relationship Summary

  • Fortunato - Little brother and partner in non-crime

  • Friend:
  • Aleksei - aka Lucky, best friend with benefits
  • Ianthe - childhood friend and fellow Myrinda sufferer
  • Joscelin - childhood friend, former lover, creator of all the best shinies
  • Orazio - knows way too much to be in any lesser category
  • Zhayla - tiny with a big sword, Hana's fake sister
  • Aldwin - Friend first, also technically Dominus and stuff
  • Gisele - books, truths and compassions

  • Acquaintance:
  • Felix - good taste in women, obviously second best weaponsmith in the city
  • Luca - pretty good kisser, pretty good drinker, also duels and stuff
  • Deva - free spirit and least princessy of all princesses
  • Benjamin - best emergency call there is, duckie
  • Torian - running the Cullers sounds obnoxious I'm glad it's not me
  • Theodoric - glare more it'll help
  • Shade - queen but not with the capital Q

  • Family:
  • Chanse - ex-family, ex-bar owner, current WTH man
  • Hana - surprise daughter, always surprising, best weaponsmith in the city
  • Moira - the boss lady
  • Curran - adopted family is still family, sassy little punk
  • Magpie - like a little brother except tall

  • Parent:
  • Myrinda - reigning champion of maternal guilt (gone too soon)
  • Name Summary
    Alaric Put in a position he could never have seen coming, he chose personal sacrifice to do his best for his people and his Compact. It is all we can ask of anyone to try as he did, and I will always be thankful to him for his efforts on my behalf.
    Alarie Still has the finest ass in all of the compact. Been a long time and hopefully the archlector won't be a stranger.
    Alarissa He is a man, passionate about that which he serves and I shall never fault him for that. Would that all served with such passion.
    Aleksei The first time I ever met Aureth, he did a card reading for me. I thought it was probably bullshit, but it was fun, and then he offered to read my palm so that he could flirt with me by groping my hand. Which was /more/ fun. And now -- well. Now he's one of my best friends. So there's that!
    Alexis Archlector of the Mother of Beginnings. Took the sudden arrival of babies to his holy replanting in good humour. Seems nice!
    Calaudrin Another day, another Grayhope. I honestly don't have much experience with Aureth, except he's a cousin to Magpie and Thena. They both don't seem totally corrupted. He also didn't turn on us and direct the undead to devour and slaugther everyone in the city. So I'm going to cautiously assume he's on our side.
    Dagon One would think the Archlector of Death (that's what he is, even if you want to give it a pretty name) would be a scary fellow, but he really seemed alright. Bad at digging holes and maintaining wheelbarrows, but otherwise friendly and encouraging of the people. Dagon knows the value of the faith and how much we will need it and its servants going forward, so this man seems a worthy ally-candidate in future things.
    Esoka A respectable representative of the Faith and the Queen of Endings, wise in the ways of the occult.
    Fortunato Partner and rival, but mostly partner. My magnetic brother, my daring delver into vision and Faith. My friction that makes me burn brighter, my shelter. My dear friend.
    Gisele Lagoma must be as proud of him as Death is, to have come so far and changed so much. The charlatan twinkling silver from the purses of the well to do has become the prophet who's led a nation to the goddess they lost, and stood unwavering before an army of the living and the dead. His smile is the same, though, and dear to me.
    Grazia The Archlector of the Queen of Endings and Beginnings has built a beautiful shrine in Gemecitta. He is a pious man, well-educated and well-spoken. He is an asset to the Faith and to the Compact in general.
    Hana Hana grew up never knowing her father; the first she met him was shortly after her arrival in Arx. She introduced herself to him in the Trader's Tavern, and ended up wearing a mouthful of cider when he spit-took it all over her. Their first conversation was short, wet, and ended when he fled the building. It /did/ get better, though, and Hana is now pleased to /have/ a father. (Even one who has an army of undead minions.)
    Isolde I still feel bad for forgetting his brother's name! We're both bad at tree planting which I can respect.
    Jeffeth An Archlector who helped ease the tension off of me after I did a dumb thing at a shrine. A good man I wager.
    Killian Killian's dealings with Aureth have been somewhat limited in the past, but the Archlector can't fail to be impressive as hell. I mean, Death seems VERY fond of him, and Killian only rated 'adequate' by Sentinel's judgment. He's always seemed kind and friendly, if a bit, odd...
    Leola It's hard not to be jealous of the prophet of the new faith that's caused to much attention among the city, with the appearence of the Queen of Endings. It's easy to see how she's drawn to him, though; he has an easy charm and a warmth in his ways. I can see a lot of what I see in Hana in him; that purpose and intent put to good use for all, not just for themselves.
    Magpie Having grown up among the Grayhope family and eventually inducted into it, Magpie can think of few he's closer with than Aureth. He's learned a lot over the years from the man and sees him more as a mix between a brother and a father figure, so perhaps a cool uncle. Not many are fortunate to have such a reliable mentor and advocate... Though all that Death business is still a little bit creepy.
    Malik When asked a question that might make a lesser man very mad, the Archlector took it as an opportunity to speak passionately about his Goddess. The Eurusi may have different beliefs, but I am thankful he took the time to speak to me and answer my questions, and I was happy to be learning!
    Margerie Ah, yes, the old fart! We'd exhanged messages. If we're strictly speaking of physical first impressions, let us first acknowledge that the old fart business is as much a misnomer as me fancying myself the old Auntie Superior. He has the sharp sense of opportunity and humor that age brings, though. Might provide good conversation!
    Merek %bMerek doesn't know what to make of Aureth. Thinks he can be a bit rough around the edges, but is generally a faithful man, and can be counted on, from what he saw when he first met him. Knows him for his unwavering devotion to the Queen of Endings.
    Nisaa He has passion for his faith, and his Goddess. I would like to be speaking with him more, to learn from him about the Pantheon. A pleasure to spend time with.
    Reese Reese doesn't know Aureth very well, but she would like to know him better. She finds him to be good friend of Luca's and sees him as an ally to Luca. She respects his command of the undead army, but it makes her a little nervous as well. She believes that Aureth could be an ally to her as well and well she believes that he is good for Luca and plans to be supportive of them. Although the sometimes the way Luca talks to Aureth, does bring her to blush.
    Rhea You know, his shirt looks awfully%r%rholy%r%rbecause spiderwebs, get it? Holey? Oh, whatever, I hate priests.
    Saoirse Called out a baby murderer. Frankly, this controversy was more interesting a topic and it would've been nice to hear it out.
    Vanora He gave a lovely and fitting memorial for a hero whose life ended too soon.