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Lord Grady Deepwood

You're taking this rather too seriously. Tell me what happened, and we'll solve it together.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Genial Diplomat
Fealty: Grayson
Family: Deepwood
Gender: male
Marital Status: married
Age: 32
Birthday: 08/02
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Courtier
Height: average height
Hair Color: brown
Eye Color: hazel
Skintone: fair

Titles: Voice of Deepwood

Description: Grady is a tall man but not overly so, the sort with a genial smile on his face at all times. His hair is perpetually messy, no matter how he tries to straighten it it never seems to want to stay put. He makes up for this by being immaculate in his choice of clothing and his manners, as though he learned lessons from a book rather than in real everyday use.

Personality: Grady is an easygoing man, gregarious and socially adept. He's very good at making small talk and never seems to mind it - he's the life of the party and the guy who's not afraid to look a little silly if it breaks the ice. Genial and pleasant, he sometimes surprises people by how well he reads a situation, and he prides himself on compromising and finding common ground in many situations, not just diplomatic ones.

Background: He doesn't talk too much about his past - what he does mention is how hard he worked to learn the trappings of diplomacy. Always he has been the peacemaker - between his siblings (the middle child is always caught in between), because his parents (they fought with each other frequently), between his friends (children are terrible to each other). He was always sick as a child too, though as time passed he finally grew out of that for the most part.

Happiest were his moments in the woods, when he could be alone. He would take books and read there, but of course his family's library was not extensive. So he found himself reading even the driest and dustiest treatises on politics, diplomacy, and history - and finding he had a propensity for it. Avidly he read and re-read, and started using some of the theories espoused in dry and dusty tomes to start settling those fights, and found he was good at not just understanding these theories but using them as well. And so he began his life as a diplomat, building a reputation for a level head and a genial nature that encouraged communication and compromise.

Then he met the woman who would become his wife - she was in the woods too one day, tilting at trees to practice her swordwork. And as the poet said, 'No sooner met but they looked; no sooner looked but they loved; no sooner loved but they sighed; no sooner sighed but they asked one another the reason; no sooner knew the reason but they sought the remedy; and in these degrees have they made a pair of stairs to marriage.' So it was that when his wife determined she would come to Arx and rejoin her family by heritage, so too did he as her faithful companion.

Name Summary
Aethan Lord Grady feels as if he has an old soul, but a good soul. A little talkative perhaps, but quite knowledgeable, there's a lot to unpack with this man who is the Voice of Deepwood, and some day I hope to know more about him and to maybe listen long enough to pick up several nuggets of wisdom in the process.
Alarissa An ever articulate diplomat that is bound to charm many.
Amari You can't dislike a man whose first impulse is to offer you pastries. Grady is smart as ever, congenial and dedicated still to the art of diplomacy.
Anisha Lord Grady served as Voice to his house, and by all means acquitted himself well. He speaks forthright, he's principled to his cause, and he makes good conversation. Deepwood is lucky to have him, as is the Compact - and the Courtier's Guild. Speak your truth, my lord. May it find many ears.
Apollo I understand the want to cover errors with self-effacing humor, but where there's no harm, it's unneccessary.
Ariella Lord Grady Deepwood, nibbler of toast. He has good humor for a Crownlander.
Artorius He has such an easy way with conversation. I admire that. And I admire that he can always smile and look at life in a positive way. It will take me a time again to properly smile the way he does in social situations.
Audgrim He's got that trained charm about him and a mop of hair that lives its own life. Might be a good customer!
Avary Surely a magnetic socializer. A bit too concerned about the agreement and good feeling of all. Not that it's a wrong, but is it a greater Right?
Azova There's a frailty of body there, but a strong and steady soul beneath it. A kind man, with kind words.
Braith A wealth of humor though I have yet to see this piffle talking he is talking about? I am sure he only shares on the most important of matters. Delightful company.
Caprice Wonderful sense of humor and adept at step changes, whatever the social dance calls for. I'd gladly champion this cold-suffering damsel lord again.
Caspian The man speaks with a gentle wisdom that puts you at ease. The way he notices his attendants and fellows speaks highly of him, and he has a way of listening that encourages you to just share freely.
Cerys For one that prides himself on reading situations well, I think he has me pegged dead wrong. Interesting man, regardless.
Cesare Lord Grady has come to Arx at a tumultuous time, but his ready wit and charm, his desire to take the proverbial bull by its horns, and his diplomatic abilities will serve him well here. It is my hope that he finds in the whirlwind of the city not a storm to blow him away, but a place where his talents can flourish.
Cristoph What a seemingly gentle diplomat, the man comes across as kind and insightful soul. I need to make time to draw him into a dinner with his Marquesss, my social calendar is falling behind!
Damiana A very polite and talkative gentleman, which is nice when you would prefer to remain quiet and let him do the talking. Minor potential to put his foot in his mouth, but I suppose when you talk that much it is bound to happen eventually.
Elora He seems genial. I hope that things will work out well and that I will be of value to House Deepwood.
Ember The poor man looks as though he hasn't eaten in his life. He weathers this symptom of his nerves well. It takes strength to smile while being skin and bones.
Emily Even when it has been forever Grady and I fall in together without trouble. My sistter chose well when she chose her opposite. He is a much needed asset to Deepwood and a wonderful brother in law.
Erik He got my back when facing too many ladies at once. Got to invite him for a drink someday soon.
Esme I can't decide. Is he really nice? Is he playing a role? Is he secretly a gloomy gus, even if his name isn't gus. Or is it that he is as he presents? Well, plenty of time to find out. I'm sure we will be good friends.
Evander A diplomat with experience among the shav. I wonder what experiences he has.
Ezra Wonderful to meet a Deepwood out here in this southern city, I feel less alone. Even if the wilderness might not be his thing.
Fairen Lord Grady is an affable member of the Deepwoods, seems friendly enough, a bit unorthodox for his family. If he ever knocks over my papers though I swear...
Faye A warm and good-humored man, seemingly inclined towards seeing the good in all things. Perhaps a bit like a butterfly, though, and I wonder if it is possible to keep his attention on any one thing for longer than a moment.
Fidel A very well-mannered and galant nobleman. He looks like a strong breeze might be enough to push him over but he'll get no judgment from me, I fall over all the time!
Gabriella He has the brightest smile I've seen in quite some time. Lord Grady is a breath of fresh air during these troubling times, and I would not mind having tea with him again. Or, well. I'll have whiskey, he'll have tea.
Gio By all appearances, my lord is genial, jovial, sunny and bright and irresistibly cheery. Someone whose presence lightens the spirits of those around them. A personality that lowers the guards of those unsuspecting. In this way, I think, he is the perfect diplomat.
Haakon A soft sort, gets queasy at conflict of any sort. How this city hasn't killed him yet I've no fucking clue.
Ilira I appreciate his smile.
Isabeau A charming Lord who does his house credit. We will get along brilliantly.
Iseulet Everything I have ever expected out of a smooth Grayson diplomat. Seems to have a good head on his shoulders, too.
Isolde A remarkably genial man who seems to do his best to keep the mood positive. It's almost infectious.
Jaenelle Lord Grady has promised me a vacation destination, and one day I will show up to take advantage of the gracious offer.
Jasher A professed diplomat, Lord Grady is the pleasant conversationalist I expect him to be. He possesses a quick, self-deprecating wit and good manners.
Keely A wonderful conversationalist, and expert piffler. Our encounter was all too brief, and I look eagerly forward to the next.
Liam Smiles escaping quickly from him along with that mischievous glance.
Lucita A thin man with no stomach for alcohol, still he is amusing company and seems to be seeking to get to know people. Amicable, pleasant natured and looking forward to knowing more about him.
Mabelle A tired diplomat, it seems. He came to Arx, that will be amusing to watch. Otherwise he seems pleasantly lost. I look forward to seeing the city's influence.
Macario Helpful Lord with ruffian hair and a good sense of humor.
Martino Interested in literature and in finding out more while in the Stacks. An excellent place to start such a journey, with a good skill in keeping conversation flowing.
Mattheu Appears to be more wary of health than will let on. Always a bright smile to be shared, nothing terrible is ever hidden in those...
Medeia It's always nice to meet someone who maintains good spirits in unfamiliar situations. I do hope we didn't scare him off.
Mikani It's so good to see my friend Lord Grady again! His smile is infectious and his happy presence is always missed when gone.
Mirk A diplomat by calling, it seems, and one with a knack for looking at problems from a different angle to find common ground.
Monique The Lord Deepwood seems game for anything and I cannot help but admire that. Paired with his quick wit and easygoing personality, I certainly don't mind his company.
Nigel A lord of Deepwood. He is a friendly sort and from what I've been told, not unlike myself. I will be sure to reach out to him soon to see what our domains might be able to work up together.
Noah He comes off as too happy, too fraile - but I've learned that people like that are too underestimated
Odin Quiet, keeps to himself, and thinner than a twig! He needs some meat on his bones! Thankfully, we Eswynd can help with that.
Olivia He has a way with words, but he needs to eat more I think. Would love to speak with him again over pastries!
Orland The Gods sent this preacher to me.
Pasquale Seems to be a rather diplomatically minded sort.
Poppy Friendly and chatty. What's not to like?
Raja Seems a nice enough fellow. Likes art it seems.
Renata Lord Deepwood seems a humble and down-to-earth man, his enthusiasm for learning is the same as mine, if not much more! I always appreciate a person who wishes to speak simply, even if it's about plants. I daresay I might've rambled his head off about plants /too/ much though, he didn't seem to mind.
Rook A genial gentleman that will hopefully survive long enough to adapt his understandings of how the world works to the realities of life. It's always nice to have people who think nothing of the best from all, for as long as they can remain that way.
Rosalind He seemed tired, but he doesnt talk like it! I think he just wants to get to know everyone and everything. There were smiles and things there. I enjoyed his company!
Sabella A bubbly and sweet man, whom dresses himself like he'd freeze to death if he didn't have plethora of knits on. I don't blame him though. The winter is harsh. However, his personality is enough to radiate warmth to all in his presence. Warm and friendly.
Sabella Effulgence captured in human form. A fine friend, a true joy.
Savio Unusual for a mainlander to be so interested in 'shav' instruments, but it's always nice to talk music with someone who has an interest.
Simone A sweet tempered man with a mischievous streak and sense of humor.
Sira He has a surprisingly good humor about him, and I think his willingness to be uncomfortable for a new experience is commendable. And he thinks I'm pretty, so what's not to like?
Sorrel He seems to quite appreciate music, and that is most delightful, and he also has fine taste in tea.
Sydney Rambling and distractible, but when pressed, this Lord presents surprisingly thorough and insightful opinions. I'm not certain to what extent he was placating me, but if more people put their money on words like his, Arvum would be the richer for it.
Temira He seems like a gentle soul. I quite like those types of people. They are needed in a world so harsh
Triton Firendly seeming, with an obvious interest in the birds and yet sparing time for those around him without any signs of annoyance at the interuptions. I like that about him.
Viviana Lord Deepwood is sip of cool cider on the hottest day -- a refreshment, a welcome balm, a kind diplomat -- and very loyal to his House besides!
Xia Lord Grady presented himself kindly and professionally and showed a scholar's true curiosity coupled with a diplomat's mental dancing.
Ysabel A sprinkle of spice is all you need in life, so says Lord Grady! I think he truly lives by this. His smile and personality are infectious and it's hard to be in a bad mood around him. I'll be holding him to our tea time when we meet again.
Zakhar doesn't raise a sword. Don't think I've seen haakon that baffled before
Zoey He is like a careful architect, building things to last and taking care not to cut corners.