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Action Id: 2174 Crisis: Participants: Venturo, Jaenelle, Natalia, Khanne, Aureth, Cambria, Caith, Gwenna, Amari, Grady, Terese, Pasquale and Jonathan
Status: Resolved Submitted: June 1, 2018, 4:52 p.m. Public: True GM: Puffin

Silver: 235000
Economic Resources: 1050
Military Resources: 150
Social Resources: 400
Action Points: 100

Action by Venturo

Venturo is drumming up business with a variety of the fine houses of Arvum. Specifically, he's working with them to craft trade deals that will result in the lease of lands in the houses domains to create breweries and cultivate local crops. Additionally, he will be starting the establishment of The Kismet Carnival, a festival in each of these geographical locations, one that does honor to the Raconteur name: games of chance, and small entertaining stories played out by showmen, acrobats and more. These small snippets and games are all too appeal to the everyday man.

Venturo's role in this endeavor, beyond pulling together the group that is helping, will be pulling all of his old strings to call in favors. Builders, performers, merchant, tradesmen and the like that he can use to help align the endeavor for success.

Action by Khanne

It is no secret Khanne has enjoyed the brews and stories of Master Brewer Venturo Thayne. So when he came to her with an opportunity that would bring his talents to her lands while helping to show the rest of the Compact some of the best aspects of Halfshav lands, she jumped at the chance. She helps him find a good spot in the city of Whitehold to open a brewery and not too far away from that, a parcel of farmland to grow the unique ingredients that can thrive in the tundra climate. Of course, she would work into the agreement the caveat that he must always offer some variety of Whiskey as well.

She is, personally, most excited to help promote the aspect of the Kismet Carnival. While the North knows how to enjoy life, such treats as the carnival would help boost the morale of the people of Whitehold and nearby. That it is a traveling fair would benefit not only the Halfshav Duchy, but all of the Redrain region, of course something she would be proud to be part of.

In addition, Venturo has asked her to travel to all the regions he will be starting this project in, to help analyze the lands available for farming and help create a land management plan that would help grow the most beautiful, healthy and hearty plants he can. She agrees to do so (with the permission of those leasing the lands to him of course) and looks forward to seeing the homelands of others, perhaps in areas she has not ventured to before.

Action by Amari

An undertaking of this scale with so many moving parts requires contracts, and someone to write and review them all. That's where Amari the lawyer will come in, focusing on making sure the agreements are all a) legal and b) fair for all parties. With input from Venturo and the partners he's already brought on board or will yet, she'll formalize the deals and write up stipulations that will cover contingencies so that whether the venture succeeds or fails, everyone knows what to expect from beginning to end. This, hopefully, will put investors and potential backers at ease, knowing there's a solid framework behind the business.

She'll be happy to explain all the particulars of the trade agreements, and address and amend any sticking points throughout the process until everyone is satisfied.

Action by Gwenna

As her own mother hobbies at brewing in Farhaven, Gwenna was quite excited by the opportunity presented by Venturo along those lines. With the limited growing season of the northlands, the cultivation of more crops in Farhaven could help with both trade and what may be stored over the winters. Lands available for lease for that purpose, with the permission of their owners, would surely been a boon. The north loves their whiskey, so a brewery that would not impose upon, but rather work in harmony with the others in that region, is also an ideal opportunity. She will speak with those locally in charge of such things and hopefully sway them to the ideas.

What truly draws Gwenna in is the festival though. Considering the recent Pirate War and the losses experienced by those in and around Farhaven, The Kismet Carnival would be a welcome activity and surely bolster spirits. Gwenna brings 10,000 of her own personal funds for use by families who many not have the disposable income for such things after the war. She will spend the first day of the festival handing out the silver herself and warming people to the ideas of both the festival as well as potential commerce.

Action by Terese

The scope of such a large endeavor requires many elements to be drawn together from the permission to lease lands through out different cities in Arvum, the contractual agreements that must be drawn up, to the building of structures for a brewery or stages and stands for the kismet festival. There is also the hiring of skilled workers for all stages from building, to service and performance that requires careful oversight and strategic set up. Terese has offered her assistance on the global scale of the project in order to aid Venturo in the latter tasks once the agreements and contracts for land have been finalized. She is willing to travel to each of the sites as needed in order to best assist in coordination efforts.

Action by Jonathan

Jonathan is a man of the soil, and always has been, and has recently been made the Keaton advisor to all things agricultural! As such, he is in an excellent position to provide assistance to Venturo's efforts in his own land, helping to clear out space to grow all the hops, corn, and (in the case of the Keaton Lands) pumpkins that will be used to brew the fine concoctions of Master Thayne. In addition, Count Kael has already cleared a brewery to be set up in Oakhaven, adding to the economic flow of this already-burgeoning county. He will, of course, welcome the input of Lady Khanne, as well as any others, and also in turn assist them in planning out the plots growing in other lands, expanding his own experience and hopefully providing his own insights into the deceivingly complicated art of squeezing productivity out of lands that otherwise might run barren or go unused.

Action by Pasquale

Pasquale agrees happily to lend House Malespero's support to Venturo's efforts. He puts some economic power behind it to promote the project and get the breweries established, and will assist in negotiating with representatives in the Lyceum wine country as to securing a location. Most of his passion though, likewise, is for the Kismet Carnival and its possibilities as a boon for the land following the devastation of the wars in Setarco. He directs the sailors and merchants under Nilanza's direct authority to spread the word of it and support it as they can, asking them to play it up as an initiative that could restore cheer and the coin throughout the region.

Action by Natalia

Natalia is assisting on behalf of House Keaton in the establishment of Venturo's venture in Keaton Lands -- Elmhurst, to be specific. She is coordinating with the others on the project where it relates to the branch there, smoothing the way for the industry moving in and selling it to the locals, helping people work together, and all of that fun stuff. She is putting a significant focus on putting locals to work for the project, working to ensure that those employed in Keaton lands are from the Keaton lands -- or are heavily vetted for their 'fit' with the local community. Her focus is the long-term success of this project where it relates to Elmhurst.

Action by Jaenelle

Jaenelle uses her influence as not only a master economist, the Voice of Velenosa, and knowledge of infrastructure to see that the Lyceum welcome Venturo's Carnival with as much smoothness as possible. She personally assists with finding an appropriate location within Lenosia for the Carnival to stop, as well as offering backing by providing monetary and resource assistance. Beyond the location, she assists with finding local tradesmen to help, providing jobs and boosting moral, especially with the influx of Prodigals who've arrived lately who might not have had the opportunities to find stable work yet.

Action by Caith

Oh! Caith has found just the PERFECT spot for Venturo's brewery on Maelstrom. It will be a great way to not only bring a bit of commerce into that particular area and be an opportunity to teach thralls and former thralls life skills but also: who doesn't love a brewery?! It's fun and joyful! A place for the community to come together and share laughter and stories over drinks! And to get people excited about this, Princess Caith throws a party with all the food and drink (Raconteur, of course) people could want. There is dancing! There are stories! There are songs! But she is also on hand to listen to any concerns people might have and address them -- she is extremely empathetic and wants to make sure that everyone is onboard. Cheers!

Action by Aureth

Aureth's role in this is as representative of the Faith (and occasional consumer of fine beverages). He's not entirely unfamiliar with the economics involved as a former purchaser and purveyor of liquor and beer, but primarily what he is here to do is to offer his prayers and blessings over the croplands in honor of Petrichor and the Pantheon, and also to noise about quite a bit about having done so with the showmanship of a fair to decent propagandist.

Action by Grady

Grady assists by involving the Deepwoods. After speaking with Marquessa Samantha, the Deepwoods allocate land for Venturo to use for farming, and on which to build a brewery. They commit resources to helping this be established in as expedited a manner as possible. They send guards as well, and work on trade roads throughout Deepwood lands, to improve and ease passage and to keep the area safe. In return, they expect the bump in trade to be good, and besides, everyone's happier when there's good beer to be had right? It's a good deal for them, as increasing economic activity, finding jobs for more people who live in the area, and generally improving the quality of life is what Grady feels the ruling family should do for those in their care.

Action by Cambria

Cambria has given her permission for Venturo's project to expand its reach into Ostria as well. She invites both himself and Lady Khanne to tour available lands for lease, herself traveling with the pair as well. Funds are allocated to the endeavor to assist in establishing the brewery and acreage for farming and cultivating local crops. Guards are called in for safety's sake, and Cambria also calls in her advisors within Ostria itself to begin drafting plans to see that local roads are kept in good repair, and reminds her cabinet as well that with the recent boom to their population, there are plenty of locals ready and willing to work - be it at the brewery itself, or in conjunction with the Kismet Carnival. Rumor has it the Marquessa of House Mazetti is considering the notion of expanding another series of walls around Ostria, should business continue pouring into the city-state to offer additional safety and security to those who both work and call their home the Walled City by the Sea.


Venturo Thayne, proprietor of Raconteur Brewing, rolls out a new plan for what he's calling the Kismet Carnival! Designed to highlight the best of the breweries, to expand his brewing ventures into new lands and reach new civiliations, he has been making huge inroads in many areas. In Whitehold he opens a brewery, and Lady Khanne is on hand to help with the opening and promote it. She also travels with him to various points of interest around the Compact, helping select appropriate places to harvest, so that he can create local vintages unique by domain. It's an aggressive, interesting plan and the people seem to love the idea.

In Farhaven, Princess Gwenna Redrain finds a good place to lease to him, working with him - and donating some of her own personal funds to the venture - to help bring a bit of lighthearted cheer to her people who have undergone such travails of late. Jonathan Fieldstone and Natalia Whisper coordinate efforts on the part of the Keatons, careful in their selection of an appropriate place to locate a brewery with the blessing of Count Kael. Lord Pasquale arranges room in Nilanza, Princess Jaenelle in Lenosia, and Marquessa Cambria in Ostria - ensuring that the Lyceum does not go without the joy of the festival.

In Old Oak, a new brewery is established under the direction of Lord Grady Deepwood, whose complementary wines go nicely alongside the famed Deepwood Cider. In Maelstrom, Princess Caith Thrax has found the absolutely perfect place - or so she tells literally anyone who will listen - and she is excited, nay, THRILLED to guide construction there.

Lady Amari Keaton draws up the complicated paperwork, and manages to keep all the names and places straight - the mark of a good lawyer. Princess Terese Valardin helps as well, working as strategic direction overseeing so many buildings and workers all going up at once. And Archlector Aureth also assists, talking up the project and encouraging people to work together and to enjoy some truly excellent vintages.

It is a massive undertaking funded by a great many people, but as people flock to the market and enjoy the wares of the Kismet Trading Company, they remark that this is the best of the Compact - and it's hard to argue when drinking the fine vintages.

Also hard to argue when drunk on the fine vintages. Which is probably all part of Venturo's master plan.