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Action Id: 2274 Crisis: Participants: Samantha, Alaric, Silas, Reese, Bethany, Rymarr(RIP), Mia, Thesarin, Esoka, Kaldur(RIP), Kenna and Grady
Status: Resolved Submitted: June 14, 2018, 11:14 p.m. Public: True GM: Puffin

Silver: 14000
Economic Resources: 450
Military Resources: 950
Social Resources: 400
Action Points: 100

Action by Samantha

With the news that many shav'arvani tribes are fearful for their lives in the face of the Horned God, Samantha has decided to attempt what she has previously done successfully: open her borders to shav'arvani refugees, without obligation of joining the Compact, but with the requirement that they adhere to the rule of law while within her borders. That being said, as there is great concern regarding any spies or Horned God loyalists coming in amongst the refugees, Samantha is going to utilize the procedures that she helped develop when she acted as a Liberator and needed to screen for true criminals amongst the freed thralls when helping them re-establish their lives. She will also turn to her Prodigal population from the time before, asking them to take an active hand in this process, as they themselves can speak from experience as to the veracity of Samantha's word, and she believes they would be extremely scrutinizing in making sure any spies or enemies slip through the process. As before, Samantha will show by example the benefit of joining the Compact, and hope that her actions result in further prosperity.

Action by Grady

Grady is used to the quiet spaces. To growing up in the woods, and being away from Arx. Having recently made the journey himself, he'll talk of his own experiences. It's not quite the same journey, mind - he's always been part of the Compact. But it's not so different out in the middle of nowhere. He appreciates the quiet spaces too, and so he'll talk about how expansive the world can be. How there's still room to be free. How the Compact isn't a trap it's a gift of security. He'll mention children too, and building for a bright future together. How the Compact takes care of its own, and in these difficult times that's important. How we fight for each other, and celebrate the joys together, and come together in times of sorrow. We can build together. It's not a bad thing at all, is it?

Action by Rymarr(RIP)

Marquis-Consort Rymarr Deepwood has sent along notice to Old Oak of the plans of the ruling Marquessa, Samantha. In that notice he calls for volunteers that may be prepared to accept new Prodigals and teach them the way of life in the Compact - ideally pulling from the great many Prodigals already become citizens of Deepwood Hold. Along with that efforts are to be taken to ensure the safety and security of Old Oak, whether from these welcomed Abandoned in the form of a subtly close eye being kept on them or ensuring that they do not bring something altogether unpleasant in with them. Up to and including disease or other less than savory affairs.

Action by Mia

Mia will be following Samantha's lead, opening up Riven's borders to allow for the transport of various shav'arvani tribes along the rivers that run north-to-south through the county, ferrying people from dangerous locations to more secure ones. Those who have been thoroughly vetted by all of the procedures laid out may also be permitted to remain at the Twainfort, on condition that all laws of the Compact be adhered to while present.

Action by Thesarin

Moving a large number of people is an undertaking. Moving whole villages into Deepwood territory, in winter, will take food, blankets, foragers, guides, fires, and waystations. Thesarin, and his Riven subjects (Prodigals especially), will be working with Deepwood and Grayson to arrange everything needed to bring the shavs into the refugee camps, and see them protected on their way.

Action by Kaldur(RIP)

Lord Kaldur will shadow Samantha in her efforts to welcome the shav'arvani who take shelter in Deepwood as the Traitors forces stir. He's reasonably observant, so he'll be on the look out for mannerisms or customs, greetings, physicalities, sayings. He will be of particular use if any cultists are discovered.

Action by Reese

Reese would like to help protect the shavs who are wanting to move to safer lands. She would like to try and be a positive force and to gently encourage those in danger to move. She will be highly focused on protecting any shavs as they move.

Action by Esoka

Dame Esoka's efforts are two-fold. First, she assists with security under the Marquessa's direction, keeping a particular eye (and feel) out for any shavs who might be Abyssal spies. Second, she speaks to those who come about her own experiences as a prodigal among the Deepwoods and Rivens and encourages them to bend the knee, trying to show them they can maintain their pride and tradition within the Compact.

Action by Kenna

As Voice of Whitehawk, Kenna organizes routes for the shav'arvani who meet the Deepwood requirements through Whitehawk land, as well as places for them to stay within the barony as space and protections exist that deep within the forest. Her greatest effort is directed towards helping arrange passage down the two branches of river that cup surround the Barony to where there are better defenses.

Action by Alaric

Alaric will be comitting some military resources and support from House Grayson to temporarily bolster garrison postings that have had forces diverted to help in other areas of the effort. Otherwise, he will be putting his diplomatic skills to managing any complaints, disagreements, and other general issues in regards to residents with problems with refugees traversing the Crownlands.

Action by Bethany

Bethany will bring the Mercier trade network to bear, handling logistics, tracking down suppliers for the needed sundries and negotiating the best possible prices. She won't go herself, but she'll do everything that can be done from the safety of her tea shop to make sure that on the ground, everything runs as smooth as a well oiled... anachronism.

Action by Silas

The Baron of Whitehawk will provide his cousin Kenna with the military personnel, food, and resources she may need in assisting the prodigal population to or through Hawkhold. Rangers, healers, boats, caravans - the works. He will delegate the actual orders and organization to her, though, to preserve the plans she has already set in place.


Scouts in the Gray Forest are reporting a significant number of shav who are afraid of the actions being taken in the Forest by a cult figure known only as the Horned God. While most reasonable people in Arx know that this is clearly a figure trying to draw from various scary pieces of folklore, some of the leaders of Grayson are seeing a chance to extend their lands and expand their populations.

Under Marquessa Samantha Deepwood's diplomatic leadership, diplomats from the Compact gather - Countess Mia Riven, Lady Kenna Whitehawk, and Princess Reese Grayson among them. They assemble support - Marquis Rymarr Deepwood, Baron Silas Whitehawk, Lord Grady Deepwood, Dame Esoka Greenblood, Bethany Mercier, Count Thesarin Riven, and Lord Kaldur Seliki - to render aid, tactical leadership, diplomatic outreach, and economic strength to their proposition. King Alaric Grayson even signs off on this attempt, putting his not inconsiderable charm to work.

They offer safe haven for those who want to flee potential "recruitment" by this cult leader. No overt mention is made of the need to bend the knee and yet those responding bend the knee anyway. Without prompting. One tribal leader even comments, 'It's a protection isn't it, to have someone we're oathed to already?' And so it seems. Riven, Whitehawk, and Deepwood lands expand, their populations swell, and for now it seems as though this is a very good thing for everyone.

One wonders what the response in the forest will be to that.