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Princess Saoirse Velenosa

The spider's web is a home and a trap.

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Whipsmart Princess
Fealty: Lyceum
Family: Velenosa
Gender: female
Marital Status: married
Age: 18
Birthday: 12/30
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Princess
Height: tall
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: cerulean
Skintone: porcelain

Titles: Princess of Velenosa, Rhetoric Speaker of The Crown, Minister of Loyalty for House Velenosa, The Spider of Lenosia

Description: While there is no doubt that Saoirse is a very beautiful woman, something about her bearing seems to suggest she has an awful lot more to her than that. Tall and thin, she is almost sylph-like. A deep intellect flickers behind her eyes, which are large and bright. She is perfectly styled and dressed, meticulous in her appearance as she is in all things, but she moves as if someone else suggested her ensemble. Dark hair frames delicate features before it falls in large, soft curls to her ribcage. The princess has a charming smile, which usually preambles a cunning witticism.

Personality: Imagine a dark, cold room full of candles and old, decaying tomes and this princess would be right at home. She is deeply curious, fascinated by mysteries, observant, and incredibly bright. Saoirse is a good listener and confidences seem to stay with her. She is good at getting what she wants, though that has admittedly been very easy for the last seventeen years, but her general demeanor is most kindly described as "cool". She has a chilly personality, especially at first, though that is not to say she is not kind. Her benevolence is simply understated, or even perhaps unseen. Without fail, Saoirse is respectful and kind to servants, especially when they provide a service she knows she herself could not do. She is also bitingly, achingly funny - even if it takes a second to realize it.

Background: The Princess Saoirse Velenosa was her mother's only daughter after three sons, only one of whom survived to adulthood. Saoirse herself was not expected to live; her birth was a difficult one and her mother died four days later. She grew up in the care of nannies and with a distant father, who was busy molding his son in his own image; Saoirse was neither close to her remaining parent nor her sibling.

Not that she ever wanted for anything; if she made a request, it was always granted, mostly because her father found it easier to simply sign off on things. A curious child, she fed her intellect with every piece of literature on every subject she could; as she grew older, those topics grew darker and more obscure. Which is not to say Saoirse never pushed her luck with a request for ponies or dresses, but the more literature she could get her hands on, the better. As she grew, her curiosity led her to hone in on the capital city. She arrives having made a last request of her father: to go to north to Arx.

Relationship Summary

  • Fairen - Why do you like me?

  • Family:
  • Eleyna - Archduchess of Velenosa. Admired.
  • Niccolo - Former Archduke. Wise.
  • Talen - Former commoner. Now archduke. Capable.

  • Parent:
  • Armando - distant. remarkably easy to get stuff from, but disinterested.
  • Miranda - dead. unknown. a mystery.

  • Lyceum:
  • Duarte - Knowledgable. Maybe a friend?

  • The crown:
  • Alaric - King. Boss.

  • Sibling:
  • Theo - older. distant. disinterested. their father's son.

  • Friend:
  • Tikva - Grayson princess. Fellow intellect.
  • Caith - Thrax princess. Terrible dog.
  • Jeffeth - Protector.
  • Duarte - Smart. Cunning. Worth time.
  • Beaumont - Yeah. "Friend". Wink wink. Wait - a Valardin?

  • Protege:
  • Donato - The count was wise to request patronage from a Velenosa and hopefully I am wise to accept.
  • Name Summary
    Alecstazi She makes poison fun. No, really it was quite amusing.
    Aleksei She's probably not a liar! Probably. Despite her insistence.
    Alessandro A very engaging cousin. Though I am not sure she should ever own a pet.
    Arman May you prove true to the image you have crafted, my distant daughter. I will be watching.
    Armani A princess of the Velenosa Family. Thus far her and Stefano don't seem to get along.
    Barric Well, it is true. A beautiful woman can make anything look good. Even a towel thrown over their head by their attendant.
    Bhandn Her Highness is a very determined young woman. I rather wonder what she would say, if not do, had I answered her question. Need a fainting couch, perhaps?
    Bliss Princess Saoirse has an air of mystery about her that I cannot quite seem to pierce. There is a whimsical nature to her, but something deadly serious behind that. A person she tries to be, a person she is, and a person she pretends to be. Very mercurial in some ways, but fascinating. Elfin, even.
    Brigida This Princess is a mischief maker for sure. I'll keep an eye on her.
    Cadenza A cousin. That's about it. Family is family after all.
    Caith She is so tall and regal and princess-y. She carries around her own wine which is rather impressive (although that makes some people nervous, I have no idea why!). Clearly, we will be very good friends!
    Calaudrin I'll be honest. I'm not entirely sure what just happened here. But she knows a person named Pytor or Pyotr or Pytro? Fuck, these names are difficult to remember. Maybe Thena's assistant is going by an alias and running around in the Ward of the Lycene. That'd be a good story. Good luck to her, hope she finds him.
    Caspian If she held her nose any higher at me she would start bending over backwards.
    Coraline Ohh she I could like a lot, I wonder if she fights. Best not to ask cause that involves talking.
    Cullen A Princess I happen to like, which is a rare thing. Obviously highly intelligent and in possession of dry wit, yet doesn't lose her mind at the utter mindlessness that would make me bitter and scathing if I had her job. This is a reminder as to why I need to wander afield more often and meet those outside of the ward and the Redrains.
    Daemon She brought me milk. She is a dear friend now.
    Dante A mind like the cutting edge of a razor with the patience to pull off a cunning switch. Doesn't suffer the Shav-enamored, thankfully.
    Dianna I love this woman if for no other reason than her intensely-curious fascination with such a variety of subjects!
    Donato My princess patron, I'll take her for a joy ride any day.
    Duarte Not sure if she knows she's biting off more than she can chew, or if she knows exactly what she's doing.
    Eleanor She has a boat. She's new to the city and looking for friends, so maybe if I make friends with her she'll take me on her boat. This plan is foolproof.
    Eleyna A cousin come to Arx from Lenosia. In some ways, she reminds me of myself when I was that young. Intellectual instead of sensual. Drawn to asking uncomfortable questions. Loyal to the family. Perhaps a bit less careful, though. We'll see how this Lenosian bloom survives in the Arxian garden.
    Elgana A princess who commands a way with words and great humor. I like her already.
    Emily Not only does she loves her slippers but she loves her books.
    Evaristo There's something absolutely endearing about someone giving trivia on history while modeling an epic gown. I am charmed!
    Ezekiel A rather stiff, if still quite intelligent princess. Definitely more what I expected from senior nobility.
    Fairen If Lord Stumphrey Thrax thinks highly of you, then there is no doubt my own opinion should reflect similarly. Honestly, she seems like a delightful person, as far as I can tell.
    Fecundo Could not resist helping Princess Velenosa in her moment of need. And I got to play the villain.
    Gaspar Drier than Eurus and feverishly loyal to the family. What a sweet cousin, I'm blessed with.
    Gilroy She's adorably credulous.
    Grazia Princess Saoirse is very self-assured and knows what she desires, and people accommodate her in that. It is to be admired in a young woman.
    Harlex I'm not sleeping with her but she makes a damn fine drink.
    Ignacio A lovely young princess, she seems to be good hearted and intrigued with Arx. I hope to get to know her better in the future.
    Iliana I wonder if all Velenosans are this amusing.
    Itzal A princess welcomed with song, in return for fine wine so freely offered. Perhaps her stay in Arx will offer me the means to write a new ballad.
    Jeffeth A princess. She wanted me to brag so I talked about pies. I don't think she thought it was funny. Oops.
    Kaede Not terribly observant or empathetic. Spilled on herself, ripped an arrow out of a man and sprayed blood everywhere, then shrugged it off. Strange breed, these Lycene princesses.
    Katarina I have never been to a party before that displaced all of the typical party trappings in favor of reading and solving a mystery! I only hope that justice was done at the time, lest our party game make sport out of crime...
    Luca She's a bit too easy on the eyes. It's best I stay out of my cups too deeply around her. I can't tell if I'm laughing at her, or with her, though, sometimes. Still, we should get together more often. I need more cause to laugh, no matter the reason.
    Lucita Amicable, articulate, confident, interesting. A nice dry wit. She is fun to get to know!
    Mabelle Most chilly reception I've received since reaching Arx. She's pretty though.
    Margerie A flare for the dramatic and righteousness. She came in to lambaste Caith about a puppy's misbehavior, but had the right of it. There seems to be something a little hurt there. May need aunting.
    Marian It's clear she doesn't have any children. It's a bit amusing on how Dontato zeros in on that. Her response was hilarious. Hopefully when she has her own there will be an army of nurses to help her.
    Martino Strong opinions. So very strong and I applaud the Princess for them. Plus she sparkles at the moment. I'm not sure I got all the glitter off after dusting myself .
    Miranda A pleasure to meet and discuss with our current dilemma regarding our visitors. I'd have preferred to have met her face to face under different circumstances, but this will do. We're fortunate to have her on our side.
    Monique Lycene *and* generous with her booze. Clearly, this woman is worth getting to know better.
    Nicholaus Such a dry and entertaining wit -- though I fear what she might make me do to an olive in public.
    Niklas Lycene princess, voice of the Crown, social gadfly, Tehom's advocate.
    Niklas I once hugged Princess Saoirse and my arms are still a little frostburnt.
    Norwood She seems to find this asparagus as bewildering as I. For that alone I feel a small kinship.
    Orazio Very intelligent. Bold. Likely to be so sharp she cuts herself at some point, but I must confess the conversation was invigorating. I think I would like to get to know her more.
    Otakar Ever get that feeling that someone is smiling to your face but is inwardly laughing at you? Yes, that one. I admit, my social graces are...poor. But for all that, the Princess is rather beautiful and intelligent, and engaging in conversation. And enjoys paperwork as well!
    Petal and elegant princess who watches for poison.
    Reese Generous, lovely and witty.
    Richard A quite beautiful Velenosa Princess. She has the distinct job as Voice of the Crown, a position she surely excels at.
    Rinel She reminds me of an ice sculpture. One with a lot of sharp edges.
    Roxana Hosted a Salon event on International Relations, she's clearly devoted to intellectual pursuits. Lovely too.
    Sabella For someone who makes so many jokes in writing, she sure seems to take things seriously in person! Still, I am sure I can get my sense of humor through to her so that we may become very good friends!
    Sabella She seems very closed off in person, but she has a lovely sense of humor when she posts to proclamations and I know Princess Caith adores her and I'm pretty sure I remember she loves corgis so we must be destined to be best friends!
    Sabella I could SAOIR the imagine of her reading into my imaginaSEn. I am not as good as she is with these name puns. She's one of my favorite commenters on proclamations and she's just as witty in person!
    Selene Anyone who can be so continuously witty in her responses and rhetorical stances holds my respect and great interest.
    Shae Does not like dogs because ... she likes her shoes? Another one of those social cues I missed, I think.
    Sophie I don't know why Isabeau is being so stubborn about her. She's perfectly lovely, and quick witted, and I think Beaumont is right. We have much in common! I'm excited to get to know her more.
    Sorrel Full of questions and terrible puns. I admit I enjoy the questions more, especially since she listens to the answers and asks more questions. Sharp. Patient. More than meets the eye. Highly intelligent, too. A good ally.
    Sparte Gave out free wine in the Salon. Very friendly, a little chatty. Not so much with me, but maybe that is because of the whole thing with the worm and the painter.
    Stefano A Velenosa princess. I don't think she likes me but I also think I don't care.
    Talen Velenosan princess, likes to cause trouble, constantly in search for something to do. Time will tell if her efforts in seeking out purpose within the City of Arx come to fruition. She's made a place for herself within the Crown, however, which is not to be sniffed at.
    Theo My sister. While we're not exactly close, blood is blood. She's been in the City for some time; now that I must establish myself here, that's experience I could use to my favor.
    Theron Velenosa Princess? I'm not sure what's going on there. Seemed spontaneous, in some ways. Rivalry or friendship with Princess Caith. I like Princess Caith, though. But then, who doesn't, really?
    Tomwell Anti-kitten. Somehow a friend of Caith's, despite this clear character flaw. Also, she was quite clever. I suppose I'll give her another chance.
    Valdemar She has a sense of humor, and the wine she offered a sample of was a nice change of pace.
    Valerius Asked if she could have a glass of blood instead of wine...
    Venturo A Velenosian princess that, despite being behind a Very Big Desk, in a Very Oversized Chair, and wielding a Quite Gigantic Ledger, loomed larger than them all in our conversation.
    Victus Hangs around Niccolo. Little... weird? Maybe not weird, just, Lycene? Nah, wait, that's kinda a fucked up way to describe it too. Uhhhh... Eccentric. I'm goin' with Eccentric.
    Vitalis Exquisite taste and good advice. What more could one ask for a serendipitous shopping companion?
    Zaina Snooty. Quiet. Nosy.
    Zoey Her nose stuck in a book while she is meant to be modeling. I suppose there are worse times to be distracted and worse things to be distracted by.