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Fortunato Whisper

Anything could happen tomorrow. Learn to seize wonder from uncertainty.

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Unpredictable Artist
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Whisper
Gender: male
Marital Status: single
Age: 42
Birthday: 10/10
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Artisan
Height: short
Hair Color: dark brown
Eye Color: dark brown
Skintone: fair

Description: Fortunato is small and slight, and while his posture ranges from upright to a touch proud, he has a way of barely occupying a space until he decides to be present. His manner is restlessly birdlike. His dark hair, gone slightly wild, and his smooth, ascetic face make him appear a touch younger than he is. However, his deep-set eyes are weathered, and tend half-lidded and distant unless his interest is caught.

Personality: Fortunato is fascinated by small things, your butterflies, your scuff in the dust, the birds and the soft trickle of water from the roofs. Fortunato is fascinated by large things, your cataclysm, your strange, dangerous occurrence, his teeth bared with excitement as he clings to the periphery of disaster. While an artist by trade and passion, he has more of a reputation for how little he seems to produce. He's more interested in art as a venue for exploration, exploration that extends to philosophical, mystical obsessions and poetic pretense in his speech. His dreamy curiosity carries a troubled undercurrent, though, which can surface as brittle temper or turbulent intensity. Or deep melancholy. He seems a man divided between wonder and dissatisfaction.

Background: Fortunato has always been a watcher and a sketcher, although the compulsive drawing was less charming on the household walls. And compulsive curiosity is not always charming when it involves prying into the kind of everyday secrets adults keep from children. But Fortunato survived childhood and his artistic skill got him an apprenticeship quite early. That he then learned what he thought he could from his mentor and promptly struck out on his own may be a factor in being less than financially successful.

Fortunato remains on the periphery, if it's an oddly well-connected, adventuresome periphery. (Rumor has it he even ineffectually went after a Bringer or two with his staff.) Other than producing the occasional art show or temple mural, his primary public role is that of a disciple of Lagoma, and he does find fulfillment in helping people with the shifts and storms of their lives. For all his drive to know and experience, he seems to lack any ambition for personal advancement, anywhere. All that matters is the next epiphany, either for him or someone else.

Relationship Summary

  • Sabella - Commissioned a romantic fantasy

  • Family:
  • Aureth - The magnetic, restless brother
  • Hana - The bright, curious niece
  • Myrinda - The fiery, fearless mother
  • Name Summary
    Agnarr Not a dumb man and his art's good. Doesn't seem to be popular with the women, despite our ribbing and the flowery artsiness.
    Aiden I felt his mask was one of the better ones of the night! I was really impressed. And also by his dancing skills! I'm glad he decided to join in the competition, it indicates that he's the type of man up for any sort of challenge. But really, admired that outfit!
    Aleksei When did I even meet Fort? He was probably being mysterious and fickle. He's still a bit mysterious and fickle, except I know a bit more of his mystery now. I'd do a lot for him.
    Alexis Master Fortunato Grayhope. Uncle to mistress Hana. A reserved man, cautious and exact. That serves him well as a teacher, and I am quite sure it serves him well in his artistic endeavours as well.
    Arcelia An interesting man! I enjoy all of the Grayhopes I have met so far and though my meeting with Master Fortunato was brief I look forward to meeting him again.
    Arianna Gruff, respected and kind to those he knows. He seems to have a protective streak and that is something I can get behind. Asher has told me good things about him and I hope to some day make a good impression on him.
    Armand He offered good explanations on his Choice. Nameless, but worth talking.
    Aureth Everything DOES make you cranky and I have no idea what you are going to do with that apron. But I never actually doubted that you enjoy our loyalty, I was just giving you crap.
    Calaudrin I'm not sure what just happened but I /knew/ I didn't like it the first time. Three cheers to this little Grayhope man for standing up to it though. They're a strange family, tenacious when you need them to be for sure. I think I could get to like Fortunato.
    Clover He's a wise man, and the best artist in Arx. Clover would take his advice any day.
    Esoka Esoka finds Fortunato a truly interesting soul. Talented and kind, with a gift for bringing something real onto canvas. She's all thumbs with artistic stuff but finds a lot of beauty in it even if she can't //do// it, so she admires and envies him a little.
    Ferrando I suppose it was inevitable I'd meet Master Fortunato with all the people we know in common. He's a little bit cryptic but he excels at showing the way to a new perspective on various things. I was going to ask him for art lessons someday, but Mae beat me to the idea and now I have to wait for a while so I don't look like I'm copying her because that is completely not at all what I'm doing!
    Flora Little man. Big fires!
    Gisele Watching him come into his own and take his place in the world he sees so uniquely is a joy. More than that, being allowed to share the soft and quiet moments with him leave me feeling as if I'm as special as Fortunato.
    Hadrian It's not every day you see a painter pull a knife on someone they call a demon, in the middle of a shrine of the Faith.
    Hana Hana never had any ties to her father's family growing up, but when she met them, it was her uncle Fortunato who reached out to her more quickly at first, while Aureth was still reeling from the 'I have a daughter'. It was Fortunato who helped her feel welcomed and like kin, in his quiet and occasionally-odd way, and her uncle is still one of the most important people in the world to Hana.
    Ian An artist who doesn't want a patron, and won't sell his work. It seems like an odd way to make a living.
    Isolde One day, I'll find out his name. And getting a painting.
    Joscelin Fortunato is incredibly dear to Josie, she thinks of him as her brother and probably loves him more than that cad Aureth.
    Katarina There's more than meets the eye with this Grayhope, that much Katarina is sure of. He often purports himself to be naught but a simple painter, but the Eurusi knows better. Beneath the surface, there's a story of experiences and journies she's very much interested in hearing.
    Khanne He is a talented artist, with a very deep intellect, it seems. I do wish we could speak more often...
    Magpie Magpie's known Fort most of his life, and while he's always thought the artist a little weird, he's family and he loves him like a brother-uncle-cousin. He'd do anything he could for Fortunato.
    Mercedes Someone is found dead in his place of business and he could not leave his easel to attend to it, for several weeks? Yes, that is in no way suspicious at all.
    Morrighan Master Fortunato Grayhope. An artist that Morrighan had been directed to to speak with regarding certain matters. A Disciple of Lagoma. She's certainly fascinated and a bit intrigued by the man, and finds him pleasant and amicable to converse with, though curious.
    Orazio Orazio has never really understood Fortunato, but he appreciates the man and his talent and his company. In many ways, they are opposites, but from the very start, Fortunato appealed to the playful, even whimsical side of Orazio; but more than that, Orazio finds that there's a solid core of goodness and wisdom in Fort which he wishes to cultivate and allow to flourish. Also, not many people will paint puppy paintings for a prank, so.
    Sebastian I had heard only the man's name, but to meet him was a pleasant surprise. His subject matter, likewise, intrigues me. A potential collaboration in the future? Perhaps.
    Sparte I met him because of his art, he praised me for mine. And mine was terrible. So if I say his art is good now, well, how would it sound? It is, though.
    Thena When I first started getting to know him better on my return to Arx, he seemed like your standard artsy type. But as I learn more about him, I realize that there's much under the surface. We seem to share a penchant for gallows humor and cynicism. Sometimes it's refreshing to not have someone telling you everything is going to be fine when odds are it's not.