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Lady Lavinia Rivenshari

Yes, I am charming and beautiful, now bleed for me.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Dangerous Noblewoman
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Rivenshari
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 25
Birthday: 2/14
Religion: Shamanism/Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: average height
Hair Color: chestnut
Eye Color: mocha
Skintone: tan

Titles: Advisor to the Count of Riva, Keeper of the Rivenshari People

Description: A musical tinkle follows her every motion, as into her long wavy black hair small bells have been beaded. Her dark eyes are wide-set and luminous, edged by thick lashes, and her cheekbones are well-defined without being sharp. Prone to smiles, her wide mouth has a natural rosy color while she speaks with an accent that picks her out of the crowd. She has a narrow frame with a natural athleticism and her tanned skin is perfectly smooth.

Personality: Though her brother Vano is clearly more outwardly violent than her, she is also very protective of the few things she truly loves. Most of those things are her family, and her house. She is pleasing to both the eye and ear, but if one listens close enough they no doubt hear the subtle hints of authority in her words. She is exotic, beautiful, charming and calculated. She naturally has a distrust of outsiders, and approaches all situations with a calm skepticism, even if she appears carefree. She is very composed in nearly any situation and always prepared to deal with a problem discretely. Still, like her brother, more tribal than noble, she doesn't trust the Compact and views her priorities to Rivenshari first.

Background: Lavinia was the second child of Alla, the sister to chieftan Aegis. She was not as much in the wild as her brother, though she did learn how to hunt and move unseen. It would be her beauty and cunning that manifested themselves as her truest talents. She was not as martial as her brother, but she was just as deadly and became highly skilled with small and improvised weapons.

This suited her well, she used her talents to spy for the clan, either by discrete action or by charming her way around obstacles, espionage became her gift and her guilty pleasure, at least as far as anyone knew. For years, that's what she did, her carefree demeanor portaying to the world an entirely different person.

When she was taken by Brand's control, she was forced to do unspeakable things to her people, as were all of her family, however something during this ordeal snapped inside of her and would have lingering traces far beyond what the others did, even if subtle.

Like her brother she distrusted bending knee to Valardin, and by extension the Compact, too believing they were giving up their entire heritage and freedom. And she is not afraid to vocalize that to their chief, even if deep down she understands the reasons of the decision and knows that without the Valardin, they may well be no more. Being confined has always disturbed her though, and it makes being a vassal no less a challenge and sometimes sees her taking off on a ship up river, just to be free for a time.

Now, Lady Lavinia Rivenshari has left Riva and traveled to Arx to assist in managing the new 'noble' house there. She struggles to balance her natural inclinations with the order and structure of things in the city, but is absolutely committed to helping her family regain its strength, and eventually its freedom.

Name Summary
Agatha A little impish and playful, a little passionate about her family and their relations to the king. She seems like fun!
Aleksei She was very, uh, /admiring/.
Barric A self proclaimed Prodigal of the Rivenshari, seems to enjoy trying to embarass or shock the peerage here in Arx which I find amusing. She and Duchess Pravus would likely get along famously.
Cullen Such a flirt and a tease, with such cutting with and delightful turns of phrase and a fierce spirit. I am glad Arx hasn't tamed her, I hope it never does. A true Prodigal beauty who knows responsibility when it is necessary, and levity and mischief when it is not.
Jacque Amusing Rivenshari lady. As with her other kinsmen that I've met, she seems to keep herself with a healthy dose of skepticism and a curiosity that only Prodigals could have.
Jeffeth She likes to make me blush. So far that's about all I know.
Luca I've only met a few of the Rivenshari, but I can't say I've met one yet that I haven't gotten along with. Lavinia doesn't strike me as an exception to the rule, here, though she is otherwise exceptional. That I understand just from our brief meeting in the Grotto. There are no simple people. I bet this one has some thrilling complications.
Lys So many bells. It's like music when she moves.
Margerie Pehaps this makes me a bad Oathlander, but there's something fun about stirring up the Sleepless Knights by making them serve whiskey with their grumpy expressions. I like the energy this young woman brings to a room.
Marian A thief and assailant. I'm not sure if to admire her handiwork or call the guard on her. Although it seems to be in good fun based on how the Count is taking it.
Mirari I've heard of things that happened before she bent the knee, and I feel for her. Being forced to do something is a thing that I know a lot about. I will make a point to get to know her better, she and I could cause a lot of trouble.
Monique Breasts. Booty. Excitement. Danger. She's a force to be reckoned with.
Petal She seems kind of impish and teasing, but also friendly and welcoming.
Reese She sure is impish! She seems like a high spirited and fun woman.
Sabella She seems nice! I love her hair.
Theron Rivenshari Lady, she's exotic, wears bell anklets, and has very strong opinions. I enjoyed the banter and the way she dug in to defend her opinion and perspectives, even if I'm not that (understandably) keen on Prodigal customs.
Valarian A silk full of mischief! Good, that's a promising sign. And she wears bells. And likes to get nude in the baths, which would be a shame if she didn't, considering she's hotter than a forge working overtime. I will see her again...and I'm going to tell her that...story.
Venturo A woman who loves her alcohol, and clearly isn't afraid to speak her mind, even if the thought of what an Archlector and Prince might do behind closed doors is seared into my brain.