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Venturo Thayne

What makes an interesting life is having the fortune to be in the right places at the right times.

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Lucky Brew Master
Fealty: Lyceum
Family: Thayne
Gender: male
Marital Status: single
Age: 27
Birthday: 5/10
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Brewer
Height: tall
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: pale green
Skintone: pale

Titles: Legendary Showman, Merchant Prince of Revelry, Fortune's Fool

Description: Starting at the crown of his head, the man's hair is a toussled mess that despite it's disheveled appearance, manages to frame his face well and fits just right. His face is longer than it is wider, and against the dark backdrop of his hair is a pair of pale green eyes that stand out vividly. His cheeks and chin are covered with a trimmed down beard, and the build of his red lips makes them quite expressive.
    The build of his body is on the thinner side, but it shouldn't be mistaken for soft. Between his posture and the small signs of his trade, it's clear there is a graceful strength built from the dedication to his work. His clothing is that of a commoners, always with a stylistic bend to functionality and always lacking any dangling parts such as overly long sleeves that might get in his way.

Personality: Warm, passionate and at times a bit over the top, it leaves little doubt that he is passionate about his work and life. A believer of chance and luck, his casual attitude and love of stories (of dubious truth) lends itself to making fast friends. He'll happily chat the ear off of anyone who shows a modicum of interest in his work, be quick to anger at those who don't take that work seriously, and equally quick to forgive and forget those incidents.

    Venturo's life can be summed up in one thought: a series of fortunate chances. With both of his parents dead in his early childhood, he ended up in an orphange. While for many children, this would have resulted in a life with few opportunities, Venturo will tell you he always happened to be in the right place at the right time. A chance encounter with a bontanist here, a run in with a criminal element there that led to employment rather than worse things, he scrapped his way through his teenage years, always managing to get out of bad situations with good results.
    Equally, he'll tell you he's won and lost fortunes, and spent a good chunk of his time travelling from one part of Arvum to another. It was a few years back that he stumbled, by sheer chance with a Nilanzan brewer in Lycene territory, that he had a knack for creating alcoholic concoctions. He'll say it's all gut instinct, rather than the years of laborious testing and experience others have in the field that has allowed him to succeed, but whatever the truth of it, he clearly has a knack for this particular field.
    He's set out to Arx to setup his brewery and forge connections for the grains and ingredients required to do his work, along with distribution of said booze.

Relationship Summary

  • Sabella - Story Collector
  • Medeia - A storied history, and lover of alcohol

  • Frenemy:
  • Ophelia - Pulchritudinous Torments

  • Patron:
  • Lianne - Measured Skill

  • Protege:
  • Sloanne - A whirlwind of energy and optimism.

  • Deceased:
  • Cassius - Humor that left sooner than expected.

  • Friend:
  • Khanne - Pen Pal
  • Emily - Old, missed ghosts come back again.
  • Name Summary
    Adalyn Bold and bright, an engaging storyteller and a compelling conversationalist. How rare it is for a stranger to feel so familiar, both for the ease of conversation and for the recognition of one's own tendencies found within another.
    Aethan The famed Venture Thayne of Raconteur Brewing -- and very pleasant to talk to as well.
    Agatha He seems like a very wise man. I mean, not just because he gave Reese sound advice, but because he keeps putting full mugs in front of me instead of some prissy little serving for pint size princesses.
    Agostino Bold, with a curious idea of a good time.
    Ajax A perceptive man. I wish him well.
    Alaric A friendly, personable, and talented brewer who's opened a place near the Lyceum Gate. His business seems to be flourishing, I'm happy to hear.
    Alarissa I am quite sure that the man could sell water to a fish for drinking if he had the chance. Bright and delightful, always willing to accomodate when needed and looks the other way when a table is broken by burly thraxians land sailing across his property. A pearl that gleams twice as lovely and ever to be cherished. I am jealous that someone else has him as protege.
    Aleksei He makes some ridiculously good brews, and he's great to chat with.
    Alexis Venturo Thrayne, merchant and brewer and connosuir of liquor and liquids. Nice enough, though with a self-assurance that earn less charming men a cold shoulder and a myriad of excuses. But he manages. For me at least. It's a careful balance to walk.
    Alrec He fits the bill of adventurer and that is exactly what House Pravus needs.
    Amarantha I could stay all day and taste his creations. And listen to his stories! I think he'll be quite fun to take a trip with.
    Andrina That smile could warm for an entire year.
    Angelo Owner of the Raconteur and a man who can appreciate the allure of the dangerous and temptation that lies within. A witty and entertaining sort, I will have to patron his establishment more often.
    Apollo SUCH a show-off. But in fairness, anything I can do that well, I take the opportunity to show off, too.
    Ardoin A barkeep who knows his ales - and apparently his tales, too! A rather pleasant fellow who clearly enjoys his craft and his business, I'll make sure to stop by more often.
    Armani A fabulous brewer and quite the charmer. Quite a looker too. Very verbose but, hey, his company is good.
    Armani I'd never go out to sea without a few good casks brewed by you
    Avary I love stories. The fact that he told me a story that did not really have an end? That was kind of upsetting, but the good kind. Now my mind will be flitting here and there as I try to figure out my ending to the story. That means it was good. Oh, and booze. There was so much booze.
    Beatrice An absolutely, devastatingly thorough rogue who appreciates alcohol /and/ large-scale business operations. And, of course, a gifted conversationalist. It's obvious why the Marquessa chose him.
    Berenice He's so _very_ unobliging. Quite difficult to put up with. I anticipate a good deal of sore feelings in the partnership.
    Cambria A man with a keen wit, and clear zest for life. Warm and welcoming without being saccharine. However, it is for having known such individuals that makes his own personality shine the brighter.
    Carmen Oh, shit, I'm totally going to get some free drinks out of this. Easy on the damn eyes, too.
    Caspian There must be a deity of spirit who favors this man, because his luck is something to be envious of. Not only that he is quite the good sport as well!
    Catalana A master brewmaster. So happy for him and his venture with the brew house.
    Cecilia A man with as many liquors as stories. I would visit him often.
    Constance He has as many faces as the Pantheon, and yet somehow, all of them are glib. I cannot deny that he makes glib remarkably fashionable.
    Cristoph I was glad to visit Master Venturo's place of business. He owns a fine brewery and takes the time to sit and speak with his patrons. I'll be sure to speak of him to others of the nobility.
    Damiana A man of a realistic view on the world and yet can weave the magic of storytelling deftly to alleviate the harshness of this world. In essence, a dreamweaver. He runs the Kismet Carnivals, and Damiana finds herself desiring to help him. Stories are powerful and can shape memories to be remembered.
    Deoiridh A ponderous man, and though I've my reservations about him, there is something decidedly and deeply passionate about him. The way he speaks, the way draws forth memories of old...
    Derovai Good drinks. He seems to want others' stories, but at least he's willing to share his own as well, if only up to the point of his arrival in Arx. There must be more before that to find out.
    Domonico Far too expressive with his eyebrows. He may brew... commendable but I hardly think storyteller is a true profession.
    Donato The celebrated Master brewer! I need to get to talk to him more and set up some business arrangements, quite the interesting fellow is he.
    Draven Stories! He likes Stories more than Stuff or Things! I like him! He says he isn't nice! But he is! I bet! Watch!
    Duarte He has an easy manner about him. Fluid and fluent. Pithy, not platitudinous.
    Edain A very friendly brewer, with an outgoing nature. It's the hallmark of a good business man. I should bring him some apples from Lyon's Redoubt and see if his dark cider matches up to theirs.
    Elsa He has a rare gift for drawing his audience into his stories, and the fortune to have lived an interesting enough life to have what seems to be an endless supply of stories. Engaging, charming, and just the right amount of mysterious.. this is a man that could go very far if he had the ambition to.
    Ember Normally, when someone is naturally quite charming, my first inclination is to distrust them. Messere Thayne has earned my trust through his actions, and so he has license to be as charming to me as he likes.
    Evaristo An amazing storyteller - and a true story, at that. He lives a thrilling life and has the luck of someone blessed. Can't wait to hear more about this man's adventures.
    Faye An interesting man with interesting tales! He is absolutely right, living does build character. I'd like the chance to meet with him again and get to know him further.
    Fianna It was a pleasure to compete in the very first Raconteur Cup Horse Race and I'm looking forward to participating in the next. I'll have to swing by the brewery with my trophy in hand for that free drink and to perhaps hear a story or two from the proprietor himself. I've been told that he has some good ones to share!
    Gianna A tavern owner, brewer, and storyteller who appreciates music. I'll be sure to stop by the Raconteur.
    Gilroy Brewer, raconteur and a hit of high society.
    Grazia A charming flirt. It's easy to see why he's such a successful businessman with the way he has about him.
    Gretchen I've heard a lot of things about Master Thayne and his imaginative ales. None of them actually measure up to the man. He's going to be very interesting.
    Gwenna Master Venturo Thayne is a master brewer who may be as intoxicating company as his exceptionally delicious wares. Always a hint of a tale, or a ready quip for bantering, his is truly a warm and exciting presence that makes one feel nearly at home. I certainly look forward to our paths crossing many times.
    Haakon A carnival keeper of some stripe. Sociable sort, fond of fine speech and proper manner. No fucking idea what to call him.
    Harlex Talkative. Good brewer though. He can talk all he wants, long as the whiskey holds out. Consider me a regular.
    Holden Purveyor of fine alcohols and teller of travel tales. I look forward to hearing some of his stories in the future.
    Ian Zoey thinks highly of him, and I trust her judgment in stuff like this.
    Ignacio The brewmaster seems to have a strong passion for his trade. With such drive and determination, I ma sure he will be a success here in Arx.
    Iseulet By happy accident I happened upon his brewery and not only was I treated to the most delightful of beverages but the most wonderful of stories - I'm afraid he's made a patron of me for life. What a delightful man that posesses a way with words.
    Jacali ... could be trouble, him. Chums the waters, he does. Dunno if he knows what's lurkin' beneath them waves, but I do hope he's prepared. Dangerous to go it alone, though, it is. I've things he could take with him.
    Jaenelle A man of great talent and imagination, in both spirit and word. I look forward to the next round.
    Jan Generous with drinks and teasing both. I should spend more time in the Raconteur's taproom. Even if the drinks all have fruit in them.
    Jasher A man who has made much in his life, presumably by luck. Whatever one suspects of him, he is a fine storyteller.
    Jeffeth He talked a lot, I wasn't sure what he was saying the whole time but it sounded good and he makes good ale, to be sure!
    Jordan The booze he makes are good. Interesting that he has a particular insight on luck. I just wonder what he does with good fortune, as it is.
    Joscelin Lively, vivacious. Warm, and the most dazzling green eyes a man's ever flashed at me.
    Kaia The charming brewer and owner of Raconteur's; I am looking forward to collaborating with him in the development of unique brews for my upcoming soirees. What a delightful man!
    Kamaria A like-minded businessman with a reputation for being a Showman. I can't wait to get to know him a little more.
    Katarina It is not every day that one comes across a proprieter who manages to create a unique and truly enjoyable experience, seemingly all so effortlessly. He has a natural way with words and infectious zest that makes it difficult to not fall into the snare of losing one's self in the Raconteur Brewing Company.
    Kenna He was very welcoming to me in his taproom. Good humor and seems to be a forward thinking planner. I wonder if my parents have any contacts with him? I will have to ask.
    Kia We met on the eastern beach outside of Arx, and talked of many things. I sense a kind soul in this one, someone that hasn't allowed the wonder of the world to be stolen from him, and looks forward with hope to the future.
    Lianne He knows how to tell a story, at least. How well that lends itself to his craft remains to be seen.
    Liara I liked his ale. He responded rather well to my repeated interruptions of the tale he told too. I'm sure I'll visit his establishment again.
    Lilia Slick as oil. The best frontman you could hope to find for a business; the front for his own business. And now I have high hopes for horse races and carnivals this year.
    Lore I may have traveled farther, but I do believe Venturo's gotten more from his travels than I. He's made friends and gathered stories, a craft he excels at better than anyone else I know. I look forward to each new brew, because I know there will be a tale to pair with it!
    Lorenzo An interesting man, who seems like has more than a few stories to tell. I will definitely have to stop by his brewery sometime soon.
    Lou He came into the Charter Hall with a gift of blueberry ale. This is something Explorers will likely come to cherish. An accomplished explorer himself, I imagine this brewer will find plenty of ways to get involved with the Society of Explorers.
    Lucita Lively conversationist, pleasant natured and maybe a potential person interested in trade for products we have using in brewing and making various drinks!
    Mabelle That playful grin and his knack of brewery is probably why he is known by all in the city. Cannot wait for the carnival.
    Macda He likes wearing hats, even difficult to pull off and impossible to keep on versions. Maybe that's how he keeps in all his ideas.
    Magpie A new brewer in town! Of course Magpie wanted to see if he couldn't get to know a fellow so near and dear to one of his favorite sorts of beverages. The man is polite, seems to know his business, and time will tell if the friendship ages well. They'll have to sit down over drinks in the future!
    Mailys Mirari thought I should get to know this gentleman, and he seems like a fine person to spend some time with. Not to mention he has a fine cider!
    Maja Oh, I like this one. I like this one a lot! Not only does he serve the most amazing drinks that are tailored to your personality profile, but there is a playfulness about him that is delightful. It is no wonder that his lips taste like honey.
    Malcolm Brewer Venturo's the kind you expect to be a brewer - friendly, open, willing to share a drink and some stories. Looking forward to working with him in the future about bringing those Kismet Carnivals to Graypeak. Good folk.
    Margerie Very graciously did not make a scene about the fascinating things my daughter has to say. One imagines he is used to dealing with messes.
    Marian He's an excellent host. Very attentive. I love his storytelling, although I do wonder if everything he says is true or just to amuse us. I shall have to make my way down here more often.
    Marisol A man of stories and puzzles - though I think they are one and the same to him. His company is delightful and intriguing and one I shall seek out again. I am sure he has more stories than anyone else in the compact and I am an aid listener.
    Martino A showman, a great host and a superb trader in the city. His kindly, playful and mischievous demeanour is a joy to behold.
    Maru I might envy this man his youthful energy if I weren't so pleased with his cider. I see more drinks and more conversations in our future.
    Medeia A kindred spirit in many ways. Love of a story, that flash of mischief in the eye, a well crafted drink, and the ability to sway a room? We are likely to prove a wickedly effective combination.
    Melody Touring breweries in the coldest wintery weather is a great idea -- clearly I'm in the wrong line of business. Now the question is: How good are the drinks? Guess there's only one way to find out~.
    Mercedes Insightful. But curious. Perhaps to a fault. A double-edged sword.
    Mikani A fascinating man. Raconteur. Art Lover. Delightful to be around.
    Miranda A storyteller and brewer. A great combination! Seems like a man who could fill many cold, snowy nights by a crackling fire with his stories.
    Mirari A wordy man. Honestly though, I like a man who can talk - you find out so much more than when they are taciturn.
    Mirk A talented businessman and a talented showman, both. He looked like he was having fun, running that carnival, and perhaps he even was, but you'll never see the amount of work he must put in behind the scenes.
    Monique This man is the epitome of creative and one I'd like to know better. Books, indeed!
    Neilda A very talented young man who is creative with both design of rooms and drinks. I look forward to collaborating with him.
    Neilda Ooh, he's a smooth talker. I bet Deia will -love- him. Once she stops freaking out.
    Niklas A talented brewer and storyteller who has made something of a splash in the city.
    Niklas Peerless storyteller and brewer. Did he ever bring back that campfire whisky?
    Norwood He took very good care of us while we visited his taproom. I am afraid we were not the best of patrons. Next time, we will do his service justice.
    Nuala What a raconteur indeed! The man puts me to mind not to leave the brewery, if he can conjure up brilliant stouts for a morning and offer such warm responses. I'm charmed beyond words. He has made a regular ghost of me.
    Orathy Reckon he won the poker rally, which be good to note in the future. Man can be hiding his cards, be one to doubly keep an eye on.
    Orland Warm welcomings, good business sense, a great product, and an excellent sense of atmosphere. If he's not a merchant prince by now, he certainly should be.
    Oswyn A well-traveled man who must have numerous stories to tell.
    Ouida Charming, extremely comely, and of razor wit. Though I'm afraid now I will have many weeks of observing Niall practicing quite valiantly the wooing technique that he suggested to him. I think my more stubborn Oathlands brethren deny ourselves so much when we refuse to acknowledge our Lycene neighbors will remind us if only we listen. Hope, dreams, seeking joy and finding pleasure when we can. A delightful conversation and exhortation, just when truth be told my heart was heavy and I had such need of the reminder.
    Pasquale A brewer of fine spirits and spinner of fascinating tales with each glass. A charming man. Pasquale can see why Lianne fancies him. Would drink with him again, happily.
    Pasquale We share some surprising similarities. I suspect he might be the only person who truly understands some aspects of what drives me.
    Petal He seems friendly and brews. I wonder what his brews are like, but I am thinking fancy Southern wines. I might be wrong! I can't wait to try them. Maybe he will open a shop. I hope so.
    Pharamond Slightly irreverent, definitely entertaining, and he brews things I can drink. If he were a she I might have to propose...
    Philippe While I am not a man of vice, I suppose I can appreciate a good showman and the man put a good show at the race.
    Piccola The inestimable Signore Thayne sure knows how to make a brew ... I think. I found only one of four to my liking. But, honestly? He seems like a man with many stories, and I run well with those kinds of men.
    Quinley The man certainly sounds impressive. We shall see if he lives up to it.
    Reese Friendly, with good advice and a presence that is very easy to be around. Few people are as truly welcoming.
    Reigna Ahhh the master behind the fabled brews that my family loves so much. He is as charming and easy to talk to as his storied beverages. I might not have had the pleasure of tasting his work, but having met him I can say he is a man of taste.
    Rohran Twice have I met Master Thayne, and I ask you, what is not to like about this man? I know nothing of his personal life, but as a man of the public, he is both a Master Brewer and a skilled teller of tales, and I believe there is a place in my life for more of both. I should like to sit and make more of our acquaintanceship, sometime soon. Perhaps I'll bring a few of the Hounds in. He's just the sort of man my soldiers would like.
    Rosalie A shrewd businessman and skilled negotiator, I'm still not sure which of us got the better end of that deal, but we both certainly stand to profit much from a continued arrangement.
    Rowynna A showman who owns Raconteur Brewing and the Kismet Carnival. He's promised me an invitation in the summer, so that's something to look forward to.
    Roxana My dear Vincenzo spoke well of him, and I think was on the mark.
    Rylan Generous with his drinks and graceful(ish) when in pain. One I hope to meet again, as he seems like a good man to have as a friend. Then again, what purveyor of drinks isn't?
    Rysen A man of luck and talent - a teller of tales, and brewer of the finest drinks.
    Sabella Another person who likes stories! And he's traveled. Having been only two places my entire life I can't wait to hear where he's been!
    Sabella A brilliant storyteller and owner of the Raconteur Taproom, my absolutely favorite place to go for an ale and a story! Master Thayne has been a great and supportive friend in times of need and just in general! I adore him!
    Saoirse A member of the merchant class with some different ideas about what the Compact should and should not do, he interviewed for a Crown position.
    Selene The showman, the raconteur, what a great many coats this dazzling man wears. All of them with the showmanship and air to match any of the great lords. What a wonder he would be placed on any stage, but there is no theatre sufficient to encompass the vast horizons I see in his eyes. The world has given him a glimpse inside the shell that guards its treasures. May he make the most of it.
    Seymour A quality man for observations on the times
    Shae He smiles a lot, like he enjoys living, breathing, existing, with no care beyond the moment. He reminds me of Gray, not the leader of the pack but probably the most energetic, there to ease the tension as much as to chase his tail.
    Sloane A coin toss, the moment before it hits the table.
    Sorrel A smart businessman with an extensive network and good ideas for increased economic productivity.
    Sunniva The Master is good at his work. His brews are enjoyable too. I will have to order a few for the Keep's soirée.
    Tabitha I didn't get much of a chance to speak with him when we first met at a crowded public event, but he seemed to be a friendly and interesting person. I'd be happy to talk to him when another opportunity presents itself.
    Tanith You hear a name in the circles of bartenders and brewers, and his comes up often. He can sell water to a riverboat captain, they say. Or do they? He's smart and seems to say the right things, and while I may need demonstration to say for sure, his heart seems to be in the right place as a businessman: ethical practice leads to long term money.
    Terese A master brewer and storyteller per his own words and it seems the reaction to one of his latest brews might speak to this. He is quite an amiable fellow and I am hoping to visit his shop to hear some of his stories that he has alluded with a teaser to!
    Tescelina A marvelous storyteller. Arresting details.
    Thena A charmer, very generous and knows his craft. It'll be nice to have another establishment to haunt. Dog certainly approves.
    Theron A vintner who might be looking to establish his own brewery. I am going to be watching him very closely. Maybe he's a possible protege. It'd be a thing.
    Torian A new fellow, but he's a brewer and that makes him worth knowing. Always happy to foster a new fledgling and see them take flight.
    Valarian A great brewer who comes up with alcohol I could drink all versions of all the time and never tire of it. A charming man with a bevy of stories, and turned out to be quite reliable and an invaluable help in Stormwall. Did I mention how he makes the best booze in town? It bears repeating.
    Valenzo Wise in the ways of pirate-spotting, unlike some!! We'll have to sit and compare sea wisdom some time!
    Vanora As charming as he is enterprising.
    Vayne Not what I expected from a brewer, but that's my own fault. Engaging and thought-provoking, I look forward to learning more from him. If his alcohol is as of the same quality as the conversation, I fear he'd make a drunk of me.
    Veronica He may be a brewer by trade, but I am suitably impressed with Venturo's storytelling skills. He spun a tale about one of his drinks into a fable, with a moral specifically for me? The man should be a bard!
    Videl A wondrous brewer and well-spoken man, at that.
    Violet A fine man to speak with and a brewer. I look forward to sampling his whiskey for one to have at the reception for my wedding!
    Willow Fantastic host.
    Zara A master brewer and a connoisseur of fine drinks. I would love to try his concoctions.