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Cufre Harrow

The soul always knows how to heal itself... the challenge is to silence the mind.

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Spider Artisan
Fealty: Grayson
Family: Harrow
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 24
Birthday: 5/5
Religion: Pantheon (Death)
Vocation: Jeweler
Height: average height
Hair Color: copper
Eye Color: blue
Skintone: fair

Titles: Disciple of the Queen of Endings

Description: Eyes of a deep, dark blue contrast against the porcelain pale of her skin and the wealth of her deep copper hair. She's a slip of a thing, with a quiet, lovely presence given to graceful motion and gentle emotion. There's a knowing brightness to her deep eyes, teased in the smile of her bow-shaped lips, her limbs long and willowy for her height.

Personality: Compared to her older sisters, Cufre is more reserved. Softer spoken, gentler emotion. A core of molten iron wrapped in a velvet glove, inclined to watch and observe and prepare rather than charge headlong into a situation, she none-the-less has the determination that seems a hallmark of the Harrow line.

Background: With ancestors who were Prodigal and growing up in the Lower Boroughs, life was far from easy for Cufre. Despite the hardships that the family faced, her ancestors and older siblings did willingly serve the Crown in the form of the Iron Guard. Her great-grandfather, grandfather, grandmother, all the way down to Felicia older sister Amantha. Service has been something which the family has conducted with stringent adherence to the simple concept: to integrate and find acceptance, one must be willing to serve. And serve the family has, for a number of generations in concurrence.

Cufre did not choose to follow in the family tradition of service in the Iron Guard, but instead recently opened a shop in the Lower Burroughs known as the Heart of Glass Glaziers, her 'service' more private in terms of trying to improve the family's fortune.

This does not mean she is without aspirations, particularly with Death's rediscovery and admission into the Pantheon, the youngest Harrow sister finds herself increasingly intrigued with the Harlequin's of Death and service to Death in particular.

Relationship Summary

  • Felicia - Eldest sibling.
  • Amantha - Second eldest.
  • Valarian - The one after me.
  • Scipio - First of the twins.
  • Skaldia - Second of the twins.
  • Arion - Youngest sibling.

  • Friend:
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