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Princess Catriona Thrax

Controlling the flow of information is the essence of true power.

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Queen Bee
Fealty: Thrax
Family: Thrax
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 19
Birthday: 6/19
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: average height
Hair Color: golden brown
Eye Color: green
Skintone: fair

Description: Locks of light brown hair curl in twists and waves down this lovely young woman's back. She has wide, clear green eyes fringed with dark lashes, soft lips and cheeks which still have the adorable roundness of youth. Her heart-shaped face is anchored by a determined little chin and, more often than not, there is a pleasant, almost amused smile upon her features. While her body is lightly curved, she has a softness to her that seems almost romantic. Every movement of her body seems to exude grace and poise.

Personality: Catriona Thrax is the quintessential social butterfly and the epitome of a perfect young lady. She loves the flutter of a good party, the chattering of friends and acquaintances, the laughter, the dancing, and the flowing alcohol. She is an extrovert, and it absolutely shows; the woman is a perfectionist when it comes to her hair, clothes, and speech. Indeed, she is quite accomplished in the art of conversation. This chatty, poised, friendly exterior is not overcompensation; she is nearly as intelligent as she is social.
Catriona does not use her many, many charms mindlessly. Rather, she is exceedingly ambitious, seeking position and prestige. She loves the spotlight, yet she is such a kind and enjoyable companion, few seem to be able to hold this against her. This is perhaps her greatest strength: she is so sociable, so conversational, that she often earns the trust of her companions quickly and accesses information that might otherwise stay private.

Background: The last of four daughters (and Coraline's younger twin), it's perhaps unsurprising that the baby of the family became the favorite. Whereas her mother had always wanted a son and Catriona represented the end of that dream, that same mother beamed with pride as she grew into the perfect little lady. Everything came easy to Catriona. She was intelligent, sociable, and beautiful. She studied the law. She was an accomplished dancer. Strangers could get lost in conversation with her for hours. Her parents could not have been more proud of the proper princess Catriona became, particularly in light of the rebellion of her twin, Coraline.
Like all the Thrax-Leary girls, she spent every summer in Leaholdt with her Leary relatives. While Caith was given to reading and got along well with all their intellectual cousins and Coraline spent her time hanging out with those who were more combat oriented, Catriona found love in her middle teen years. A younger son of a younger son of a Velenosian noble, Catriona spent the happiest of summers with the man. It was the only time she ever considered marrying for love rather than position. From him, she learned many of the Velenosian ways, particularly related to information gathering and subterfuge. This was a type of power a proper Thraxian woman could wield, and Catriona was fascinated.
Alas, their love was not to be. The boy, doing his duty, returned to his family's home and was married off not long after. Catriona remembered the lesson, and vowed that love would only ever be a pleasant distraction for her. The rest of the time, she would be smiling and scheming her way up the social ladder.

Relationship Summary

  • Coraline - my straying, disobeying, rough and beloved older twin. Why is it that I feel like the elder?

  • Friend:
  • Dianna - A lovley creature whose thrilling banter makes me laugh.
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