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Jonathan Fieldstone

"I may not know of distant lands, or mighty wars, or deep philosphy. But I know my roots, and I know hope. That's usually enough!"

Social Rank: 9
Concept: Hapless Farmer
Fealty: Redrain
Family: Fieldstone
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Age: 19
Birthday: 4/11
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Farmer
Height: 5 foot, 11 inches
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Skintone: weathered bronze

Description: With long, blonde hair that hangs past his ears in an almost shaggy mane, Jonathan is the picture of a lean farmhand. His skin is weathered and tanned from years outdoors, and his hands are calloused thickly from working the plow and handling the crops. His face is slightly on the narrow side, his cheeks accentuated and his bright, sky-blue eyes staring cheerfully above a somewhat long and slender nose. His body is hardened from years of physical labor, but not tending toward sheer bulk, more hardened sinew and lithe strength. His lips, so often quirked in a smile, may be as weathered as the rest of him, but no less joyful for it.

Personality: Cheerful almost to the point of being obnoxious, Jonathan is always prone to seeing the brighter side of life on most things, and the last to raise a fist in anger, despite his strength. He is a man of many words, but also thought, listening carefully to what is said before he offers his down-to-earth advice. He has a deep appreciation of hard work, and of his roots in the earth, feeding those around him. Service comes naturally to him, as does a quick joke or an old saying.

Background: Hailing from the area around Oakhaven, Jonathan's family were the simplest of farming folk, tending to their fields and their heads of cattle. They were poor, but he and his four siblings never went hungry. A bright (in personality, if not in wit) boy, Jonathan was taught some of the higher educations by a kindly apothecary who lived a couple plots over, and was thus usually the one sent into town with the crop, or to buy supplies.

It was on one such trip that Jonathan returned to his beloved farm in ashes, a scene of utter devestation. The crops were stolen, and the house burned. They even butchered the cows. He searched high and low, but could not find of his family, despite months of searching. So, he headed to Arx, like many in search of a more promising future...

Name Summary
Agatha The farmboy from ... the farmlands. Pictures of nobles on the wall. HAH! He has a great sense of humor. I look forward to watching him learn how to fight and being a character on the sands. If he does well, that humor would make him a good potential recruit for the Champions.
Ainsley I can't tell if he's mocking me or not. He'd probably make a good friend of Magpie's or Mae's.
Alexis Squire Jonathan Fieldstone. Cousin to Paige, skilled athlete, soldier and farmer. Good for conversation, even if he can get names mixed up (and who doesn't?)
Amari A salt of the earth type. I hope his quest to become a knight goes well and he doesn't meet a squidhorse unprepared.
Arn Keaton man. Probably loyal like a hound, or whatever those people like to go on about their dogs. Seems like your typical low level Oathlander, not that it's a terrible thing.
Astraea He's really really good with a spear. I've seen lots of people use the weapon but he had the potential to surpass all of them. I'm interested in seeing how he fares in the future and what paths he may walk even now.
Austen A young farmer, new to Arx and still finding his feet, it seems. Enthusiastic, but not unwelcome.
Barric A Farmer. A Knight. A Chicken. A Lady. A lovestory. He should learn to not blush so easily if he has any hope of surviving the politics of this city. Hope he makes it.
Bors An excellent warrior. He does the knight he serves credit though perhaps a little too cheery. Mayhap that is due to his youth. I look forward to sparring with him more and hopefully fighting alongside him on the battlefield.
Clara The man seems ta greatly care fer his wife and he has a fun sense of humor. I do hope he comes back again but I hope its not actually fer me ta treat a broken head. Perhaps a drink might be nice instead.
Coraline A gentleman and a truly great fighter, he was wonderful fun to spar and I truly hope I get the chance to spar with him again. Maybe I can find him for drinks at some point!
Cybele Mister Doggo Armour seems sensible and bright even if he wears scary armour. I like him.
Delilah A young farmer who is full of energy and a splendid drinking buddy. He mentioned a few strange things which makes one somewhat curious.
Derovai What Gods-forsaken backwater did he come from? That idealism will be tempered quickly, but I hope his sense of hope won't be. Here's hoping he gets out of the ditch -- literally and figuratively.
Ectorion Far from a simple farmer, a skilled fighter and polite with a wry humor. He seems to be kennelmaster, I wonder if he might advise me on a proper hunting hound..
Edain A young man from a farm near Oakhaven. It sounds as if his old life was lost too the violence that plagues Arvum still. But rather than sit in the ashes of an old life he has dusted them off and he has come to Arx to start a new one. He hopes to be an aspirant at Dayne's Academy and his enthusiasm is so infectious I will admit I cannot way to see how he fares there.
Estil I think 'jocular' is the best word to describe the man, seeing as he tends toward the humorous and jovial. The sociable and pleasant facade can be misleading, though; I feel like something more serious and subdued lurks beneath the surface.
Genevieve He grew up on a farm, so I expected him to be strong... but Gods, I didn't expect him to be that /fast/. He might be all smiles and jokes, but he's not to be underestimated. Good fight, though; very good.
Gianna But why a chicken?
Harper He seems a real friendly sort. He's good with animals too if that chicken, Sandra, is any indication. Dot likes him and that's always a bonus in my book.
Ian Enthusiastic.
Ida An eager and pleasant young man in the services to House Keaton who came to the shop regarding a commission. An unique weapon, which surely says much about this exceptional young man.
Jaerith A stalwart young man, handy with his bill hook, whooped me good in the area... but that honestly isn't saying much. Grounded individual who wishes to be a knight. I could see him making such.
Jeffeth A farmhand trying to be a knight! Well that's just great. More people should try to be knights, and he has the gumption to do it, it seems. I hope I can help him in whatever way I can.
Jordan He wants to be a knight. I see the potential, of course. May the Gods bless him in his journey, because I know it's not an easy one. And may he find service in a good House.
Katarina Patriarch of the Fieldstone family, and devout vassal of the Keaton family. He has been nothing but kind and accommodating of Katarina, regardless of her station or status - she hopes.
Kenna He has a chicken and seems entertained at least by Lady Tessa!
Leola He reminds me of when I first came to the city. At least I had a hawk. That chicken is ridiculous. Buk. Buk.
Lianne Easy laughter and what seems a genuine good nature. Well-spoken and earnest. With a firm understanding of what truly makes a person terrible. Almost certainly not a boring person himself.
Lucita We sat along the benches at the training center to watch some quite interesting spars. He was as interested as I was in the outcome and was quite pleasant to talk with. If I should encounter him again, perahps we can continue conversations and get to know him better.
Margerie My first impression of Jonathan Fieldstone? Why that poor baby, that cough, that rash! He stayed with us,along with his mother, when he was sick as a baby. Better healers close to the keep. He's grown into a good young man. We can be proud to have him in our employ.
Mirari I think he owns a chicken. I also think that I stepped around the training grounds with him. I believe that he also told a Keaton about me. I'm not quite sure what to make of him.
Monique As stiff and proper as any Lord I've met, though he's a Squire. Still, any man who can train a chicken must have an impressive command over control. Something I thoroughly enjoy in a man.
Niklas Farmer new to the city. Kind of refreshing to meet someone who can still be shocked by what Arx has to offer, and who isn't so jaded that they can't spot wickedness where wicked is.
Norwood A young man with a good head on his shoulders. He seems to have an avid curiosity and a drive. His farming roots will do him well to steady him against what he will be exposed to in this more warlike pathway. I only hope I can lead him in honor and dignity.
Petal He is has a king heart and helped me to a seat when I was in a weakened state.
Reese He seems to be earnest and working hard. One day he will be great. He is very tough.
Reigna The tragedy of his history is matched only in the determination he has to do and be better. I find him admirable and hope to bring him into the family.
Renato A big man, using a big weapon, but he must work on his footwork and speed, stamina alone will not carry the day... at least not in battle. I am sure he is quite the crowdpleaser with the ladies with stamina like that though. Ahh when he becomes a knight, he will surely be the belle of the ball... or is it the shiniest sword? I do not know.
Rinel Another country-raised newcomer to Arc! He is well-mannered.
Sabella He's quite sweet and new to the city. All the Fieldstones seem to be absolutely delightful people and I look forward to getting to know them more!
Salvatore Make a comment about Oathlanders and milk and there's going to be offense. It's hilarious! But he's a brave one and fights well, no one can say that they don't do that.
Sasha The Sword to my new county. I see much promise in him and hope that the rest will give him a chance to prove the worth I see within him.
Shae More considerate than he owed me, even when he thought me a stranger. The kind of compassion that is precious.
Tessa Pretty cool for a farmer... until he reminded me I was the daughter of a farmer.
Thena I always have a soft spot for fellow gardeners, especially ones who want to wade right in and help out. I think I startled the poor thing.
Theron He aspires to be a knight, but he doesn't yet know what's in store when someone decides to protect others in this world. Not yet, but he'll learn, all in due time.
Valarian Oathlander squire who takes his position for Sir Norwood seriously, and seems rather friendly, if intense, when it comes to the fight. Good, so do I. I look forward to more fights with this one.
Venturo A down to earth man, even if he has a bit of stars in his eyes with his idols being so close. Given his grit, he'll find a way to become a knight, I'm sure.
Veronica 'Infectious enthusiam' is certainly apt for this Oakhaven farmer. He is strong and sturdy, and wishes to be a knight one day. I wonder how skilled he is with a blade? I intend to find out.
Viktor An excitable young man, though he seems dedicated to becoming a knight. I hope it is for the right reasons and he did not sell his plot of land for nothing. If he stays the course true he could become quite a boon to us all.
Violet I finally got to meet Norwood's squire and he was a delight. A pleasant man who can laugh at himself. Those can be hard to come by.
Wash A knight of dexterity and poise. Who certainly had my number if my cousin had not brought him down.