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Lord Kritr Clearlake

A life lived quietly is a life lived in chains.

Social Rank: 6
Concept: Prodigal Aspirant
Fealty: Redrain
Family: Clearlake
Gender: male
Marital Status: single
Age: 32
Birthday: 5/1
Religion: Shamanism
Vocation: Warchief
Height: tall
Hair Color: brown
Eye Color: amber
Skintone: tanned

Description: Over six foot tall, and resembling more of a bear than a man in his furs, Kritr is broadshouldered, over six foot tall and heavy-set, the sort of musculature and build that comes from use rather than honing specific muscle groups. He has distinctive features, a bald head and thick, bushy beard featuring a wiry mix of reds, browns and grey hairs. His face is a wealth of scars and tattoos, a series of green sigils that detract from weathered features, even hiding premature signs of old age. Scars and battlewounds also detract from the man's appearance, a swollen cauliflower ear, and nose that has been broken and reset more than once. Though time and experience have worn down the man's body, his eyes are bright, burnt sienna gaze interested and more intelligent than his heritage might suggest.

Personality: Kritr is not a charmer. He is typically gruff, to the point, and favors brutal honesty over even small white lies. He is the sort of man to be quiet and reticent instead of speaking untruths or disrespect, but at times his direct nature can be offensive. He is not driven by personal ambition but by a sense of curiosity and the strong desire to see his people survive and thrive.

Background: Kritr grew up wanting nothing more than to grow closer to the Spirits of his homeland and to provide for his family and people with furs and meat that the land provided. Life, though, had little cares for what he wanted. Living in at the edge of the Northern Mountain was tough, a constant battle against nature and man alike as the tribes warred among each other and with the Compact itself. While Kritr was taken with Shamanism he also proved to be an able leader and warrior. Though far from the best fighter of his clan, he was among the steadiest and grew to be respected for leading the defense of the clan. With the growing threats of the Horned God and the return of so much that was lost, the clan met and decide to throw their lot in with the Compact with Kritr as one of the leading voices for the decision. Among the others chosen to represent that clan as the 'noble family' he was placed as one of the highest leaders and sent to Arx to represent them in their new path through life.

Name Summary
Aella I wish him luck with his plan to start a Knightly Order for the Northlands.
Caprice -I'm- not going to put my hands in dirt if I can avoid it, but he makes it look fun, and he has enough know-how to sell me on the benefits. Still, I'll leave that sort of dirty work to the experts.
Caspian A big man with a loud laugh! Seemingly immune to the cold here, and spoiling for a fight! a person i would love to share many a drink with!
Cassiopeia A man who understands animals, and their nature, which takes a level of wisdom and patience to know.
Celine A northern nobleman with stories of trapping and hunting. I must remember should we meet again, that he's not too fond of sweet foods.
Daria A fellow huntsmen who is quite wise and kind. I can tell he is hard working and respects others who are hard working as well. I would like to know him better if possible
Gehenna Not the most thrilling conversationalist in the world by a long shot.
Grady One cannot do the impossible if one cannot dream of it being done, and this plain-spoken Northerner dreams of greenhouses and tomatoes high in the northern mountains.
Katarina He may not be very expressive, but he can certainly eat.
Lou This man reminds me a bit of Mason, always grumbling about needing to journey on a boat. I mean, it was just the one time at the one meeting, but I get the impression he really just doesn't like boats at all.
Mabelle Always an inspiration to me.
Mattheu From the same family as my cousin married into. A love to horses, and none to the sea.
Norwood Knight or not, he thinks quickly and I feel his judgment is solid.
Poppy Naturally northern. He makes my homesickness ache a little less whenever he's around.