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Harlex Valtyr

Only a conquerer bothers to honor a fallen foe.

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Gloomy Swordsman
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Valtyr
Gender: male
Marital Status: single
Age: 40
Birthday: 12/13
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Soldier
Height: average height
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: malachite
Skintone: olive

Titles: Sword of Lenosia

Description: There is a startling intensity to his eyes and a coldness sprawling from their black pits. They are bright, like wet green stones and stand-out against the deep charcoal colour of his long hair and road-weathered beard. His frame is lean with iron muscle and wolfish and his gait is steady. He carries himself tall when in the company of others but the grim-faced mercenary carries with him, too, a lingering shadow and an undisturbed solitude like a forlorn and abandoned monument half-slanted and cracked in the deep woods. Scars adorn him. The half-crescent, knotted mark at the right-base of his neck, another on his left hand which appears from some vicious bite-wound, and lighter white slashes across his knuckles and on his forearms when he turns in certain lighting. There are more hidden under his clothing, as any soldier would bare, but it's clear enough, from what is seen, that violence is his calling and his great curse.

Personality: As with most men-at-arms his features are rough-sawn, his eyes are troubled and dark from restless sleep. But he is a consummate professional in the trade and danger moves through his aura like the glint of a knife in the dark. His careful and quiet approach to conversation begs more questions than it ever answers but though the pool is cloudy, it is shallow. He seems resigned to brevity for the sake of it, complete upon the hour rather than eluding to some mysterious silence.

Background: It was winter in the Gray Forest when Harlex was born on Valtyr family’s farm, healthy and pink. His father, a soldier before him, died nine months later when cutthroats set upon him on patrol. He was found, stripped and butchered, on the side of the road. His mother in desperation married her late husband's brother. He was a devout man who lacked in any useful skills. He could not hunt, farm, nor fish. All he could do, in Harlex's eyes, was pray and drink. It didn't seem to do his family any good.

At the age of sixteen his stepfather died when his heart ruptured while trying to clear ear-rot from the corn fields. Harlex watched him writhe on the ground, deciding then to avoid this fate.

A year later his mother died from a fever during one particularly cruel winter. This he perhaps still regrets. But afterward he sold the land for next to nothing, bought a long-knife and some traveling supplies and set out. The world proved remorseless and these two years were marked with violent conflicts in taverns, on the streets of cities where he sonjourned, whose names he can not recall, all under the banner of the Sellsword Guild. Until at last it reached its terminus. He met an outfit of mercenaries, the Dead Crows, and plied his trade in service of their cause. It was under this banner and the leadership of the enigmatic Captain Nazares where he became a full-blooded reaver.

Harlex was never allowed to have any enchanted views of war. Glory and honor were beaten out of him by sword-wounds, arrow volleys, and burying fallen comrades. Eventually this all led to the Dead Crows disbanding, and Nazares’ murder. Leaving Harlex with nothing but the rough-worn gear on his back, the sword on his hip, and scars deep on his soul.

Relationship Summary

  • Jaenelle - House before Self.
  • Narcissa - The Raven of Verse.

  • Client:
  • Rook - Gilded Ivy. Ever upward.
  • Yasmine - Suffers no gloom.

  • Ally:
  • Berenice - Fiercest of them all.

  • Friend:
  • Bianca - True. Hasn't forgotten me.

  • Deceased:
  • Nazares - The Crow.
  • Name Summary
    Aahana Rather quiet. Though I imagine when they do speak it is to ensure it actually means something and won't come off as just banter.
    Achard Better than anyone back home! He is spectacular! I need to study under him...this is why I am here! I will need to ask him soon.
    Adalyn A splendid warrior. Very different to how I do it but someone to watch to pick a thing or two from. Mannerly.
    Adalyn A powerhouse of a swordsman, mostly self-taught. Much could be learned from training with this man - or even simply watching him fight. I've a feeling he has interesting stories to tell, it's just a matter of coaxing them out of him.
    Adora Ordered something and paid on time. But was real chatty about it. I don't like him. Might if he orders more.
    Aella A pup who fancies himself a wolf. He was a fun distraction. But our revenge will be had and it will be warm and it will be mucus-y.
    Aethan Doesn't talk much. Point in his favor.
    Agostino A veteran soldier with a very analytical mind. The sort of man I will be glad to have at my back when the Mirrorguard has need of us both.
    Aiden A steadfast soldier, seems like. He gives orders well enough to keep units together in the thick of fear and terror.
    Ajax The man has a vicious way of his sword, I may have more in common in him then I usually like. He's earned my respect. I cannot wait to face him again.
    Alarissa Quietspoken hired blade, now working for the Crimsons. I wish him the best of luck, for we'll need every fighting hand in the years to come.
    Alecstazi A gruff man on the surface, a smart man if one pays attention. A man in love, but no fool.
    Aleksei Sure hits hard, doesn't he?
    Alessandro It was admittedly an odd choice to name someone the Sword of Lenosia who is not Lycene, but in talking with him, I think I see why that choice was made.
    Alexandre It would be easy to dismiss Harlex as just another sellsword. Yet every individual is unique, with their areas of depths and shallowness, interests and not. In that regard, he is like everyone else. A human soul on its path on the Wheel.
    Alexis A mercenary with thorough thoughts and a look that says he's lived through a campaign or two. Stoic. Probably dependable. Even if his words can be a little disturbing, sometimes.
    Althea He presents himself like a wary, half-tamed wolf, but I choose to believe that he's sweet as pie once you get to know him. Very expensive pie.
    Amantha Stoic, silent and skillful. Far be it from me to bemoan such traits. Certainly an impressive fighter.
    Amari What a terrible villain, he is. Truly the worst of the worst. No, I'm not winking there's something in my eye.
    Amund Rugged. Seasoned. Reserved.
    Andrina If I were to make his statue would I sculpt a man or a wolf? Either way he'd definitely be eating a rabbit alive.
    Andry A friend of my brother is a friend of mine. He seems generous, a good drinking partner and he doesn't hold back in a spar!
    Anisha Messere Harlex Valtyr is an interesting figure. Everything you'd expect from the Sword of Velenosa - urbane, witty, and with a slight aura of... Menace is the wrong word. Messere Harlex is well aware that he could kill most people he meets within seconds, if needed. He may not enjoy killing, but it is a thing he has come to terms with. And you can tell. You can tell in the way he moves, the way he speaks, and the way he regards you.
    Antea Exactly the sort of man I've been warned about from birth. You can see the hardness in his eyes, his hands, the very set of his body. A fighter through and through. A predator. And the most dangerous sort, one with manners. I can't help but feel I'm being tested.
    Aodhan A quiet man, but silence begets it's own strength. That, by itself, is admirable.
    Appolonia A sellsword who has embraced duality and does not shy away from what he sees reflected at him in the mirror. Not an easy thing as most people struggle with the very idea of their reflection, what lurks in the mirror. It is refreshing to see one that does not. I think we'll speak again if he doesn't run off from my musings on his writing.
    Arcadia The wolf in the garden. Another stoic man of the sword. But this one, I think, I can make smile.
    Arianna The man is good with a sword alright, sublime even. It was fun to goad it out of him and see just what kind of killer he is. I'm impressed.
    Ariella Oh, he's gloriously gruff and near shattered my hand with his face. He'll never get rid of me now.
    Armani Am I brave enough to let you take me into the forest? Maybe we'll make a trade.
    Armani Still refreshingly incorrigible. And good with that sword, too.
    Arn Don't have much use for sellswords. That's what he is. Didn't make a complete ass of himself on the Gauntlet, which I guess is something.
    Arthen I came across this fellow in a bar, bought him a whiskey or three. He was real appreciative, and I like appreciative folks. Good talker, doesn't waste his words.
    Artur A seasoned swordsman I ran into at the training center. He gave me a close run for my money - that blade is no joke. He took it in good humor though and we joked about with Reese and Barric a little afterward. A solid sort of man.
    Astraea The darkness to my light, an unlikely equal whom I was blessed and perhaps fated to meet.
    Astyr A modest swordsman(-general-Sword) of modest (wide-and-varied) skills and modest (expensive and high-quality) means.
    Aswin Not much of a talker, though I'd say by his reputation that he his strengths lay in other skills. I hope that I can find him in the training ring soon to measure how much of those rumors are true.
    Auda He might be quiet and gruff, but he clearly knows a good time when he sees one-- or wants to create one! Maybe I just have a soft spot for sellswords?
    Audgrim Definitely one I'd want at my back, but perhaps not directly behind myself either. SOmewhere a little to the side so I can keep an eye on him. Just in case.
    Austen A fine fighter, and Captain of the Crimson Blades. I have more than met my match in him. Perhaps one day I might be able to come close to his skill.
    Avaline Quiet, reserved, and experienced as a soldier. Definitely someone I would prefer to have on my side in the battlefield.
    Beatrice A man, a mercenary, an alcoholic (probably). His voice is common, his demeanor absolutely deadly, and his manners impeccable. If he has half the skill of his appearance, he is a worthy investment.
    Belladonna There is such a thing as a nobility in the savage wolf, or something akin to it. I cannot fully grasp it, but I am charmed nonetheless.
    Berenice Such a suspicious mind! And all I asked for was a drink. Well, informed. Demanded. He /owes/ me a drink.
    Bhandn I have to admit, the Sword of Lenosia certainly has little to fear about anyone challenging him to a serious duel. I wonder how much of what he's outfitted himself with is due to that duty, or due to his winnings?
    Bianca A friend from my past now a friend in the present. He is somber, depths running deep beneath his coarse exterior.
    Bjorn Good to have someone I can learn from to be better at combat, even if that means pain and sweat. Harlax is capable fighter I can entrust my training to.
    Bliss If someone wanted me to show them a person who absolutely embodies what it means to be a sellsword in its purest form, I would point them directly to Harlex. The man who accompanied me to the Twilight Court and took the whole thing rather more grimly than necessary has been hardened by Death, but I am not quite sure yet if he has learned the other lesson offered by Our Lady of Terrible Puns - that life is meant to be lived and celebrated. Still, he seems happy to indulge himself - I just hope that is not simply an escape.
    Braden I would say he is the best fighter I have ever seen, but I hardly saw him until I was beat.
    Brady If I've ever met a Master swordsman, this is it. I know he was going easy on me, but he wad classy enough not to rub it in.
    Braith A Sword and one who appreciates a tune even when there are not words and just a great deal of melody. Little Bird he called me. Little does he know how close he was...Lark would be more apt, good Sword. I do look forward to the nex time we meet and that it will be soon.
    Cadenza Hits hard and pulls no punches.....I like him. I hope we spar more and get that drink.
    Calandra Absolutely cuts a terrifying figure! But seems very gallant.
    Caprice To tell stories without speaking is a talent indeed, but I'm grateful the Sword agreed to meet and answer my questions, so I could enjoy his words, as well.
    Caspian The man who captured my sister's heart. I haven't gotten the chance to really get to know him, but I hope to soon. Bashira speaks highly of him, even if he doesn't speak highly of himself.
    Caspian At first, I was angry at him for breaking Bashira's heart. But now that she's been dead for a while it's hard to stay angry at the guy. Sometimes things just don't work out.
    Cassandra A grim warrior whose name I never caught, but seems to be torn by the horrors of war. All too common, but as long as he fights with honor, Gloria's blessing shall remain.
    Cassandra A man that has left me slightly confused. Strength and honor, but they are bound in anger.. and something I can't decide is necessarily is good or not. Perhaps I will learn more in time.
    Cassima Meeting the Sword of Lenosia in the baths of all places. It meant I saw his collection of disturbing scars and his demeanour is so serious. His story is intriguing though.
    Catalana I think perhaps he may be a sheep in wolf's clothing. There seems a kind heart in there.
    Cedric A colonel of sorts who drinks whiskey and likes to impress lycene noble women.
    Celeste I like a man that's not afraid to look at his reflection and act based on what he finds.
    Cirroch A serious warrior. I have a respect for warriors who take their craft seriously.
    Cristoph An excellent sparring partner, he's very quick on his feet.
    Darren He seems a grave and serious man. I'm glad some time spent with us helped him loosen up a little bit.
    Delia Most people are so straightforward. Not this one - Crownlands accent, Lyceum title, who looks rough as a bar brawler but has the self-possession and control of a diplomat. And I'm sure that I've only scratched the surface in our brief meeting.
    Delilah A man of few words and an acute focus on matters. Let it not be said the quiet ones overlook important facts.
    Denica Seems a rather gloomy man, but pleasant enough a conversationalist, and generous with the drinks. I'm sure he has some interesting stories to tell.
    Denica Seems scary from afar, but seems personable enough up close. Maybe not if you are on his bad side though.
    Deoiridh A rugged man amongst a sea of cityfolk, though there's something different about this one, not like the labourers and craftsmen I've seen in the city. He has a certain air about him, reminiscent of home. Truth be told, he reminds me of Connigan Two-Tongues, comprised of that same weariness.
    Desma He reminds me of one of my old tutors; dangerous, but in that way that you don't know what's about to hit you until it does. I hope I have the opportunity to test myself against him.
    Desma An absolute beast. I swear I will be aching for days following my spar with him.
    Domonico Very rough around the edges. Poorly trained but seems to compensate with natural talent and aggression. Would be interesting to spar with the man again. Preferable to meeting in open combat.
    Draven At first he seems scary! But he's actually really nice! He is good friends with my Nova!
    Drusila A self-made sword and man worthy of applause, although at the Queensrest this is apparently a not-infrequent occurance. Nonetheless, he presents himself as a self-made man of varied origin, and in this we share a certain commonality, save that he has had more time to be successful in it. I shall try and think on him as an inspiration in that fashion. Also, he is very sneaky.
    Duarte Incredibly direct and refreshingly laconic.
    Dycard A hard-bitten man from a hard-biting life, at a glance. Reserved and calculating in his choice of words. Still, there seems to be a certain gallows humour to him - could be good company.
    Elfriede This one is a killer. I've seen those eyes before- the disconnection. Broken men, searching for shards of their former selves, and have others put them together for them. Desperation's the most devious enemy.
    Eliza Well here's a fascinating brute. Clever and a little scary, but in a good way.
    Elizabetha Perhaps I sense radiance too readily, but I see it when the darkness smiles! He is all edges to be smoothed and layers to draw back, a worthwhile venture. I only worry I may slip and cut myself.
    Elora I am glad he's on our side. You can tell that he's a man who knows what he's about. I admire that.
    Emilia A powerful warrior. If he allowed the virtues of Gloria deeper into his heart, he would be peerless.
    Enoch A smart man with a good head on his shoulders. Seems to have a knack for strategy. I believe we'll get along quite nicely indeed.
    Erik A man of the sword, but not of many words, but to him that would more qualify at being 'effective' with them. Yet both can cut if needed.
    Esme He is a sword. However, I've seen him smile. I feel like he's a man of deep secrets and deeper passions. Everyone should meet someone as amazing as that.
    Estil A rather quiet man, perhaps slightly dour? I'm not entirely sure, because he said maybe five words within earshot of me.
    Eurion Like a dark vortex with that weapon. I am awed.
    Evangeline Mysterious, practically lupine in every sense of the word. He takes his coffee black.
    Evaristo Mysterious and quiet - but with a dark sense of humor. I got this absolute feeling that if you went out drinking with him and trouble came along, he would end the trouble!
    Fairen I am both mortified and delighted to discuss what sort of book this man would make. Far from the normal conversation you would expect to share in.
    Faruq He's lived a tough life, by his own words, but he doesn't let it drag him down. I respect that more than any skill at arms he most assuredly has.
    Faye A sellsword lieutenant and plain-spoken man. Seems practical in his approach to things. I wouldn't mind speaking with him again.
    Fiora He seems capable, but a little off-putting. I wasn't sure if he was considering talking to me or eating me. Or maybe both.
    Gabriella The Sword of Lenosia. He does not spare many words, but when he does, they are both direct and thoughtful in turn; a quality I appreciate. Moreso, though... I look forward to the opportunity to test my skill against someone so clearly adept.
    Galatea A hard-edged sort of man, but not without a certain roguish charm. He seems to have come very far in the world, for someone who insists he's only a common sellsword. He could probably sell his sword in exchange for a barony.
    Galen A steadfast soldier - thank you for being present to assist in the birth of my second child.
    Gareth A quiet soldier. Saw me on a night where I did not play my best. Though he was pleasant enough company, perhaps I won't have him put away forever. Joking. Of course.
    Gaspar I'd heard he was stoic. And he is that. But he's painfully real. It takes someone like that to make you reevaluate priorities. For those that don't believe he can smile, he can. And I made him do it.
    Gaston Another wild beast of a man, but one I could not respect more for his skill with the blade. It was an honor to cross swords.
    Genevieve Quiet, thoughtful and observant. The sort of person who is always learning from his surroundings, I would think. Probably too soon for me to draw conclusions, but I feel like he'll be one of the steady, reliable ones. There might be lessons I can learn from him.
    Genevra Dry humor, from what I've seen thus far. Nonplussed, under-stated. Mirrorguard.
    Georgine Now that's what I call fancy footwork.
    Gianna A quiet man who perhaps isn't fond of crowds.
    Gilroy Also good at darts! Poor Gianna. She must play in a lower league.
    Giulio One must appreciate his talents and vicious sense of timing. Most... exquisite.
    Grazia A dangerous man. Willing to be honest about certain affairs which might draw insult in others. Mmm, and the scars.
    Gretchen A capable sellsword that listens to reason. Why does everyone laugh when I say that?
    Gwenna Harlex Valtyr is someone I've known in passing, here and there over the last few years or so. He is, without doubt, a dangerous man, and one a person shouldn't tempt to violence. Dangerous people are not always bad people, however, and there are moments when he can offer a comment that easily draws a laugh. I don't one can ever really know what to expect, but I've yet to regret any chance discussion we've had.
    Harper One of Violet's crew. He's obviously seen some things and been around a bit. We'll see how he adjusts to things here.
    Helena He seems very serious, but I know there is a nugget of humor in there somewhere. I'll dig it out if it is the last thing that I manage to accomplish!
    Helia Met him on the beach. He was wearing some awesomely intimidating-looking armour! I felt peaceful in his company, though. He was easy to talk to, and he even skipped some stones with me! I'd like to see him again and talk more. He's interesting, in a good way.
    Helle The wood thinks he's a wolf. I think he's a killer. A real one. Not a Dream.
    Holt I know a blooded soldier when I see one. Shame we didn't get to talk much, at least this time.
    Ian A lot of practice, if not so much training. His footwork is sloppy, and he's got some bad habits, but I'd rather have him on my side than fight against him.
    Ignacio An interesting mercenary. The man's point of views seem to be worth listening too, I think I would like to talk to him more in the future.
    Iliana Polite, but clearly used to the rough of things. I'd like to see him at work sometime.
    Ilira It's been too long since I've known one like this. He's a man in all of the good ways and almost none of the bad, in the same way he is a beast. I sense as much savagery in him as gentleness, each of which soothes me for its own reasons. Among a world of dynamism, fragility, and often times, artificiality, he is what he is, and it makes him titanic--though his muscles help that a little as well. How wondrously lucky for me to have been stumbled upon by him. Such gorgeous eyes.
    Imane Have you ever looked at danger? Felt it stalking you in the darkness, and before you could pull away, teeth snapped out at you? That is what it felt like talking to Master Valtyr. All coiled emotion, just waiting for a release.
    Imi Dangerous. It's the aura he projects and part of the image he wants others to see. Certainly enough speak of his skill with awe and hints of fear to say it's an image he backs up. But what's beneath? I don't think he's as one-note as all that. The question becomes whether I want to pay in blood and sweat to find out.
    Iseulet Good fighter, poor scout!
    Isidora A man with many scars. Not figuratively. He needs to learn to wear armor when battling. Doctor's orders.
    Jan What a spectacular fighter. I'll have to try and woo him into giving the men some lessons. Zoey will probably have to see to the coins though, I can bet he is expensive.
    Jasher A mirror where the serpent sees a wolf reflected. I suppose we can get along.
    Jeffeth A quiet soldier. He smiled at my jokes. Seems like a good sort all told!
    Jennyva I met Harlex at the Black Fox and the Training Center. They call him the wolf I think. I guess. He and Berenice make a handsome couple and he is a more than capable fighter, I hear!
    Jordan Good warrior, seasoned mercenary. You can tell he's been through Abyss and back, and he's still standing. We need those people on our side.
    Joslyn He is... surprising. I thought by reputation he would be a brute, but there is far more to this man than first meets the eye. He is strong and soft, tender and coarse all at once, and is all around very enticing company.
    Julian Quite the Swordsman. Surprised I last as long as I did, and managed to land the blows I did.
    Juliette Gods alive, what is that weapon he has. It looks... inhumanly constructed, and I get the weirdest feeling when it catches my eye. Oh yeah, wasn't he the Mirrorblade of Lenosia? Gives off a terrifyingly potent energy.
    Juneau Harlex, the sword of Lenosia is very wolfy and interesting. It's really cute the way he looks at Berenice with those green eyes of his though.
    Juniper The Queensrest staff actually noticed him which means he must be someone very important. A black knight, maybe? Or a dark prince! I've seen others with eyes like his but never on two legs and never down here in the lowlands.
    Jyri That was damn amazing.
    Kaia Intense at practice; Fierce on the field. An amazing fighter and rider!
    Kastelon A fighter whose like I have never seen before.
    Kenjay A swordsman of great skill, and of great honour. It was a joy to spar with him, and to see a master of the blade in action.
    Kenna He seems the straight forward type, a bit of a dangerous cloud hangs about him, but I'm sure that's all due to being a mercenary.
    Klaus I can now see why this man is a Sowrd of a House. If I had but a hundred of him, then we could storm the Abyss itself.
    Kutazer Definitely a soldier, and respectful to a fault. He seems kind though, if reserved. I look forward to knowing him better.
    Lasha Extremely observant. The kind of man who's either your friend or a nightmare.
    Laurel Stalward, brave and dedicated it would seem to a certain Princess. I am never one to comment but there is obviously something there.
    Leif This is a fighter to be contended with. ive never been hit so hard, so fast, or so many times by a mortal. I will have to truely train better to be able to stand against him alone.
    Lenard The Sword of Lenosia is a master swordsman the degree of which I have never seen before. I will have to improve myself so perhaps, one day, I will not be quite as humbled in a spar against him.
    Leola A man caught between his job and his feelings. I respect the line he must walk, and I have stood in the line he must hold.
    Liara Not as brutish as a first (second, third or fourth) glance might suggest. He's presumably martially able to have the job he has, but didn't make much mention of it, though perhaps due to an assumption that it's just known as opposed to any particular modesty.
    Lilia Pleasant enough company, for a sellsword.
    Lilith A very taciturn mercenary. He could be a tough nut to crack, but not everything that looks like a puzzle needs to be solved. He seems content enough to just be left alone.
    Llewella Never judge a book by it's cover. General Harlex Valtyr is far more pleasant in conversation than his attire would lead you to believe.
    Lora A somber wolf with a spectacular suggestion.
    Lore Mercenary. Lieutenant. Charming after a fashion. I'd share a drink with him.
    Lorenzo An interesting man. He seems to have quite a bit of experience at things, I'd love to hear his stories over a glass of something sometime.
    Lothar Darkness and fire, blood and death. But there are depths there, to this young wolf. Hope our paths cross again soon.
    Lottie Stoic sorta' man. Those eyes could cut glass with a glance. Real nice, though. Sometimes I come across the mercenary types that look at me like I'm simple and don't know nothing about the world, he didn't though. Just treated me like an equal even if I never killed a man or never held a sword. Something special about that.
    Luca I can imagine many might think this man to be a little rough around the edges, and they're probably not wrong, but.. even just a short conversation with him left me with the impression that there's some good sense in there. Sometimes we make hard choices for good reasons. I can appreciate someone who has that sort of fortitude.
    Lucilia Tall, dark, and might burst into flames, if he drinks like that all the time. Eye-catcher.
    Lucita A sellsword with interesting tales of battles and camps, a sadness about him. He has an understanding of war and survivorship, and remembers the fallen.
    Lycoris A capable fighter I met at the Training Center. A dark wolf that's not so alone, it seems. His prowess is nigh breath taking. A real performance.
    Lys The dark wolf, all brooding and still. I know there's violence underneath the surface, however. Just waiting to get free.
    Lysander Not who I would have expected to pose for a nude painting, but now I wonder why it's not on display somewhere.
    Mabelle Who sneaks behind a woman? Looks like an interesting man, deff rich. I would really like to know him better
    Macda He might seem dour and grim when you first meet him, but this man can give you a workout. He hits as hard as any would like and has stamina to go for days. Would fight again.
    Macda Expensive whiskey and won't insult Macda with kid gloves. That's worth owning up to the fact he can still best her- for now.
    Maddox A powerful fighter and soldier. Very good with the blades. Ill learn and get good enough to even stand in the same ring with him.. eventually
    Maja Captain-Commander-General-Sir! He selected a million silver for his boon from the King for winning the Tournament of Roses. And .. hey! WHERE DID HE GO?!
    Malcolm Captain Harlex of the Crimson Blades. He does seem wolfish. Aside from that, seems a good sort if he was willing to train me.
    Maren By the gods' favor or the song of the moon, sometimes that which is most needed is brought to you even before the heart or mind realizes. A warrior, scarred and weathered, and yet who still has a shadow of a boys' delight within when given the opportunity to try something new. For a moment, I was transported back to my days watching my student's eyes when they too first took flight. It seems as if Arvum may also hold more warrior-poets than I thought, and sets my heart at ease.
    Medeia A 'wolf' is it? Lone, it seems. One whose company I find intriguing delight in.
    Melody Distant and somber. A soldier who probably has dealt to much, so here he is, flashing coins at the bartender when he probably once flashed smiles so readily.
    Miella I expected someone a bit more hardened considering his appearance and employment in the Crimson Blades, but our conversation was quite nice. He seems very friendly.
    Mikani Amazing and seasoned fighter. I would do well to learn from him.
    Miranda As fierce-looking as he is thoughtful. He seems to be a man who has considerable weight upon his shoulders. It would be interesting to get to know this man.
    Mirella Mercenary, fittingly stoic and steady of nature. Likes buying things for his significant other, I think. Good. I hope he buys her something nice.
    Mirk A veteran Crimson Blades mercenary. A pleasure to work with, and maybe someone I'll be doing more business with in the future. I look forward to it.
    Modi I see much history when I look into this man's eyes. Of what leaves their traces on his mind. It is sad, but I do not feel pity. I feel proud to be able to stand beside him by our mutual employers. His is a strength I hope I might emulate one day.
    Monique A cold sort. The type a woman could dash her heart to pieces upon. The kind that's good to have at your back in a fight.
    Nijah Dangerous. The man exudes danger from his very pores and is someone Nijah can't quite figure out if he's best kept close, or at a distance.
    Niklas A no nonsense mercenary. Seems a good enough type. I hear he's why Arcadia Leary left town, so that's a good point for him too.
    Norwood He fought well in our bout together, with a mixture of styles. I think I would prefer to meet him in the safety of the training center, and not in battle.
    Nurie Scarred and distant sellsword. Eyes of the purest green, clear and bright. Those who wear so many stories unspoken and unknown upon their skin are the most intriguing of all. And yet, the hand that offered me crumbs to feed the silly fat koi in the pond was gentle. I hope that our paths cross again, and not at the wrong end of a sword!
    Nycelani He's interesting. I might talk to him again some time. Maybe.
    Olivia A man in dark armor. Seems grim on the surface. But I would bet there is a caring man under there. Or at least I would from what I have seen.
    Ophelia He's a friend of my cousin's and now he's a friend of mine! I'll have to tell him so when I see him again!
    Ophne A fighter that I had the good fortune to spar with. He didn't talk much, but I learn best when doing rather than listening. He didn't treat me like I'd break, and for that I admire him.
    Orathy One mercenary be like the rest.
    Orelia The Sword of Lenosia lives up to his reputation. I think he let me get a hit in just to see what I could do before he put me down.
    Orland Go sniff around for scat. I take the hint.
    Ouida Fellow Brute With A Sword. Lieutenant of the Crimson Blades. In some few words means greater competance in one's deeds, and I am willing to wager Lieutenant Harlex is one of those.
    Parisa He KNOWS YASMINE!!
    Perronne Gosh, he's quiet! And dangerous. But /quiet/.
    Petal A serious warrior who has a big appetite and offered me protection. Seems like a quietly good person. I feel grateful.
    Pharamond Dear sweet everything holy if we're ever on the same battlefield please let him be on the same side.
    Philippe A large rider with very good discipline. It was good to see the Shav-Killer still got time for the people.
    Piccola A man of few words and a sharp sword to be given the widest birth at all times.
    Porter Taciturn. Not necessarily much of a casual talker, but there's a thread of humor in there. Has really excellent hair.
    Preston A capable fighter, and even if he is a mercenary he seems reliable. But he is with the Crimson Blades, so that is understood.
    Prisila The man knows his worth and that's something I can respect. Dread Wolf they call him. Interesting reason there I'm sure.
    Qadira Deep. Dark. Interesting. If moths are drawn to a flame, maybe I'm a butterfly after all?
    Quintin Interesting choice in gear. The Sword of Lenosia's reputation precedes him. One day, I'd like to be able to maybe last a few rounds in a spar with him. It's important to have goals.
    Raimon I have long heard it spoken of Harlex's skill with a weapon. He did not disappoint.
    Raimon First seen at the Training Center. Sent his practice partner unconscious to the floor in three moves. No one seemed surprised. Godlike.
    Ras He's generous with his whiskey! And his plans! Yeah, he's all right, he gets things done. Kind of a scary guy. Wait what...did I say that? I mean, uh, he's as scary as a kitten. Yep.
    Raven As strong as a fighter as his reputation would have you believe. I managed to test myself against his blade and thought for a moment I might come out on top. Just another thing to work towards! A darkly mysterious presence, but a good humor to his bearing.
    Raymesin You don't get to be a Sergeant with the Crimson Blades by being slow, stupid or bad in a fight. I actually think I like this one.
    Razija I know the type too well - kinda a shade of a man that's seen too much. Lives up to his reputation. I wasn't disappointed.
    Reese He seems rather serious, which is not a bad thing. In battle one has to be calm and pulled together. I think he probably is such.
    Reigna Unphased by Lycene fashion and overwhelmed by honey. He is a hard man, perhaps, but he seems nice.
    Revell My father always warned me of people that looked like Harlex, but of course, that never deterred me before. Danger has a certain draw. He seems to like Wonder, which is always a plus.
    Richard Master Harlex Valtyr is the Lieutenant of the Crimson Blades. I have no doubt that he must be an excellent warrior. I would like to spar with him some time.
    Rinel He's seen more horror in his life than I hope I ever will, but he seems to bear it without being crushed. I wonder how.
    Rook A severe looking man, a tale to be told, and yet unspoken. A courtier's senses tell him, and perhaps the Ravashari senses of Yasmine are true too. He will be a fine tenant for Hyacinth Cottage, no doubt. Plus, a contact in the Crimson Blades, should needs ever require a mercenary.
    Rosalie I was so very afraid of his mere presence for so long. I would literally run from the room when I saw him. He was like my very nightmares come to life. But then I came across him in the most unlikely of places, a sun-drenched garden, feeding Koi. And we spoke! I have faced my fear, and he is actually quite perceptive and witty. I may start looking for him now, not out of fear, but out of a desire to know him better.
    Rowenova Not seen him in some time, but I clearly recall Riverbend together years ago when he was in the Crimson Blades. He is a tough man who kicks ass, and his wolf helm was a metal one!
    Rowynna The Sword of Lenosia has a quietness about his manner which suggests he could unleash power and fury in the blink of an eye. He was quick to show me he offered no threat however, and reminded me with one simple act of something from my childhood. I like him.
    Roxana The strong, silent type. Really silent.
    Rukhnis He knows what duty is, and does it without hesitation. An thing as admirable as it is rare.
    Sabella A future theater lover! I can just tell! Even though he is reserved and soldiery. We'll get him!
    Sabine There's much to be said for a man who seems willing to give his all before an audience, whether it be in battle or softening a Duchess' thighs.
    Sable A warrior and wolf. He bears the scars of experience and holds himself as an experienced soldier. He seems quiet and wary.
    Samira Resilient, self-sufficient, skilled. Maybe I'm drawn to him because he possesses so many qualities that I wish I could recognize in myself. He strikes me as a man who has faced many challenges and persevered through them all.
    Samuele Not showy, but not very gracious when it comes to caring about other's pride, still an excellent swordsman. Arrogant? not so much sure yet.
    Sanya Personable and enjoyable company - and interestingly mentioned having no fear of dark things. It was nice meeting him.
    Saoirse Is this guy NOT sleeping with ANYone?
    Sasha Quiet but I can sense he is resilent and courageous. I have faith in him and his abilities and am sure we will all succeed in the mutual goal.
    Selene He doesn't seem quite so brutish as first appearances would suggest - always good to give people a proper look - and his intermittent unease at various things made him seem less brutish still. He was respectful, if not the best-mannered, and happy to converse.
    Selene Surely met on a bad day. the man was washing down an impressive amount of alcohol. His sorrows must be vast and bloody.
    Shazza He claims to send money in secret to the families his kills leave bereaved. If I believed in heroes or villains, I'd wonder which he is.
    Skriggs There's no better first greeting than a brawl! This chap had some fine moves and while he was sporting and let me get a few in, he was quite the wolf! In the end, he put me in my place with a superior speed. If his charge is ever in need of a guard without overt weaponry, he is a grand choice in speed and strength!
    Snow He seems so gloomy. I wonder if there is anything the matter with him. I will have to find a way to make him smile.
    Solange I think he is more of a poet than a swordsman, if I am quite honest. I would love to talk to him more.
    Sophie I like him. He doesn't put on airs or pretend to be other than he is. I find his company refreshing, even if he does drink his coffee black. I must introduce him to tea with honey. It's much better tasting, honestly.
    Sorrel This Crimson Blades Lieutenant is a helluva fighter, quick with a sword and quite intense too. He's got a warm way about him, and I feel a certain camaraderie with him. Plus, if he wants to kiss other princesses, who am I to say boo?
    Sparte A mercenary who went right into it off the farm, sort of like I went right into guard work off the farm. Harlex is a fun name too. Did you know if you resort the letters it spells relax? I did use the h, it was just silent. Like in honor, or ghost, or gullible.
    Stygia Just how I like my coffee - strong, dark, and possibly lethal. Jokes aside, he's even tempered as far as I can tell, his surface is all still waters and you can tell they run deep - but just how deep? Maybe I'll find out.
    Sunaia The man moves like thunderstorms collecting, and knows how to time and frame his questions. I'd break bread with him again.
    Sunaia Dangerous, likely highly-skilled and strong. It's too bad he's on the wrong side.
    Sunaia The lone wolf has no friends.
    Sydney About as warm as gutter water, and nearly as dark - makes the hair on the nape of my neck bristle. My kind of people, at a glance.
    Tabitha He looks somewhat intimidating? Not ugly at all, just a bit daunting with that manner about him that probably comes from being a sellsword. He was quite pleasant to talk to, though, even if he made me blush a bit -- and he's a friend of my cousin, I think, so he must be a decent person. That aside, I'd rather like to paint a portrait of him. He has an interesting face.
    Talwyn Met at the Queensrest. A gruff old soldier, with a typical soldier's lack of decorum. I find this pleasant and scandalous in equal measure, but I'm far too poised to bother indulging either. I would share a drink with this man, though perhaps not in the company of people who insist on propriety.
    Tanith Gruff voice, stiff manner, the kind of wary look you expect in a mercenary that's lived as he as. A name to keep track of.
    Tarik It is always good to run into a fellow sellsword, especially one that has rose in status. I have to remind myself to have some extra coin with me if I see him at Golden Hart.
    Terese What a force to be reckoned with. He must also be a champion I imagine. A man of strength, I can see in him a wealth of experience I may learn from if he allows, and should I be able to aid him in good causes, we may actually become friends.
    Theo A sellsword of the Crimson Blades mercenary company. If he's half as good with a sword as he is at cards, I'd imagine he'd be quite dangerous indeed.
    Thesarin Sellsword Colonel. Damned fine hand on a blade. Reckon we've got some understanding.
    Thorley The right hand to Violet. As much as he may grouse about it - he's a natural leader, even when he doesn't want to be. With Violet assisting me with the new Barony, she will need him more than ever to step up in a leadership role. And I believe he can do it.
    Tomwell Not a man of many words, but he keeps good company.
    Tovell You can tell without thought the man has fought many battles and is a formidable opponent. He is very intense. I'll be angling to test my skills against him sometime.
    Tynan A serious sellsword. Friendly enough, perhaps lightens with drink. Most people do.
    Valarian Definitely a gritty mercenary and very good at what he does. Professional. Not sure where Violet found him, but he's been an asset the whole time. More serious than I am, but that's a necessity with Gen gone.
    Valdemar He fights well. Velenosa has certainly found itself a Sword worthy of the title.
    Valenzo A nightmare with those blades, I certainly wouldn't want to cross them. Hopefully I'm on his side again, when we next meet.
    Vanora I like him. He responded immediately when I told him my husband needed to spar his bad mood away, and he seems to make Berenice happy, even if she teases us and pretends he's broken her heart.
    Vayne A complicated man with a complicated story. I wonder if he has the strength to focus what he is into what he can become.
    Venturo Of all of the people I meet, the ones I love the most are those who have come seeking the Raconteur out to discover what it holds from word of mouth. The Lieutenant is surely a man of many words, but speaks few of them. It's the ones he does offer that shows his love of alcohol, at least, and this makes him a welcome addition to the brewery whenever he might wish.
    Verity A quiet and gruff man with plenty to say once you get him going. No simple sellsword carries diamondplate, and I think if I keep company with him often enough he might push aside that kind of modesty.
    Verity He has come far, but he can still grumble about decadent silks over a cigarillo even while glittering in alaricite. I find comfort in this.
    Veronica A world-weary sellsword of the Crimson Blades, I learned from him today that there are Giants in the northlands... and he has the wound to prove it. A frightening prospect in and of itself, but to have survived such a battle, this man must be a skilled swordsman.
    Victus A soldier turned commander, finding his way from one life to the other. I sympathize with anyone who has to walk a path like that. It's always going uphill. The fact that he's still alive is a good sign.
    Vincenzo Geode and Steelsilk. A surprise. Mysterious. And apparently sleeping with Berenice. That adds a layer of information that just really spools my twine. He is all hard edges and killer's eyes. I would not have thought that to be her style. I admit, there are depths to this man that I want to explore. And he gives really good stares.
    Violet A vetran of war and, I think, atrocity. It has made him hard, but also a very fine soldier. With time he will come to realize the Blades are more than just mercenaries, they're family.
    Vitalis Hard and scarred. I'm glad to be riding next to him than against him.
    Wash A sellsword who sticks to his beliefs or has none. One of the two.
    Willow Got that tall dark and dangerous sellsword appeal. Makes me feel surprisingly flustered.
    Wren At first glance this one seems rather severe, weighted down, but I saw a glimmer of something more there which was an honest relief. The serious ones can be all business, and everyone knows all business is just a terrible way to live.
    Yasmine There are these cookies that bakers make that have these crunchy hard outsides with soft, gooey insides. I think Master Harlex might be a cookie. Or maybe he's a scone. I don't know. I'm hungry now.
    Yrsa A hard man. The kind of man one should expect to see in a mercenary company, or indeed leading the swords for a great house. I am pleasantly surprised.
    Yuri My depth was surely tested when I immediately knew I was clashing with the Sword of Velenosa. No matter how much I may believe my skill is honed and true, he has solidified gripping reality in a few short moments. I surely will not forget this lesson. How can I? Thank you, Signore Valtyr.
    Zoey I swear, there are more taciturn men who enjoy fighting than Arx can shake a stick at. Harlex has a rather aggressive technique. It's good he keeps plate about him...
    Zoey Gods have mercy on whomever finds themselves at the wrong end of his blade.
    Zyanya Always, lotus-eater. Some shores are meant for us to break upon.